Bulk Pedometers

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With customizable options to showcase your brand, our range of high-quality pedometers is perfect for encouraging fitness and wellness in any group, event, or corporate wellness program Healthy living is essential, and you can support your customers and employees with bulk pedometers.

Walk Your Brand Into a Healthy Lifestyle With Promotional Pedometers

Pedometers are tools that count your steps and keep track of the distance the wearer has traveled. Some of our branded step counters also include an estimation of calories burned to help monitor and achieve health and fitness goals.

What are the benefits of custom bulk pedometers? Custom bulk pedometers benefit businesses and organizations by providing clients and employees with branded swag that promotes wellness incentives. While you’re company benefits from brand awareness and positive association, promotional pedometers help users create healthy living habits

Healthcare businesses and fitness centers can offer custom pedometers to their staff and patients to encourage exercise. They pair well as part of a larger health living promotional campaign when paired with custom sports bottles or other custom logo wellness items from our promotional offerings. 

Options for Custom Pedometers

Promotional pedometers are a natural choice for spas, gyms, and rehab facilities to gift to their clients and spread awareness to their target audiences. 4AllPromos carries a few select pedometer models.  

Colorful Pedometers

Bulk pedometers come in multiple colors, including green, blue, orange, purple, red, black, and white. The more colorful your branded step counters are, the more likely they are to draw attention to the logo imprinted on them. 

Multi-Function Pedometers

Multi-function pedometers measure more than just the steps you’re taking, they count calories burned and distance traveled in miles or kilometers. This model also features a clip to easily attach to yourself as you are walking.

Clearview Pedometers

Hikers, runners, and walkers are the perfect audience for promotional giveaways of Clearview company logo pedometers. These high-quality pedometers can help achieve weight loss goals and create new habits of becoming more active. 

Buy Cheap Pedometers in Bulk

Take advantage of our cost-effective pedometer bulk prices when you buy in higher quantities. 

Each style of the pedometer 4AllPromos offers has a minimum quantity of 100 units. Buying bulk pedometers is a good idea to spread awareness at races, community events, or healthcare industry trade shows.

Step Up Your Marketing Game with Promotional Bulk Pedometers from 4AllPromos

Get ready to step up your promotional game with our cost-effective and stylish pedometers. Bulk pedometers allow you to connect with your audience as they become healthier and feel better. Your logo can be at their side as someone heads to a gym, out on a walk, or into the woods for a hike.

Take the path to health and brand success when you order bulk pedometers for your next promotional campaign.

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