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Meet growing consumer demand for sustainable products and demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment with promotional jute bags. With customized jute bags, your next promotional giveaway will be trendy, and practical, and boost your brand reputation.

Your Brand's Signature on Eco-Friendly Jute Bags

Branded jute bags are a stylish option that is softer than burlap, and still durable enough for everyday use. What is jute? Jute is an eco-friendly natural fiber derived from rapidly growing plants, similar to hemp and flax. The material is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, yet strong and reusable. This makes custom jute tote bags an excellent item for eco-friendly brands. 

What are the benefits of jute bags? Jute tote bags make a great alternative to traditional single-use shopping bags. They feature sturdy bag handles and a structure to hold up well against wear and tear. The natural fibers of jute reduce mildew and microbial growth, unlike cotton and certain synthetic fibers.

Custom jute tote bags are made to last, and with our careful printing process, your logo is guaranteed to be seen around town. Pair this with the other eco-friendly products at 4AllPromos, like custom recycled tote bags or customized beach totes, to reinforce your corporate commitment to environmental values.

Types of Custom Jute Tote Bags

Jute bags come in a variety of sizes and styles. They’re often mistaken for burlap bags, hessian bags, and gunny bags. What’s the difference between jute and burlap? Jute is a softer material that makes for more comfortable clothing and textiles. The weave of burlap is more loose and the fibers are coarse and rough. Burlap sacks are made for heavy-duty hauling.

Jute Market Tote

A jute market tote is perfect for trips to the grocery store. This size bag can hold your groceries safely, and you don't have to waste paper or plastic shopping bags. Sell customized jute tote bags with your store's logo at the register for a more eco-friendly shopping alternative that your customers will appreciate.

Personalized Jute Tote Bags With Handles

This variety of jute tote bags comes with sturdy, accented handles. We stock product styles featuring handles made from rope and some with handles made of leather. Some of our larger bags feature cotton lining or a blend of cotton and jute for a splash of color. We also carry jute wine totes and bags perfect for vineyards to pair with their finest wines when visitors buy bottles to take home. 

Jute Cooler Tote

A jute cooler tote is perfect for restaurants, cafes, or delivery businesses that ship or deliver temperature-sensitive products to customers. These cooler bags are ideal for personal use too, ensuring your frozen goods stay cool and fresh on the way home from the store. Gift your employees a customized jute cooler tote to make bringing lunch to work more convenient.

Beach Tote Bag

Load your beach toys, sunscreen, and snacks in your high-quality jute beach bag for a day of fun. While you enjoy nature and soaking up the sun, you can feel good that you're doing your part for the environment. Selling customized jute bags in your beach shop or cafe is the perfect sort of souvenir for vacationers to bring home after their relaxing trip.

Buffalo Plaid Jute Tote

Show off your personality with a buffalo plaid jute tote. These tote bags are still made with the same high-quality jute material but offer a farmhouse vibe. The festive buffalo plaid colors offer a different way to stand out. Add your company logo in white for an easily visible, hip promotional bag.

Buy Promotional Jute Bags Wholesale

Custom logo jute bags are a great investment for any business, especially grocery stores, outdoor lifestyle brands, or sustainable corporate gifting. You can get wholesale jute tote bags when you buy in large quantities from 4AllPromos.

Businesses with strong eco-friendly values stay on brand while gifting these bags to employees, customers, or friends and family. Ordering jute bags bulk means you’ll always be set with some on hand and won’t need to rely on plastic shopping bags.

FAQs About Custom Jute Bags

What colors do promotional jute tote bags come in?
You can find promotional jute tote bags in off-white, blue, brown, black, green, red, orange, pink, and teal in the 4AllPromos catalog. Remember, our bags are completely customizable with your logo and artwork. We also offer many artwork designs and fonts to help you bring your designs to life.
Can I add a logo on promotional jute bags?
Yes. Adding your company logo to your customized bags is a great way for your business to stand out. All orders are customized to match your brand, which means a high-quality logo that looks great on whichever burlap bag type you choose. The first step is choosing the right bag. The next is personalizing and customizing your bag to show off your company's style.
How many times can a jute bag be used?
Despite being so environmentally friendly, our jute bags are made with high-quality materials that will last. You can expect your jute bags to last for over 400 uses. Unlike other bag types, the handle won't wear down, meaning your jute bag will become one of your favorite and most-used accessories.
Do I get a discount for bulk purchases of custom jute tote bags?
The more custom jute tote bags you order, the bigger the discount for bulk jute tote bags. We always guarantee a low price, but ordering in large quantities is the most cost-effective. 4AllPromos offers discounts
What is the minimum order quantity for promotional jute bags?
You’ll find our lowest minimum order quantity for a set of customized jute bags is 50 items.

Personalized Jute Tote Bags to Carry Your Brand's Message

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, custom jute tote bags will make your brand stand out for its chic eco-friendly elegance and practicality. Our durable, versatile bags allow you to provide an alternative to single-use plastic, making them a great promotional item for the growing eco-aware consumers. 

Take a step towards a greener future and shop our range of customizable jute tote bags.

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