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4AllPromos is your top source for all of the best personalized compact mirror items. We supply budget compact cosmetic mirrors in bulk, handy wholesale dual sided compact mirrors, logo branded locker mirrors, attractive unique engravable compact mirrors, deluxe custom heathered Tiffany pocket mirrors, and much more. Browse our collection of branded handheld mirrors to find the best items for advertising your business today!

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Whether promoting a salon, cosmetic company, charity, school, pharmacy, or most any other business, one just can't go wrong with our promotional compact mirrors. Our small pocket mirrors are available in many sizes, shapes, and styles. As this page continues, we'll explain some of our most popular varieties of promotional mirror items in a bit more detail. The plan is to empower you to pick the best possible products for building awareness of and loyalty toward your business.

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Different Types of Custom Compact Mirrors

Our company logo compact mirrors are quite diverse. When browsing our inventory, you'll find a wealth of varying sizes, colors, shapes, designs, and materials. Each has its own set of advantages and special uses. We'll cover six highly notable styles within this section.

Wholesale Cheap Compact Mirrors

If you're operating on a budget but still wish to provide the best mirror promotional products to your audience, we have you covered. We carry affordable pocket mirrors in bulk that are perfect for trade show giveaways and promotional items at job fairs, industry seminars, and more. They're low cost mirrors that make great add-ons for promotional gift sets for nearly any business or organization.

Custom Magnifying Mirrors

Sometimes, users need a mirror that can help to enlarge reflections. This can be the case when trying to remove a sliver, when trying to get a stroke of mascara just right, or even when examining some small item for non-cosmetic purposes. In such cases, your company can provide branded magnifying mirrors for advertising to its audience while also making their lives a bit easier. We also have promotional dual compact mirrors. These often hold two mirrors of different magnification strengths.

Promotional Purse Compact Mirrors

Yet another popular style can be found in our personalized compact mirrors for purses. They're made in just the right size to easily fit in a purse so that they can be retrieved and put to use anytime, anywhere. A fun variant on these can be observed in our wholesale purse shaped makeup mirrors. These are designed to look like a purse, while also being just the right size to be carried inside of one!

Personalized Stand-Up Mirrors

When users are hard at work, they need to keep both hands free for maximum efficiency. In other cases, correcting a cosmetic issue or attending to any other mirror-related task might require two hands. It is for this reason that custom hands-free desk mirrors are included in our promotional mirror inventory. Ideal for placement on a desk or other firm, flat surface, these mirrors can be opened up to stand under their own power while in use.

Branded Phone Grip Mirrors

Custom PopMirror™ phone grip stands are among some of the most unique and innovative offerings within our compact mirror collection. These custom smartphone grip mirrors reside at the end of PopSockets™ phone grips, enabling users to strike just the look they're going for prior to snapping a selfie. They can also come in handy in crowded areas such as subways or airplanes where finding enough space and stability to use a traditional compact mirror could be more difficult.

Company Logo Makeup Cases with Mirrors

The next style we'll take a look at consists of our promotional cosmetic cases with mirrors. These items are ideal for holding makeup and cosmetic accessories while also providing a device for users to check up on their handiwork. This allows for a perfect self-performed makeup job every time. They're an excellent choice for anyone who wants to adjust their look while on the go.

Printed Pocket Mirrors in Custom Shapes

Function often follows form. To this end, we have branded compact mirrors in several different shapes. These custom shaped mirrors can serve a variety of purposes, with all models having many loyal fans and users. The next four paragraphs will detail some of the most prominent shapes you'll encounter on our site.

Branded Heart Shaped Compact Mirrors

Our logo imprinted heart mirrors are ideal as promotional items for Valentine's Day, cardiology centers, heart disease charities, and more. Their fun and unique shape makes them instantly recognizable conversation starters that users are sure to love.

Round Personalized Compact Mirrors

One of the most common styles you'll find in our assortment of promotional mirror items is represented by our branded round pocket mirrors. These classic compact mirrors usually have a flip style opening/closing mechanism. They're contoured to the shape of the palm, making them easy to hold in one hand while applying cosmetics and fixing hair with the other.

