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If you're looking for promotional metal pens to market your brand, you've arrived at your final destination. We carry a variety of custom executive metal pens, giveaway promotional metal pens with LED flashlights, inexpensive cheap metal advertising pens in bulk, stylish custom laser engraved pens, elegant personalized enamel finish metal pens, durable customized metal swivel pens, and many more styles of metal pens for corporate events, giveaways, and promotions.

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At 4AllPromos, you'll find only the best personalized metal pens to suit your company's promotional needs. We proudly carry the best custom metal pens in the business. Browse our collection of cheap promotional metal pens, custom laser engraved executive metal pens, unique triangle shaped metal pens, and personalized metal gift pens from names such as Cross®, Swiss Force®, and more.

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Best Promotional Metal Pens - Brands

At 4AllPromos, you'll find all of the best promotional metal pen brands to make the best possible impression for your company. We offer a wide variety of well-known names, both at the discount and premium ends of the spectrum. You can rest assured that no matter what brand or model you choose, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. The next five paragraphs will highlight some of our most prominent brands of custom metal pens, just waiting to be imprinted or engraved with your logo.

Personalized Swiss Force® Metal Pens

The first group we'll introduce is our line of premium promotional Swiss Force® pens. Swiss Force is a company with a long-standing tradition of producing pens of impeccable style and quality. Produced by the St Regis company, these customizable metal pens will impress every customer, employee, and target audience member who receives one from your company.

Custom Cross® Metal Pens

Our personalized Cross metal pens for corporate events, giveaways, and promotions are among the most famous custom metal pens in the world. Their reputation for quality and performance are so great that they've been the official pen of the White House. While former President Bill Clinton officially declared Cross Century Metal Pens to be the official pens of the Oval Office, Cross pens have seen consistent use since the Gerald Ford administration – that's nearly a half-century of presidential endorsements!

Promotional BIC® Metal Pens

Now we come to BIC®, which is possibly the most widely-known name in the world when it comes to writing implements. The custom logo BIC metal pens available on our site run the gamut from discount to decadent and serve very well as giveaways, promotions, and corporate gifts.

Wholesale Metal Hub® Pens

Another big name within the stationery world is Hub®. Hub creates a wide variety of pens in different materials, styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. When you want to promote on a budget without sacrificing anything in quality, you can turn to our fine collection of cheap promotional Hub metal pens with logo designs.

Guillox® is actually a sub-brand of Hub. The pens offered under this name tend to be of the premium variety and are often used as corporate writing gifts and giveaways at formal business events and conferences. You'll find only the best personalized Guillox metal pens on our site, in both ballpoint and rollerball styles.

Custom Personalized Travis & Wells® Metal Pens

When you want truly elegant executive metal pens that will be a treasured gift to any and all recipients, keep the name Travis & Wells® at the top of your list. Our personalized engraved Travis & Wells pens come in twist and pull-cap styles and never fail to impress and amaze.

Different Styles of Custom Metal Pens

We offer many different varieties of customizable metal pens to suit your company's promotional needs. Whether your goals are motivated by price, size, logo personalization method, ink style, or most any other factor, we're certain to have the item you're looking for.

Promotional Cheap Metal Pens

When offering giveaway items on a large scale at trade shows, job fairs, or other events with many attendees, price has to be kept in mind. That's why buying our inexpensive metal pens in bulk is a wise move when promoting to the masses. These allow you to make the maximum number of advertising impressions without breaking the bank in the process.

Branded Executive Metal Pens

When a pen is intended for to do important things and be seen and used by important people, quality is key. When luxury is the name of the game, you can't go wrong with our high quality corporate executive pens. They make excellent corporate gifts. Whether celebrating a boss, valued employee, important contact, or potential power partner, these are the metal pens you want in your possession.

Custom Thin Metal Pens

Sometimes less can be more. This is old adage often rings true when it comes to our customizable metal pens, or more specifically, their girth. Some users prefer our promotional thin metal pens for aesthetic reasons and others for ergonomic functionality, and still others for their lightweight feel. Whatever the case, our slim metal pens with logos prove to be consistent best-sellers, year after year.

Custom Engraved Metal Swivel Pens

Many of our branded executive pens, particularly the phone stand models, fall into the category of customized metal swivel pens. These pens are multi-functional and have rotating barrels that can swivel out to form a phone stand.

Personalized Wide Body Metal Pens

As we said in the previous paragraph, for some people, less is more. For others, "the bigger the better" is the law of the land. For these consumers, we suggest our custom laser engraved wide body metal pens. These pens can be easier to pick up and hold for users with arthritis and/or fine motor coordination issues. At the same time, their large size leads to large logos & more visibility. Additionally, a larger pen can also just be easier to find in a crowded desk or drawer.

Metal Advertising Pens with Grips

If your company wants to put its logo on a promotional metal pen that is designed with ultimate ease of use in mind, our prove a perfect fit. These pens are designed for superior control and a comfortable writing experience for all users.

