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Want to get the best tech giveaway items? Design your own stylus pens with 4AllPromos! We carry a wide variety of promotional stylus pens to fit all styles & needs. We carry executive custom engraved stylus pens, eco-friendly custom logo imprinted recycled stylus pens, modern personalized illuminated logo stylus pens, and wholesale cheap plastic pens with stylus tips for those shopping on a budget.

Design Your Own Stylus Pens | Custom Touch Screen Stylus Pens | Bulk Tablet Pens

While we become more of a mobile society with every passing day, there will still always be a place for traditional pens to jot down notes during phone calls or when your mobile devices may be otherwise occupied. Our promotional stylus pens provide the best of both worlds for security and confidence in all situations. We carry stylus pens to type on touch screens with ink pen tips on the other side for writing the old-fashioned way. In addition to this, we also offer many different styles of personalized stylus pens with logo imprints, including stylus pens with screen cleaners, stylus pens with multi-tools, custom engraved stylus pens for corporate gifts, and much more. Read on through the following guide to learn more about all of the varieties of wholesale stylus pens available on our site each and every day.

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  • Best Promotional Stylus Pen Brands

    When it comes to finding all of the best brands of custom stylus pens for businesses, there's no better place to turn to than 4AllPromos. We carry a broad assortment of all of the most popular stylus pen brands, including Hub, Pilot, MopTopper™, Nash, Basset & more. Read on and you'll see that some personalized stylus pens that you thought represented independent brands are actually sub-categories of larger brands.

    Wholesale Pilot Stylus Pens

    Pilot® is a company that tends to be associated most strongly with ink pens. In fact, we have quite a few promotional Pilot ink pens that are continual best-sellers. However, right now, we're putting the spotlight our collection of personalized Pilot stylus pens. These wholesale stylus pens, imprinted with your business logo, make highly effective promotional products for building brand awareness and loyalty among the high-tech crowd.

    Promotional Hub Stylus Pens

    Do you remember our reference at the start of this section to many well-known custom stylus pen brands actually being subsidiary brands of larger companies? That's the case with many of our custom logo imprinted Hub stylus pens. Zentrio, Javalina, Mardi Gras, and several other of our bulk stylus pens are actually all members of the Hub family.

    Personalized Basset Stylus Pens

    If you're looking for a way to promote your business in today's modern, mobile-first world, you just can't go wrong when you have your logo imprinted on our customized Basset stylus pens. These are sensibly priced personalized stylus pens that have a sleek & chic look that makes them popular with techies the world over.

    If you like variety and want to offer your employees, customers, and target audience a varied giveaway experience, we suggest considering our wholesale Nash stylus pens. This particular brand of wholesale stylus pens offers some real diversity. In addition to their traditional models, Nash also makes some top-notch customized stylus pen multi-tools & company branded stylus pen flashlights.

    Different Types of Custom Stylus Pens for Touch Screen Devices

    As is the case with many promotional product categories, our customizable stylus pens have many different shape, style, and purpose options. We'll explain some of our most prominent styles for you in the following section. Our objective is to empower you to choose the best company branded stylus pens to achieve your promotional goals.

    Personalized Grip Stylus Pens

    Our custom rubber grip stylus pens are helpful for people with arthritis, workers laboring in moist environments, or just anyone who wants more comfort and control when on the job. In addition to providing superior control & comfort, our wholesale stylus pens with rubberized grips provide another opportunity to infuse color and embellish logo imprints.

    If you're looking for a promotional stylus pen that's easy to pick up, grip, and control for those with arthritis, coordination issues, or just want more space for your logo, wide body stylus pens are the way to go. We offer many different types of promotional wide body pens with stylus tips that write smoothly & build a great reputation and sense of goodwill with the public, one click/press at a time.

    Promotional Slim Touch Screen Stylus Pens

    When operating with limited space and storage is at a premium, users will want an ergonomically designed pen that fits their jam-packed lifestyle. Enter our custom logo imprinted thin stylus pens.

    Bulk Multi-Color Ink Stylus Pens

    Teachers with papers to grade, students taking color-coded notes, and those with an artistic side who get bored with just one color will love our promotional stylus pens with multiple ink colors. Customized multi-color stylus ink pens are highly useful for working with statistics and avoiding the crossing of text lines. Users will have your business to thank when they experience the convenient utility this style of touch screen pen can bring.

    Personalized Prism Stylus Tablet & Smartphone Pens

    Does your company want to be seen as a shining star in its field? A bright, shining, and impossible to miss logo isn't a bad start! That's what our personalized prism stylus pens bring to the table. These custom engraved stylus pens contain inner lights. Activated by a simple touch of a button, these lights shine through your translucent engraved logo design to emit bright colors and inevitable attention from all eyes in the room.

