Auto Promotional Products

Discount Codes for Promotional Auto Items & Custom Car Giveaway Products

Customized automotive products are a great way to drive attention to your brand. We offer tons of customizable products for your car. Ice scrapers, air fresheners, floor mats, jumper cables, cleaning kits, and more are all great items to promote your business

Automotive Promotional Products

Customized automotive products are a great way to drive attention to your brand. We offer tons of customizable products for your car. Ice scrapers, air fresheners, floor mats, jumper cables, cleaning kits, and more are all great items to promote your business.

Drive Your Brand Forward With Custom Automotive Products

Our range of promotional auto products offers an exciting and effective way to rev up your brand's visibility. Whether you're an auto dealership, a repair shop, or a company looking to add a touch of mobility to your marketing, our products are geared to put your brand in the fast lane.

What are custom automotive products? Custom automotive products are auto accessories that offer a way to boost brand recognition through vehicle-related giveaways or retail. They include company-branded floor mats, repair tools, safety kits, sunshades, automotive business cards, document folders for drivers, and more.

What are the benefits of automotive promotional products? Automotive promotional products with your business logo are useful, memorable employee and customer gifts. Automotive dealerships can include promotional auto giveaways with service appointments or new cars. 

Custom auto products also work well for other auto-related businesses, including painters, collision shops, or tire sales. Tow truck or roadside assistance companies also advertise their brand to potential customers using our customized products.

Boost the brand awareness and recognition of your auto body shop or dealership with 4AllPromos custom marketing products. We have a wide range of marketing tools designed to get your business the recognition it deserves. Shop from our most-sold and best-rated automotive products.

Custom License Plate Frames

Custom license plate frames capture the attention of other drivers on the road. Check out these top-selling license plate frames:

  • Screen printed – 4AllPromos screen-printed frames are entirely customizable to your car or motorcycle. Add your company logo or a message! 
  • 3-D license frameA 3-D license frame uses bold, raised frame letters that are more premium than printed lettering. 
  • Full view frameA full view frame is thinner than traditional promotional frames, giving more visibility to your license plate. 
  • High-impact plate – We also offer full-color printed plates. These digitally printed plates are great for images, logos, or custom messages. 

Custom Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Customized microfiber cleaning cloths are excellent promotional items that help customers or employees keep their cars or other personal items clean. Some custom clothes include cleaning spray for your clients too, letting them keep their glasses, windows, and mirrors smudge-free. They conveniently tuck away into the glove box or center console.

Custom Ice Scrapers

Whether you live in a place with cold winters or just passing through them, it’s a good idea to have an ice scraper. We have several models ready to be customized with your brand message. Choose from imprinted visor clip scrapers, power-grip ice scrapers, or a small credit card-style ice scraper that will easily fit in the wallet for convenient use.

Custom Automotive Air Fresheners

Air fresheners smell great. They’re also a long-lasting product that people see day in and day out. Perfect for keeping your business in their sights (and smells…) Stock up on excellent air freshener products like 4AllPromos vent stick fresheners or custom-shaped air fresheners.

Custom Automotive Phone Holders

Custom phone holders are useful car promotional items to keep your smartphone in your direct line of sight. It’s a safe way for easy access to navigation apps and digital assistants. Styles like our imprinted vent phone holder are cost-efficient and fit in most car vents.

Custom Roadside Emergency Kits

Build trust and a reliable relationship with custom roadside emergency kits that let you be there when your clients need a hand. These kits come in handy for flat tires, stalled vehicles, and following a collision. A branded highway jumper kit makes the perfect accessory for new car owners.

When to Buy Personalized Automotive Products in Bulk

Customized automotive products are a fantastic way for an auto body shop or dealership to extend their promotional reach and professional appearance. Our personalized products also make for excellent employee gifts or new car buyer "thank you" freebies.

You save when you buy your customized auto body products in bulk with 4AllPromos. Minimum order requirements vary from product to product. Kits generally have the lowest minimums.

If you have an auto dealership, hardware store, car parts store, or automotive repair center, you'll find a use for promotional automotive marketing items. The more you order, the more you save. 

FAQs About Automotive Promotional Products

Can I add a logo to automotive promotional items?
Yes, you can add a logo to any our of automotive promotional items. Consider our customized products as more practical automotive business cards.
How do I add my logo to automotive promotional products?
Choose the product you want to customize then click the "Add to Cart" button. You’ll be able to upload your logo on the next page. You can also email it after checkout or contact our design team for special requests. We’re happy to help!
Are there discounts on bulk purchases of automotive promotional products?
Yes, you'll receive discounts when you order online and place a bulk purchase of your automotive promotional products. With 4AllPromos, the more you order, the more you save.

Rev Your Campaign Engine With Custom Automotive Products

Get your brand in the fast lane with our automotive promotional products. Our air fresheners, floor mats, license plate frames, and cleaning cloths will help you get across the finish line in first place. 

Add your dealership logo or company message to these custom products to steer your brand toward success with marketing at every turn.


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