School Swag Ideas & Back to School Gifts

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When summer vacation is coming to an end, you can give students something to get them excited for the new school year with custom logo school swag and back-to-school gifts. Local businesses and organizations can boost school spirit with fun promo giveaways. We’ve curated a collection of school promotional products that are practical items for students and staff to get you ready for the morning bell!

Head Back to School In Style with School Swag for Your Book Bag

Back-to-school swag lets you promote school spirit and your business. School promotional items are often used in fundraisers and at school events. Companies can effectively market themselves to a specific audience when they give away school gifts. School promotional swag and back-to-school gifts range from practical school supplies to trendy bags and earbuds.

What is school swag? School swag includes any branded merchandise that promotes a school’s logo, colors, or mascot. These items are handed out at back-to-school events and can include everyday essentials for students. Back-to-school swag can also consist of products that teachers and students will use at school, branded with your company logo to spread brand awareness.

Why should our company buy back-to-school gifts? When you hand out back-to-school gifts and promo items, you’re building your relationship with the local community. Supporting schools with your branded merchandise shows you care about the students and their education. Your show of goodwill increases customer loyalty from the community members who feel supported by your business.

Tips for Choosing School Swag & Back-to-School Gifts

At 4AllPromos we can add your company logo or school mascot to any of our education promotional products. We carry a variety of products from school supplies to premium bags for gifting to teachers and students to kick off the school year.

Essential School Supplies

Of course, school supplies are high on the list of back-to-school gifts to hand out to students and teachers. Your logo will be seen daily when it’s imprinted on notebooks, crayons, pencils, padfolios, and pens.

You can show teacher appreciation too with school supply gifts. Teachers buy extras for their classrooms, like chalk, sticky notes, and colored pencils, to make sure their students all have enough. Donating extra supplies with your business logo can build positive associations to your brand.

Technology Accessories

In our modern world, school items for students include cell phones, laptops, and tablets for their assignments. This means they need the right accessories to pair with their tech. Charging cables, earbuds, and mouse pads are great for student giveaways and brand awareness.

For teachers, consider more premium back-to-school gifts, like a wireless charger so there is less clutter on their desk.


Promotional water bottles and stadium cups are school swag items to show support during athletic events. They can be used for the fans or the athletes to keep the team hydrated throughout the game.

In the classroom, custom stainless steel tumblers can keep students from asking to run to the drinking fountain. Reusable water bottles and tumblers are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic water bottles, further aligning your business with sustainability values.

School Spirit Items

Be a part of the pep rally when you add your logo to school spirit items. From pom poms to rally towels and customized thundersticks we have all sorts of products to get ready for the big game. Adding your logo to these products is always a win.

Bags, Totes, and Backpacks

Students can’t get all their books to and from school without a backpack or tote bag. With our variety of color options, your drawstring backpacks and tote bags can match your school colors.

For a cheap promotional product that can be customized for school swag, we recommend our 5-star rated Economy Drawstring Backpack.

In addition to cost-effective bags, we also carry premium and upscale messenger bags and even insulated cooler lunch bags. Our lunch bags and pouches make great back-to-school gifts for students, teachers, and staff members. For preschoolers and kindergarteners, we carry lunch bags in adorable animal shapes.

Health & Wellness Items

When kids go back to school the germs start circulating again. It doesn’t matter if it's at a tradeshow, community event, or back-to-school fair, hand sanitizer will always be appreciated for everyone’s health and wellness.

When To Buy School Promotional Items

At the end of the summer, many communities hold back-to-school events. This is the opportunity to network locally, but there are other great times to get school swag too! You can add your logo to school promotional items for a variety of events including:

End of the School Year - Use school swag at the end of the year to bid farewell to students and send them off with a branded memento.

Fundraisers - Sell items with the school mascot or logo to raise funds for school programs and events.

Boost School Spirit - Use promotional items during spirit weeks, pep rallies, and athletic events to lift school pride.

Teacher Appreciation - Show gratitude to teachers with thoughtful gifts like padfolios, tote bags, or stress balls.

Student Recognition - Reward students with school logo merchandise, like popsockets, fidget spinners, and lanyards, for their achievements and participation.

FAQ About School Swag

How much do school promotional products cost?
The cost varies depending on the type of product, quantity, and customization options. Ordering your back-to-school gifts and school swag in bulk will save you money on the cost per item. Our cheapest school promotional products are writing utensils like crayons, pencils, and erasers. For premium back-to-school gifts like Bluetooth headphones, the price per item is higher, but the minimum order quantities are lower.
Should teachers get back-to-school swag?
Absolutely! Teachers appreciate practical and thoughtful items like tote bags, water bottles, and tech accessories they can use daily.
What back-to-school gifts are appropriate for high school students?
High school students prefer trendy and functional items such as hoodies, earbuds, and stainless steel drinkware.
Can school stores or campus bookshops sell school swag?
Yes, your school store or campus bookshops are perfect places to sell school swag.  You can add your mascot to sweatshirts, umbrellas, t-shirts, even lip balm, and wristbands to add branded merchandise to your campus.
What are the latest trends in school swag for promoting team spirit?
Current trends include eco-friendly items, tech accessories, full-color printing on apparel for clubs and teams, the BIC Intensity Clic Gel Pen, trendy tumblers, and clear tote bags.
Where can I find customizable school swag for my high school’s spirit week?
4AllPromos can make your customizable school swag and have it ready for your high school spirit week. Choose the products you’d like and upload your artwork. We’ll send you digital proofs and then proceed to make your order!

Make the Grade with A+ School Swag & Back to School Gifts

Investing in school swag is a smart way to spread brand awareness in your community and build relationships with your audience there. School promotional items and back-to-school gifts are not only practical and appreciated but help rev up school spirit or raise money at booster club fundraisers too.

Get an A+ in brand awareness when you add your logo to back-to-school swag.

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