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Looking for the best in personalized face coverings? You'll find them all at 4AllPromos. Whether your users are looking for protective medical gear, exercise gear, or fashion accessories, we're your one-stop-shop for the best face covers & promotional PPE items. Browse our collection of promotional face masks, fun & flexible custom protective neck tubes, stylish & innovative personalized cooling neck gaiters, super protective bulk plastic face shields, multi-use branded bandanas with your logo, and even more! These items will make your brand name synonymous with comfort, style, and good health.

Custom PPE Products | Promotional Face Masks | Wholesale Face Coverings

At 4AllPromos, your business will find all of the best branded face covers to keep users looking and feeling their best. One of the best ways to do this, particularly during uncertain times, is with the best custom PPE products. On this page, we'll be focusing on PPE items for the face, particularly face coverings. We have several styles, including, but not limited to custom medical grade face masks, fully customized bandanas, blank face masks & shields, wholesale Fandana face covers, promotional gaiter scarves, imprinted headbands, and many more.

Wholesale Face Coverings | Imprinted Face Masks | Custom Bandana Face Covers

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Promotional Face Masks


During times of pandemics such as COVID-19, or even in times or relative calm, one can never underestimate the value of face masks. We offer a wide variety of custom imprinted face masks as well as wholesale blank face masks. They're great PPE items for hospitals, businesses, and even private users to stay healthy and safe. We'll break down some of the many different varieties we carry over the course of the next nine paragraphs.

Cheap Wholesale Blank Face Masks

Not all of our face coverings have logo imprints. This is because sometimes, rather than direct brand promotion, the goal is to pass out as many PPE items as possible to workers on the front lines or to potential customers. When this is the case, cost is often a concern. Therefore, we help make things more affordable by way of offering you our blank face masks in bulk. These are excellent personal protection equipment products for hospitals, convalescent homes, emergency clinics, physician offices, pharmacies, and more.

Bulk Disposable Face Masks

Coming in both blank and logo imprinted varieties, our wholesale disposable face masks are typically intended for one-time usage and tend to be on the more affordable end of the spectrum. They are come in many different materials, colors, shapes, styles, and attachment methods. Consequently, finding one that's a great fit for your business, school, charity, or healthcare organization is an exercise in simplicity.

Custom Multi-Layer Face Masks

Offering an extra measure of protection are the promotional multi-layer face masks that you'll find in abundance here at 4AllPromos. Some are constructed from the same material throughout, while others offer different substances at different levels. Others offer filtration, so when it comes to these items, diversity is the name of the game.

Personalized Cloth Face Masks

Our promotional cloth face masks are thicker and softer of the other traditional models. There are different types to choose from, such as our custom cotton face masks and personalized polyester face masks, just to name a couple. The CDC presently recommends cloth face masks to be worn by private citizens who are not in the medical profession while venturing into public and keeping in line with other social distancing guidelines.

Promotional Expandable Face Masks

Not everyone enjoys the physical sensation of wearing a traditional face mask. While most people find them to be comfortable enough, others don't like the feel of the standard ear loops and want a mask that can move when they do and change shape when needed. For this demographic, we offer our assortment of custom stretchable face masks. They're washable, reusable, and cover the mouth and nose. They also have ear holes at different points to be able to accommodate users of different sizes.

Bulk KN95 Face Masks

The various styles of wholesale KN95 face masks that you'll find at 4AllPromos are ideal for helping essential workers stay safe, as well helping private citizens prevent the spread of illness while adapting to these new and trying times. Approved by the FDA, these personalized face coverings are similar to the traditional N95 face masks and FFP2 styles found in the USA and Europe, respectively. They come in both imprinted and blank versions and are also available in breathable respirator styles.

Branded Adult Face Masks and Custom Imprinted Youth Face Masks

We understand that pandemics don't discriminate when it comes to age. That's why we provide promotional face masks for both kids and grown adults alike. For the youngsters, we have multiple types of promotional youth face masks for schools and homes that are made in smaller sizes to be more comfortable and effective when used by children. Of course, we also stock many types of full-size custom adult face masks as well.

Custom Medical Face Masks

For medical professionals, caregivers, and patients in medical facilities, we supply many types of promotional surgical face masks. These are the top choice for providing personal protection in a high-risk environment. As is the case with many of our other face masks, these are available in both logo branded versions and imprint-free styles.

Promotional Reusable Face Masks & Bulk Washable Face Masks

If your business is looking to supply customized face masks that users can employ multiple times, our logo branded reusable face masks are right up your alley. Washable and able to be used multiple times, these offer an eco-friendly solution in the form of a high quality face mask that can serve as a shield against illness every time users step into public.

Wholesale Custom Face Masks Made in the USA

Whether it's to help local economies, invest in small businesses, or to enjoy the feelings of safety offered by a home-grown item, our bulk face masks made in the USA are in high demand. These come in many styles, including blank face masks, imprintable face masks, reusable face covers, disposable face covers, bulk white cloth face masks, colored face masks, and much more.

Face coverings aren't limited to masks alone. Items such as headbands and bandanas can also act as useful protection, fashion statements, and ambassadors for building brand awareness. There's some variety among these groups too, so we'll tell you a bit more about them in the following section.

