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Our promotional rulers encompass many different styles and are designed to meet the needs of a variety of customers. From our convenient custom magnet rulers that are always at the ready to our kid-friendly promotional president rulers that offer educational fun, 4AllPromos has the products needed to grab the attention of your audience. We even carry imprinted English and metric rulers, which are an excellent choice for businesses that work with clients across the globe. Need to bulk order school rulers? How about custom pocket rulers with magnifiers? We have them! The best part? Every ruler can be customized to feature your unique logo and branding!

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We make it easy for you to find high-quality, customized rulers in a variety of styles. From a classic promotional 6-inch ruler to something more unique, our selection of custom products has an ideal option for every taste. Since we have such a large selection of rulers, we’ve put together a brief guide explaining some of our most popular styles. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to choose the perfect item to fit needs!

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What Are Promotional Rulers Made From?

Different Types of Promotional Rulers

Custom Multi-Purpose Rulers

Promotional Rulers in Different Sizes

Bulk Logo Printed Rulers for Kids

Design Your Own Promotional Rulers

What Are Promotional Rulers Made From?

When you shop for promotional rulers at 4AllPromos, you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality products in a variety of materials and styles. Whether your prefer a classic wooden look or something more modern, there’s truly something for everyone.

Custom Acrylic Rulers

Wow your audience with our sleek, colorful wholesale acrylic rulers . These popular products feature centimeter and inch measurements and are available in a variety of translucent and opaque color options.

Wholesale Plastic Rulers

Our custom plastic rulers are top-sellers, and for good reason. These simple yet eye-catching products make great promotional items for businesses in all industries.

Promotional Wooden Rulers

One of the old standbys, our customized wooden rulers offer plenty of room for you to display your company logo and promotional messaging. Plus, you can even personalize these classic products with special fonts, multi-color imprints, and more!

Different Types of Promotional Rulers

We offer a broad variety of personalized rulers in different styles to suit different tastes and needs. Take a look through the following descriptions to learn more about your options when it comes to buying company branded rulers from 4AllPromos.

Our custom recycled rulers are ideal for recycling companies, environmental initiatives, waste disposal organizations, and anyone who is making “going green” a priority. One of our eco-friendly promotional rulers is imprinted with green recycling symbols on the background, plus plenty of space for adding company logo & information imprints.

Wholesale Rulers for Schools

Looking to advertise your services to schools, daycares, or similar businesses? Our bulk order school rulers are the perfect choice ; they get the word out about your company and provide a useful tool for students of all ages!

Custom Flexible Rulers

Our bulk order flexible promotional rulers are one of the best forms of stress relief, as they just beg to be picked up and played with. For the ideal giveaway item, add your business’s name and a full-color imprint.

Cheap Promotional Rulers

Who says cheap promotional rulers aren’t effective? These budget-friendly products offer plenty of room for your promotional messaging. And because they feature both English and metric measurements, they’re an ideal choice for businesses that deal with a worldwide client base.

Promotional Clear Lacquer Finish Rulers

Looking for a timeless ruler option for your next business giveaway? Our promo 12-inch clear lacquer wood ruler is a popular choice for its elegant look and functionality. For those in need of a more compact option, our printed 6-inch clear lacquer beveled wood ruler offers the same benefits in a small, more convenient size. The beveling allows users to get even closer to the items being measured. Plus, both of these options can be customized with your company logo and information.

Personalized Yardsticks

Big jobs call for big tools. That's why our promotional yardsticks are a must for those in the construction, architecture, laboratory, and research industries. Our yardsticks offer 36 inches of measuring prowess, as well as an extra large space for displaying your company logo or message.

Custom Multi-Purpose Rulers

Searching for a product that can be used in a variety of different ways? Browse our selection of multi-purpose rulers. From bookmarks to magnifiers and everything in between, these products are sure to be a hit with your audience.

Custom Pocket Ruler Magnifiers

Give your audience a promotional item they can take everywhere they go! Our custom pocket ruler with magnifier is small enough to fit into any purse or pocket but features plenty of room for your full-color imprint.

Branded Bookmark Rulers with Magnifiers

Enhance your audience’s reading experience with a promotional product that features a ruler, bookmark, and magnifier all in one! Your company’s name and contact information will always be front and center when your customers use their custom magnifier ruler and bookmark .

Promotional Magnetic Rulers

If you want to make sure your giveaway items will see daily usage and thus create daily advertising impressions, our custom magnet rulers are the perfect option. These ruler-shaped magnets feature standard measurement marks, a 4-color process imprint, and a magnetized backing that sticks to any metal surface.

