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Are you looking to buy discount coasters in bulk (opens in a new window) for your restaurant, bar, or other business? If so, 4AllPromos has everything you need. We offer a wide range of coasters in various styles, materials, and shapes. Choose among custom stainless steel coasters (opens in a new window), chic promotional tile coasters (opens in a new window), Earth-friendly wholesale recycled coasters (opens in a new window), premium low minimum order coasters (opens in a new window), attractive imprinted full color coasters (opens in a new window), and much more. Rest assured, we have every kind of custom beverage coaster your business needs to reach its promotional goals. Plus, you can help clients protect their bars, tables, and other furniture items from drink stains.

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We offer a wide range of promotional bar coasters & custom drink coasters to fit your branding needs. While browsing our collection, you'll find many different types of coasters. Various materials, shapes, styles, sizes, and functions will be presented. Below, we've included an informational guide to help explain the various types of coasters on our site. Our goal is to empower you to find the best custom coaster options to achieve your promotional goals. Read on and you'll quickly become an expert in the field of personalized coasters.

What Materials Are Promotional Coasters Made From?

Different Types of Custom Drink Coasters

Promotional Coaster Products - Shapes

How to Customize a Drink Coaster


What Materials Are Promotional Coasters Made From?

Our custom coasters are made from a menagerie of different materials. Among them are such mediums as cork, pulp board, rubber, leather, leatherette, foam, neoprene, metal, glass, wood, and even custom paper coasters. The right form for your personalized coasters will depend on a variety of factors. Price, preferred decoration methods, eco-friendly status, shape, size, and absorbency are just a few of the properties to consider. The next 7 paragraphs will address many of the materials that go into our drink coasters and provide some insight into each.

Custom Cork Coasters

If durability is your goal, you'll love our wide selection of cork coasters. Designed to soak up condensation and protect the furniture below, cork is a popular option for reusable household gifts. Our promotional imprinted cork coasters (opens in a new window) contain space for adding a design that fits your business's branding. Our custom coasters are an environmentally conscious option, as they contain sustainably sourced and harvested materials. They can be decorated with your graphic in many different ways. Fire branding, imprinting, and engraving are just three examples.

Imprinted Pulpboard Coasters

Another great option is presented in the form of our custom printed pulpboard coasters (opens in a new window). Pulpboard is a material that has a similar look and feel to cork, but there are some differences. Pulpboard is extracted from European spruce trees and is almost exclusively used for coasters. Its alternate moniker of "coasterboard" is a testament to this fact.

Pulpboard coasters are often classified by their thickness and weight. A lightweight version will typically be 1 mm thick and have a weight of 40 points. Midweight models are usually around 1.4 mm thick and have a weight of 60 points. Finally, heavyweight pulpboard coasters are most often 2 mm thick and have a weight of 80 points. Like custom paper coasters, they are an eco-friendly choice and offer many options in regard to furniture decoration.

Company Branding Bamboo Coasters

In the market for something a little more elegant? Our collection of custom bamboo coasters (opens in a new window) offers a sleek and eye-catching way to promote your business. Available as a set, these engraved coasters are ideal for companies that want to thank employees and customers with high-quality, durable gifts.

Personalized Leather Beverage Coasters

Few materials are as timeless as leather, making our customized leather coasters (opens in a new window) another excellent giveaway option for any occasion. Not only do they look refined and sophisticated, but their durability allows them to withstand regular use. If your company prefers something more animal-friendly, we also offer promotional faux leather coasters (opens in a new window). These items have the look and feel of leather without containing any animal products.

Wholesale Rubber Coasters

Those looking for something truly unique will love our promotional recycled tire drink coasters (opens in a new window). Made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled tires, these fun products are available in a wide range of shapes and styles. They're especially fun to use to promote a business in the green energy or automobile industry, helping you stand above the rest.

Perfect for cubicles and home offices, our branded fabric drink coasters (opens in a new window) are an affordable yet impactful option. These products feature a 100 percent polyester design with a rubber backing for non-slip use on furniture. Our fabric coasters are available in many different shapes and can be customized with a full-color imprint of just about any design you can imagine.

Other Personalized Beverage Coasters - Materials

The previous 6 paragraphs provide a window into some, but not all of the available materials comprising our wholesale coasters. The following list points out a few more, with links leading to examples of each.

Additional Promotional Materials

Different Types of Custom Drink Coasters

Using promotional drink coasters to advertise your event or organization is nothing new. Businesses have done it for decades, especially in the food and drink industries. 

Cheap Personalized Coasters

If you're looking to buy coasters in bulk for trade shows, events, and other large giveaway purposes, 4AllPromos has you covered. We carry a wealth of wholesale inexpensive coasters in several shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. They're great for entertainment, restaurant, and liquor industry trade shows. These items are also a hit at grand opening ceremonies and as a part of custom gift baskets.

Custom Eco-Friendly Coasters

When browsing our collection you're sure to run into many of our custom reusable drink coasters. Many of these are made from recycled and/or recyclable materials. They're perfect for creating advertising impressions while also letting the public know that your brand is environmentally responsible.

