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Your company can help users stay clean, confident, and healthy with our promo hand sanitizer products! We offer handy custom clip-on hand sanitizers, fully loaded promotional hand sanitizer kits, giveaway-friendly branded hand sanitizer spray pens, gentle wholesale non-alcohol hand sanitizer with your logo, and much more.

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Help your target market and the general public fight illness with our personalized hand sanitizers! Your business can build a strong reputation for looking out for health & safety concerns when your logo appears on our custom hand sanitizer giveaway items. We have small custom logo pocket hand sanitizers, imprinted hand sanitizer tubes, spray pens, squeeze bottles, pumps, credit card style dispensers, and many other hand sanitizer promotional products.

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Different Types of Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Different Styles of Branded Hand Sanitizer Holders and Dispensers

Design Your Own Custom Hand Sanitizer Promotional Products

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Promotional Hand Sanitizers FAQ

Different Types of Promotional Hand Sanitizers

While all of our hand sanitizers help to fight germs and illnesses, there are quite a few different types to choose from. We'll explain the many forms that are available on our site so that you can make an informed decision to find the best products for your promotional needs.

Branded Hand Sanitizer Gel

Our custom logo imprinted hand sanitizer gels and promotional hand sanitizer lotions consist of thick liquid solutions that typically contain ethyl alcohol, among other ingredients, to help kill germs. Coming in squeeze bottles, pumps, tubes, and pouches, gel sanitizers are the most commonly found variety and are used by way of vigorously rubbing a few drops into one's hands.

Custom Hand Sanitizer Spray

For those who don't like the wetness/sensation of a gel or lotion, we have several models of promotional hand sanitizer sprays. Typically coming in pen/stick or credit card dispenser style containers, our sanitizer sprays consist of thinner liquids that are released in mist form with the pressing of a button.

Promotional Antibacterial Wipes and Bulk Hand Sanitizer Wipes

A great choice for glove compartments and office desk drawers, our bulk hand sanitizer wipes come in the form of traditional moist towelettes. These are disposable cloth wipes coated in antibacterial solutions and are a good choice to have around when small children might be present. We supply them in canisters, resealable pouches, and more.

Wholesale Moisture Bead Hand Sanitizer

Since hand sanitizer can have a skin drying effect (especially if used too frequently), some people prefer to use styles that will keep their hands moist. That's the idea behind our promotional moisture bead hand sanitizers. These versions contain small vitamin and nutrient filled beads with moisturizing properties. The beads are suspended within the gels/lotions and can add a little bit of extra color and texture to the equation.

Promotional Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Our wholesale non-alcohol hand sanitizer items also help to combat the dryness that traditional formulas can sometimes cause. They also have less harsh scent and are more gentle on users' skin.

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Giveaway Sets

Sometimes the sanitizer is just part of a greater package. When you want to provide users with a wide array of protective sprays and wellness supplies, our company branded hand sanitizer kits are a natural choice.

Different Styles of Branded Hand Sanitizer Holders and Dispensers

Our promotional hand sanitizers come in several different types of containers. Some of these dispensers are distinguished by shape, some by operating mechanism, and others by whether they're intended for single or multiple usage. The following nine paragraphs will explain the most prominent examples of different styles of branded hand sanitizer holders and dispensers that you'll find on our site.

Promotional Hand Sanitizer Squeeze Bottles

One of the more common sanitizer dispenser styles you'll find at 4AllPromos are our custom hand sanitizer squeeze bottles. These plastic bottles have flip tops that snap into place and mete out drops of sanitizers by way of users giving them a gentle squeeze in the middle.

Bulk Mini Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Buy mini hand sanitizer dispensers in bulk from 4AllPromos and you'll have giveaway items that are convenient, portable, and highly popular at trade shows and events. Their small size makes them TSA friendly, as they can be brought aboard planes as long as they're placed in sealable plastic bags when going through security checkpoints.

Some of our medium-sized and larger dispensers are represented by our promotional hand sanitizer pumps. These branded hand sanitizer bottles feature a pump mechanism with a flat top and vertical tube that extends deeply into the bottle. They're highly similar to what's seen in many liquid hand soap bottles.

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Spray Pens

Also known as spray sticks, our branded hand sanitizer spray pens are cylindrical dispensers that release a fine mist of sanitizer when pressed. Their appearance and design creativity options make them a hit for promoting businesses in the office, on the road, at trade shows and events, and even around the house.

