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If your business, charity, or any other organization wishes to create effective mobile advertising impressions, custom outdoor magnets and logo printed car magnets are the way to go. We offer several custom car magnets for schools and promotional car magnets for sports teams as well. Browse our collection of advertising car magnets, which includes branded magnetic bumper stickers, many custom made oval magnets for cars, affordable wholesale license plate car magnets, and much more.

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Advertising your business all over town is simple with reusable car magnets from 4AllPromos. We offer numerous styles and designs to suit your needs, including those in bright colors, fun shapes, and a whole lot more. Add your company name, logo, contact information, or another message for a personal touch. Our car magnets are specifically designed for outdoor use. This means they’ll hold up to the elements without damaging vehicle paint.

Adding custom car magnets to personal or business vehicles is an excellent way to get customers to take notice. They help to create a professional and unified appearance. This is important, as potential customers could always be sitting next to your company's vehicles in traffic or traveling alongside them on the highway. In addition, removable magnets make great alternatives to bumper stickers as giveaways for customers, staff, fans, and more.

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Different Types of Custom Car Magnets & Logo Printed Outdoor Magnets Company Logo Magnets for Cars - Custom Shapes Custom Design Your Own Car Magnets Custom Magnetic Car Signs - FAQ

Different Types of Custom Car Magnets & Logo Printed Outdoor Magnets

While one might think that all car magnets are alike, there are actually many different styles. The best style to invest in depends on your organization's unique promotional needs. We have options that are small and discreet, some that are large and loud, and plenty that fall in between.

Cheap Promotional Car Magnets in Bulk

Our wholesale cheap car magnets are ideal products when on the hunt for an inexpensive item for trade show giveaways or other large events. They'll be popular with any audience and provide a quick source of highly mobile advertising for your business without breaking the bank.

Custom Printed Car Bumper Magnets

Is your organization searching for a way to help its audience support a special cause or a favorite team? Promotional magnetic bumper stickers are a great alternative to traditional stickers when it comes to achieving this. Not only are they removable, but they’re small enough to fit on the bumper, tailgate, or trunk of most standard vehicles. Add a custom image, logo, text, or whatever else you’d like to complete your personalized design.

Wholesale Small Magnets for Cars

At 4AllPromos, our inventory also includes a selection of small magnets. These small car magnets with logos come in different shapes and can be customized with a special graphic, saying, or other design on the front. Smaller outdoor magnets work well for many applications, such as adding reminders to the front exterior metal cabinets at a garage or any other flat metal surface.

Personalized Medium Outdoor Car Magnets

If your business isn't looking for something extra large but also doesn't want to go with a small item, we have you covered. We have plenty of medium promotional car magnets for businesses that strike just the right size and visual effect.

Promotional Large Car Magnets & Custom Made Oversized Car Magnets

When it comes to getting noticed with ease, big magnets are a shoo-in for success. Our personalized large magnets for cars and branded oversized car magnets provide prime examples. These are the kind of custom outdoor magnets that are frequently seen on the doors and side panels of work trucks and other business vehicles. They provide ample space for including a company name and logo. Often, there's additional space for adding contact information such as a phone number, licensing details, or even a website URL.

Custom Awareness Ribbon Vehicle Magnets

Some of our best outdoor magnets for fundraising come in the form of our awareness ribbon models. Your business or charitable organization can support most any cause in a big way when buying awareness ribbon vehicle magnets in bulk. They come in a broad array of colors, making it easy to match a magnet to a specific cause or awareness campaign. Need help finding awareness ribbon color meanings? If so, take a look at the preceding link, which will take you to an article on the subject.

Bulk Sports Car Magnets

Some of our best-selling outdoor magnets are our promotional sports car magnets. We have models for many sports, including baseball car magnets, football car magnets, basketball car magnets, soccer car magnets, volleyball car magnets, and more. We also carry custom sports schedule car magnets. These make great giveaway items and help fans to make it to every game, all season long.

Company Logo Magnets for Cars - Custom Shapes

Our custom advertising car magnets come in all different shapes and sizes. Depending on specific needs, a circle, oval, square, or rectangle may be best. In some cases, a business might want to employ one of our more uniquely shaped models in order to really stand out from the competition. 4AllPromos can help your company to customize each magnet to create impressive promotional gifts. for customers, employees, and target audience members.

