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Promotional cooler bags carry your brand into each social outing and picnic your target audience attends. The branded cooler bag keeps food and beverages cool, and your company gets more exposure and is part of the fun. Add your logo to custom cooler bags and be hit at your next trade show, office giveaway, or corporate cookout.

Spread Chill Branding Vibes With Promotional Cooler Bags

Customizable cooler bags are an excellent way to promote your brand at outdoor events, make a statement at social gatherings, or give employees a thoughtful, practical appreciation gift. With their ability to maintain temperature, custom cooler bags are portable, lightweight, and eco-friendly promotional items to spread your brand awareness.

When you choose promotional cooler bags for your next promotional giveaway, you’ll give your audience a branded product they can take and use when they gather with friends and family, boosting your awareness campaign even further.

Insulated bags pair well with other outdoor items, like custom ponchos and folding chairs. Our smaller insulated bags double as personalized branded lunch bags

Types of Custom Cooler Bags

Our cooler bags come in different shapes, styles, sizes, and colors to meet your marketing needs. You can gift branded insulated bags as lunch coolers for daily use or choose our larger heavy-duty coolers for camping and family outings. 

Soft Custom Insulated Cooler Bags

Customized cooler bags are great lightweight cooler bag options that have can easily be carried over the shoulder or by handles. Custom-printed cooler bags will feature your logo everywhere your recipient takes them. Our quilted 12-can cooler is a fan favorite for keeping drinks cool at picnics and during days out fishing.

Promotional Classic Coolers

For tailgating at sporting events, a weekend camping, or trip out on the boat, hard branded coolers are made of high quality materials and our most durable option. We have sizes as big as 54 quarts to carry everything you need on the trip. You can make a lasting impression when you choose one of top name brands, like Coleman and Arctic Zone, for your next marketing campaign.

Promotional Food Delivery Coolers

Meal delivery and online grocery shopping are on the rise. If you own a restaurant or food service business, then check out our Food Delivery Cooler. You can deliver hot food and make customers happy whiile bringing visibility to your organization. 

Custom Cooler Tote Bags

For a cheap promotional item that’s still incredibly useful, consider adding your logo to custom cooler tote bags. These bags are practical gifts and giveaways for any time of year because they can be used to transport cold and frozen groceries. Add your logo to cooler totes and your promotional products will be shown all over the store. 

Promotional Cooler Backpacks

For hiking trips or what you have a lot to carry, promotional cooler backpacks are the perfect giveaway. 4AllPromos has personalized cooler bags that can be worn as backpacks, making them incredibly convenient for people on the go. Plus, more people will be able to see your logo printed on each backpack. 

Buy Personalized Cooler Bags in Bulk

Custom coolers raise your cool factor when promoting your business. They can also be used as branded merchandise for a sports store, outdoor equipment company, camping brand, travel agency, hospitality business, or food and drink service. Buying logo cooler bags in bulk is cost-effective and you’ll have enough items for visitors at trade shows, grand openings, and more with these giveaways.

For custom cooler bags with no minimum we only offer our premium Cordova Coolers Basecamp Cooler. We do however carry several personalized coolers available in low minimum qualities. 

FAQs About Custom Cooler Bags

How do promotional coolers and branded cooler bags work?
Our custom coolers slow down the movement of warm air within the cooler, helping the ice to stay cold and refrigerate food and drinks. There are several types of insulation that help to keep ice cold and solid for longer periods of time including:
  • PEVA
  • Foil
  • Polyurethane
  • Open cell polyethylene
  • Closed cell polyethylene
What are the best custom-made cooler brands?
We offer customized coolers from some of the best names in the business. Among our collection, you'll find Coleman coolers, imprinted custom KOOZIE® cooler bags, and many others.
How can you custom-design cooler bags?
Our talented team of artists will be happy to assist you in the personalization of any of our branded coolers to fit your company's needs. We have several models of logo-imprinted coolers at affordable prices with speedy production times. Some of our soft coolers fall into the category of personalized embroidered cooler bags, into which your company logo design is stitched for a colorful, 3-dimensional effect.
What sizes do branded coolers come in?
Our promotional coolers, cooler bags, and backpack coolers come in many sizes. We have smaller models that accommodate 6 cans, and other mini coolers that just over a quart. Others are much larger, holding up to 75 cans, and some styles that have a 65-quart capacity.
How do you clean a cooler?
Depending on the materials they're constructed from and the kind of insulation they include, different coolers will require different cleaning methods. This is why it's very important to read and practice the specific instructions provided with each and every model. Hard coolers and soft coolers often require different sanitation methods.

Keep Cool When You Add Your Logo Custom Cooler Bags

Be sure the drinks stay cold and the food doesn’t spoil at company picnics and more with custom cooler bags. These promotional cooler bags are eco-friendly and provide value, letting your target audience have a positive view of your brand. When you order cooler bags with logo designs every picnic, beach outing, or corporate event turns into a promotional opportunity. 

From daily lunch bags to your next outdoor event, you can keep your brand cool and visible wherever you go with promotional cooler bags. 

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