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Keep anxiety at a low and morale at all-time highs with our personalized stress relief toys! We carry fun promotional stress squeeze balls, a variety of bulk stress toys, unusual & unique personalized stress relievers, and even custom imprinted political stress toys. When you offer these fun & relaxing promotional giveaway items to your employees and customers, you can create emotional bonds that last a lifetime, something very few other advertising methods can deliver.

Custom Imprinted Stress Relievers, Personalized Stress Balls & Bulk Anti Stress Fidget Spinners

In these modern times, there’s more pressure and immediacy to product results than ever before. With everything getting bigger, louder, and faster, it’s no wonder that many people fall victim to chronic anxiety and sensory overstimulation. Our company logo stress toys are designed to combat all of this.

Whether it’s our wholesale promotional stress balls, unique custom shaped stress reliever toys, wholesale fidget spinners, or any other promotional stress relief items, our goal is to put all recipients at ease. It’s also our aim to set your company logo as the face of comfort & reassurance. It’s amazing how much better a squeeze, twist, or spin of these anti anxiety giveaway items can make users feel. Read on to learn more about the different types of custom stress relievers & stress relief giveaway toys we have to offer.

What Are Custom Stress Toys Made From? Different Types of Promotional Stress Relief Toys Different Styles of Custom Shaped Stress Balls & Bulk Stress Squeeze Items Business Logo Imprinted Stress Toy Keychains
Unique Custom Stress Balls & Unusual Personalized Stress Relief Toys

What Are Custom Stress Toys Made From?

Many people enjoy the fun and relief that squeezing our promotional anti stress giveaway items can bring, but few know what they're actually made out of. For the most part, our high-quality-yet-cheap bulk stress toys are made from either polyurethane foam or are filled with gel.

Promotional Polyurethane Foam Anti Stress Toys

Closed cell polyurethane is the main component in our squeezable custom foam stress toys, some of which are displayed via the preceding link. This is a CPSIA compliant material that has a smooth and rubbery, yet yielding sort of feel that allows for tight squeezes and quick returns to form.

Personalized Gel Filled Stress Balls

If you're squeezing one of our custom stress toy giveaways that isn't made of foam, chances are you have one of our promotional gel stress balls in your hand. Filled with a thick gel, these offer slightly more resistance than their foam-based cousins and are great promotional products for occupational therapists and physical rehabilitation centers as they present more of a challenge. Just don't squeeze this type of custom stress ball excessively hard or attempt to break them, since if you rupture the (usually) rubber exterior, you'll have a mess on your hands.

Different Types of Promotional Stress Relief Toys

When it comes to company branded stress relievers, we offer a truly broad and diverse selection. Since there are so many different kinds to choose from, we've chosen to break them down for you a bit in the following sections, to guide you to the personalized anti stress items which best fit your promotional needs.

The traditional ball shape is what many people first think of when they hear the term "stress toys". We carry many traditionally shaped business logo imprinted round stress balls in different colors and sizes.

Promotional Fidget Spinner Stress Toys

Sometimes people can have trouble staying focused during meetings and need a little something they can play around with to burn excess energy & maintain concentration. Others find a simple repetitive motion to be comforting in times of stress, so that's why we highly recommend buying our custom anti anxiety fidget spinners in bulk to ensure maximum comfort and productivity during company meetings and industry seminars.

Promotional Stress Putty

One of the more unique stress relief giveaway items you'll find our site is our company logo imprinted Pearl Putty™ kits. This fun & unique type of promotional stress relief putty gets its name from the pearlized colors it presents. Bright, vibrant & bold colors stimulate the eye as twisting, stretching, and molding the putty provides a soothing, stress relieving experience that also helps to build fine motor skills and hand strength. They’re a great item to pair up with a promotional stress ball.

Bulk Stress Relief Hacky Sacks

A fun round of hacky sack can kill time, promote fitness, and reduce stress. That's why you'll want to buy custom hacky sack stress relievers wholesale from 4AllPromos. Imprinted with your business logo, these bean filled, fast-moving foot toys will be a hit at all trade shows & with all customers

Who doesn't remember asking their most burning questions to toy 8 balls during their childhood? Our promotional stress relief 8 balls recapture some of those childhood feelings. When users don't know quite what to do, or just want a little bit of fun help in making routine decisions, such as where to eat lunch or what color pen to use, our custom imprinted 8 balls will be there to provide the answers.

Different Styles of Custom Shaped Stress Balls & Bulk Stress Squeeze Items

There are many, many varying specimens of stress reliever custom giveaways for you to view on our site. All will prove great for your upcoming trade show or next event. While stress balls might be the first thing that comes to mind, it's important to consider that there are many kinds of stress balls. Equally important is the mindset that not all stress toys needs to be in ball form. In the next few paragraphs, we'll share a bit of information with you about the diversity and depth we have to offer when it comes to wholesale anti stress toys.

