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Promotional drawstring backpacks are some of the best custom logo imprinted promotional products for increasing brand awareness. Browse our custom drawstring backpack styles including custom imprinted drawstring slingpacks, cool mesh drawstring backpacks, handy personalized insulated drawstring backpacks, eco-friendly custom recycled drawstring sportpacks, and many more. 

Promotional Drawstring Backpacks Custom Printed with Your Company Logo

Our promotional drawstring backpacks are among our top selling items, year after year. This is because they are among the most versatile business promotional products and promotional products for schools. As ideal lightweight backpacks for hiking, lightweight travel backpacks, camping backpacks, and backpacks for women, men, and children, the end-user demographics are limitless. While nearly every business can use our custom logo imprinted drawstring backpacks to fulfill promotional needs, there are some finer points of detail that are important to consider. In order to find the best promotional drawstring backpack for your business, it's important to take all of these factors into consideration.

Custom Drawstring Backpacks - Materials, Varieties, and Definitions

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  • Promotional Drawstring Backpack Materials

    Our custom business logo imprinted drawstring backpacks come in a wide array of different material compositions. Non-woven polypropylene, polyester, nylon, canvas, cotton, microfiber, sweatshirt (also known as 80/20 cotton-polyester), PVC, and mesh are all materials/fabric styles present in the promotional drawstring backpacks we offer. Each material has its own unique features and deciding which material best fits your promotional needs is usually the first step you need to take to figure out which drawstring backpack is the one for your company. Read on and we'll elaborate on each of the materials mentioned above.

    Polypropylene Drawstring Backpacks

    Polypropylene is a polymer that is present in many plastics. It is popular in many different industries, and for good reasons. For one thing, it is made of 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. This makes for some very eco-friendly promotional drawstring backpacks. It is also one of the most durable materials one could hope to find. It is water-resistant, shrink resistant, and tear resistant. The density of polypropylene fiber is measured in GSM, which stands for grams per square meter. A high GSM rating means a thick and durable drawstring backpack. Our promotional non-woven polypropylene backpacks are among the best cheap promotional drawstring backpacks money can buy. Their low price is partially due to their quick production times. As a bonded plastic polymer, polypropylene requires no sewing/weaving. It's also strong and is up to carrying heavy loads, whether they be books, groceries, or even other promotional trade show items. The one weakness of polypropylene is that it's not ideal for small and elaborate logos. If you have a large and relatively simple company logo and are looking for a heavy duty drawstring backpack, polypropylene will not let you down.

    Polyester Drawstring Backpacks

    Another material that finds its way into many of our wholesale drawstring backpacks is polyester. Our promotional polyester drawstring backpacks are easy to care for. They're often machine washable and are able to hold their own in many ways. They're resistant to mildew, scrapes, scratches, shrinkage, and stretching. They're also water repellent and dry very quickly. Our custom imprinted polyester drawstring backpacks are UV resistant, which means they're a great choice if you want backpacks that will spend a lot of time outdoors. Beaches, parks, camping supply companies, beachwear companies, conservation organizations, and many other businesses would find this material to be an ideal choice. One more note about polyester - its strength is measured in deniers. This is why you'll often see phrases such as "600D Polyester" once in a while when reading through our descriptions. The higher the denier count, the stronger the fabric.

    Nylon Drawstring Backpacks

    Our promotional nylon drawstring backpacks are a bit more expensive than our polyester and polypropylene items, but still make for excellent cheap promotional items for businesses. Nylon is more flexible than polyester, but is also somewhat more delicate (in most cases). Like polyester, it is also measured in deniers. Our nylon drawstring backpacks offer top abrasion resistance and possess a very smooth texture. They are flexible and foldable, and are able to present colors and images in an especially crisp and bold fashion. While nylon can be quite soft and delicate, it can also be very strong, depending on its construction. Our Big Muscle Promotional Sports Pack is constructed of 1680D high-density pongee dobby nylon. Test this customizable backpack out for yourself and you'll see it truly lives up to its name!

