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If you're looking for the best promotional straws for your bar or restaurant, look no further than 4AllPromos. We offer a wide variety of personalized straws, including promotional silicone straws, sturdy company branded stainless steel straws, eco-friendly reusable straws in custom printed cases, unique laser engraved drinking straws with your logo, eye-catching wholesale colorful drinking straws, and much more.

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Looking for the best sustainable giveaway items (opens in a new window) for restaurants, bars, cafeterias, diners, snack bars, convenience stores, or anywhere else drinks are served? If so, you're in luck, because our unbeatable selection of promotional straws (at unbeatable prices (opens in a new window)) are an ideal fit for all of the aforementioned businesses plus many more. We have customizable straws, fun color changing promotional straws for kids, disposable plastic straws, unique custom engraved straw kits with cleaning brushes, and many additional styles of personalized straws for businesses.

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Styles of Custom Promotional Drinking Straws

Personalized Straws & Reusable Straws in Different Materials

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Styles of Custom Promotional Drinking Straws

At 4AllPromos, you'll find a grand array of customizable and eco-friendly straws in several different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. We'll give you a quick rundown of our various wholesale drinking straw varieties in this section, enabling you to pick the right items to best fit your promotional needs while also fitting your budget (opens in a new window).

Wholesale Reusable Straws

Going green? If so, you'll love our promotional reusable straws. Many states and municipalities are well on their way toward eliminating single use plastic straws, so these models not only help the environment, but also will make it easier for your business to continue to promote effectively in changing times. These reusable straws can be used, cleaned, and used again, providing a promotional giveaway item that will be around to make impressions for years to come. They pair excellently with custom logo items for giveaways at trade shows with our stadium cups with straws (opens in a new window).

Custom Printed Straws in Different Colors

If you want to coordinate the appearance of your wholesale reusable straws to match your image, we have you covered. Our collection of colorful company branded drinking straws provide many different options to allow you to create a look that does your brand image proud. Additionally, if you're just looking for some variety, mixing things up with multiple colors is a great way to go.

Promotional Straight Drinking Straws

If you're not a fan of the bendy look or want an item that's extra easy to clean, we suggest investing in our wholesale straight drinking straws. These have the classic cocktail straw look, but many feature a greater length, creating a more versatile straw. Hand these out at trade shows as giveaway items along with some of our custom sport bottles (opens in a new window) and watch the mobile advertising impressions flow.

Personalized Bent Custom Straws

Some users prefer a straw that's a bit more flexible and can be used from different angles. Others may prefer the flow, shape, or casual feeling that a bendy straw provides. That's why we carry multiple models of bulk bent straws with your logo. Some are built with a bend included, while others are made of more flexible materials and can be contorted as a user desires. Straws are a great tool for sipping on iced tea or lemonade.

Bulk Collapsible Straws for Giveaways

Some of our more unique reusable straws are our telescopic models. These are company branded straws that can expand and retract, with smaller sections slipping in and out of larger ones. Our custom printed collapsible straws are a fun and innovative way to make sure that patrons remember your bar or dining establishment. They fit in very well with our collection of custom cooking utensils (opens in a new window).

Custom Roll-Up Reusable Straws

When users have little space, flexibility can be a very desirable asset. This is often the case when traveling, be it by land, air, or sea. Our personalized roll-up straws make things just a little bit easier. When in use, they're as long and straight as a typical straw, but when stored, they can be coiled up to fit inside of their accompanying cases.

Personalized Straws & Reusable Straws in Different Materials

When it comes to determining the best material for your promotional straws, it's important to consider how, where, and when you intend for your target audience to use them. Other factors to consider are environmental friendliness, eco-friendly reusable materials, durability, ease of storage, and cost. In the next four paragraphs, we'll tell you a little bit about some of the most prominent materials our bulk reusable straws are composed from.

Custom Metal Drinking Straws

For a look that's bold and modern and construction that ensures maximum longevity, you can't beat our promotional stainless steel straws. Our custom printed and custom laser engraved steel straws come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Many also come with additional accessories, which we'll get to a little bit later on in this guide. Made from 18/8 grade, food grade stainless steel, these custom reusable straws are a great giveaway item for bars, tech firms, manufacturing companies, restaurants, museum gift shops, and more. They partner up quite well with environmentally-friendly items such as our double wall tumblers (opens in a new window) and reduce the need for disposable straws.

Wholesale Silicone Straws

If you want a softer straw that is limber, yielding, and offers easy storage, our company branded silicone straws will prove a perfect fit. These straws can be rolled up for easy storage and pulled out straight for a fun & easy drinking experience. While softer than our metal straws, our non-toxic food grade silicone straws can certainly hold their own and can be counted on for years' worth of service, reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Promotional Eco-Friendly Paper Straws

When searching for cheap promotional straws that also help the environment, you just can't go wrong with our custom printed paper straws. Made from Earth-friendly and non-toxic Kraft paper and packaged in convenient pouches, these custom reusable straws make great giveaways for BBQ supply stores, recycling centers, grocery stores, parks, and any business with a focus on recycling and/or the great outdoors.

