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Promotional Candles for Giveaways & Advertising

Personalized Candles in Tins, Jars & More

If you're looking for the perfect corporate gift idea or just a little something to add some comfort and color to the home or office, our customized candles are the way to go. Ideal as promotional products and personalized giveaways, our candle promotional items come in many different colors, shapes, sizes, and containers. They're a great way for any brand to share some love with its customers, employees, and target market members.

Logo Imprinted Candles Personalized for Corporate Gifts

Whether used as a promotion, retail item, fundraising awareness tool, or something special to commemorate a big event, the candles on this page will never fail to please. We have a wide selection of varieties, just waiting to give your business a hand in raising awareness and meeting promotional goals. Read on and click through all of our styles to find the model that best fits your needs.

Branded Soy Candles

If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to promote your business while spreading joy around the office or home, our custom soy candles will be a perfect fit. For those checking the environmental awareness boxes, our wholesale soy candles are biodegradable, burn longer than paraffin wax models, and emit less soot. They're also a better choice for the globe when compared to traditional wax candles, as they're made from renewable resources that do not harm the planet. 

Some of our soy candles are made even more friendly by being topped with eco-friendly lids made from materials such as bamboo.

Wholesale Votive Candles & Custom Tea Candles

Promotional tea candles are an item that clients are guaranteed to love. These small candles are molded into small tins that are just large enough to hold all of their wax when melted. After use, the wax can become solid again, giving these items a long lifespan and a great reusable quality. 

Our branded votive candles are another popular style that will go far in any promotion. Available in many colors and fragrances, our votive candles are placed into jars made from materials such as glass, clay, and metal. If you're looking for something different, we also have custom flameless votive candles. These are promotional LED candles that flicker on and off to create a natural effect without involving any sort of wax or flames. They're a perfect gift for churches, inns, schools, charities, children's organizations, and more. 

Promotional Aromatherapy Candles

If custom scented candles are of interest to your organization, there are many styles on this page for you to view. We sell several kinds of personalized scented candles that make a great client gift from a spa, massage therapy clinic, hotel, resort, or natural healing center. These personalized candles can be ordered in your choice of many different fragrances, all of which are designed to be soothing, pleasing, and a comfort to both smell and see. 

Bulk Candle Tins & Custom Candles in Glass Jars

When your organization is in need of an affordable yet thoughtful gift, the promotional candle tins and custom jar candles on this page are here to answer the call. Our custom logo printed candle tins hold round single wick candles that can be covered and kept secure via a screw-on top lid. Our personalized candles in jars will be a hit with all clients, offering an elegant and classic look that everyone will love.

Both varieties of these custom scented candles will add a touch of comfort and glass wherever they're placed. 

Personalized Corporate Candle Gift Sets

Our personalized candle gift sets create a perfect gift for clients, employees, bosses, key contacts, and just about everyone else. Any spa, candle shop, hotel, bath & body retailer, massage therapy clinic, reiki center, or bed and breakfast can use our custom candle gift sets to offer a big "thank you" to all of the guests, clients, and employees who keep their businesses running strong. Some of the branded candle gift sets on this page add some extra items, such as mugs, hot cocoa mix packets, attractive presentation boxes, and more.

Design Your Own Customized Candles

Of course, in order to truly make our personalized candles perform their best, you'll need to add your custom company logo design. When imprinted with your logo, our custom scented candles will bring your brand to users' minds every time they light up the wick or walk into the room to enjoy the aroma. Our custom printed candles can be designed with your branding in one or more colors. Our custom leather wrapped candles can wear your logo design via debossing for a mark that will last for all time.