    Canvas Drawstring Backpacks

    If your promotional needs call for a custom drawstring backpack that will serve as a tireless workhorse, any of our promotional canvas drawstring backpacks will be a perfect fit. Canvas is an extremely durable fabric and is designed to carry your heavy items for long stretches of time. Its water resistance keeps all contents safe from inclement weather while proudly and stoically showing off your company logo wherever your custom canvas backpack is taken.

    Cotton Drawstring Backpacks

    Eco-friendly promotional products are always a sure-fire strategy for spreading goodwill and a positive company image. When it comes to going natural, nothing beats cotton. Our eco-friendly cotton drawstring backpacks are made of natural materials and provide a special kind of softness and comfort that only cotton can. These are optimum lightweight backpacks for hiking and travel. Cotton drawstring backpacks are often machine washable and are always reusable. However, they are not intended for extra heavy cargo, as is the case with most wholesale lightweight backpacks.

    Microfiber Drawstring Backpacks

    Microfiber is a synthetic material that is quite similar to silk, only with smaller fibers and a smaller price tag. The promotional microfiber drawstring backpacks available on our website have a sleek and sporty look that is a hit with gyms and athletic organizations. It is also water repellent, which makes it a good choice for anyone who is going to be near water or knows that they'll be working up a sweat. This material also sees use in our customizable microfiber outdoor picnic blankets.

    Sweatshirt Drawstring Backpacks aka 80/20 Cotton-Polyester Backpacks

    If you've been to our website before and have browsed around a bit, you may already be familiar with sweatshirt fabric. This is especially true if you've looked into any of our custom business logo imprinted sweatshirt blankets. The fabric in both our stadium sweatshirt blankets and sweatshirt drawstring backpacks is also often referred to as 80/20 cotton-polyester. Logically, this means that sweatshirt material is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Our promotional drawstring sweatshirt backpacks are soft and comfortable. They hold ink very well and are a great idea for commemorative giveaway items which might hold many signatures.

    PVC Drawstring Backpacks

    PVC is one the many acronyms you'll frequently encounter within the business promotional product universe. It stands for polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic polymer that is one of the most widely used on the planet. PVC has many qualities that make it an excellent material for our custom drawstring backpacks. It is sand proof, water resistant, rugged, mighty, and reliable. While this material can be smooth or coarse in texture, our promotional PVC drawstring backpacks are smooth and clear. This makes them very TSA-friendly backpacks, bolstering our vast collection of promotional checkpoint friendly bags. In addition to its clear color allowing all inside items to be clearly seen, it also makes your custom business logo stand out all the more boldly and unmistakably.

    Mesh Drawstring Backpacks

    If breathability and additional storage area are what you're looking for in a promotional backpack, our custom mesh drawstring backpacks will hit the spot. Many of our drawstring backpacks feature large portions of mesh material, often in the form of side pockets, front pockets, and gussets. When you have items that you need to carry along but want to air out or be visible at all times, a promotional mesh drawstring backpack is the best choice.

    Custom Drawstring Backpack Features & Components

    Material type is undeniably a key factor in choosing the best promotional drawstring backpack for your business, there are several other factors that are worth spending some time on. Storage space, portability, style, insulating ability, safety features, and more are all factors you don't want to overlook. The right combination can change a good promotional item for your business into the best promotional item for your business.


    While one might assume that the closure details of drawstring backpacks would be fairly obvious, they can actually be quite complex. Some of them close with a simple pull of a draw cord in a cinch bag style. Others combine a drawstring or drawcord with a zippered closure for a doubly-secure seal. Others add Velcro into the mix, and still others boast drawstring closures with locking mechanisms. Security, ease of access, and of course final purpose, all play a role in deciding which of these closures will best fit your custom promotional needs.