Wholesale Hand Sanitizer Squeeze Tubes

Another popular container choice is found in our personalized hand sanitizer tubes with logos. These items consist of sanitizer gel contained in a plastic container with securing snap lid. When the lid is open, the tubes can be squeezed to release the desired portion.

Bulk Single Use Hand Sanitizer Packets

Typically holding antibacterial wipes, our single usage wholesale hand sanitizer pouches are great promotional products for restaurants, salons, dental clinics, or anywhere else where clients will run into small messes that can be cleaned up in one fell swoop. Trade show venues will find these to be very handy items to pass out during meal sessions.

Promotional Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Our custom credit card style hand sanitizer holders are so named due to the fact that they're shaped like credit cards and easily fit into wallets. They're also a convenient size for pockets, purses, pocketbooks, favor bags, cell phone wallets, and more. Each has a spray button and opening located near the top, which can be pressed down to release a cleansing mist.

Custom Novelty Hand Sanitizer Holders

We offer a handful of fun promotional novelty hand sanitizer dispensers, with the Custom Character version (accessible via the preceding link) being just one example. These offer businesses to have some creative fun while offering a promotional item that is sure to bring a smile to users' faces. This is the type of feature that brings about routine and repeat usage, creating plenty of advertising exposure for your brand as well as positive emotional associations.

Promotional Clip-On Hand Sanitizer Containers

In order to prevent dropping, misplacement, or other events that could lead to loss, we provide several varieties of personalized clip-on hand sanitizer with carabiners. Armed with these items, users can be sure that their sanitizer holders will stay within sight, anchored firmly to key tags, wallets, belt loops, and other items that travel wherever they do. The vast majority of our hand sanitizer containers are refillable by nature, allowing these clips to stick around for the long haul.

Design Your Own Custom Hand Sanitizer Promotional Products

In order for your hand sanitizer promotional products to be of the most benefit, they need to bring attention to your brand. That's why our talented team of artists is here to help you design your own personalized hand sanitizer containers. A well designed, logo imprinted exterior is sure to catch eyes, turn heads, and boost brand awareness.

Bulk Screen Printed Hand Sanitizer Bottles and Sprays

Our company branded direct printed hand sanitizers typically feature single color logos that are applied to each unit by a programmed printer. This style normally involves single color designs, but can usually be upgraded to include double sided logo imprinting.

Custom Printed Hand Sanitizer Holders with Full Color Labels

Many of our offerings that you'll find on this page fall into the category of promotional hand sanitizers with full color logos and labels. These employ bold colors and eye-catching designs to grab attention at trade shows, events, and in daily situations where these products are in use. In some cases, our full color hand sanitizers will have a decal on one or both sides, while others feature full wraparound labels.

Custom Imprinted Hand Sanitizer Sizes

Our personalized hand sanitizer products come in various sizes, with different capacities fitting the needs of different users and situations. Our custom mini hand sanitizers will typically hold between 0.17 and 1.5 fluid ounces. Personalized medium hand sanitizer holders offer 2 to 4 fluid ounces, while our large promotional hand sanitizer bottles accommodate as many as 67.6 fluid ounces (2 liters), as is the case with our liquid hand sanitizer refill bottle. Some of our offerings are measured in milliliters instead of ounces. If you're curious to know what they contain in imperial measurements, you can make use of this ml to fl oz conversion tool (opens in a new window).

Promotional Hand Sanitizers FAQ

What kind of hand sanitation does the CDC recommend?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using hand sanitizer when soap and water are not readily available. You should choose hand sanitizers with at least 60 percent alcohol (also known as ethanol, ethyl alcohol, isopropanol, or 2-propanol) content.
Is there a difference between spray and custom pump hand sanitizer?
Both spray and custom pump hand sanitizers are good options for hand hygiene, as long as they contain at least 60 percent alcohol. Be sure to cover hands thoroughly and allow the hand sanitizer to dry completely.
Are promotional hand wipes as effective as hand sanitizer?
Promotional hand wipes that contain at least 60 percent alcohol content effectively kill germs on your hands. However, these should only be used when soap and water are not available.
What products are better as promotional giveaways: hand wipes or hand sanitizers?
Hand wipes and hand sanitizers are both excellent options for promotional giveaways. Single-use wipes are great for handing out to anyone entering your business premises, while hand sanitizers work well as an addition to care packages or gift bags. You can even include both to provide your recipients with flexible hand hygiene options – the possibilities are nearly endless!