    Promotional Eco-Friendly Stylus Pens for Mobile Devices

    One may sometimes think that bulk production of technological devices is at odds with a green lifestyle and eco-friendly philosophy. However, this often isn't the case. A perfect example for this argument comes in the form of our inventory of custom eco-friendly touch screen stylus pens. Using recycled materials and combining the three Rs of the recycling world with those of the education world is a great way for schools to teach environmental responsibility to their students.

    Custom Stylus Pens with Carabiners

    What isn't made better by the addition of a carabiner? Well maybe there are some things. Carabiner topped pizzas aren't likely to see popularity any time soon, but you get the point. When you buy our >wholesale carabiner stylus pens in bulk, you'll treat users to added convenience when it comes to both transportation and organization. You'll also be treating your brand to widespread advertising impressions, as these are the kind of items that tend to be toted around wherever users go.

    Personalized Stylus Pen Gift Sets

    When you want to recognize top performing employees, treat retiring employees to a friendly farewell, or just feel that promotional stylus pen gifts & gift packages, we're here to help. In addition to a multi-function stylus pen, this gift set includes a premium notebook/journal and comes shipped in a beautiful gift box. It's a great way of saying, "I care" to those near & dear to your business.

    Custom Touch Screen Stylus Pens - Materials

    Depending on your aesthetic tastes, budget, clientele, or company branding needs, there may be one specific material that will be the best fit for meeting your corporate goals. Conversely, you may want to diversify and try out each material and see which garners the best results among each audience demographic. With this in mind, we'll proceed to explain a bit about the different materials that our promotional stylus pens are constructed from.

    Cheap Promotional Plastic Stylus Pens

    Almost everyone can agree that saving money while making money is a winning combination. That's why a low-cost discount promotional stylus pen has a powerful appeal for many businesses. Our affordable plastic stylus pens allow you to get your name and logo out to the public without breaking the bank. Their low cost also makes them an ideal candidate for bulk orders.

    Wholesale Stylus Pens Made from Recycled Materials

    Perfect for nature centers, science museums, recycling plants, and Earth Day celebrations, our promotional biodegradable stylus pens enable your business to go green while making green. Both your business and environmental responsibility will be on the minds of all who see and/or use these recycled material stylus pens.

    Promotional Paper Barrel Stylus Pens

    Another Earth-friendly option in our line of custom tablet & cell phone screen pens are our wholesale stylus pens with paper barrels. In addition to helping to build goodwill for your brand, these eco-friendly stylus pens decrease the need for producing extra disposable plastic materials.

    Personalized Metal Stylus Pens for Giveaways

    On the more official and premium end of the personalized stylus pen spectrum are our custom imprinted and engraved metal mobile phone & tablet screen pens. They come in many different forms, including our custom stylus pens with chrome accents, sturdy & sharp custom aluminum stylus pen, and our sophisticated premium personalized brass stylus pens.

    Customized Novelty Stylus Pens

    While we offer many stylus pens for businesses, it's important to remember things don't have to be all business, all the time. The fun and whimsical spirit of our wholesale novelty stylus pens helps to create promotions that bring smiles to users' faces.

    Wholesale MopTopper™ Pens in Bulk

    It's always handy to have a stylus pen that can help clean your tablet or phone screen in addition to typing on it. A friendly face and some colorful microfiber hair strands make our promotional MopTopper stylus pen screen cleaners fun and functional at the same time.

    Custom Shaped Stylus Pens

    Sometimes it's fun to let the creative juices flow and nourish the child within. This light-hearted approach can lead to happier workers and positive emotional bonds with your brand. Whether promoting to the young or the young at heart, our uniquely shaped stylus pens are always a hit. Try our bulk crayon shaped stylus pens on for size, or maybe give our unique customized thumbs up stylus pens a whirl.

    Promotional Laser Pointer Stylus Pens

    Any animal shelter or pet-based business will find success with our personalized stylus pens with laser pointers. Many a pet will have hours of fun and exercise chasing the beams as they're cast about the room. They also prove perpetually popular as high-end promotional corporate writing gifts.

    Bulk Mood Color Changing Stylus Pens

    Add some color into users' lives with our Mood custom color changing stylus pens. When gripped in hands, they change color in reaction to body heat for a fun novelty gift that anyone will enjoy.

    Promotional Multi-Purpose Stylus Pens

    Stylus pens can prove to be quite the versatile products. Getting multiple items for the price of one appeals to everyone. Our customizable multi-purpose stylus pens and business logo printed stylus pen multi-tools can offer a full array of services that go beyond writing/typing chores.

