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4AllPromos is where to buy all of the best food promotional items. Our custom food storage containers are great for reaching nearly any target market. We have promotional bento lunch boxes, many personalized food container sets & kits, handy custom reusable pet food containers & lids, and several top-notch company logo lunch coolers & customized thermal food storage containers. Great for students, commuters, workers, campers, hikers, and more, our branded food containers are a hit with any audience!

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Promotional food containers allow your customers, employees, and target market members to keep food fresh while bringing your logo along for the ride. Food storage containers for vegetables, snacks, salads, and soups are great for taking to break rooms and cafeterias at lunchtime. 4AllPromos offers containers with built-in cooling or insulation to make sure everything is at the right temperature when it's time to eat. For a top quality food jar, consider our Thermos® brand containers, which are available in many different styles. Those who prefer to have some variety in their diets will find our food containers with sections to be ideal. They excel at separating snacks from dips and wet food items from dry ones. For an all-in-one combination while on the road, see our selection of wholesale salad shakers and promo sampling bins with handy built-in utensils. Your custom logo imprint design will get many views from classmates, co-workers. and all passersby wherever snacks and meals are eaten. Many of our customized food storage containers are also ideal for outdoor picnics or casual get-togethers with friends and family.

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Different Types of Promotional Food Storage Containers

Our custom logo food storage containers are among the many fine food promo items you'll find on our site. There are quite a few varieties to choose from, as can be seen from the collection of products listed in this category. In this section, we'll explain some of the most prominent varieties in more detail.

Branded Food Bowls

Custom reusable food bowls are one of the many popular food & snack container items that are available on our site. We have quite a few different styles, including ceramic models as well as promotional color changing bowls. They're great for enjoying a hot bowl of soup or a cool serving of ice cream.

Custom Bento Boxes

Great as lunch or snack boxes, our promotional food containers with divided compartments are always a hit. Also known as bento boxes, they're perfect for students and workers who choose to bring their own lunch. They're also a great option for hikers and picnics. They help to separate food out into flavor or into smaller portions to be consumed at different times.

Promotional Reusable Sandwich Bags

Our wholesale reusable sandwich bags are an environmentally responsible way to keep lunches tasty and fresh. They cut down on the use of disposable sandwich bags. In turn, this reduces environmental waste and overconsumption, while saving users a lot of money over the long run. Of course, they don't only have to hold sandwiches. They can also be used to store all kinds of snacks, fruits, vegetables, and more.

Company Logo Collapsible Food Containers

Handy for saving space in cupboards, cabinets, and closets, our promotional collapsible food containers are a must-have item. When empty, they can compress down to a much smaller size, making them far more easy to store and transport. They'll be a very welcome addition to any office, home, or institution with limited storage space.

Personalized Eco-Friendly Food Containers

We have several different kinds of custom eco-friendly food containers & lunch boxes. Made from sustainable materials, these items cut down on waste and have many other features that make them a great way to go green with your promotions. Many contain wheat straw utensils and/or sustainably harvested bamboo items such as cutting boards.

Custom Food Container Kits

Packaging multiple promotional products together in kits and sets is an increasingly popular trend. After all, everyone likes getting as much bang for their buck as possible. New customers, trade show attendees, employees, key contacts, and other target audience members will love to receive personalized food storage kits, imprinted with your logo. Read on to learn about some of the styles we have to offer.

Company Logo Food Containers with Utensils

Everyone has at some point experienced the annoying situation of being stranded without utensils. Some foods just aren't meant to be eaten by hand. Your target audience will never have to worry about this problem again when you supply them with customized food storage containers with utensils. With these handy items, users will always have somewhere to store their snacks and meals, as well as sturdy utensils for clean and efficient eating. Add your logo to each and be the face of convenience!

Personalized Food Storage Containers with Cutting Boards

Some of the 2 (or 3+) in one items offered in this collection consist of our branded food containers with cutting board lids. These highly popular and useful items can be either imprinted or engraved with your company logo. They include a tight and sturdy lid that can be used as a surface for cutting meats, fruits, vegetables, loaves of bread, and much more.

Wholesale Salad Shakers

If your organization caters to a demographic that likes to eat healthy while on the go, we suggest investing in some of our promotional salad shakers. These company logo food storage container kits offer a vessel for storing and mixing salads along with utensils for eating them. When all of the components of the salad have been added in, users can secure the lid in place and then shake things up for a well mixed and balanced salad.