    Backpacks are intended for storage purposes, and logically it would follow that the best promotional drawstring backpacks would be those that best optimized storage options, facility, and convenience. This is why in addition to their spacious main compartments, many of our custom drawstring backpacks are equipped with several secondary pockets. Some are front and side mesh pockets and some are slash pockets, which are sleek open-topped pockets into which items can easily be slipped in and out. We also have promotional drawstring backpacks with ear bud pockets & slots, as well as other models with zippered pockets and Velcro closure interior pockets.

    Ear Buds Ports & Slots

    As mentioned in the preceding section, we carry multiple drawstring backpacks equipped with ear bud slots, pockets, and ports. Whatever the name you want to give them, we have custom drawstring backpacks that are ideal for carrying not just ear buds, but MP3 players, smartphones, and other forms of technology. For technology companies and academic institutions, offering one of these tech-convenient drawstring backpacks along with one of our promotional laptop briefcases & laptop bags would make the perfect promotional pair.

    Straps and Handles

    The vast majority of our customizable drawstring backpacks feature thin nylon shoulder straps for carrying purposes. Others have small fabric handles on top and others are meant to be held by their drawn-closed tops, in clutch bag fashion. If wider straps and a more traditional backpack look are what your company prefers for its logo imprinted merchandise, our Pro-Weave Messenger Sports Pack or custom logo imprinted Canvas Sports Backpack might be more your style.


    Gussets are the side and bottom panels of our drawstring backpacks as well as our diverse group of promotional tote bags. Sometimes they can be more than just that though. In some cases, they can provide additional storage areas. If your promotional needs would best be met through a promotional drawstring backpack with expandable zippered gussets, our Raven Drawstring Backpack is sure to please.

    Reflective Safety Strips

    There are many people who are either too young to own a car, are unable to afford one, or simply prefer to get around on foot or by bicycle. Additionally, other people have careers that require them to labor outdoors, both in daylight and after dark. For any of the people in these groups, the open road can be a hazardous place. That's why we supply drawstring backpacks with reflective safety strips. These strips, or safety stripes, as some choose to say, increase visibility and keep users safe while walking, biking, or working. They're a great pick for construction companies, city sanitation departments, bicycle shops, outdoor supply shops, camping supply companies, and nearly any other business whose customers/employees could use an extra measure of safety.


    We have a selection of promotional drawstring cooler backpacks that are insulated to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Much like our custom logo imprinted hot & cold water bottles, these drawstring cooler packs are designed with temperature retention, health, and great taste in mind. They're great for hikers, campers, landscapers, and anyone who either works hard or plays hard outdoors.

    Promotional Drawstring Backpack Styles

    Based on your line of business, customer demographics, and your specific promotional needs, one style of drawstring backpack may work better than others. Our promotional drawstring backpacks are a diverse group, with many different styles and models available for purchase. At this point, we'd like to tell you about some of the sub-types we stock in order to help you find the best possible promotional product for your business.

    Promotional Sports Packs

    Our promotional sport packs are in reality no different than our other custom drawstring backpacks - it's just another name used within the industry to refer to the same product. However, some of the personalized backpacks bearing the sports pack name are promotional athletic products.

    Classic Drawstring Backpacks

    Many of the custom drawstring backpacks we offer are in the traditional drawstring backpack shape. They feature spacious main compartments, top drawcord closers, and nylon drawstring shoulder straps. These make up the majority of our offerings, but it's not quite as basic and simple as it sounds. While these drawstring backpacks may be shaped alike, there are many variations in color, storage options, and company logo imprinting options that make all of these backpacks truly unique promotional products.

    Drawstring Tote Bags

    If you're torn between choosing a custom drawstring backpack or personalized tote bag for your next promotion, our promotional drawstring tote bag & backpack hybrids represent a happy medium. With these, you get the best of both worlds. The durability, simple (yet ample) storage, and utility of a backpack are all there. At the same time, a carrying handle allows for faster access and easy grip, as one would expect from a tote bag.

