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Buy custom logo imprinted Clic Stic pens in bulk at low prices from 4AllPromos & take your promotional pen giveaway game up to the next level! We offer promotional pens with rubber grips, stylish personalized Ice pens, discount custom touch screen pens & many more styles of customized marketing pens to fit your promotional needs.

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4AllPromos is your one-stop shop for all of the best brands of promotional pens at discount prices. Our cheap promotional Clic Stic pens make excellent stationery giveaway items for trade shows and special events, as well as corporate pen gifts for employees. When you buy our promotional Clic Stic pens with logo imprints, you can rest assured that you're treating yourself to a cheap promotional stick pens that sacrifice nothing in regard to quality or company branding power.

If you're unclear on some of the terms you see on our customized Clic Stic pen item description pages, take a look at the following guide. It sums up all of the different types of wholesale discount pens in this category, as well as the more technical terms that relate to them.

Custom Business Logo Printed Clic Stic Pens - Styles & Definitions

  • Different Types of Promotional Clic Stic Pens

  • What Are Ink Miles?

  • Different Types of Promotional Pen Ink

  • Different Types of Promotional Clic Stic Pens

    No matter the brand, you can always count on finding the best promotional pens at 4AllPromos. This particular page concerns our wholesale Clic Stic pens at special discount prices. Among the styles you'll find are our promotional Ice Pens, promotional multi-function pens such as our custom touch screen pens, promotional pens with rubber grips, and custom recycled pens with logo imprints.

    Personalized Ice Pens

    If you've not heard of them before, custom imprinted Ice pens feature barrels in frosted, icy colors that aren't quite transparent but are still partially translucent. They make great promotional products for schools, Girl Scout troops, hockey teams & organizations, office supply stores, and much more.

    Custom Recycled Pens

    Looking for promotional eco-friendly recycled pens? Our wholesale recycled Ecolution pens are just what you need. Made from 67% pre-consumer (or post-industrial) recycled materials, these eco-friendly promotional syringe pens help you to save the environment AND save money.

    Promotional Stylus Pens

    Where is it that discount advertising pens and promotional multi-function pens meet? Get the best of both worlds with our wholesale stylus pens. These promotional click pen and stylus combos are perfect for use on smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, interactive laptop screens, and much more.

    Personalized Rubber Grip Pens

    Adding a rubber grip for superior comfort and control helps to bring all types of customized marketing pens up to the next level of utility & consumer appeal. That's why we offer deep discounts on promotional pens with rubber grips every day at 4AllPromos.

    What Are Ink Miles?

    In many of our discount promotional stick pen product descriptions, you'll see references to a pen's ink miles. Ink miles literally refer to how many miles worth of writing a pen's ink cartridge is capable of delivering. To simplify things a bit, let's say a pen is described as having 1.2 ink miles. Multiply 1.2 by 5,280 (the amount of feet in a mile) and then multiply that number by 12. This will tell you how many inches worth of writing distance you can expect to get out of your pen.

    Different Types of Promotional Pen Ink

    Our personalized promotional click pens contain different types of ink for different types of jobs & scenarios. Each ink style has its strengths and weaknesses, so exactly which one is right for your promotional needs will depend on the features of each. Read on to learn a bit about the three most basic styles which are fine point, medium point, and bold point.

    What is Fine Point Ink?

    Fine point ink pens are the ones you'll want to reach for when you're doing a job that requires a high degree of precision. Additionally, if you need to fit a lot of text into a small space, fine point ink is a good choice since it can write in very small sizes and runs the least risk of bleeding of the three traditional ink styles. It often will be described as having a measurement of 0.5 mm or smaller. One drawback to this is style is that it tends to write very lightly, so if you need to write text that's loud, proud, and prominent, this may not be your best option.

    What is Medium Point Ink?

    Most of our custom business logo imprinted pens come with medium point ink. Typically measured at 0.7 mm, medium point ink is just what its name would lead you to believe it is. It is applied with a medium sized pen point and provides a smooth, consistent writing experience. It can be employed to write in small text, though it does tend to be more susceptible to bleeding than fine point ink.

    What is Bold Point Ink?

    Bold point ink is the largest flowing ink style available in most pens. It's often measured at a size of 1.0 mm or larger and marks in a very dark color and large track. The flow is heavy and reliable, but these strengths can also be weaknesses. Namely, this type of ink can run through paper, so it's best used for thick paper products and not for light papers that are stacked on top of each other.