Branded Food Container Accessories

Not all of the items within this category are used to hold food. Some are intended to help in the process or to aid in preserving food, snacks, and drinks in other ways. The following three paragraphs will examine some of our most popular food container accessory items.

Custom Reusable Food Can Lids

Food can often end up going to waste when canned food contents aren't all finished in one serving. This is because food cans can be difficult to wrap for extended freshness. Your company can make this worry a thing of the past when it provides the public with our reusable promotional pet food lids. They are perfect for sealing dog and cat food can lids between servings. We also have wholesale reusable food can lids that can be placed atop cans holding beans, vegetables, hash, or any type of canned food. They're great for pets and humans alike!

When ice cube trays are left open to the air within a freezer, flavor can sometimes suffer. At 4AllPromos, you can buy branded ice cube trays wholesale. Our reusable ice cube trays are topped with tightly sealed lids that help to protect flavor for the best tasting ice and drinks possible.

Promotional Cookie Boxes

Another unique food storage accessory you'll find on our site comes in the form of our custom reusable food boxes. These can hold cookies, chips, pretzels, popcorn, and a king's ransom of other tasty snacks. They make great food gifts and are ideal for bakeries, real estate companies, supermarkets, candy shops, and more.

Personalized Insulated Food Storage Containers

Some foods, drinks, and snacks only taste their best when they are served at a certain temperature. Not too many people enjoy cold soup, warm soda, or chilly chili. That's why we provide several options when it comes to food containers that are insulated. These make for great premium promotional food and kitchen product gifts. They're especially great for anyone who has to spend an extended period of time away from refrigeration or warming

Custom Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jars

Hikers, campers, adventurers, and outdoor workers will all love our promotional insulated food jars. Made from sturdy stainless steel, these thermal food jars can keep coffee, soup, and other hot meals & drinks steamy and delicious for hours at a time. They can provide the same benefit when it comes to keeping cold food and drink items at just the right temperature.

Promotional Insulated Lunch Boxes & Bags

Our custom cooler lunch boxes are a great fit for commuters, students, and anyone else who takes a meal along for an extended departure from home. They help to keep food and drinks at just the right temperature while providing enough space to accommodate a hearty meal. We also offer promotional stainless steel thermal lunch boxes that have a bonus compartment that can be removed for use in microwaves.

Copper Lined Insulated Food Containers with Logos

Our promotional copper vacuum insulated food containers feature copper lining and double wall construction. This makes them extra efficient at temperature retention while preventing outside air from affecting inner contents. With secure lids that are easy to operate, they can keep food and drinks hot or cold for extended periods of time. Some offer 24 hours of cold retention!

Wholesale Promotional Food Containers - FAQ

From time to time, we get some questions regarding our customized food storage containers. In the following section, we'll address some of the questions we're asked most frequently.

Do you have microwave and dishwasher safe food storage containers?
4AllPromos offers several custom microwave safe food containers and promotional dishwasher safe food containers. We also have some items that are safe for both the dishwasher and microwave. In addition to this, we have still other models that can be safely stored in freezers. Be sure to read each item description carefully to make sure it has the care and safety specifics you're looking for. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to us.
What is a bento box?
Bento boxes are handy meal storage containers that are inspired by a style of lunch box that is popular in Japan. These customizable lunch boxes are designed with dividers to create compartments to house a main meal along with its side dishes. They're typically designed for a single serving and help to stop the unwanted mixing of different foods and flavors.
What are the benefits of wheat utensils?
If you're looking for sustainable custom food storage containers, our custom wheat straw food boxes and promotional food boxes with wheat utensils are a great way to go. The environmental benefits to these products are many. They are biodegradable, reusable, cut down on overconsumption, are easy to clean, have odor-resistant properties, are safe to put in microwaves and freezers, and cut down on the use and production of plastics.
How can customized food containers be used to promote a business?
There are many ways that your business, charity, school, or other organization can promote with our branded food storage containers. They can be offered as giveaway items or as part of gift packages, perhaps included in a custom tote bag along with some other kitchen items. They can be handed out at trade shows, job fairs, seminars, and grand opening ceremonies. These are products that also work very well as retail items. Commuters, students, hikers, outdoor workers, campers, and nearly anyone else can make use of food storage containers. This leads to nearly limitless promotional possibilities.
How can a business personalize a food storage container?
Adding your logo, contact information, and/or any other special messages to a food container is a great way to make it represent your business. We have many different types of custom imprinted food storage containers with company logos added on the lids or sides. We also offer personalized engraved food containers, which feature your custom logo design engraved directly into the surface for a branded mark that will stand the test of time.