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Keep nerves at a low and morale at all-time highs with our personalized stress relief balls! We carry fun promotional stress squeeze balls (opens in a new window), a variety of bulk stress toys (opens in a new window), unusual & unique personalized stress relievers (opens in a new window), and even custom imprinted political stress toys (opens in a new window). When you offer these fun & relaxing promotional giveaway items to your employees and customers, you can create emotional bonds that last a lifetime, something very few other advertising methods can deliver.

Custom Imprinted Stress Relievers, Customized Stress Balls, And Bulk Anti Stress Fidget Spinners

You can make your company the face of comfort and reassurance when you choose to order our promotional stress relief items for frustrated office workers, nervous students, or tired attendees at your next event. Read on to learn more about the different types of custom stress relievers and stress relieving giveaway options we have to offer.

What Are Custom Stress Balls Made From?

There are two materials we use in our products, which we'll explain now.

Promotional Polyurethane Foam Anti Stress Toys

  • Made from closed-cell polyurethane foam
  • CPSIA compliant material
  • Smooth and rubbery, yet yielding for tight squeezes
  • Plastic-free

Personalized Gel Filled Stress Balls

  • Usually rubber exterior
  • Filled with a thick gel during the manufacturing process
  • Great option for occupational therapists and physical rehabilitation centers
  • Cannot be squeezed as hard as foam, because the gel will spill

Different Types of Personalized Stress Balls

When it comes to company-branded relaxation products, we offer a truly broad and diverse selection. Read on to learn more about each of the different products we offer to give your clients a break.

Custom Logo Printed Stress Balls

  • The classic stress ball, great for a bulk order
  • Available in many colors and sizes, including pink, green, and blue

Promotional Fidget Spinner Stress Toys

  • Can help people stay focused during meetings
  • Others may find the repetitive motion very comforting in times of stress
  • Improve productivity and concentration

Promotional Stress Putty

  • Bright, vibrant colors are pleasing to the eye
  • Twist, stretch, and mold the putty to relieve stress
  • Builds fine motor skills and hand strength for children and the elderly

Bulk Stress Relief Hacky Sacks

  • Kills time, promotes fitness, and reduces stress
  • Bean filled sack is great for hacky sack or juggling
  • Awesome for gyms, schools, or conferences

Logo Imprinted 8 Ball Stress Relief Toys

  • Recapture the excitement of childhood with an answering 8 ball
  • Fun way to make little decisions throughout the day

Different Styles of Customized Stress Balls And Bulk Stress Squeeze Items

"Stress balls" has become a shorthand for nerve-relieving objects to calm anyone while shopping, driving, or taking a test. We have a variety of unique shapes that add some variety to the day, as well as boost morale at school, work, or special events.

Bulk Sports Stress Balls

These are affordable and exciting products that make for an excellent promotional giveaway for sports fans. Try these on for size:

Custom Animal Shaped Stress Balls

From cute and cuddly to ferocious and fierce, we have all of the best personalized animal-shaped stress reliever toys (opens in a new window) to fit any organization and its image:

Wholesale Mood Color Change Stress Toy

Our mood color change stress relievers provide whimsical fun for occupational therapists, preschools, elementary schools, and assisted living facilities. Promote wellness to your clients while you save big on your order! These are made of a highly durable material that can stand up to quite a lot of squeezing.

Personalized Vehicle Shaped Stress Balls

Looking to order custom stress balls for first responders? How about car dealerships, airlines, travel agencies, or anyone with a need for speed? If so, contact us to make your promotional dreams a reality with these surprisingly cheap offerings:

Promotional Novelty Stress Balls

Looking to double up on fun when doubling down in the war on stress? Your business can do just that with these great options:

Other Custom-Shaped Stress Relief Products

Our selection of personalized stress relievers is so large that we just can't cover everything here in this one-page description. Check out even more awesome choices:

Brand Imprint Stress Toy Keychains

Custom keychain stress relievers (opens in a new window) are a wonderful idea for those on the go, as they give much-needed comfort during rush hour traffic. They're also ideal swag for any trade show.

Unique Custom Stress Balls and Unusual Personalized Stress Relief Toys

Our more unsung yet still highly impressive unique offerings come in many shapes, styles, and colors, some of which we'll introduce to you now.

Personalized Tech Stress Relief Products

The world of technology doesn't have to be cold and sterile, and these are proof:

Custom Logo Imprinted Stress Cubes

  • Sharp and savvy
  • For those who want something a bit more professional looking

Wholesale Talking Stress Toys

  • Friendly characters with wild hair and t-shirts
  • Order them with pre-recorded messages or record your own
  • Fun personalized items frequently displayed at trade shows

Custom Eco-Friendly Stress Balls

Going green? We've got gifts for you too:

These have a low minimum quantity, making them perfect for nonprofits!

Political Bulk Stress Balls

No matter your political affiliation, campaigning is hard work. Relax with one of our political-themed stress balls: