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Every employee needs a place to jot down notes, phone messages, and other important information. Our selection of best selling custom sticky note cubes and company logo notepad cubes provide an excellent way to keep scratch paper easily accessible while still allowing your company name and logo to be highly visible. They are also incredibly handy for keeping at home to write down phone numbers, reminders, and more. This is why company logo sticky notes are such a popular choice among our customers.

Personalized Sticky Note Half Cubes | Custom Triangular Sticky Notes

At 4AllPromos, you'll find a wide selection of custom printed sticky notes that provide a variety of great promotional functions for your business. Whether your company is a bank, home service contractor, law firm, insurance agency, charity, or virtually anything else, custom sticky note cubes make excellent giveaways and promotional items. They're also ideal for handing out at community events, trade shows, and job fairs. These items are a great way to save, as they are an incredibly useful and cost-effective way to spread your company name around town and remind potential customers of your brand. Since note cubes are generally used over the course of a year or several years, they allow your business to keep its name fresh on users’ minds for an extended period of time.

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Promotional Sticky Note Cubes - Materials

At 4AllPromos, we take pride in offering high-quality products to our customers, and our custom notepads are no exception. From personalized sticky note cubes to unique hexagon and octagon sticky note pads, we offer top-notch imprint items to help you promote your business effectively.

Many of our custom logo printed sticky note cubes and other notepad products are stationary grade, meaning you can count on a quality product that makes it easy for your customers to write down the information they need. These sticky notes are designed to showcase your custom logo or photo while continuing to look great for years to come.

When choosing a promotional sticky note pad for your business, you’ll have to select your desired material. Specifically, you must decide whether you want sticky or non-sticky sheets. Sticky sheets are like the traditional notepaper you might purchase at a local office supply store that adheres temporarily to surfaces like desks and computer monitors. Our promotional non-adhesive note cubes do not have this coating, and simply tear off the cube when you need individual pieces of paper. Each type offers its own benefits, but the right choice largely depends on your customer base and how you anticipate they will use the note cube.

Bulk Sticky Note Cubes in Different Shapes

Looking for something unique to hand out to customers or vendors? Personalized sticky note stacks are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. At 4AllPromos, we have traditional custom printed sticky note square cubes as well as those that are rectangular shaped. Wholesale hexagon shaped sticky note cubes and custom triangle-shaped sticky notes are also available and make a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Different Sizes of Custom Sticky Note Cubes

Most note cube stacks have a few hundred sheets of writable paper. Looking for something a bit smaller? Our personalized sticky note half cubes offer a great alternative, while thin stacks are ideal for keeping in your pocket or purse. For an added special touch, consider the option to have a pen hole drilled in the note cube. This is a great feature if you plan on pairing your note stacks with an imprinted writing utensil.

4AllPromos offers wholesale sticky note cubes in a variety of sizes, ranging from just over one inch of writing area to four inches or more. Plus, we continually add new products to our catalog, so if you’re looking for something smaller or larger, contact our knowledgeable team directly. We can help you choose the best option based on your needs and desires.

Branded Sticky Note Cubes - Suggested Order Volumes

When it comes to ordering custom sticky notes, there are some volume guidelines you need to consider. You want to ensure you’re getting the most value for your money, and ordering in bulk is often the best option.

Most square cubes have a minimum order quantity of 90. Others – such as hexagon and triangular shapes – have a requirement of 100 to 125. We do this to help ensure the overall pricing is reasonable and make it worthwhile to purchase multiple quantities of the same notepad. As a bonus, we offer volume discounts that make each individual unit less expensive when you hit a certain order benchmark.

However, there really is no limit to the maximum number of custom imprint notepad cubes you can purchase. This is a good thing because, unlike some other promotional products, paper never goes bad or out of style. The inks we use on these custom imprinted office supplies are specifically chosen to look vibrant for years to come, making it worthwhile to place an order for a few hundred units at one time. Doing so also allows you to have plenty of products to hand out at local community events or luncheons that might pop up throughout the year without having to wait for a new shipment to come in.

Design Your Own Sticky Note Cubes with Custom Imprints

Adding a personal touch to your branded sticky note cubes is easy with some help from 4AllPromos. We allow you to choose certain elements, including the shape, size, and style of your note cube. Then you can add your logo, company name, motto, special saying, or anything else you would like to the front or sides of the notepad stack. You can even opt to have a photo added to each side of the cube or wrap a coordinating design around the entire thing. This is a great chance to flex your creativity to come up with something truly memorable!

Of course, the level of imprinting you choose is up to you – custom notepads can be as detailed or simple as you desire, depending on your promotional needs. 4-color printed sticky note pads allow you to imprint photos and other highly vibrant designs. You can also choose a basic design or single-color option.

If you really want to impress with your promotional products, you can even design your cube note stacks to match other items in your arsenal. Pens, calendars, mugs, and more can all be coordinated with your custom sticky note cubes. This allows you to apply your branding to all aspects of your promotional strategy and offers a unique gift set idea for clients, employees, and more. Not sure which items are right for your business? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the 4AllPromos team for assistance.