Custom Printed Polypropylene Straws

Another great way to go the eco-friendly reusable route with your drinkware promotions is to print your logo on sustainable products like our wholesale polypropylene drinking straws. Made from fully recycled materials and shipped in logo printed drawstring pouches, these eco-friendly straws are sure to impress all who see them and reduce waste in the environment. They're able to handle warm water, cold water, and other liquids to serve more people and eliminate the need for disposable plastic straws..

Customized Drinking Straw Kits

Company branded straws are always a good idea for promotional giveaways, but adding a little something extra never hurts. That's why we offer a diverse blend of drinking straw kits with additional accessories to kick things up a notch. Read on to learn more about these custom reusable straw kits and what they can do for all your customers & your business.

Promotional Reusable Straws with Cleaning Brushes

When it comes wholesale printed straws that are easy to clean, nothing beats our custom reusable straws with pipe cleaners. These straws come with a wire cleaning brush that can easily scour the full length of the interior portion of each straw for easy cleaning. They're great for camping trips, as they provide a way to keep things clean even when going off the grid.

Custom Reusable Straws with Your Branding in Pouches

For a boost in branding and a clout in convenience, we recommend considering our promotional straws in custom printed pouches. With these drinkware accessory giveaways, potential customers will see your image even before the actual items are used. They make excellent giveaway items for hotels, bars, spas, coffee shops, resorts, theme parks, and museum gift shops. They're the perfect promotional products for helping customers remember a special trip to an iconic restaurant or destination wedding venue.

Personalized Drinking Straws in Travel Cases

Catering to a crowd that's frequently on the go? Then you won't want to pass by our wholesale travel straws. These straws come with their own convenient carrying case, perfect for use as carry-on items on flights or to slip into pockets or cup holders while on the road. They take up a minimum of space while providing a maximum of brand awareness building power.

Custom Printed Straws & Custom Laser Engraved Straws with Carabiners

For the ultimate level of convenience in storage & transportation utility, one can't do better than our personalized straws with carabiners (opens in a new window). A carabiner attachment allows these custom reusable straws to be attached to belt loops, keychains, and several other items. This helps to ensure that customers are never without a handy drinking straw, regardless of where their travels take them.

Promotional Novelty Drinking Straws

Adding a little bit of fun or just something unique to a promotional giveaway item can make the difference between simple usage and enthusiastic enjoyment on the part of a user. That's why some of our promotional straws come with a few things that make them just a little bit different (opens in a new window). We'll share some of those with you in the upcoming trio of paragraphs.

Custom Printed Keychain Straws

In addition to making sure that users are never without a straw, our promotional straws in keychain cases also provide mobile advertising in a nearly limitless amount of settings. Keychains tend to go wherever their owners do. Consequently, when you invest in our straws that roll up neatly into keychain cases, you can rest assured that your business will make impressions anywhere and everywhere. Consider giving away free samples at trade shows.

Wholesale Color Changing Straws

Do you like the idea of promotional straw giveaways that are affordable and appeal to kids & adults alike? If so, you'll love our cheap promotional color changing drinking straws (opens in a new window)! Users will look on in awe as these fun yet affordable custom straws change color as cold liquids pass through. They're one of the gems of our collection of promotional Mood® color changing giveaways (opens in a new window).

Personalized Glowing Straws for Giveaways

Bars, night clubs, and companies holding outdoor events after dark will all find our wholesale glowing straws with logos (opens in a new window) to be the perfect giveaway items. It's amazing how a little bit of color can really liven up an item, drawing eyes to your image and making invaluable brand impressions in the process.

Design Your Own Custom Straws

If you truly want customers, employees, and your target audience to remember your brand every time they use your promotional straws, you'll need to decorate them with your branding. There are a few different methods for doing this, with some straws offering more than one branding style. Whether you go with a printed or engraved design, you're sure to reap the benefits of branding your custom straws in a way that makes your brand impossible to miss. Find ways to brand our steel straws, food grade reusable silicone straws, a wheat straw, and more.

Custom Printed Straws with Your Branding

If you want your drinkware accessory giveaway items to effectively build brand awareness, our business logo printed drinking straws are a must have. When you throw your branding on our straws, users and those who see them will instantly be exposed to your brand and certainly be impressed by what they see. Order them as a promotional item alongside our colorful tumblers with reusable straws (opens in a new window) to reach more people in more ways!

Laser Engraved Company Branded Straws

When going for a more premium, polished look, you'll want to keep in mind our custom laser engraved straws for bars and restaurants. Laser logo engraving comes standard on some of our wholesale straws (many of our metallic straws and custom stainless steel straws) and is available as an upgrade option on many others. With an engraved design, you can rest assured that your unique company branding designs won't chip, fade, or peel with the passage of time.