    Bulk Stylus Pen Multi-Tools

    Our custom logo imprinted multi-tool stylus pens are consistently popular due to the vast amount of applications for which they can be employed. In addition to writing on paper and on screens, these guys can also transform into screwdrivers, flashlights, rulers, levels, and more!

    Personalized Stylus Pen Phone Stands

    When trying to attract customers to your trade show booth (and getting them to remember you afterward), few things work better than providing a unique promotional giveaway item that they can actually use in day-to-day living. Our wholesale stylus pen phone stands are one perfect illustration of this concept. They come in many forms, with some consisting of bending and/or swiveling bodies to convert from pen mode to holder mode, while others can separate and be placed inside of their accompanying phone stands when not in use.

    Custom Stylus Pens with Screen Cleaners

    One of the most annoying challenges of life in the smartphone era is dealing with the constant smudges that inevitably result when touching mobile phones and tablets. The greasy streaks make for a decidedly unclean look and can obscure views and as a result, hamper users. That's why an item that can hold a mobile device while also keeping it clean is powerfully appealing to most people. Our promotional touch screen cleaner stylus pens offer this utility to users, allowing them to support their devices and clean them without having to switch tools or buy extra items.

    Wholesale Stylus Pen Keychains

    One of the reasons why our promotional keychains are so popular is that by design, they will go everywhere that users do, creating advertising impressions in more spaces, scenarios, and sales-building moments than one can count. Attaching one proven promotional product winner to another is a strategy that never fails. This is why we're confident that you'll love our bulk keychain stylus pens. They'll see use at home, in the office, on the road, and everywhere in between.

    Promotional Stylus Pen Highlighter Combos

    Who would want to constantly switch between different implements for writing on paper, typing on touch screens, and highlighting important parts of documents & academic material? Probably nobody. That's why users will appreciate your company and its efforts to make their lives a little easier when you provide them with custom printed stylus pen highlighters with your business logo.

    High quality personalized stylus pen flashlights are always handy, whether one is searching for items dropped in the car, providing light to read in bed, or maintaining productivity on long flights when the lights have been dimmed.

    Personalized Executive Stylus Pens

    Our promotional stylus pens run the gamut from economy to executive and everywhere in between. When your business wants to give someone a sincere token of appreciation or just wants to promote in a luxurious and high-class fashion, we have the stylus pens to fit your needs.

    Custom Engraved Stylus Pens

    Our custom engraved stylus pens come in many colors, shapes, sizes, and attitudes. One thing that's consistent among all of them is their top-quality logo engraving, creating a company branded mark that won't chip or fade with time. Our personalized stylus pens with laser engraved logos are durable promotional products that are perfect for promoting virtually any form of business.

    Premium Stylus Pens for Giveaways

    Nothing says pure class quite like a deluxe engraved pen. Their official and intelligent look always makes for positive impressions and even aspirational figure status. Combining the visual effects with solid functionality can only lead to good things for your business. That's why we humbly suggest taking a look at our luxury stylus pens for corporate gifts the next time a corporate gifting situation or new promotional campaign comes around.

    Custom Pens with Stylus Tips - Mechanisms

    While we've already driven home the point that there's a lot of variety in the world of promotional stylus pens, there's still one area we've neglected. Don't worry, as we're addressing it now. In addition to the different shapes, sizes, colors, and purposes of each model, there are also variations in how they operate. Namely, we're focusing on the different ways in which the stylus tips and ink pen areas of each specimen are accessed when it's time for usage and covered when the job is done.

    Cheap Click Stylus Pens in Bulk

    If you're looking for an inexpensive way to promote your business via customized stylus pens, we recommend investing in our wholesale affordable click pens with stylus tips. With a simple click, the pen tip can be extracted or withdrawn.

    Promotional Stylus Twist Pens

    Another popular style would be our custom twist stylus pens. A firm twist of the barrel will allow access for writing and typing, while a twist in the opposite direction makes for safe storage when work is complete.

    Wholesale Pull Cap Stylus Pens

    A sure-fire way to make sure an ink pen doesn't make unwanted marks when in storage or that a stylus tip is properly protected from danger is to protect each end with a cap. That's the logic behind our rather aptly named bulk pull cap stylus pens. We have models with caps at both ends and others with a cap on just one end. Whichever style you prefer, you can count on finding only the best representatives on our site.

    Customized Sliding Stylus Pens

    One of the most unique styles of customizable stylus pens offered on our site are our personalized sliding stylus pens. These stylus pens for touchscreens are often held inside of a pouch which is affixed to the back of a mobile device. For use, you can simply slide them out of their pouches and they'll be ready to go.