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Find all of the best promotional sunscreen items right here at 4AllPromos! Avoid burns and serious skin health issues with our promotional suntan lotion kits, wide assortment of sunscreen promotional products, pocket sized custom mini sunscreen bottles, convenient wholesale sunscreen sprayers, health-safe custom logo printed PABA free sunscreen in bulk, and much more!

Where to Buy Custom Sunscreen Items & Why Are They Important?

Our personalized suntan lotion bottles, custom sunscreen sprays, and logo printed sunburn care kits can go a long way in building brand awareness during spring and summer. However, they can do more than just promote your brand; they can actually save lives. Long-term exposure to UVA & UVB rays can result in skin damage and premature facial aging. More severe outcomes can include cataracts (for which our promotional UV resistant sunglasses are a great safeguard) and even skin cancer. The most dangerous form of skin cancer sun damage can cause is called melanoma.

Responsible for over 10,000 deaths every year, melanoma often starts out as a mole or "sun spot". When these spots become larger, elevate from the surface of the skin, discolor, and become painful, melanoma is already well underway and immediate treatment is needed. It can occur anywhere in the body, even in the eyes. However, it is most commonly found on the mid-to-upper back in men and on the legs or buttocks in women. The lighter one's skin color, the higher their risk of developing this deadly condition. It has killed many well-known people, including Reggae musician Bob Marley, college football & NFL coach Bruce Snyder, and actress Tammy McDonald, just to name a few.

While this is certainly a serious topic, the good news is that there are many ways to protect yourself to greatly reduce the risk of melanoma as well as the less severe effects of sunlight such as sunburns. We offer a wide variety of promotional sunscreen giveaways and sunburn treatment kits that can help your customers, employees, and target audience safe & free to concentrate on just having fun in their summer adventures. Read on and we'll explain our many personalized suntan lotion products to you, enabling you to make the best choice both for your business and the people it relies on.

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Promotional Sunscreen Spray Giveaways

If you're looking to keep brand awareness hot this summer by helping to prevent sunburns, our company logo sunscreen sprays are the way to go. They have some advantages over traditional lotions & creams. One advantage is that sunscreen spray is much easier to apply to hard-to-reach parts of the body. Another benefit comes in the form of greater ease of application and fewer gooey, sticky fingers. However, they are not recommended for use near open flames and readily flammable materials.

Custom Suntan Lotion Products

While our sprays are certainly popular, there will always be a place for our more traditional promotional suntan lotion giveaway items. In general, lotion is a better option than spray when it comes to use by children. Users have a greater degree of control when using lotions, creams, and ointments. They also avoid the negative effects of accidentally breathing in sunblock, which can potentially occur if sprays aren't used carefully.

Our sunscreen promotional products come in many different forms and in a broad assortment of various carrying vessels. In this section, we'll explain our most prominent varieties in more detail, helping to guide you to the best choice for meeting your promotional needs.

Promotional Suntan Lotion Squeeze Bottles

One of the old standbys, our wholesale sunblock squeeze bottles won't be disappearing any time soon. These are most likely the type of suntan lotion containers you're most familiar with. They're quite simple to operate; just open the cap, squeeze, and apply to skin. We offer these in many different sizes, including 1/2 ounce, 1 oz, 1½ oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz bottles.

Bulk Single Use Sunscreen Packets

Our custom logo printed single use sunblock packets are a great option when looking for an affordable promo product, particularly when buying in bulk. They can be ordered on their own or as a part of our custom sunscreen kits. They're small enough to easily fit into pockets and break out for use in both planned and impromptu situations.

Wholesale Collapsible Sunblock Bottles

One of our more innovative giveaway items that's sure to grab attention are our promotional eco-friendly collapsible sunscreen bottles. They're good for the environment in the fact that they're reusable and that they also can be compressed to leave behind a smaller amount of plastic when empty and discarded.

If promotional novelty items are on your mind for your next trade show or event, we suggest you consider our credit card style anti-sunburn spray containers. Flat, easy to store, and fun to use, these items are certain to garner plenty of attention for your personalized logo design imprint.

Cheap Promotional Sunscreen Spray Pens

Another one of our fun and whimsical takes on suntan spray containers can be obtained when buying our wholesale sunscreen pens in bulk. These travel sized suntan spray containers are easy to fit in pockets, purses, handbags, and fanny packs. Most have a clear body, making your logo design all the more prominent.

Promotional Roll-On Sunscreen Sticks

The next custom sunscreens we'll touch upon are our roll-on promotional sunburn ointment sticks. These come in customizable imprinted tubes, very similar to those in which you'd expect to find lip balm and are applied in the same way. Some of them actually do incorporate lip balm, but we'll get to those a bit later.

Personalized Sweat Resistant Sunscreen Giveaways & Custom Water Resistant Suntan Lotion Items

Most, but not all of the scenarios in which sunscreen is applied involve warm temperatures. Naturally, these can lead to perspiration. Some sunblock creams can be compromised by this, but we have multiple forms of promotional sweat resistant suntan lotion to avoid such troubles. As hot weather and swimming go hand-in-hand, we also offer bulk water resistant sunscreen giveaways for summertime trade shows and events.

As we promised a few paragraphs erstwhile, we'll now tell you about our custom sunscreen and lip balm combos. Coming in both stick and lotion forms, these are special sunscreens aimed at protecting lip and facial skin against the damaging effects of exposure to UV rays.

