Custom Drink Coasters

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Custom coasters with your logo imprints provide bars, restaurants, and events a cost-effective way to build brand reinforcement. Create your reusable coasters for a fun giveaway item or to protect your tables while keeping your business name in the forefront of your visitors’ minds.

Your Brand Can Protect Surfaces with Promotional Coasters

Turn everyday encounters into brand-building moments with our custom promotional coasters. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, these coasters offer the dual benefit of safeguarding surfaces from spills and stains while simultaneously boosting brand visibility.

What is the purpose of a coaster? Coasters are used under drinkware items to protect tables and other surfaces from water damage. 

Use them in your office, at corporate events, or in client meetings to add a professional touch. Restaurants and cafes can boost their table setting with branded coasters, making every customer interaction a subtle marketing opportunity. For retail businesses, these coasters can be a unique addition to your merchandise, similar to promotional matches and tote bags, offering customers a functional reminder of your brand.

At a personal level, they can make a great corporate Christmas gift or add a monogram to a personalized housewarming gift for anyone who has a home bar. These items make terrific party favors at weddings, milestone birthdays, and take-home souvenir giveaways.

What are the benefits of using custom coasters? Custom coasters are a cheap and affordable way to make an impression with your brand, while also protecting tabletop surfaces. Our collection offers a broad variety of choices, including bottle opener coasters, square coasters, and other shapes.

Custom Coaster Types and Materials

Choose from a variety of materials and customize options for your drink coasters. You can include a logo, message, or full-color custom photo coaster. What are the materials that the coasters are made from? The promotional coasters in our collection are made from a broad assortment of high-quality materials.

Slate Coasters

Slate coasters have a premium look and can be engraved with your logo design. They will be sure to wow at a corporate event or Christmas party.

Paper Coasters

Paper coasters are lightweight and affordable. These are the paperboard coasters, also called pulpboard coasters, you may be familiar with at your favorite chain restaurants. We also carry seed paper coasters that can be used to grow beautiful flowers if they are planted after use. 

Marble Coasters

Marble coasters have a stately and elegant style that makes them an upscale choice for gifts and formal events. A marble coaster set pairs with other kitchen and barware gifts, such as cutting boards

Wood Coasters

Wood coasters are a high-quality option, offering excellent longevity and creating a classy look when the surface holds an engraved logo design.

Cork Coasters

Cork coasters are a sustainable choice being naturally absorbent and having eco-friendly properties. They have a durable non-slip texture and are effective for heat insulation. Their rustic aesthetic adds a charming touch for your branded coasters. Both our promotional cork coasters and custom drink coasters with cork backing are among our best-sellers.

Ceramic Coasters

Ceramic and stone coasters are sturdy but have a blend of elegance with their sleek surface. They are easy to clean, making them a practical choice for both home and commercial use. 

They can be found in both round and square models and are often used as car coasters, placed underneath tumblers and water bottles in cup holders.

Rubber Coasters

These environmentally friendly drink coasters are made from recycled materials. Rubber coasters can be formed into several fun novelty shapes for a custom bar coaster that is memorable and unique.

For Wholesale Prices, Get Custom Coasters Bulk Orders

When you're purchasing custom coasters, bulk ordering is the way to go. Ordering in large numbers means a lower cost per unit. When you're giving them out as party favors or as giveaways at a trade show, ordering custom coasters wholesale will ensure that there are enough to go around for everyone. 

Personalized coaster bulk orders are also a great option for wedding favors, giving all your guests something small to take home. For restaurants, take advantage of our bulk and wholesale prices on not only promotional coasters but our glassware and barware accessories too. 

FAQ About Promotional Coasters

How many coasters come in the package?
Our coaster gift sets come with 2, 4, or 6 coasters per package.
What is the lowest minimum quantity for personalized drink coasters?
The lowest minimum order quantity for personalized drink coasters is 6 items.
How can I design custom logo coasters?
There are several ways to personalize custom drink coasters. Screen printing, full-color imprinting, engraving, debossing, and dye sublimation are all available options. The material and product you choose will narrow down the methods available, so be sure to read through the whole description before heading to checkout.
What is the difference between a coaster and a beer mat?
There isn't any difference; the two terms refer to the same thing. "Coaster" is the preferred term in the USA and Canada, while "beer mat" is the term typically used in the UK.

Raise Brand Awareness When You Rest Your Drinks on Branded Coasters

Imagine your brand becoming a part of daily conversations every time someone lifts their drink. Our custom-printed coasters are more than just surface protectors; they're a personal touch that connects your brand with people's everyday moments. It's time to turn every sip into an opportunity to remember your company or special event.

Let's create something memorable together. Get your custom drink coasters now and watch your brand become a household name!

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