Wholesale Bandanas

A timeless fashion accessory that has been around since the 1600s, bandanas aren't about to disappear any time soon. In addition to making a great accent piece for all types of different outfits, our promotional bandanas have practical purposes as well. Obviously, they're adept at creating advertising impressions, but they can also be used to help users stay protected from the sun, allergens in the air, and even keep them safe from germs and potentially prevent the spread of viruses. They're versatile too, as they can be worn as face coverings, headwear, neckwear, or even arm or leg bands.

Promotional Dye Sublimation Bandanas

Bearing bold imprints and graphics in intricate designs and photographic quality colors, our sublimation models give you the freedom to design your own bandana face covers. These are fun items that can be used to express your brand's unique identity in an artistic and creative way while also keeping all who rely on your business comfortable, confident, and safe.

Custom Fandanas

The promotional Fandanas available on our site come in many varieties and can be used both for cooling and personal protection. They allow users to show off your brand logo imprint in a variety of ways, as each can be worn in any one of several different styles. Bandanas, doo-rags, wristbands, leg bands, gaiters, headbands, and more are all possible ways to go.

As this section is titled "Branded Bandanas and Custom Logo Headbands", it seems only fitting and proper that we give a little bit of attention to the latter instead of letting the bandanas steal the entire show. We offer a plethora of different personalized headbands all of which are as fashionable as they are functional. Some are focused on keeping customers warm, while others focus on cooling, and still others seek to prevent sweat from dripping down into users' eyes. Click on the preceding link to see our full assortment of custom headbands and learn what they can do for your company and its target audience.

Promotional Cooling Towels

Some of our more innovative and intriguing face coverings come in the form of our company logo cooling towels. These fun cooling wrap towels can go around the neck, shoulders, forehead, or just about anywhere else on the body to offer some refreshing relief on a hot day or after some intense exercise. They offer moisture wicking and quick-drying properties, with many being activated by way of wetting and a quick twist.

Custom Neck Gaiters

Our imprinted neck gaiter scarves are rising stars within the world of promotional PPE items and the world of fashion in general. Neck gaiters are also known by the name of neck warmers, and consist of a tube of fabric that generally covers the lower face down to the upper chest area. They're a great way to cover up one's face while out in public for an added measure of safety, though they can make a fun fashion accessory even in times of good health. Many different varieties exist, and we'll tell you about some of them over the course of the next four paragraphs.

Custom Printed Novelty Neck Gaiters

Our imprinted neck gaiter scarves come in all kinds of prints and fashions, with many of them intended to provide some laughs and amusement. We have many kinds of promotional fun gaiter scarves with patterns that are guaranteed to bring some smiles and laughs to weary faces. In addition to performing well as PPE items, they can also make for perfect giveaways for sports teams, concert venues, and events.

Promotional Animal Gaiters

We have a grand array of different custom animal print neck gaiters which can serve well when representing various schools, teams, charities, and businesses. Just two of the many prime examples are linked to in the previous sentence. They also make great giveaway items for veterinary clinics, zoos, nature museums, and science/educational gift shops.

Personalized Floral Print Gaiters

Another popular style can be found in our imprinted floral neck gaiters. These make perfect promotional PPE giveaway items for garden centers, farms, organic food markets, or any business that wants to combine some color & beauty with its safety precautions.

Promotional Neck Gaiters - No Minimum Orders

By default, nearly all of our gaiter scarves fall into the category of custom face masks with no minimum order requirement. This is because they can be ordered just one piece at a time if this is what is desired. They can also be ordered in bulk; the choice is entirely up to you.

Wholesale PPE Kits

If you want all of the best PPE products conveniently placed together in one package, you want our custom PPE supply kits. Including items such as gloves, masks, and other personal protection supplies, these are great corporate gifts to supply to essential workers are and those people just returning to work.

Other Styles of Personalized Face Coverings

We'll finish up by talking a bit about some of our other wholesale imprinted face coverings that don't exactly fit into any one specific category. Nevertheless, these are products that will go a long way in keeping people safe and healthy while preventing the spread of disease and promoting the spread of brand awareness.

Custom Face Shields

Deli workers, food servers, auto shop employees, and workers in recycling centers are just a few of the many groups of people who are sure to benefit from being supplied with our bulk plastic face shields. Found on our site both in blank versions and as promotional face shields, these face masks are made from high-quality materials and cover the entire face, eyes included. Each is also appointed with a foam forehead band for added comfort and support.

Branded Ear Savers

Our promotional ear savers are unique items that are designed to do just as their title indicates. Worn behind the head and tied to a face covering on either side, these items allow for ears and the skin behind them to be free from straps, loops and any other potentially irritating material.

Promotional Face Mask Straps

If you're planning on going with ear savers or other alternatives to the traditional mask attachment styles, our custom face mask straps will prove a great buy for your organization. These come in handy when prolonged usage is in order, if a mask is a bit too big, or if the users you're supplying don't like the feel of bands or loops behind their ears.

Imprinted Novelty Face Covers

A nice break from the sometimes dour demands of social distancing and pandemic control, our logo branded face covers with fun designs add a little bit of levity to anyone's day. They come in many colorful designs and feature themes such as animals, ice cream, emojis, flowers, vampires, monsters, and more.