Promotional Metal Twist Pens

If a click pen or pull cap pen isn't quite your style, our grand array of customized metal twist pens is sure to have many pleasing products to placate your promotional pangs. These pens feature tips that extend and retract when the body of the pen is twisted, hence the name "twist pen".

Inexpensive Metal Click Pens in Bulk

Our wholesale discount metal click pens are a sensible and stylish idea when promoting to a large crowd. Do you want those who use and see the pens bearing your logo to walk away associating your brand with quality and class? If so, these pens are a must-have.

Custom Metal Rollerball Pens

The final bulk metal pen style we'll talk about in this guide are our promotional metal rollerball pens. If you're unfamiliar with the term, rollerball pens are pens that employ a ballpoint style mechanism but don't use the oil-based inks found in ballpoints. Rather, they contain gel and/or water based inks which write more freely and smoothly. It's important to remember to keep their caps on when not in use though, as failure to do so can result in ink drying out at a much faster rate.

Personalized Corporate Pen Gifts

We've already touched on corporate metal gift pens here and there, but now we'll really give them the spotlight. These can go a long way in making a great impression for your brand. Distribute them as thank-you gifts, new hire gifts, holiday gifts for bosses and/or employees, or as rewards for those who go above and beyond to make your business succeed. In the next three paragraphs, we'll focus on some of these metal pen gifts & corporate metal pen gift sets in a little more detail.

Custom Laser Engraved Pen and Pencil Gift Sets

Sometimes the marks we make are only meant to be temporary. Other times, it's important to be able to write in a more formal, permanent, and professional fashion. That's why our promotional corporate metal pen and pencil gift sets are so useful and popular. Engraved with your personalized business logo design, many of these writing gift sets come in stately, handsome gift boxes.

Personalized Executive Pen Gifts & Personalized Executive Pen Gift Sets

Not all of our custom logo engraved executive pen sets include pencils. As the preceding link will prove, some come with other accessory items and others simply present an elegant metal pen in a gift box.

Custom Metal Pen & Journal Gifts

For those who really display a love of writing (or perhaps those in journalism related industries), few corporate presents are more suitable than our personalized journal gifts with metal pens. These thoughtful gifts truly give each lucky recipient a powerful reason for remembering your company and all that it does for them.

Personalized Metal Pens - Materials

The promotional metal pens we carry are constructed from a variety of different metallic materials. Elegance, affordability, and aesthetics are just three of the many factors to consider when determining which material is the best fit for your promotional needs and company image. We'll talk about five of the most notable metals that go into our pens in this section.

Bulk Aluminum Advertising Pens

Among the more affordable materials in the world of customized metal pens is aluminum. Don't mistake discounts for deficiencies; our wholesale aluminum marketing pens can hold their own in most any arena. A natural choice when passing out bulk giveaways at trade shows, our custom logo aluminum pens are timeless classics.

Customized Brass Pens

If it's variety you want, our promotional brass pens will never fail to deliver. Like our aluminum pens, many of our custom logo brass pens are at the affordable end of the price spectrum, though they're not strangers to the premium side of life either. Versatility in design, shape, size, color, and most any other area you can name are offered in spades by our collection of brass pens.

Promotional Brushed Silver Pens

Some of our custom pens, whether fully metallic or just those featuring metal accents, contain brushed silver. Brushed silver is polished with the goal of achieving a low-gloss finish. It's a look that is quite elegant and is a popular element in many items. Our personalized brush silver pens & pens with brushed silver accents have an undeniable air of sophistication and strength that makes the perfect backdrop for your imprinted or engraved company logo.

Personalized Executive Gold Plated Pens

When it's time to pull out all the stops and go for the gusto, you can't do better than our customized gold plated pens and premium gold filled pens. Gold is among the most precious and prized of all metals. Anyone who receives a gold pen from your company will know they are highly valued and that they can rely on your business to always be a provider of products and services of only the highest integrity.

Custom High Quality Chrome Pens

Looking for premium pens that will put a smile on recipient's faces without putting a hurt on your company's finances? If so, our custom executive chrome pens are just what you need. Whether featuring a full chrome body or chrome plating, these pens show that your business means business when it comes to providing top-quality yet utilitarian products to the marketplace.

Promotional Novelty Metal Pens & Custom Unique Metal Pens

It never hurts to have a little fun or to dare to be different. To illustrate this point, we submit our assortment of unique metal pens and writing accessories. Over the course of the next four paragraphs, we'll highlight some examples where breaking from the herd can be just what the doctor ordered.

When it comes to immediate attention grabbers, our promotional sand timer metal pens are in a class by themselves. These customizable novelty metal pens feature a floating sand timer within their bodies, instantly drawing eyes and transforming mundane tasks such as writing down phone numbers into an exercise in fun.

Promotional Triangle Shaped Metal Pens

For a different gripping experience and an overall change of pace, we suggest investing in some of our custom triangular shaped metal pens. In addition to their unique feel and appearance, these pens bring an added element of utility in that their flat bottom surfaces prevent them from rolling around and falling off of desks.

