Promotional Breath Fresheners

Breath Fresheners

Don't let your customers get caught with bad breath! Distribute these packages of breath fresheners in malls, restaurants, salons and more to spread the name of your business! Flavorful mints, gum and breath spray are all found in our extensive breath freshener category. Imprint a similar image of your store or company credit card on a plastic mint holder card, the message of your fundraiser on a ribbon shaped mint holder or your café logo on a coffee mug shaped pack of mints. The choices are endless! Our mint packages come in a wide variety of shapes from traditional squares and circles to unique dice, houses, cell phones and MP3 players. These gum, mint or breath spray packages are sure to be used continuously and shared among family and friends, giving your logo a very long life. Many mint containers can also be reused to hold other objects or refilled with mints. Find the breath freshening item that matches your promotion at 4AllPromos. Feel free to give us a call so we can help you customize your promotional breath freshener!