Square Compact Mirrors with Logos

The promotional square mini mirrors available at 4AllPromos are similar to the round models, but are easier to stack, store, and transport. They can often be stood up in easel form, with the mirrors facing outward. However, they can also be operated while sitting flat on one side with the other side extending upward.

Customized Rectangular Handheld Mirrors

If your business is interested in cosmetic mirrors that are slightly larger, our personalized rectangle compact mirrors are an ideal match. These models have a fashionable look that is similar to that of a makeup case. They can be found in both traditional and hands-free desk style versions.

Design Your Own Compact Mirrors with Logos

4AllPromos is where to buy mirrors with your logo! We customize each of our compact mirrors with your personalized corporate logo design, contact information, or special message. We have both imprinted mirrors and engraved mirrors. We'll dedicate the next two paragraphs to explaining each in more detail.

Custom Printed Compact Mirrors

Our company logo printed compact mirrors display your custom logo design via methods such as screen printing and pad printing. They're typically more affordable than engraved designs and often have shorter production times. While many come with just one imprint color standard, upgrading to include full color imprinting or imprints with multiple colors is possible with most models. This can raise the cost, and in the case of multiple (but not full color) logo designs, longer production periods can result. Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have before placing an order.

Personalized Engraved Compact Mirrors

While they are typically more expensive than their imprinted counterparts, our custom engravable mirrors with logos have many advantages. First off, they typically have lower minimum order quantities, with some having minimums as low as 6 units. This makes them accessible for businesses of all sizes, in addition to making them a great idea for personalized gifts. Their branding designs are cut into the surface, creating a mark that cannot crack, chip, peel, or fade with the passage of time. This keeps them looking great for years and years to come, giving these items instant heirloom potential.

Custom Compact Hand Mirrors - FAQ

We'll complete this handy little guide to the world of promotional compact mirror items by way of including a list of some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding them. Of course, the questions are followed up with thorough answers. If you have any remaining questions after reading through our FAQ section, feel free to give us a call, email, or live chat message.

What are wholesale compact mirrors used for and who should promote with them?
Compact mirrors can be used for many things. They can be employed to check the application of cosmetics, ensure that hair and facial hair are just right, helping users view what's behind them, magnifying the reflections of users' skin and nearby items, and much more. They can be used by nearly any business or organization for marketing purposes. However, they're an especially great fit for salons, beauty parlors, hairdressers, pharmacies, cosmetic companies, photography studios, and cosmetology schools.
What colors do your compact mirrors come in?
You'll find our purse and pocket mirrors in many different color tones. We have promotional red compact mirrors and custom silver compact mirrors, both of which are highly popular for gifts and Valentine's Day promotions. Those aren't the only available colors though. We also have models in blue, black, green, white, purple, pink, tan, brown, gold, rose gold, yellow, orange, gray, and even mirrors with zebra stripes. If you don't see the color you're looking for on this list, don't worry; we're adding new ones all the time!
What materials are compact mirrors made from?
The vast majority of our customizable mini mirrors are made from either plastic or metal. Among our personalized metal pocket mirrors, you'll find models made from aluminum, chrome, and some with nickel plating. We also have compact mirrors that are wrapped in fabric, such as our Heathered mirrors. Additionally, some are wrapped in a faux leather material for a animal-friendly take on a trendy fashion.
What are alternate names for compact mirrors?
Compact mirrors go by many different names, some of which you'll see within our product descriptions and even within the text on this page. Some of their many monikers include pocket mirrors, mini mirrors, travel mirrors, purse mirrors, hand mirrors, handheld mirrors, desk mirrors, makeup mirrors, and cosmetic mirrors.
What magnification levels are available in your compact mirrors?
Our promotional compact mirrors come at 3 different magnification levels. Most are set at 1x magnification, which means that they reflect images in their accurate size. We also have 2x and 3x magnification mirrors. These enlarge reflected images by 2 and 3 times their actual size, respectively. Some of our models contain two mirrors in one, with one side having a standard 1x mirror and the other having a 2x or 3x mirror.