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4AllPromos is your destination for all of the best custom coolers and insulated tote bags. Within this category, you'll find great promotional products such as custom coolers with no minimum order, sturdy promotional camping coolers, imprinted backpack coolers with company logos, affordable wholesale insulated grocery bag coolers, branded personalized beer coolers, and much more. Whether you're looking for a 6 can cooler, 50 can cooler, high tech cooler backpack with speakers, or an extra large 65 quart cooler, you'll find all of it and more right here!

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Our promotional coolers and custom insulated cooler bags are highly popular as giveaway items & promotional products for businesses. They'll gain exposure for your brand at the beach, parks, fishing areas, campgrounds, concerts, sporting events, BBQs, and more. We have many styles to offer, including traditional hard coolers, custom softside coolers, unique wine bottle coolers & growler cooler bags, company logo cooler backpacks, and much more. Imprinted or embroidered with your logo, our wholesale coolers, cooler totes, and other insulated bags can keep both beverages and food at prime temperatures. Some are available with low minimum order numbers, others come with lifetime guarantees, and still others come with a wealth of unique accessories. Read on through the guide below to learn more about our customized coolers and insulated bags to find out which style is the best fit for your business.

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Different Styles of Promotional Coolers

At 4AllPromos, you'll find a vast assortment of custom made coolers & cooler bags. Deciding which type is the best for your promotional needs may seem a daunting task at first glance. That's why over the course of the next 11 paragraphs, we'll explain some of our most popular styles in more detail. After reading through these descriptions, you'll be empowered to make the best possible choice for your branding strategy.

A classic and traditional style, our promotional hard coolers are a hit for camping picnics, hiking, road trips, and more. These solid units come in many sizes and can be used for both food and beverages. They're designed to be easy to open, close, and carry, with features such as spouts, handles, and locking mechanisms being a common theme.

Custom Soft Coolers

We also have many styles of company logo soft coolers. This is the category that covers most of our cooler bags, totes, duffels, and backpacks. These items are easy to store, often having the ability to fold into themselves or to collapse to make extra room. They're insulated with many different elements, including PEVA, polyurethane foam, foil, and much more. Most, but not all, have either zippered or drawstring closures.

Personalized Backpack Coolers

Handy for students, hikers, campers, beach fans, and more, our promotional backpack coolers are highly popular products. They allow for convenient hands-free carrying, enabling users to wear them on their backs as they carry other items or perhaps consume the drinks and snacks held within. Many of our cooler backpacks have extra interior and exterior pockets for holding personal items beyond the edible and potable varieties.

Promotional Rolling Cooler Bags

If your business caters to a tailgating crowd that needs to have access to large quantities of food and beverages, our company logo coolers on wheels are a great way to go. Rolling coolers save users from having to lug heavy amounts of weight for long periods of time. They also make it possible for food & drinks for parties, picnics, and other big events to be moved quickly and efficiently, all the while showing off your logo to all who pass by.

Branded Folding Coolers

As mentioned earlier, several of our soft coolers also happen to be custom fold-up coolers and/or wholesale collapsible coolers. While in use, they can expand to their full size to house the maximum potential of cargo. When not in use, they can be compressed down to much smaller sizes to save space for easier storage and transportation.

Wholesale Lunch Cooler Bags

Our promotional lunch cooler bags and custom 6 pack beer coolers tend to represent some of our smaller insulated bag offerings. This doesn't mean that they can't rise to the occasion and bring big results though. Whether housing a lunch for kids at school or camp or keeping a 6 pack cool for a small picnic or beach outing, these products will go a long way in making positive advertising impressions for your brand. Most feature a zippered closure and soft yet durable top handle.

Personalized Insulated Cooler Totes

Another popular category within our assortment of customized coolers consists of our promotional insulated cooler totes. These are stylish, fun, and functional tote bags that can be used around campus, in the office, on road trips, boat rides, and more. We also offer custom grocery cooler bags to keep prepared foods and frozen foods in peak condition on the way home from restaurants and supermarkets.

When your business wants to offer an affordable cooler item for a giveaway or corporate gift, our small promotional coolers are always a good bet. They offer excellent performance without taking up much space and are great for individual users and small groups.

Custom Insulated Duffel Bag Coolers

For the athletic set, there are few better insulated bags to customize with your branding than our personalized duffel coolers with logo designs. These unique cooler bags are often on the large side. In addition to beverages and food, many also contain extra space and compartments for holding items needed for athletic, camping, and outdoor activities.

Promotional Beach Cooler Bags & Party Coolers

Beachside parties always need some good food and drinks to get going. That's why we offer branded beach cooler bags that you can imprint with your logo. These items will help your brand to be the face of good times when you offer them to your employees and target market members. In a similar vein, our large custom coolers for tailgating help to make waiting for the game a bit more fun, providing fresh food and drinks for sports fans out for a good time.

Customized Wine Cooler Bags & Personalized Growler Cooler Bags

While coolers are often thought of as products designed to hold picnic supplies and cans of beer and soda, there are many other functions they can perform. Two examples would include imprinted wine cooler bags and customized growler coolers. These promotional cooler bags help to wrap around wine bottles and to house large craft beer growlers to help keep them perfectly chilled and at the peak of great taste. In cases where long drives are required and other situations where refrigeration is not available, these are items users can turn to.

Deluxe & Unique Custom Cooler Bags

Some of the personalized coolers we carry are a bit different than what your business or its target market may expect to see on a daily basis. Whether it's an item such as our innovative neoprene cooler tubes, our massive tailgating & camping coolers, or perhaps an ice-free cooler that can be powered up in a car, these are products users won't soon forget. Anyone who sees them in action also won't be able to forget your imprinted company logo design, thereby creating valuable advertising impressions.