Wholesale Absorbent Coasters

Obviously, creating advertising impressions is a big part of what our custom coasters are designed to do. However, they do have additional functions. Namely, they seek to prevent damage to furniture, countertops, and tables. When glasses or other receptacles are placed directly on a surface, exposure to wetness can result. This can happen by way of spills and condensation. Condensation is the culprit behind those unsightly rings that cans and glasses can leave on a table or counter. Our absorbent promotional coaster items (opens in a new window) help to prevent this by sopping up any escaped liquid before it can reach the furniture or table below.

Branded Car Coasters

Our bulk printed coasters aren't just for bars. They're also handy for active users on the move. If you need proof, we can back this claim up with our promotional car beverage coasters (opens in a new window). They're shaped such that they fit easily into automobile cup holders, helping to keep center consoles in top condition and safe from every drink.

Personalized Beverage Coaster Sets

Sometimes you don't want a single product but would rather have a collection to hand out to longtime customers, employees or even family members. This strategy makes a lot of sense for businesses like mortgage companies, real estate brokers, and others who need housewarming gifts. 4AllPromos has multiple promotional coaster sets to choose from, including stoneware, wood, glass, paper, bamboo, foam, marble, and metallic. Of course, all of these collections can be created with your name or brand message for a personalized touch.

Promotional Novelty Coasters

Our wholesale novelty bar coasters help to bring an additional element of whimsy to an already fun product category. These take many forms, with the novelty factor sometimes going in the direction of humor, and other times function. A couple of examples of the latter can be observed in our promotional magnetic coasters (opens in a new window) and in our custom bottle opener coasters (opens in a new window)

Customized Game Set Coasters

Another great option is our personalized coaster game sets. These giveaway items are especially fun for families, as each coaster flips over to reveal an exciting game. Featuring activities like Tic-Tac-Toe, Backgammon, and more, these coasters are sure to make a lasting impression.

Custom Flight Paddles

Restaurants, bars, and breweries will love our customized flight boards. Our promotional beer tasting flight paddles (opens in a new window) are great tools for showing off your branding while allowing customers to sample your creations. In addition, they're durable and reusable, creating superior longevity. Planning a wedding or corporate event? Consider hosting a tasting hour and letting wedding attendees take their paddles home as a souvenir.

Promotional Coaster Products - Shapes

While most people picture a circular item when they think of coasters, they are actually made in many different shapes. Round coasters, which we'll address in just a moment, are certainly common. However, there are other shapes to consider. Square coasters are another favorite in the bar, food, & restaurant industry. Going beyond these two figures, we also stock a variety of promotional coasters perfect for the food and drink industry. Over the course of the next three paragraphs, we'll explain all of this in a bit more detail.

Imprinted Round Coasters

4AllPromos' collection of promotional round coasters, including round full-color coasters (opens in a new window) offers several options for promoting any business or special event. Made from high quality and sturdy materials, these products are strong enough for use in nearly any restaurant or pub.

Wholesale Square Coasters

Our promotional square coasters come in many varieties. One example is our thick square drink coasters (opens in a new window). These are ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether used as giveaway items, at corporate parties, around the bar, or at restaurant tables, they just can't fail. In addition, they work with nearly any style of graphic. Dessert menu photos, logos for a new beer, and grand opening ceremony graphics are just some of the nearly limitless options.

Custom Shaped Coasters

If you're looking for something out-of-the-box, 4AllPromos can help. We offer high-quality coasters in a variety of eye-catching shapes, such as hearts, octagons, flags, stars, houses, trains, cars, and more. Check out our visual aid for our branded drink coasters in unique shapes to see more.

How to Customize a Drink Coaster

Curious about how to best personalize your custom foam coasters for successful branding? We're here to help! Our talented team of product specialists and professional artists are at the ready, waiting to help you create the best graphic for your drink coaster. There are a few different ways of creating company branding designs when it comes to coasters. We'll explain three of the most prominent methods in the following paragraphs.

One of the most simple and affordable ways to personalize a customized drink coaster is with an image design. Our custom printed drink coasters (opens in a new window) come in both single and color models. The example in the preceding link is customized via color imprinting, also known as 4-color process printing. In addition to having a lower price relative to most other decoration methods, our custom printed coasters also have shorter production times.

Personalized Engraved Coasters

The second personalization option is engraving. Our company logo engraved bar coasters (opens in a new window) have your graphic worked into them via a laser engraving process. This results in a design with a three-dimensional effect. Since engraving cuts into the surface of an item, those who choose it receive items with branding artwork that won't fade, peel, chip, or otherwise decline over time. Your engraved design will look just as good in 20 years as it does today!

Promotional Fire Branded Coasters

Looking for another way to personalize coasters for your business? Consider fire branding. In this process, a block or sheet of metal, shaped into your desired pattern, is affixed to the end of a metal pole. When fused, these two items form the branding iron. Heated by fire, the metal design surface is pressed into the top of the product to transfer a one-of-a-kind design. As is the case with engraving, fire branding leaves a piece of promotional artwork that will withstand the test of time. Our custom fire branded coasters (opens in a new window) are most often made from cork. They strike the perfect balance between rustic and hip and are a guaranteed hit at any bar, casino, hotel, or entertainment venue.