Personalized Scented Sunscreen

The last group we'll introduce is our smorgasbord of business logo scented sunscreen sprays & lotions. They come in a broad range of different fragrances, with vanilla and tropical-inspired aromas being among the most popular.

Wholesale Health-Safe Sunscreen Products in Bulk

We understand that there are a lot of different allergies out there that you or your target market have to deal with. That's why we provide special types of sunblock products for those affected. Additionally, we pride ourselves on supplying businesses with sunscreens free of potentially dangerous chemicals. The next four paragraphs will explore this topic in more detail.

Custom Hypoallergenic Sunblock

When trying to promote to the broadest audience possible, promotional allergy safe sunscreen is a wise investment. As the name would imply, these are specially formulated suntan sprays and lotions aimed at reducing the potential of allergic reactions. It's important to note that the word hypoallergenic describes the property of greatly lowering the chance of allergic reactions and not a 100% ability to block them out entirely.

Personalized PABA Free Sunscreen

Many of our offerings in the sunblock category come in the form of promotional PABA free suntan lotion. PABA is an abbreviation of para-aminobenzoic acid, a chemical that can potentially speed up sunburns for some users rather than preventing them. It's also very harmful if ingested by pets and is a chemical that we suggest strongly avoiding while pregnant or nursing.

Promotional Oxybenzone Free Suntan Lotion & Sunscreen Sprays

Give users the gifts of both physical and mental comfort with our wholesale discount oxybenzone free sunscreen products. Oxybenzone is a colorless and mostly odorless chemical compound that is quickly soluble in nature. Scientists believe there is a potential link between contact with oxybenzone and hormonal problems. Without getting too technical, our endocrine system communicates with our bodies via hormones. This is how growth, fertility, and secondary sex traits are regulated. It's particularly active in the case of young people who are going through puberty and those right on the brink of it. Some studies have indicated that oxybenzone can cause fertility problems, particularly in young people, by way of disrupting the hormonal signals sent forth by the endocrine system.

Promotional Gluten Free Sunscreen

One allergy that is increasing in both incidence and awareness is gluten intolerance. While celiac disease is the main culprit, there are a variety of other proven and suspected cause of gluten allergies. Those dealing with such an allergy need to be very careful of what they eat and which items they handle in order to stay in good health. That's why our customized gluten free sunscreen lip balm is a rising star on our site.

Promotional Sunscreen - SPF Ratings

SPF is an acronym for "Sun Protection Factor". Essentially, the SPF number of any given sunblock represents the ratio of time before UVB rays can redden skin when said sunblock is in use compared to how long it takes to redden unprotected skin. Consequently, it follows that higher SPF numbers signify stronger protection. We carry several custom SPF 15 sunblock giveaways as well as company logo imprinted SPF 30 sunscreen bottles and packets.

These items aren't just for summer though; UVB rays are present and dangerous during winter too. This is because of their powerful reflecting abilities, which is why ice and snow sometimes reflect light to a nearly blinding degree. Skiers, snowboarders, and all other outdoor winter athletes will want to stay protected from these harmful rays while speeding down the hills or gliding around the rinks.

Custom Sunscreen Gift Sets & Bulk Sunburn Care Kits

In addition to our standalone sunscreen promotional products, we also carry a variety of custom logo sunscreen and sunburn care gift sets. You'll also want to take a look at our promotional beach first aid kits. These contain many items for treating and preventing sunburns, as well as bandages, hand sanitizer, insect repellent, insect bite treatment supplies, and many other useful components. When users enjoy a day full of fun in the sun knowing that all of their bases are covered, they'll have your business to thank for their good times & happy memories.

Additional Custom Sunscreen Giveaway Items

Supplementing the many promotional sunscreen items we've already told you about are a few odds & ends that don't really fit in any one category. That doesn't make them any less important though. That's why we're going to spend the next three paragraphs extolling the virtues of these relatively elusive items.

Promotional UV Ray Safety Meters

When you buy our wholesale discount UV ray meters in bulk, you'll be supplying your customers and employees with a truly useful tool. They're shaped much like a credit card and easily fit into wallets, billfolds, pockets, and tote bags. They can also be fitted for use on keychains and use a color-coded meter to show the intensity of UV ray exposure risk in any given environment.

Bulk Sunscreen Bottles with Carabiners

Do you want to supply users with a giveaway item that is easy to transport and can generate advertising impressions nearly anywhere? If so, we're sure you'll love our promotional sunscreen bottles with carabiner clips. These allow users to easily attach bottles of suntan lotion bearing your logo design to belts, keychains, water bottles, and a virtually endless list of other items.

Custom Aloe Vera Sunburn Cream

Aloe vera is a very soothing substance found in certain varieties of succulent plants. It has many curative properties, with the healing of sunburns and insect bites/stings being among them. Our promotional aloe vera sunburn lotion items are a must-have for all warm-weather outings.

Design Your Own Promotional Sunscreen & Custom Sunburn Care Products

At 4AllPromos, we give you the freedom to design your own sunscreen spray units, lotion bottles, gift sets, and accessories. You can work alongside our team of professional artists to create the imprint designs that will make your logo look its best and draw in the most visual impressions. Single color screen printing is often the most affordable option, but for faster production times and more color-rich graphics, we suggest going with full color (aka 4 color process) printing.

Does your business want to create promotional products that are visually stimulating, bursting with color, and require only brief production times? We would have to imagine that you'd answer to the affirmative on all three counts. When this is the case, you can turn to our full color imprinted sunscreen items to catch plenty of eyes & ad impressions while beachgoers and lounge lizards catch some rays.