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Custom tents are handy for businesses that participate in outdoor events. They attract patrons with large-scale branding and allow your employees and visitors to have a great experience rain or shine.

Custom Canopy Tents with Print for Every Event

No matter what type of event you have coming up, custom event tents can improve your brand visibility. They can draw attention to your business from people passing by, and allow you to be recognized by customers, employees, and potential business partners. 

You’ll see canopy tents often make an appearance at sporting events, private celebrations, community festivals, charity events, and corporate gatherings. Attendees at trade shows will be drawn to your booth with a highly visible tent and attention-grabbing custom displays. Custom-printed tents are often combined with branded flags and other highly visible promotional signage. 

What are the benefits of using a custom tent? Custom tents not only protect from the elements, but they also catch the attention of passersby at outdoor parties, school functions, trade shows, and large group gatherings. When people notice the tent, they will be drawn to come investigate your organization. 

Types of Custom Tents

Custom canopy tents can come in many forms. The customized tent you choose will depend on factors like weather conditions, event length, location, and visibility. A few types of custom canopy tents and accessories to promote your business with greater visibility at events include:

Tent Wall Kits

One of the most effective products for displaying your brand information, tent wall kits are perfect to entice visitors to a trade show booth or job fair setup. The wall element acts as a giant banner along one side of the tent which could be facing forward, to the sides, or toward the back of the tent. It's the perfect canopy to display large artwork designs for greater brand visibility.

24-Hour Quick-Ship Tents

Sometimes, rain can derail your plans at an outdoor event, and you need a quick solution to protect your display or provide shelter for attendees. 24-hour quick-ship canopy tents will be ready to support your last-minute needs so that the show can go on. Plus, these models are very durable against rain and wind, so you will have a place to stay dry. 

Pop-Up Tents

Custom pop-up canopy tents can be set up quickly with limited hands. The ease of use makes custom pop-up tents ideal for setting up a display at a farmers' market or another type of professional conference when you need to catch the attention of others with graphic material on one side. 

Steel Frame Tents

For durability and longevity for your custom canopy tents, steel frames are the way to go. Combine these stronger and longer-lasting canopy tents with a large custom banner to draw as much attention to your company as possible. A steel/aluminum frame can also accommodate larger sizes, allowing tables and more space to be sheltered by the tent fabric. 

Promotional Tent and Wall Sizes

Choosing the size of your custom canopy tents is critical for your marketing efforts. Both the perimeter of the tent and the length of tent walls that may run along the edges can impact the visibility of your setup and the custom printing it displays.

Tent Sizes

Perimeter size will determine how much space is underneath the personalized canopy of the tent. Smaller-size custom canopy tents work well for recruiting events, sporting events, and professional conferences. The larger size suits branded tents for outdoor events like community festivals.

The available sizes include:

  • 6’ x 6’
  • 8’ x 8’
  • 10’ x 10’
  • 10’ x 20’

Tent Wall Sizes 

A tent wall adds extra advertising space to a custom canopy tent. There are options for half and full walls to put along the perimeter of your canopy. Half-walls are perfect for creating a front barrier over which you can speak with tent visitors, while full-walls can be spotted from a distance.

The sizes available for both full and half walls include:

  • 6'
  • 8'
  • 10'

Get Custom Tents Wholesale and in Bulk

Custom canopy tents from 4AllPromos can be ordered in bulk to help you get a better price per unit. Bulk ordering makes sense when you have larger or multiple displays to manage or if you want to create a branded tent to raffle off in a fundraiser or giveaway.

The more promotional pop-up tents you order, the better the price will be per unit. There is no minimum quantity for any of our tent walls or custom canopy tents, but even an order of just 2 custom event tents can get you discounted pricing. Our standard quantities for ordering promotional event tents are 1, 2, 6, or 12 to access lower unit prices at each level.

Why would it make sense to order custom canopy tents in bulk? It makes to order custom canopy tents in bulk if you plan on having multiple set-ups at the same time or if you want to keep a few in storage in case one wears down or gets ripped. Food and drink vendors at outdoor events like festivals, farmers markets, and sporting events may need to set up in a handful of spots at the same event to better serve their customers. 

Design Your Canopy and Wall Imprint

Our process for ordering custom canopy tents, choosing the right designs, and uploading your artwork is simple. Choose a model of promotional event tent, canopy walls, custom pop-up tent models, or full kit tent. Then, select the color or other customization options that you prefer for that particular item, as well as the quantity you would like to order. Canopies and walls can be full color.

On the next page in the shopping cart section, you will have the option to upload artwork to be imprinted on the material. If you have image files on hand, this is the fastest option to start the production process. However, you can also email the images you want later after checking out or include what you want in the comments section of your order. 

Personalize Your Outdoor Experience with Custom Tents

Make sure you get seen at your next event with a custom event tent. These promotional event tents attract customers, potential new employees, and business partners to your brand with their inviting spaces and protection from the weather. The easy set-up and portability make them a great investment for your marketing and outreach teams.

Don’t go unnoticed at your next event, order a custom logo event tent today!

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