    Drawstring Slingpacks

    Slingpacks provide more flexibility in carrying than most backpacks do and they also allow users to more evenly distribute weight through a diagonal orientation. Our promotional Tubular Slingpack boasts a cylindrical design and adjustable strap which allows it to be worn across the upper, mid, or lower back, while leaving extra room to carry a second bag at the same time. Made of extra sturdy 600D polyester, these custom slingpacks will stand the test of time while providing years of exposure and mobile advertising through your custom imprinted company logo.

    Novelty Drawstring Backpacks - Promotional Items for Kids

    Sometimes it tends to be forgotten that children are consumers too, even if they don't have the financial needs to directly make purchases on their own. Regardless, the clothes children wear and the items they carry around have a large built-in audience in schools, day care centers, juvenile athletic leagues, and playgrounds. Due to this, promotional products for kids are actually a very important area for any business to consider if it wants to maximize its brand awareness and capitalize on all possible marketing opportunities. Most of our novelty drawstring backpacks are aimed at children. Our Paws N Claws backpack is a 3D animal print drawstring backpack that can be customized in frog, owl, kitten, puppy, eagle, alligator, bear, rabbit, and several other animal forms. These are great promotional products for zoos, nature centers, children's clothing stores, museums, pre-schools, veterinary clinics, and several other businesses with child and/or animal connections. Our Party Time Pumpkin is a drawstring trick-or-treat bag for children. It's quite spacious and is designed to carry as much candy as a kid can handle, if there's actually a limit to that. Available in both orange and black, it is a great Halloween promotional product that represents a golden advertising opportunity to most any business. Costume shops, fabric stores, toy stores, children's clothing stores, and arts & crafts retailers will find this company branded Halloween item to be especially effective in meeting promotional goals. Both children and adults will enjoy our sports-themed novelty drawstring backpacks. Whether one's preferred sport is baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, tennis, or softball, we have a custom sports ball shaped drawstring backpack to please everyone. They're constructed from 210D nylon and are an excellent promotional product for gyms, youth athletic organizations, YMCAs, schools, sporting good stores, and several other active lifestyle businesses and organizations. Our line of novelty wholesale drawstring backpacks also includes Morph Sacs, which are custom logo imprinted drawstring backpacks that can be folded to take on different shapes. Many different sports ball shapes are available, and when folded into the attached pouches, these custom novelty drawstring backpacks will transform into the shape of the ball of your choosing. Doctor offices, children's hospitals, local police organizations, fire departments, public works organizations, and several other medical and civic establishments will appreciate the promotional power that our Hometown Helper kids promo drawstring backpacks will bring. These custom printed, three-dimensional novelty drawstring backpacks come in themes of doctor, nurse, soldier, police officer, dentist, and fireman.

    Promotional drawstring backpacks with business logos can obviously do a lot more for spreading brand awareness than models without any company branding. This is why your company logo is one of the most important features of any promotional product you buy. We have a dedicated team of talented professional artists who will work together with you to ensure that your business logo looks nothing less than perfect when imprinted on your promotional drawstring backpacks. We offer both screen printing and full-color printing and we'll explain both of those options now.

    Screen Printed Company Logos

    When you have your company logo screen printed on one of our drawstring backpacks, the result will be an efficient, affordable, and effective company branded product. Screen printing works best for logos that are more simple in nature, or at least ones that do not have a broad mix of colors within a small space. This is because the screen printing process involves pre-cut stencils through which ink is poured to create your design. Only one color of ink can be brought through any one stencil, so multi-color logos will require more time to create and color changes will be somewhat less fluent with this method as compared to full-color printing.