Sometimes only the biggest of tools can get the job done. If your business markets to users who like to party in a big way or who take extended road or camping trips, you'll want to ensure that your logo appears on a sizable cooler. Our extra large promotional coolers are designed for just such situations. These hefty insulated food & beverage containers can hold up to a staggering 65 quarts, 75 cans, and enough food to keep the crowd happy even on days when the fish aren't biting.

Personalized Multi-Day Coolers for Camping

Extended camping trips, long road trips, and any other excursion that results in long periods of time without access to a refrigerator call for heavy duty coolers. Fortunately, 4AllPromos stocks a variety of custom ice retention coolers. These are products with extra powerful insulation abilities that can keep ice cool for several days at a time. Some of them can keep ice frozen and food & drinks at their best for an astonishing 16 days!

Custom Waterproof Cooler Bags

Our promotional insulated dry bags are the perfect products for making sure that food stays dry, even if the surrounding conditions do not. They're great to have on hand for camping trips, fishing expeditions, hikes, boat voyages, and more. These items are made from waterproof materials that keep wetness out while keeping their contents dry, cool, healthy, and delicious.

Promotional 12 Volt Coolers

If you'd like to offer an innovative and high tech promotional product for lovers of the great outdoors, we suggest our custom ice-free coolers. Most of our coolers employ a combination of ice and insulation working in tandem to keep temperatures under control. This isn't the case with our 12 Volt Cooler. This particular style is operated by way of plugging into the cigarette lighter/power port of an automobile to create a chilled interior. This style saves room, making it possible to include even more food and drinks for a camping or traveling crew.

Many golfers just can't get enough of the game. They also love to indulge in all of the fun and useful accessories that go along with it. Our custom golf cooler bags will be a hit on the links, at pro shops, in sporting goods stores, at trade shows, and beyond. These unique cooler bags are shaped like golf club bags and can often be clipped to attach to the actual bags while playing a round at country clubs and public courses.

Promotional Neoprene Cooler Tubes

Logo printed wholesale cooler tubes are one of, if not the very most, unique and memorable styles of cooler bags in our collection. Made from lightweight and sleek (yet sturdy) neoprene, these sleeves hold up to six cans. These are insulated containers that are sure to turn heads and draw eyes straight to your company logo design.

Many of our imprinted cooler bags come with special accessories to augment their performance or add a bit of extra convenience. The next three paragraphs will detail just a few such features, as well as the coolers that possess them.

Bulk Cooler Bags with Bottle Openers

It's always an annoying experience to bring beverage bottles along for a trip only to realize that there aren't any tools around with which to open them. When equipped with our wholesale cooler bags with bottle openers, your target audience members will have an implement for popping soda and beer bottles immediately at their disposal. This is sure to save them plenty of time and aggravation, not to mention the physical discomfort from trying in vain to twist bottle caps off by hand.

Personalized Coolers with Grills

A must for clam bakes, barbecues, tailgating, and beach parties, our unique customized cooler bags with grills have it all. They provide an insulated bag for keeping drinks cold, a handy grill for getting food hot, as well as ample storage space for other items and accessories that might be needed along the way.

Wholesale Coolers with Telescoping Handles

As we've already mentioned, some of our coolers are equipped with wheels for quick and easy transportation of heavy loads. Some of these happen to be promotional coolers with retractable handles. These items not only make transportation easy, but are also great for storage. Their pull handles can be compressed inward to take up less space when not in use. They can also extend to the perfect length to fit individual users.

Customized Insulated Cooler Bags FAQ

How do promotional coolers and branded cooler bags work?
Our custom coolers help to keep food and drinks cool and fresh. They provide a container for safely housing snacks and beverages, inside of which ice and insulation work together to refrigerate their contents. There are several types of insulation which help to keep ice cold and solid for longer periods of time. PEVA, foil, polyurethane, open cell polyethylene, and closed cell polyethylene are just a few of the insulating agents used in various cooler models. The insulation slows down the movement of warm air within the cooler, helping the ice to stay cold and the ice to refrigerate food and drinks. Some of our coolers have dividers to help keep food and drinks in separate areas.
What are the best custom made cooler brands?
We offer customized coolers from some of the best names in the business. Among our collection, you'll find custom Coleman® coolers, unique promotional California Innovation® cooler bags, high quality personalized OtterBox® coolers, various styles of branded Igloo® coolers, imprinted custom KOOZIE® cooler bags, and many others.
How can you custom design cooler bags?
Our talented team of artists will be happy to assist you in the personalization of any of our branded coolers to fit your company's needs. We have several models of logo imprinted coolers at affordable prices with speedy production times. Some of our soft coolers fall into the category of personalized embroidered cooler bags, into which your company logo design is stitched for a colorful, 3-dimensional effect. Additionally, you can opt to invest in our branded epoxy dome coolers, which house a full color business logo design under a transparent epoxy shell for protection and longevity.
What sizes do branded coolers come in?
Our promotional coolers, cooler bags, and backpack coolers come in many sizes. We have smaller models that accommodate 6 cans, and other mini coolers that just over a quart. Others are much larger, holding up to 75 cans and some styles that have a 65 quart capacity. Additionally, we have many other sizes that fall in between these extremes. To make a long story short, you can find a cooler in just about any size you can imagine on our site.
How do you clean a cooler?
Depending on the materials they're constructed from and the kind of insulation they include, different coolers will require different cleaning methods. This is why it's very important to read and practice the specific instructions provided with each and every model. Hard coolers and soft coolers often require different sanitation methods, but it's important to view each as an individual rather than taking a one-size-fits all approach based on class. It's worth noting that we offer some custom coolers with drain plugs. Such coolers contain a sealable drainage area at the bottom to release melted ice and other liquids that are inside of the compartment.