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Promotional Pill Boxes & Pill Dispensers | Promotional Products for Convalescent Homes

Our wholesale pill organizers make excellent promotional products for nursing homes, veterinarians, medical offices, senior centers, and charities. We carry personalized day of the week pill boxes, custom imprinted travel pill cases, jumbo pill boxes in bulk, promotional daily medication reminder boxes, and customized pill boxes with Braille lettering.

We also offer several unique promotional pill containers. Choose your favorites among our custom shaped pill boxes, personalized pill dispensers, promotional novelty pill containers, custom logo imprinted medication trays & many more.

Custom Pill Organizers, Personalized Daily Medication Reminder Boxes & Unique Promotional Pill Holders

If you're looking for the best promotional products for assisted living facilities, hospitals, retirement homes, doctor offices, or veterinary clinics, you've come to the right place. Our broad selection of unique promotional pill boxes and custom pill dispensers provide the perfect combination of promotional power and user functionality. These personalized items for seniors perform an important service for their recipients while creating repeated daily advertising impressions for your brand. Read on to learn more about the different styles of bulk promotional vitamin and medicine containers we offer to decide which is the best fit for your business.

  • Different Types of Promotional Pill Boxes
  • Promotional Pill Case Materials
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  • Custom Pill Organizer Features

  • Different Types of Promotional Pill Boxes

    When you buy custom pill organizers wholesale, you definitely want to be sure you're ordering the right styles to best fit your promotional needs. For this reason, we're including the following section which explains a bit about the different kinds of promotional medication containers we carry. Read on and be empowered to find the best possible personalized pill boxes for your business!

    Custom Imprinted Pill Boxes with Multiple Compartments

    When anyone has a regular regimen of multiple medications, it's easy to make the mistake of crossing pills up or taking doses at the wrong times. This is especially true for seniors who may find themselves encountering difficulties with memory. That's why our custom logo imprinted pill cases with multiple compartments are so important. They're separated out so that users can pre-schedule their medication intake based on days of the week, days of the month, or simply different times of the day.

    Promotional Medication Reminder Boxes

    Perfect as promotional products for physician offices, assisted living facilities, and hospitals, our promotional medication reminder boxes help to ensure that patients take the right medications at the right times. They're also excellent promotional items for animal hospitals, as our four-legged friends can't be relied on to handle their medication regimen on their own. We offer many different types of custom imprinted medication reminder boxes, many of which are based around given frequencies and schedules, listed as follows:

  • Types of Medication Reminder Boxes

  • Bulk Pill Dispensers

    Sometimes there's a bit of confusion when it comes to telling the difference between pill dispensers and pill boxes. A pill box consists of a unit that users actively open and withdraw medications from. Now to answer the $64,000 question. What is a pill dispenser? A pill dispenser is a medication holder with a release mechanism designed to drop pills into a user's hand. They're easier to operate for some patients with arthritis and tend to be smaller in size when compared to most pill boxes. We offer many custom imprinted pill dispensers that fit this bill to a T.

    Custom Shaped Pill Holders

    Whether it be for ease of storage, transportation issues, or just personal taste, different users often prefer different shapes when it comes to personalized pill cases. To suit different needs and styles, we carry custom shaped pill boxes in a variety of forms. 4AllPromos is where to buy promotional round pill holders, custom imprinted oval pill containers, bulk rectangular pill organizers, and any other shape you're looking for.

    Promotional Novelty Pill Boxes

    Our promotional novelty pill organizers are a worthy investment as they can add some joviality to what's typically a pretty serious product. A perfect example would be our tablet shaped keychain pill holder, which can be viewed by clicking the preceding link. It combines playfulness & practicality by providing an emergency medication organizer that users can keep on hand at all times. When these uniquely shaped wholesale pill boxes are personalized with your company logo, your business or medical facility becomes an important part of adding some levity to people's lives on a daily basis. Few things build stronger brand loyalty than bringing someone a much needed smile.

    Wholesale Travel Pill Cases

    Regardless of age or condition, everyone wants to lead the richest and most active lifestyle possible. Sometimes being on a specific medication regimen with a strict schedule can make this a bit difficult. However, they surely don't make it impossible. One way to ease these woes is investing in some of our promotional travel pill containers. These allow users to hit the hiking trails, road, sea, or sky with a little more confidence and a little less anxiety. These custom pill boxes are wonderful promotional products for doctors, pharmacies, and visiting nurse associations.

    Personalized Medication Trays

    What is a medication tray? A medication tray is a device which holds pills and/or vitamins in secure compartments which are released onto the tray's flat surface for easy counting and distribution. Our promotional medication trays for medical facilities are equipped with spatulas to separate pills out for easy counting and minimal physical contact with anyone other than the patient.

    Promotional Pill Case Materials

    While our custom logo imprinted pill organizers are made in a variety of materials, most consist of some form of plastic. Two of the most notable varieties are polypropylene & ABS plastic. In the next two paragraphs, we'll tell you a bit about each.

    Custom Imprinted Polypropylene Pill Organizers

    Our most eco-friendly wholesale pill boxes are made from polypropylene. This is a plastic polymer which is fully recyclable. In fact, it's one of the most widely recycled plastics in all of the world. It is identified as #5 plastic by recycling centers. Consequently, when you see a recycling symbol with the 5 inside of it on any given item, you can be certain that you have some polypropylene on your hands.

    Personalized Pill Organizers Made from ABS Plastic

    Many of our personalized medicine organizers are made from ABS plastic. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This is a plastic polymer that is noted for its superior strength, durability, and often glossy appearance. It's a thermoplastic, which means that it can be melted down and reformed to most any shape or item desired. Several of our wholesale recyclable pill organizers are made from ABS plastic.

    Recommended Uses

    Our custom pill organizers are wonderful promotional products for a wide range of businesses and professionals, especially within the medical field. The following are some of the areas in which we feel they provide the greatest advantage to both businesses and consumers.

  • Best Uses for Personalized Pill Containers
    • Promotional Products for Seniors
    • Promotional Products for Nursing Homes, Convalescent Homes & Retirement Homes
    • Promotional Products for Hospitals
    • Promotional Products for Veterinarians
    • Promotional Products for Pharmacies
    • Promotional Products for Physicians

    Custom Pill Organizer Features

    Many of our wholesale promotional medicine containers come with special features to make them extra useful. We've listed just a few of the most outstanding features in the section below.

    Promotional Pill Cutters

    Our promotional pill boxes with pill cutters are useful for patients who have to take large pills. Cutting them up makes for easier swallowing. In a pinch, this feature is can also be useful when a patient is running out of their medication and can't get a refill in time. Cutting a tablet in half can stretch a supply out for an extra day when needed. However, for the sake of safety, we strongly suggest discussing any such measures with a pharmacist or physician before attempting this.

    Bulk Pill Organizers with Braille Lettering

    To help the visually impaired stay on track with their medications, we provide personalized pill boxes with Braille lettering.

    Wholesale Pill Organizers with Removable Compartments

    Sometimes a user will only need certain pills at certain times, so being able to select and separate out pills and vitamins can come in handy. Our promotional medication organizers with removable compartments allow users to do just that. They can pop them up and take them out of the boxes to have on hand the medications they need for the current day, week, or time.