Wholesale Round Vehicle Magnets

Buying bulk circle magnets for cars is a sound choice for many applications. They’re perfect for adding basic business details, including a company name, logo, and contact information. These promotional magnets are usually on the smaller side. However, they can be ordered in larger sizes to suit your needs.

Promotional Oval Car Magnets

Another popular shape can be found in our custom oval car magnets. They can stretch a bit wider than circular models, providing more horizontal space for your custom imprint. These are a popular choice for sports teams, souvenir shops, tourism businesses, and much more.

Bulk Rectangle Auto Magnets

While handing out business cards to prospective customers is always a good idea, there is the worry that they can become lost in the shuffle. That's why our personalized rectangle car magnets with logos are an excellent alternative or supplement. They are roughly the same size as a traditional calling card but have a magnetic backing. In addition, our rectangle outdoor magnets also come in larger sizes. Some of these are big enough to cover a car or truck door for easy visibility.

Custom Square Car Magnets

Wholesale square auto advertising magnets represent another traditional style. They can function as large mobile business cards. They offer plenty of space for displaying information that customers might need to know. In addition, these outdoor magnets have the durability to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Custom Printed Paw Shaped Car Magnets

You'll find a variety of promotional paw magnets at 4AllPromos. These customizable magnets for cars are a great way to spread the word about animal shelters, humane societies, pet shops, and animal related charities and events. They can also show off fan spirit for any sports team with a tiger, bulldog, lion, or other pawed animal for a mascot.

Personalized Novelty Magnets for Cars

We make it easy to impress target markets with custom fun car magnets. Whether you’re looking for sports designs, paw prints, or something different, we have an array of whimsical shapes and sizes to help you get noticed by your audience. Even sports teams and local schools can use these magnets to boost team pride and help fans support their favorite players. Our bulk house shaped magnets are always a big hit with businesses in the real estate field.

Custom Design Your Own Car Magnets

Adding your business, school, team, or charity logo to a promotional car magnet or custom magnetic bumper sticker is the most effective way to use them for advertising. In this section, we'll talk a bit about how this can be done.

Custom Logo Printed Advertising Car Magnets

Ordering bulk imprinted car magnets is a great way to gain exposure for your organization. Each one is printed with your company logo designs following your instructions to best represent your brand. Single and multiple color imprints are available; please contact us with any questions in regard to how to imprint a specific car magnet item.

Wholesale Full Color Auto Magnets

In addition to our traditional models, we also carry an assortment of full color car magnets for advertising your business, school, team, or charity. These are created with impressive graphics in photographic quality. They're a sure-fire way to get motorists and people in parking lots to pay attention to your brand in a hurry.

Custom Magnetic Car Signs - FAQ

To continue providing key information about our car magnet promotional items, we're including the following FAQ section. In it, we'll address some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our branded car magnets, along with the corresponding answers to each. As always, feel free to contact us at any time if you have any remaining questions after reading through.

Where can you place promotional outdoor magnets?
Outdoor magnets are designed to adhere to any metal surface. This includes items like metal doors, toolboxes, steel poles, and anywhere else necessary to catch attention from your audiences. Outdoor magnets also stick to the smooth metal surface on the side of a vehicle, such as a door or a tailgate. That's why employing them as car magnets is such a popular tactic.
Are your custom outdoor magnets designed to withstand the elements?
Yes, outdoor magnets are designed to withstand wind, rain, and other weather conditions. The inks and materials used in our magnets are not susceptible to discoloration from humidity or water. This makes them dependable items to add to the side of a vehicle. Furthermore, the front surface is made from durable vinyl, which can easily be maintained with simple cleaning products.
How do you clean and care for an outdoor/car magnet?
The easiest way to care for an outdoor magnet is to spray it lightly with a gentle cleanser and wipe it with a soft cloth. The exteriors of our car magnets are made from vinyl, which means they can hold up to quite a bit of wear over time. It's best to ensure that the surface you plan to attach the magnet is free of dust and debris.
Who can promote with advertising car magnets?
Custom advertising auto magnets are a great fit for spreading awareness for most any organization. Sports teams, schools, business such as real estate firms, sanitation services, auto parts stores, and more will all find our vehicle magnets to be ideal for building awareness. Additionally, charities can use them as custom fundraising car magnets for supporting most any cause.
Do you have custom car magnets with no minimum order?
Presently, we do not have any car magnets with no minimum order. However, we do have models with very low minimum order quantities. Some of these go as low as 2 units!