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Our promotional aprons are some of the best promotional products for restaurants & culinary schools. We carry custom imprinted grilling aprons, promotional waist aprons, long personalized business logo butcher aprons, handy customized tool aprons, soft promotional cotton aprons, eco-freindly recycled non-woven polypropylene aprons, unique custom embroidered aprons, and BBQ apron gift sets. To learn more about our promotional aprons, please refer to the guide located below our product images.

Custom Promotional Aprons Imprinted with Your Company Logo

We offer a grand array of promotional products for restaurants and bakeries. Among our best promotional kitchen products are our custom imprinted aprons. Available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes, our promotional aprons are a hit within the food service industry and also make excellent corporate promotional gifts. Whether used in restaurants, for backyard grilling, or in BBQ pits at company picnics, our custom business logo imprinted aprons are promo items that never fail to please.

Supplementary Information About Our Promotional Aprons

  • Promotional Apron Materials

  • Promotional Apron Styles

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  • Promotional Apron Features

  • Promotional Apron Materials

    Our custom promotional aprons are made of many different materials. Every material has its own set of characteristics that provide benefits and utilities in a variety of situations and uses. Read on to learn a bit more about the different materials our aprons are made from.

    Promotional Cotton Aprons

    Some of our most eco-friendly promotional aprons are made of cotton. Cotton is a natural product that is noted for its softness and comfort. These represent some of our most lightweight promotional aprons. They’re great for use around the house or in commercial kitchens, but they are not designed to carry excessively heavy loads in their pockets. Our custom cotton restaurant aprons are breathable and absorbent and do not retain odors quite as heavily as other fabrics. This makes them perfect promotional aprons for seafood markets.

    Promotional Polyester Aprons

    At this point, we’d like to introduce you to our polyester aprons. Polyester fabrics can be lightweight or quite heavy, all depending on the density of the fabric being used. Its density is measured in Deniers (pronounced as “de-NEERS”) and the most heavyweight polyester fabrics will have the highest Denier ratings. Polyester is a highly UV-resistant material, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. It’s also machine washable and holds its shape very well. Our 600D Polyester BBQ Chef Aprons are hefty and durable promotional aprons with pockets designed to hold a menagerie of different grilling tools.

    Promotional Polycotton Twill Aprons

    As their name would imply, our custom polycotton twill aprons bring the best benefits of cotton and polyester to the table. They are usually constructed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, but this isn’t a rule that is set in stone. Our promotional polycotton twill aprons offer superior stain resistance, wrinkle resistance, and are less prone to developing permanent creases. The twill part of the name refers to the fabric being woven by way of parallel diagonal ribbing.

    Promotional Non-Woven Polypropylene Aprons

    Our non-woven polypropylene aprons are another among our best eco-friendly promotional products. Polypropylene is made of 100% recycled materials and is in turn fully recyclable itself. Its density is measured in GSM, which stands for grams per square meter. A high GSM number means that the polypropylene in your product is very strong and durable. This material resists water, rips, tears, stains, and warping. Our promotional non-woven polypropylene aprons are so named because the material they are constructed of contains chemically bonded fibers rather than stitched ones.

    Promotional Canvas Aprons

    Promotional canvas aprons are among the most durable aprons money can buy. They’re specifically designed for hauling heavy loads and are stand up very well to water and inclement weather. They stand up very well to pulling and tugging and are flame retardant as well. This makes them a great option for grilling and when operating in culinary settings where large flames are part of the daily routine.

    Promotional Denim Aprons

    Denim is a specific variety of twill woven cotton and in case you’re wondering, yes, these aprons are made of the same material as your jeans. Our custom logo imprinted denim aprons are strong and stoic and exceed in absorbing moisture and sweat. Handwashing is the best way to clean them, as it will prevent shrinkage.

    Promotional Apron Styles

    Different tasks call for different tools, and our line of promotional aprons is fit to take on any and all of them. Our custom business logo imprinted aprons come in many different shapes, sizes, and coverage styles. We’ll now explain a bit about the various styles of aprons that we offer.

    Promotional Butcher Aprons

    Butcher aprons tend to be long and heavy. They offer a large degree of coverage, as their namesake profession is one that can be quite messy. Safety is also paramount when it comes to our company logo butcher aprons. They feature extra-long waist tie straps that reach all the way to the front of the apron for easy tying. This prevents dangling rope from catching under feet or on heavy machinery and reduces risk of injury.

