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Custom flying discs are a fun way to promote your business. Be it our promotional 5" flying discs, fun 9" recycled flying discs, unique custom logo imprinted flexible flyers, lightweight promotional flying rings, novelty personalized business logo glow-in-the-dark flying discs,  sturdy dog safe flying discs, or custom folding flyers with carrying pouches, satisfaction and fun are guaranteed. 

Custom Frisbee With Logo

Stray from traditional marketing strategies and pick up a flying disc to promote your company. Imprint a unique and personal logo onto any one of the flyers we offer at 4AllPromos and watch as your business soars above the rest. The perfect combination of fun and function, our diverse product line offers options for any occasion. Whether it's a trade show giveaway, a party favor at a birthday party for kids, or a business promotional product, we have the promotional frisbee to fit your needs. Read on and learn more about the different elements of imprinted flying discs our products offer in order to find the business logo frisbee that best fits your marketing campaign needs. We know there are a lot of decisions to make when you create the ideal custom frisbee toy to market your business, but don't worry. Check out our guide below before ordering disks for delivery.

Important Promotional Flying Disc Attributes



In order to pick the right frisbee, you must first decide what features make more sense for your promotions. In our product inventory, there are two main styles: hard plastic or foldable flyers. Although they each serve similar purposes, they bring different aspects to the table. When choosing one to customize, you must take those features into account. The hard plastic flyers, which are usually made of polypropylene, are the more common style and less likely to break. These promotional products are the best flying and the most durable. This is not to mention the fact that polypropylene is a fully recycled material for plastics, which means that these flying discs are eco-friendly promotional products. If you're looking to promote brand awareness while helping to protect the environment with durable options, you can't find much better promotional products on which to print your business logo.

While not as common, our customized logo imprinted flexible flyers have a lot of advantages as well. They are highly portable and easy to store.  Additionally, many of our flexible flying frisbees come with their own carrying cases. Selecting a variety of promotional frisbees for your business is the first step in the frisbee buying process. This is due to the fact that the different types of material allow each to serve a unique promotional purpose. It's important to be educated on all of the details so that you will be empowered to select the right promotional flying disc for your business.

Alternative Uses

Those looking for a promotional marketing product may overlook custom promotional frisbees because they tend to be a seasonal item. Regardless, they make for very versatile promotional items for companies and when designed with your company logo, they can really assist in creating brand awareness with customers. Did you know that we carry FDA Approved durable plastic flying discs (opens in a new window) that can be used as fun plates for children? Right away, that's a perfect promotional gift for restaurants. 

Flexible folding custom frisbees can function as more than just toys. Some of our promotional frisbees can double as fans, creating a new purpose as a corporate promotional item for outdoor events. We also offer a Flip N Fling Flying Disc (opens in a new window). This product is made of foam and doubles as a custom imprinted outdoor seat cushion (opens in a new window). It's an ideal promotional item for businesses looking to display their company logo at any sporting event, graduation, or beach.

As we've already said, our custom frisbees are highly versatile and can be used as so much more than just an outdoor toy (opens in a new window). With a creative mind, a brand can use any of our personalized frisbees as trade show giveaway items, promotional items for team building exercises, disc golf, outdoor events, trade shows, and nearly any other purpose you put your mind to.


When it comes to choosing any type of promotional product for businesses, color is important. It is the first thing that catches your customers' eyes, so it's important you choose the right color to match your imprinted brand logo. Our custom corporate logo frisbees come in traditional colors as well as bold neon tones. In addition, we offer fun glow-in-the-dark models. Our color changing customizable flying discs (opens in a new window) are another fun and flashy option. 

We also offer promotional flying discs for dogs (opens in a new window). While dogs cannot see all of the colors humans can, due to red/green color blindness, they are able to see blues and yellows. Consequently, the color selection is an important factor to keep in mind when you order dog-safe company logo frisbees. Customers love tossing flyers for their canine friends, so gift them with promotional products that contain your logo to use at the park, at the beach, or in their backyards.

Shape & Size

Another important thing to consider is the shape of your frisbees. Most of our promotional frisbees for businesses are of standard size, ranging from 8 to 10 inches. At this size, they make a great flying disc for young adults, especially college students looking for some competition with a friendly game of ultimate frisbee out on the quad. Frisbees in this size class are the most common style and for good reason. Their optimized weight allows for maximum flying times, literally allowing your brand logo frisbees to reach for the sky.

While most of our company logo imprinted frisbees fall within the aforementioned standard size range, we carry other flyers of different sizes. It's a good idea to view all of our size options to see which best suits the needs of your business before making a decision. Our 5" Mini Flyer (opens in a new window) is merely 5 inches in diameter, which is a much more manageable size for small hands. Therefore, they're great promotional items for schools or a community event. If you want your company logo imprinted on a more unique promotional item, our personalized ring flyers (opens in a new window) may be the product for you. With the grand array of promotional business flying discs we offer, there's a product to fit every niche and giveaway event.