    As you'll see mentioned several times throughout our site, full-color printing has an almost limitless number of alternate monikers by which it is known as and referred to as by different people and companies. We prefer the term full-color imprinting (we'll tell you why in just a moment), but other companies use expressions such as full color processing, photographic reproduction, 4 color printing, heat transfer imprinting, and heat transfer processing. All of this is in addition to the specialized names trademarked by specific businesses to describe this method of product decoration. We prefer and tend to most frequently use the expression full-color imprinting. This is because using this method, while more costly than screen printing, creates bold and beautiful colors that transition effortlessly. Simple and basic logos (and there's nothing wrong with these at all - sometimes less is more) aren't well-suited for full-color imprinting. If your business logo is elaborate and colorful, this is the imprinting method that will be most helpful. It can be conducted in two main ways. In some cases, special vinyl material is cut up into the desired shapes, which are then conferred upon an item by a heat press. A more modern and increasingly common method is to use heat transfer paper which is coated in solvent ink and pressed into a product at a high level of heat. This is why the term "heat transfer" is often used.

    Miscellaneous Drawstring Backpack-Related Terms

    As is the case with nearly all of the items we sell, there are certain terms that pop up when describing our promotional drawstring backpacks that are likely to confuse anyone who doesn't work with them for a living. With this in mind, we'll wrap up this page by introducing and explaining some of these terms and concepts to you.

    What is the Difference Between Grommets and Eyelets?

    We imagine that many people who read our product descriptions will have some questions when it comes to grommets and eyelets. "Are grommets and eyelets the same thing?" "What are grommets vs. eyelets?" "What are grommets?" "What are eyelets?" - All of the preceding are questions we can picture most people asking and fortunately, we can answer all of them. A grommet is a small, usually metal, flared tube that is used to reinforce holes. An eyelet is a small, usually metal, flared tube that is used to reinforce holes, promote breathability, and protect drawstrings and drawcords. Just in case you think our editors were asleep at the switch for the previous two sentences, they were not. Eyelets and grommets are extremely similar items that serve the same purpose. The difference between grommets and eyelets comes down to size and proportion. The external and somewhat flared portion of a grommet or eyelet that is visible on the surface of a hole is called the flange. In both items, the interior cylindrical component which reinforces the inside of the hole in a fabric is called the barrel. In the case of grommets, the flange is wider in proportion its inner hole, which is also called a piercing. With eyelets, the flange and piercing are more proportional. In both items, the interior cylindrical component which reinforces the inside of the hole in a fabric is called the barrel. Grommets tend to see more use in softer flexible items whereas eyelets are more frequently seen in items constructed of plastic, metal, and dense rubber. However, it is not impossible for these roles to be reversed. Both grommets and eyelets are seen within our promotional drawstring backpacks, most often in our promotional drawstring backpacks with reinforced corners through which the nylon drawstrings/drawcords run.

    Spot Clean & Air Dry

    Spot cleaning and air drying is recommended for products that do not do well with machine washing. Some materials and inks are negatively affected by strong detergents, too much immersion, extreme heat, and/or the consistent sharp movements caused by washing machines and dryers. These items are best washed by hand, especially focusing on just the part that is actually stained or smudged. After cleaning, natural suspended air drying is the safest way to go.

    TSA Friendly Drawstring Backpacks & Airport Checkpoint Friendly Bags

    Anyone who has traveled by way of airplane within the past 15 years knows how strict and hassling airport security can sometimes be. Unfortunately, it's a necessary obstacle and the men and women of the TSA provide a very important service and always have our safety on their minds. However, this can often slow things down, requiring travelers to arrive at airports long before their scheduled flights in order to get through the lines before their planes take off. Nearly anything that can be done to expedite this process is a godsend and that is why we provide several TSA-friendly drawstring backpacks and other promotional checkpoint friendly luggage. The terms TSA-friendly, checkpoint-friendly, and airport-friendly refer to luggage items that are easy for TSA agents to screen and help to get users through security at a faster pace. Using our checkpoint friendly travel bags are not only helpful to users, but also to other passengers who will appreciate the speedier security lines that will result. Our promotional luggage tags are the perfect complement to our airport checkpoint friendly drawstring backpacks, as they ensure that if users and their carry-on luggage will be quickly reunited if separated for any reason. Users will think of your company when they feel the relief of getting their lost items back and security is one of the most powerful associations a company can create for positive brand awareness and recognition.