Wholesale Oven Stick Rulers

Push and pull an oven rack with no risk of burning yourself using our imprinted oven stick ruler. This convenient product features standard English measurements, a meat thermometer/cooking scale, and plenty of room for you to add your company name or logo.

Imprinted Monitor Rulers with Calendars

In today's fast-paced world, multi-tasking is a must. Even our promotional products often perform more than one job at a time. One shining example comes in the form of our personalized monitor calendar rulers. Measure sizes, distances, and dates all at once with these handy little giveaways.

Promotional Rulers in Different Sizes

Now that you’ve chosen the right material for your ruler, it’s time to determine the ideal size. At 4AllPromos, we offer rulers in 6, 7, 8, and 12 inch styles to fit a variety of needs and applications.

Custom 6 Inch Rulers

Our promotional 6" rulers are ideal products for your next giveaway. Despite their compact size, they still offer plenty of room to display your company name and contact information. Additionally, their quality construction allows your logo to stand out and grab the attention of all who pass by.

Personalized 7 Inch Rulers

Looking for something outside of the norm? 4AllPromos offers bulk 7" inch rulers that are perfect for your next giveaway. These products feature all of the convenience of our 6-inch options, with added space for your logo.

Wholesale 8 Inch Rulers

Our custom logo printed 8" rulers provide the perfect backdrop for your company’s graphics. With a solid white background and thin, flexible plastic, this product is ideal for giveaways of all types.

Company Branded 12 Inch Rulers

For promotional giveaways at festivals, fairs, or community events, there is nothing better than our 12" promotional rulers . These classic-length rulers provide a convenient way to share your company, school, or organization’s name and contact information.

Looking for promotional products for school giveaways, book fairs, or other kid-focused events? We offer a wide selection of promotional rulers that are ideal for younger audiences.

Custom School Supply Kits with Rulers

Our custom school pencils and ruler packs offer all of the basics you need to send kids back to school in style. Plus, you can customize them with your school or company information for a great promo opportunity.

Promotional Fire Safety Rulers

A custom fire safety ruler is a great promotional opportunity that shows your dedication to keeping kids safe. This custom giveaway item is the perfect option for fire stations and other public service organizations that frequently visit schools or host educational events.

Wholesale Back to School Rulers

Celebrate the new school year with imprinted back to school rulers . These fun, functional products feature a school-themed design that can be colored in with crayons or markers. Each offers plenty of room for your personalized business logo.

Custom Mood Color Changing Rulers

Imprinted flexible Mood color change rulers are the perfect way to wow younger audiences. Not only are they small enough to carry in backpacks and pencil cases, but they also change color when you touch them! Choose from a myriad of fun colors and fonts and add your logo to create the ultimate giveaway item.

Branded Farm Animal Rulers

Our promotional farm animal rulers lend an air of whimsical fun, while still allowing you to share your company name and logo. Plus, kids can color them in to add their own personal touch!

Promotional Dinosaur Rulers

Dinosaurs are a popular subject for kids of all ages. Consequently, they make a great giveaway item for any event for which children will be in attendance. Our custom dinosaur rulers feature illustrations that can be colored in with crayons or markers.

Our kids’ sports ruler is a fun way to share your business with the community as a whole. Whether you pass it out at sports games, school functions, or other local events, this ruler is a great giveaway option that your audience is sure to love.

Design Your Own Promotional Rulers

Looking for a giveaway item that’s uniquely yours? 4AllPromos offers a myriad of customization options, so you can create a product that fits your business’s branding. We'll discuss three of the most prominent decoration methods in the following paragraphs.

Cheap Promotional Screen Printed Rulers

If you're looking to cut costs without cutting quality, our wholesale screen printed rulers are for you! It's the ideal method for one color designs, though multiple color screen printing (aka silk screening) is also possible. However, multiple colors will result in longer production times.

Custom Rulers with Full Color Logos

For more colorful designs with faster production times, personalized full color logo printed rulers are a great way to build brand awareness. While a bit more costly than screen printing, this method offers faster turnaround times and logo imprints with a broader range and superior depth of color.

Bulk Digitally Imprinted Rulers

If you want to present your logo in photographic quality, you'll want to consider investing in our branded rulers with digital imprints. These rulers are decorated with logo designs that are entered into a computer and transferred onto the surface by way of a laser or inkjet printer. With this option, vivid color abounds.