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Treat your business to best logo printed Halloween candy bags in the business! We offer a broad variety of different trick-or-treating bags, including, but not limited to, custom printed drawstring Halloween tote bags, helpful branded trick-or-treat bags with safety tips, numerous wholesale Jack-o'-Lantern Halloween candy bags, high visibility promotional reflective silver Halloween bags, and several other unique wholesale custom candy bags. No tricks here - 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

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4AllPromos is your one-stop-shop for Halloween promotional products! On this page, we'll be sharing a wealth of information with you regarding our custom Halloween candy bags. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, whether you go with our custom eco-friendly candy bags, promotional trick-or-treating bags with safety tips, spooky haunted house Halloween goodie bags, or any other of our bulk logo printed candy bags. Read on through the guide below to learn more about the personalized trick-or-treat bags we have to offer & find the style that best fits your promotional needs!

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Customized Halloween Bags with Graphics Promotional Halloween Bags in Different Colors

Different Styles of Promotional Halloween Candy Bags

If you're looking for company branded Halloween tote bags in a menagerie of different styles, you need look no further than 4AllPromos. We have customizable trick-or-treat bags made from many different materials and wholesale candy bags in several shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. Take a spin through this guide to learn more about our personalized Halloween candy bags and learn which ones are the best fit for your business.

Bulk Halloween bags, imprinted with your logo, are the perfect promotional product for fall. They can play a part in creating treasured childhood and family memories, to which your brand can be connected for a lifetime. Our company branded Halloween bags keep your logo visible among the fun and spooky Halloween art and safety tips, ensuring that nobody misses your logo while passing out candy to youngsters.

Wholesale Trick-or-Treat Bags with Die Cut Handles

If you'd like to provide users with something lightweight and easy to handle, we suggest going with our promotional Halloween candy bags with fold-over die cut handles. Kids can easily slip their hands through the handles to carry their candy bags all around the neighborhood without worries of dropping or strain on their backs.

Personalized Reusable Halloween Bags for Trick-or-Treating

Cut down on waste and on costs by ordering wholesale Halloween bags that can be used more than once! Our branded reusable Halloween bags can be used for multiple years by the same child and handed on down to younger siblings afterward. It's a sure-fire way to make your brand a part of every family's most cherished Halloween traditions and memories.

Custom Halloween Drawstring Backpacks

Do you want to provide trick-or-treating bags that are a little different from the norm? How about ones that can be used year-round for other purposes? If either of the above apply to your business, our pumpkin drawstring backpacks for Halloween might be the items for you. Worn in traditional backpack style, these can be used as school book bags for young children as well as personalized luggage totes for camps and weekend trips.

Promotional Eco-Friendly Halloween Bags

Go green this Halloween with our wholesale eco-friendly Halloween candy bags! We have several different custom Halloween bags that are made from recycled materials. Our non-woven polypropylene models are not just made from recycled materials, but are fully recyclable in their own right!

Wholesale Gusseted Halloween Bags in Bulk

Kids who want to maximize their candy haul will certainly appreciate custom-trick-or-treating bags that make it easy to do so. Such is the case with our custom logo printed gusseted Halloween goodie bags. These candy bags can expand at the sides to accommodate extra cargo but can also be compressed and folded away neatly when not in use.

Branded Halloween Shopper Bags

Available in many sizes and with looks spanning the bridge between rustic and modern, our bulk Halloween shopper bags are a perennial favorite. These company logo printed candy bags are lightweight and easy to transport. Each features a set of twin loop handles for easy carrying and wide top opening for convenient interior access.

Custom Halloween Goodie Bags - Materials

Our promotional Halloween tote bags are made from a variety of different materials. Each has its own set of benefits, allowing for a spot in the rotation year after year. Whether your choices are motivated by environmental protection, sturdiness, visual appeal, or ease of use, we have you covered. In the following section, we'll introduce you to each major material.

Promotional Polyester Halloween Candy Bags

Hitting leadoff are our custom polyester trick-or-treat bags. These are made from the same soft, comfortable, and lightweight material that is found in many types of clothing, blankets, and caps. It's a durable material that takes ink quite well and is sure to display your logo exactly as you intend.

Taking the rustic route will lead you to our quaint yet hip wholesale Kraft paper Halloween bags. These models offer the appeal of a classic paper shopping bag and have that satisfying rustle when sweet treats are deposited inside. They're among our more natural and eco-friendly styles.

Company Branded Non-Woven Polypropylene Halloween Bags

Continuing the eco-friendly theme alluded to in the previous paragraph, we'll talk a little about our promotional non-woven polypropylene candy bags. Polypropylene is a plastic polymer made from recycled materials and is in turn fully recyclable itself. One of the great things about our customized non-woven Halloween totes is that they can be used year after year, cutting down on spending and waste. Also, polypropylene is a thermoplastic. This means that when their lives as custom Halloween goodie bags are through, they can be melted down, recycled, and repurposed into literally thousands of other forms.

Personalized Reflective Plastic Candy Bags

When safety is your top concern, you can't go wrong with company logo reflective plastic Halloween bags. In addition to containing safety tips for trick-or-treaters, these personalized candy bags are made of a material that is reflective, maximizing visibility at night.

Wholesale Glossy Plastic Bags for Trick-or-Treating

For a slick, sleek, chic look and feel, our personalized glossy Halloween candy bags are the items to turn to in October. In addition to being delightfully lightweight and easy to carry, these Halloween treat bags also display fun and spooky graphics to really get users into the spirit of the holiday.

Wholesale Halloween Bags with Free Shipping

If you're looking to score deep discounts on our already inexpensive (yet high quality) Halloween bags, we have a tip for. When searching our selection of personalized trick-or-treat bags, look for the red and white "Free Shipping" sign in the upper left corner of the graphic. If you'd like to cut right to a promotional Halloween bag with free shipping, you can click on the preceding link.

Customized Halloween Bags with Graphics

To add to the spooky fun of Halloween, you can provide employees, customers, and target market members with Halloween goodie bags with printed images and stock art. Whether you want wholesale Halloween bags with cats, custom haunted house candy bags, Jack-o'-Lantern treat bags, or bulk Halloween bags with ghosts, we have it all.

As stated in the previous paragraph, we have many different styles of customizable stock art Halloween bags. Haunted houses, ghosts, black cats, spiders, witches, goblins, pumpkins, and more can be imprinted onto the customized candy bags that will represent your business this Halloween.

Promotional Halloween Candy Bags with Safety Tips

Searching for wholesale trick-or-treat safety tip Halloween bags? Your search ends right here at 4AllPromos. Many of our bulk candy bags feature multiple helpful tips for both children and their parents to ensure that this Halloween remains a safe, fun, and happy one.

Custom Pumpkin Halloween Bags

Naturally, pumpkins play a central role in the theme of many of our custom trick-or-treating bags. Whether shaped like a Jack-o'-Lantern or imprinted with a similar design, our promotional Jack-o'-Lantern candy bags are a hit every single Halloween.

Promotional Halloween Bags in Different Colors

If you have a particular color in mind that you feel would best suit your business logo, we're here to help. We offer bulk Halloween candy bags in many different colors, so you're sure to find what you're looking for on our site. The following is a comprehensive list of the different colors we carry.

Different Colors of Custom Halloween Bags