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Personalized cutting boards can be an amazing gift for both employees and customers. When you combine a custom engraving of your company name and logo with a useful product like a cutting board, brand awareness can skyrocket for your business. Well-crafted cutting boards can be holiday gifts, corporate giveaways, and customer loyalty prizes.

Personalized Cutting Boards for Special Culinary Experiences

When you give a personalized cutting board to a customer or employee, they are more likely to remember and support your business. Promotional cutting boards are a great item for restaurants, kitchen supply stores, culinary schools, and other brands in the food preparation business. 

How do customized cutting boards spread brand awareness? Every time a branded cutting board is used, the person will see your brand, making them more likely to make a purchasing decision that benefits your business. When you shop our selection, you can customize any of our quality cutting boards with your company name and logo.

What other items pair well with personalized cutting board giveaways? Branded cutlery or customized pizza cutters are items that pair well with your custom logo cutting board to enhance brand awareness in a single campaign. Promotional campaigns often work well paired with other initiatives in this manner.  

Choosing a Type of Personalized Cutting Board

As you shop our variety of custom cutting boards, you will notice that they come in many shapes and sizes. These cutting board options allow your business to find an option that is perfectly suited to your audience. Let's dive into the unique products you can order and give away to advertise your business more effectively.

Quality Materials

A cutting board can be made from a variety of quality materials, each providing a unique look and longevity. Choose from the following materials for your custom logo cutting boards to provide the most value to your audience. 


Wood cutting boards are the most common material style. Our products are made from different types of lumber and depending on the wood you choose for your cutting boards, the look and functionality may differ slightly.

Bamboo Cutting Boards – An earth-friendly material that is both dense and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for a wedding gift to groomsmen or bridesmaids.

Cherry Cutting Boards – Cherry wood is free of toxins and is dense enough to handle the chopping of a chef, but a soft enough wood that will not compromise the sharpness of kitchen knives. 

Walnut Cutting Board – Walnut is a much darker wood that creates a more rugged look for a kitchen. The grain and color of walnut look great as a charcuterie board. Walnut cutting boards are a great gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day if they love to cook.

Maple Cutting Boards – Maple is the most durable cutting board option with a Janka hardness rating of 1450 and the hardest of all the woods on this list. It is durable and can last for years.


Another material common in cutting boards in polypropylene. You’ll see polypropylene used in many cooking utensils because it can last longer and is easier to clean as it's dishwasher-safe. 

Lightweight Cutting Boards – For ease of storage and simple cleaning, lightweight personalized cutting boards may suit your audience better than traditional wood cutting boards.

Foldable Cutting Boards – Ideal for cutting fruits, vegetables, or meats and then transporting them to another container, our foldable cutting board is made of BPA-free plastic.


This material provides a unique look and is a very heavy-duty material. Our slate cutting boards come in a few styles, with some including other materials for a more dynamic aesthetic.

Maitre d’ Slate Cheese Sets

Need the perfect present to thank a client or a business partner? This top-quality cheese set will certainly leave them impressed with your brand and personal thoughtfulness.

Slate and Acacia Wood Serving Boards

The strength of slate and the gorgeous aesthetics of acacia woodwork together with this product line provide your customers with the perfect culinary tool.

Variety of Shapes 

You also have the option to choose different shapes for your branded cutting boards, allowing for maximum versatility. 


The classic look for a cutting board. It's a simple shape that most cooks will be perfectly satisfied with and could be the perfect present for any type of recipient. We also offer rectangular cutting boards with hidden drawers for a better serving experience.


This option adds some flair to the user's kitchen and may even serve as a decorative element with a personal touch from the engraving. Our oval oil and bread serving boards are some of the most gorgeous boards you can get.


This style is very common because it includes a handle, making it easy to grasp and hold steady while cutting or transporting it around the kitchen. Storage is also easier since paddle cutting boards can even be hung on hooks from the handles. 


Here is another basic shape for a customized cutting board, but it could be perfect if the user wants to have a personalized charcuterie board. Additionally, round cutting boards are often used as decorative elements in the home.


These cutting boards can prioritize clean lines and an easy-to-clean style while making your custom-engraved logo the center of attention. Square cutting boards are the kings of symmetry.

Multiple Styles

Not all custom cutting boards are created equally. While all our products have great quality and they can serve different functions. Specialty cutting boards offer a variety of benefits for your customers or employees as a gift giveaway. 

Cheese Boards 

These are ideal for cutting and displaying assorted cheeses when users are hosting events. When the event ends, leftovers can be stored in our line of food containers.

Charcuterie Boards 

A common choice for culinary schools and kitchen supply stores since their customers can practice setting up absolutely beautiful displays of appetizers.

Butcher Block Cutting Boards 

These are useful for all cutting needs, including meats. The grains in butcher blocks are end grain, and the boards themselves are very thick, making them a better choice for dealing with the task of cutting fresh and cooked meat. A high-quality cutting board can be a great wedding gift or corporate giveaway for employees.

When to Buy Custom Cutting Boards in Bulk

Buying custom cutting boards in bulk gives you a better price. When you purchase the minimum quantity for our range of products, you will access bulk pricing that lets your investment go further. 

There are many occasions for which bulk price ordering makes sense, including stocking up for corporate Christmas gifts, providing wedding gifts for a bridal party, or matching birthday gifts for friends and family. 

It can even be an anniversary gift for an employee who loves to cook or even a gift for a loyal customer. Choosing the right occasion to give away engraved cutting boards can optimize their effectiveness in advertising the business.  

Slice in Style with Engraved Cutting Boards

Custom cutting boards are the perfect gift for your kitchen-savvy customers or employees. They will increase brand awareness and loyalty. The engraving of your logo and company name will create brand recall and recognition, and the wide variety of styles available means you can satisfy every recipient with the right personalized cutting board.

Shop our great product selection now to give your business an advertising edge with gorgeous cutting-board giveaways.

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