Bulk Sports Stress Balls

With the ball shape being so common, it wasn't going to be very long before somebody put 2 and 2 together to create all kinds of promotional sports ball shaped stress relievers. These are cheap & fun products that make for excellent promotional giveaways for sports teams. The following list includes some, but not all, of the different types of sports stress squeeze toys we have to offer for trade shows and more.

Custom Animal Shaped Stress Toys

From cute & cuddly to ferocious & fierce, we have all of the best personalized animal shaped stress reliever toys to fit any business and its image. The following are just a few of the options you have when buying custom printed animal themed stress toys in bulk from 4AllPromos:

Wholesale Mood Color Change Stress Toy Giveaways

If your company enjoys visual effects and would enjoy the whimsical fun of personalized color changing stress balls, we have you covered. Our mood color change stress relievers are perfect promotional products for occupational therapists, preschools, elementary schools, and assisted living facilities.

Personalized Vehicle Shaped Stress Toys

Looking for the best promotional products for first responders? How about car dealerships, airlines, travel agencies, or anyone with a need for speed? If so, we have just what you need to make your promotional dreams a reality. Here are just some of the selections you have when it comes to vehicle shaped cheap anti-stress squeeze toys when shopping at 4AllPromos:

Promotional Novelty Stress Relievers

Looking to double up on fun when doubling down in the war on stress? Your business can do just that with our custom novelty stress toys. Whether you go with personalized piano shaped stress toys for your music store, promotional yoga stress toys for your yoga/pilates studio, or cheap stress toys in spaceship shapes for a comic book store, we have all of the bulk novelty stress reliever toys you could ever need.

Other Custom Shaped Stress Relief Toys

Our selection of personalized stress reliever toys is so large that we just can't cover everything here in this one-page description. In addition to all of the models we've already discussed, we have several other stress toy styles that will be great giveaways for your next event or trade show. Some of our best sellers include our promotional apple stress balls and our custom brain shaped stress relief balls. Another big hit would be our customized beach ball stress toys with corporate logo imprints. They're perfect promotional giveaway items for company picnics, amusement parks, beaches, water parks, sports teams, and party venues.

If you're looking for cheap stress toy giveaway items that will see daily use and create constant advertising exposure, you'll want to make an investment in some of our custom keychain stress relievers. Users will see these every day when they commute to and from work, and they'll offer a much needed source of comfort during rush hour traffic. They’re also ideal giveaways for any trade show.

Unique Custom Stress Balls & Unusual Personalized Stress Relief Toys

We'll finish this guide out with some shout-outs to our more unsung yet still highly impressive unique custom stress reliever toys. These come in many shapes, styles, and colors, some of which we'll introduce to you now.

Personalized Tech Stress Relief Products

The world of technology doesn't have to be cold and sterile. Our custom tech anti stress toy giveaways are ample proof of this statement. Custom imprinted squeezable cell phone stands, promotional hashtag shaped stress relievers with ear buds, and bulk microfiber computer & mobile screen cleaner tech stress toys are just a few shining examples.

Do you remember when we stated earlier in this guide to all things anti-anxiety toys that not all have to come in ball form? Here's some hard proof to back that up. Our wholesale cube shaped stress toys are highly popular promotional giveaway items that come in the form of printed stress reliever dice, promotional fidget cubes, and more.

Wholesale Talking Stress Toys

Some of our most unique promotional anti-anxiety giveaway items are our personalized talking stress toys. These custom imprinted stress reliever items come in the form of friendly little characters with wild hair and colorful t-shirts. You can either order them with pre-recorded default messages of encouragement or record your own and send them to us. Either way, they make for a fun personalized trade show item that nobody will forget any time soon.

Custom Eco Friendly Stress Toys

For those who wish to go green and feel a little bit less stress about environmental woes in the process, we suggest buying our personalized Earth-friendly stress relievers in bulk. While many are globe shaped to remind us all to take the best possible care of Mother Earth, we also offer custom imprinted recycling stress balls to remind everyone of the importance of the 3 Rs: reduce, re-use & recycle. These custom stress relievers make great promotional gift shop items for recycling centers, nature camps, and museums.

Political Stress Toys in Bulk

Wherever you fall on the left vs right spectrum, we have the best custom political stress toys to fit your promotional needs. These make great promotional products for anyone campaigning for office or customized election season promotional items. With both promotional Republican stress toys and promotional Democrat stress toys being available, they can help both those who support red or blue make some serious green.