    Promotional Bistro Aprons

    Bistro aprons tend to rise up to or just above waist level and typically go down to around the knee or slightly above. They get their name from the fact that many upscale eateries tend to outfit their waitstaff in these kind of aprons.

    Promotional Contractor Aprons aka Tool Aprons

    Our promotional contractor aprons, which are also referred to as tool aprons, serve just the purpose you’d expect them to. These promotional aprons with extra pockets are designed to be able to hold a broad assortment of whatever tools and implements a person needs to get a job done. They are constructed of more durable fabrics, as they need to be able to accommodate heavy cargo

    Promotional BBQ & Grilling Aprons

    These are yet another apron style whose name removes a lot of the guesswork. Our custom imprinted barbecue aprons are made from durable materials that are designed to function in outdoor environments. They typically feature several pockets, many of them being designed for the purpose of carrying specific grilling tools such as tongs, forks, and grill brushes.

    Promotional Full-Length Aprons

    Full-length aprons are designed with the goal of protecting all of your clothing from the neck down. Most butcher aprons fall into this category, as do the majority of promotional gourmet aprons, as do some bistro aprons. If the job is a dirty one and splashes, spatters, and spills are to be expected, you’ll want to use our promotional full-length aprons to keep your clothing dry and protected.

    Promotional Half Aprons

    Half length aprons are alternately referred to as waist aprons. This is because they protect up to the waist and down to around the knee or mid-thigh area, depending on the apron and the height of the person wearing it. They’re frequently worn by waiters and waitresses as well as busboys and maître d’s. Cashiers, grocery store workers, and florists also tend to find our promotional waist aprons to be very useful.

    There are many ways to order a promotional apron with your company logo. Screen printing, full color transfer printing, embroidery, and dye sublimation are all tried and true business logo decoration options that all have their time and place in which they are the best choice. Read on to see which one is the best fit for your business promotional needs.

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing is generally the most affordable way to get a business logo imprinted onto a product. You likely have also seen this process referred to as silkscreening. It works best with one-color logos and company logos that are more intricate and detailed.

    Full-Color Heat Transfer Printing

    This method is generally the go-to when your logo features bold colors and a relatively easy-to-replicate design. This method allows for multiple colors to be added to an item at the same time and consequently, faster production times. It is a bit more expensive than screen printing, but well worth it if a colorful logo with a high degree of contrast is what you are looking for.


    Custom business logo embroidered aprons are among our more premium and upscale promotional products. An embroidered logo is sewn into the fabric a product is composed of, ensuring that it will not fade or chip with time. It creates a three dimensional effect and is a great fit for boutique businesses, fabric stores, upscale eateries, and top-notch commemorative promotional products.

    Dye Sublimated Aprons

    Our custom business logo dye sublimated aprons allow for maximum creativity and color. Their entire surface is imprinted with your business logo and any other designs you’d like to accompany it.

    Promotional Apron Features

    Our promotional aprons all possess their own traits which make them unique among their culinary cousins. Whether based around storage, comfort, convenience, safety, or stain protection, each characteristic brings something different to the table.


    Our aprons feature many different kinds of pockets. Patch pockets are pockets consists of separate pieces of cloth that are sewn onto the surface of a sheet of fabric. They tend to be large and have a somewhat prominent appearance. Slash pockets have very thin openings and blend in quite easily with the garment carrying them. Flared pockets get wider the further down they go.

    What is the Bib of an Apron?

    The bib of an apron is the tapered top section of an apron. They cover the chest area of the person wearing them and in many cases, feature a pocket on which your business logo can be imprinted or embroidered.

    What is a Tunnel Style Neck Strap?

    A tunnel style neck strap is a neck strap that is sewn inside the front of an apron and hangs out free on the back side. They allow the aprons to easily be slipped on and off and are also quite comfortable.

    What Does Self-Fabric Mean?

    Self-fabric means that the portion of the garment being described is made of the same fabric as the rest of it. For example, a polyester apron with a self fabric neck strap would contain a neck strap that is also made of the same cut and density of polyester as the rest of the apron.