Bulk Novelty Pen Holders in Fun Shapes

Many of our wholesale pen holders come in unique shapes that bring a little bit of mirth into the day of all who use them or cross their paths. A perfect example would be our cute custom seal shaped pen holder, which is a great fit for any business in the marine industry or for animal lovers in any line of work.

Wholesale Miniature Metal Pens

A small pen can still offer big benefits. If you need proof, look no further than our multi-function small promotional metal pens. These custom logo mini metal pens offer an LED flashlight, stylus tip, and carabiner in addition to being writing implements.

Promotional Metal Pen Ink Types

In different styles of pens, you'll find different styles of ink. Each ink variety has its own unique set of benefits, both in terms of practicality and style. In the next four paragraphs, we'll dive a bit more deeply into the different types of ink that can be found in our company branded metal pens.

Cheap Custom Ballpoint Metal Ink Pens

Ballpoint pens are the most commonly used pen style within the Western world. They run the gamut from low-cost to luxurious. The type of ink used in our wholesale metal ballpoint pens is oil-based and designed to last for an extended period of time. Contrary to popular belief, ballpoint pens don't need to be capped or retracted in order to prevent drying; this is just a measure that is helpful for preventing unintended marks when the pens are dropped or mishandled.

Company Branded Metal Gel Pens

Unlike the pens described above, our promotional metal gel pens do not employ oil-based inks. Gel ink is more liquid in nature and tends to write more smoothly and freely. However, if not properly cared for, they run the risk of bleeding or drying out prematurely. These are pens that DO need to be capped/retracted in order to maintain longevity and peak performance.

Our custom hybrid ink metal pens present the best of both worlds. Their ink has the strength and longevity of ballpoint ink along with the silky smooth writing experience of gel ink. They also are resistant to smudging, bleeding, and clumping.

Promotional Refillable Metal Ink Pens

We offer many different styles of personalized metal pens with refillable ink cartridges. The great thing about these models is that they can be used over and over again, even when the ink runs dry. Many of them even come with lifetime hardware guarantees.

Custom High Tech Metal Pens

In today's modern digital world, it's often all about the technology. Even though traditional pens will always have a function and a place, high tech metal pens are growing in popularity. We'll briefly outline a few of the different tech-oriented metal pens you can find at 4AllPromos.

Wholesale Metal Stylus Pens

More and more business and communication is being carried out via mobile devices every day. With this in mind, it follows that our custom engraved metal stylus pens have a great deal of utility to offer. They function both as ink pens for writing on paper as well as possessing stylus tips for typing on phone and tablet screens.

Personalized Metal Pen Phone Stands

Who doesn't love getting multiple benefits for the price of one? We surely can't name anyone who would fit that description. Offering your target audience a promotional product that can achieve multiple goals in one unit will unquestionably lead to frequent and valuable advertising impressions in all kinds of settings. Our promotional phone stand metal pens are one such item. Able to prop up phones, serve writing implements, and often perform in even more capacities, these are custom tech giveaway items that you do not want to pass up.

Custom USB Metal Pens

For a powerful 1-2 promotional punch that truly lives life in the high-tech fast lane, we suggest investing in our custom metal pens with USB drives. When armed with these items, users will never be without a trusty writing implement. They'll also never need to fret about leaving electronic documents behind or in accessible places, as a mini USB drive is inserted right into the top of the pens.

Promotional LED Flashlight Metal Pens

Shed some light on the subject and on brand awareness with personalized LED metal pens from 4AllPromos! These handy little promo giveaway items combine the utility of a trusty pen with a bright flashlight. They're great for finding small items dropped in the office or around the car. They can also be a tremendous help when operating locks and keys in the dark.

Design Your Own Custom Metal Pens

The most important aspect of any promotional product is that it lives up to its name and actually promotes your business. That's why we place such a strong emphasis on decorating our custom giveaway items with your logo. Whether imprinting or engraving, there are a number of different ways you can go about personalizing your metal pens. We're here to help guide you to the best solutions to fit your branding and design needs.

Custom Laser Engraved Metal Pens

Many of our promotional executive metal pens are engraved with your logo through the use of laser beams. These company logo engraved metal pens boast branding design graphics that won't fade, chip, flake, or otherwise disappear or deteriorate over time. When you want a durable pen with equally durable branding, this is your best option.

Personalized Metal Pens with Epoxy Dome Logos

Another sure-fire way to keep your logos looking great for a long time is to have them protected via epoxy domes. These hard clear plastic barriers lend a three dimensional effect to your logo, while protecting it from stains, scratches, and other forms of damage. The customizable epoxy dome logo metal pens you'll find on our site will proudly represent your company for the long haul.

Cheap Printed Metal Advertising Pens

If you're looking for a more affordable way to design your promotional metal pens, we have you covered. Our wholesale screen and pad printed metal pens offer a way to get your logo out there effectively and on a while operating on a budget. They're available in both single and multiple color logo design formats.

Custom Photo Metal Pens

Add a personal touch to your promotional gifts by way of adding a meaningful photograph to your pen giveaways. With our personalized photo metal pens, you can send us the photograph(s) you'd like to include and we'll place them on your pens. They'll be nestled under protective materials to keep them looking great for years to come.