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Our custom instant tents for events are ideal promotional items for getting attention you’re your brand. We have custom indoor and outdoor event tents, eye-catching company logo trade show booth displays, sturdy personalized canopy tents, efficient branded portable tent kits, imprinted promotional pop up exhibition tents, and more. Our low and no minimum order personalized event tents and custom party tents will increase traffic to your display and awareness of & loyalty to your brand. Read on to learn about the many different kinds of promotional tents 4AllPromos has to offer.

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Searching for a tent for your next outdoor event? Look no further than 4AllPromos. We stock a wide variety of outdoor event, party, promotional, and custom trade show tents for every occasion. Our tent options can cover all event-planning needs. They range from simple, small canopies to fully walled, customized 10 x 10 tent kits and beyond.

Our event tents are made for every occasion, from graduation and birthday parties to tailgating, business promotions, and more. Whether you’re looking for custom promotional tents for your business’s next outing, or in need of custom party tent for a backyard barbeque, 4AllPromos has the perfect tent to get the job done.

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Types of Promotional Tents for Events Design Your Own Promo Event Tents Benefits of Using Custom Event Tents for Businesses

Types of Promotional Tents for Events

When it comes to picking a tent for your event, there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether your organization needs something large for a business event or something economical to set up in a backyard, we have you covered. In this section, we'll discuss all of the different types of promotional event tents available in the 4AllPromos inventory.

Custom Full Wall Event Tents

Full-wall tents offer protection from various outdoor elements, including heat, rain, wind, and insects. They create a private space where event attendees can gather happily while allowing for the simple organization of food and party items. A promotional full wall tent kit for events from 4AllPromos includes walls that can be attached and detached. This enables users the flexibility to open their space at a moment’s notice. Walls attach with zippers and allow for easy and quick setup.

Branded Half Wall Tent Kits

A custom half wall event tent kit offers some of the same benefits of a full-wall tent, but with a little less coverage. These tent kits are great for business events, as they provide an organized, clean space to fill with supplies or merchandise. The half walls can be customized to display your company logo or ensure that your slogan is one of the first things people see. This is a style that's handy for flea markets, trade show displays, ticket counters, or booths that are serving food or hosting carnival games.

Deluxe Promo Exhibition Tent Kits

Our deluxe event tent kits and premium event tent kits include everything needed to ensure the setup process goes smoothly. The supplies that come in each deluxe kit vary depending on the type of tent chosen, but always include everything needed for a quick and simple setup. Deluxe and premium tent kits are durable, reliable, and easy to use. They also offer great deals on customization, especially when looking for branded tents for events.

Personalized Vented Canopy Tents

Vented canopies are ideal for a wide variety of outdoor occasions. With no walls, a vented canopy allows for easy access in and out of the area while still creating a separate space in which people can gather. The premium vents help to battle harsh winds, while the canopy offers shade and shelter. From farmer’s markets and job fairs to smaller private events, our personalized canopy tents are always a top option.

Customized Stainless Steel Shelter Tents

Steel shelter tents are sturdy shelters constructed from materials you can trust. Whether looking to combat the sun or in need of a quick shelter to stand up to all Mother Nature has to offer, a steel shelter is an ideal option. These branded event shelters employ a top-grade steel frame to provide the support structure. A steel shelter is much more sturdy than alternative tents with other framing materials.

Promotional Pop Up Tents

When a tent with a quick and easy assembly is needed, there's nothing better than our custom pop up tents. These promo exhibition tents for trade shows and other events are portable yet sturdy and reliable. Their crank-up canopies and lightweight frames make setting up a breeze. They'll never fail at attracting traffic to your booth or display while helping to create a positive impression on behalf of your brand.

Branded Tents for Events - Sizes

Different events and functions will require tents of different sizes. For instance, our branded 6 x 6 event tents will work well for ticket counters and sign-in stations. A space such as an indoor trade show booth would find a great home within one of our custom 8 x 8 event tents, while our promotional 10 x 10 event tents are an ideal fit for flea market vendors, carnival games, and farm market stands. Larger outdoor events requiring seating room or areas for high traffic volumes to mill around will benefit from having our personalized 10 x 20 steel exhibition shelters on hand. They're great for everything from wedding parties to county fair displays and everything in between.

Design Your Own Promo Event Tents

Customizing a tent helps to give it more personality. It will also succeed in attracting more people to your trade show booth or event display. Whether in the market for a promotional canopy tent or a custom EZ up tent, all of our event tent promotional products effectively advertise your business while creating space, shade, and privacy.

Full Color Company Logo Trade Show Tents

Full color imprint tents offer a unique, attention-grabbing element that's missing from some of the more traditional styles. Our promotional full color tents for events stand to bring in a great deal more traffic compared to the average tent. If your business is looking for a tent that will get plenty of attention, a full color imprint is the way to go. We have both full tents as well as tent wall kits that are imprinted with your logo in full color.

Personalized Dye Sublimation Event Tents

Dye sublimation is a printing process allows for fully customized products with photographic quality. To this end, our custom dye sublimation tents for trade shows and events are placed into a dye sublimation printer. Once inside, dry inks are transferred to items through extreme levels of heat. Solid inks skip the liquid stage of matter and go straight to gas during the transfer process. The scientific term for this is "sublimation". Our sublimation tents feature imprints that won't crack, fade, or peel over time. Their graphics are also highly rich in detail, often providing a fully customizable surface. To learn more about dye sublimation, take a look at our How to Design a Promotional Product blog post.

Customizable UV Printed Company Logo Tents

The UV printing process is a bit different that what's employed with dye sublimation. Using this method, paste-like inks are solidified when exposed to ultraviolet energy from printers. This process is known as "curing". It can be said that our personalized UV printed event tents are an eco-friendly option, as the solvents in their ink don't evaporate in the curing process. This leads to fewer problematic organic compounds being released into the environment. It can be used to decorate most any shape or surface and creates bold, precise designs that jump up and demand attention.

Benefits of Using Custom Event Tents for Businesses

Buying a custom tent for your next event or trade show can help to take your business to the next level. An imprinted tent will help your business to stand out from its competitors, bringing in substantial traffic to your booth or display. They're also great as custom party tents, offering some shelter from the sun or rain during outdoor events, picnics, or beachside parties. As these are customizable tents with no minimum order quantity, they can be used by nearly any organization or even an individual hoping to catch some eyes at a flea market or farm to table event.

The use of a tent is crucial for any outdoor event. Buffering against issues such as unpredictable weather and flying insects, using a party tent will help to eliminate many problematic aspects of the outdoors. At the same time, they enable anyone to maximize the experience of the great outdoors. Tents provide the flexibility and privacy needed to hold your event in the your preferred outdoor location, along with the sense of hosting a retreat exclusive to those you invite. Tents can also be great at indoor events such as conventions or job fairs. A tent creates a perfect place to set up merchandise or information, free from the chaos that the elements can create.