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Custom matches are useful giveaway items that customers will keep in their pockets, on the coffee tables, and in their kitchen drawers. Adding your logo and business info to a pack of matches is a reminder for your customers to keep coming back!

Promotional Matchboxes with Custom Logos Will Light Your Brand

What is the advantage of custom matches? Custom matches have the advantage of being a promotional item your customers will use multiple times, while still being affordable for you to print your logo on in bulk.

Matches and matchbooks are great giveaways for smoke shops and candle makers. They can be dropped into each customer’s bag when they purchase cannabis accessories or as helpful gifts for customers who enjoy cigars. Your candle shop can pass them out so customers can easily light up a room and fill it with pleasing aromas. 

For bars, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs, having promotional matches available for users who want to step out for a smoke means they’ll take your brand home with them after their drinks. Double your bar’s branding with additional custom logo promotional items and branded products to keep on hand like promo toothpicks, branded coasters, and shot glasses.

Personalized matchbooks are so convenient and affordable that we’ve even had orders for custom matches to be used as party favors at wedding receptions.

Types of Custom Matches

Before buying custom matches wholesale, we’re here to help you choose the perfect match style. All of the custom matchbooks and custom matchboxes we have can be personalized with your designs.

Standard Matchbooks

Our standard matchbooks are one of our best sellers for wholesale custom matches cheap. These matches are sometimes referred to as stem matchbooks and are what you commonly see at restaurants. They contain wooden or stiff paper match sticks and offer a striker on the back panel for quick and easy lighting. Search our assortment & pick a style and stock color to customize today!

Custom Matchboxes

Matchboxes differ from personalized matchbooks because rather than having a folding, tuck-in front, they feature trays that slide into solid boxes. The matches aren't fused like matchbooks, instead, they are individual matchsticks. These personalized matches are considered safety matches because the match head must struck on the special surface of the matchbox.

Cigar Matches and Candle Matches

Cigar or candle matches are sturdy and longer than the standard matches. They are often 4-inch long matches to make them able to be used longer without risking a burn. The longer match sticks can reach down into jars to light candles and be used to light multiple wicks before the flame goes out.

Strike Matches

The match head of strike matches are designed to ignite when struck across any flat, dry surface. You’ll see strike matchbooks in survival kits and camping swag bags, they are especially useful when lighters aren't available. 

Buying Custom Matches Wholesale

Personalized matchbooks and promotional matches can be made in large quantities and left for prospects and customers to take freely. 

What are the benefits of custom matches in bulk? A major benefit of buying custom matches in bulk is the boost in brand recall for a low initial investment. If several customers pass through your door each day, this simple giveaway can bring them back days, weeks, and months later when they use your matches again. 

You won't find matches with no minimum order on our site because buying them in large quantities will be far more beneficial to your business.

Design Custom Matches with Your Logo

Whether you’re ordering custom matches as wedding favors, giveaways for trade shows, or general promotional products, your business will get the most out of matches when you custom-design them with your logo.

Personalized matches with your branding can be as effective as business cards when a prospect goes to use them again. Add your branding to any of the 4AllPromos products, including our matches in a few easy steps.

  1. Choose the product you want to customize
  2. Make selections on the dropdown menus (typically found above the Add to Cart/Upload Artwork button) for your logo imprinting color and product color. 
  3. Click the  "Add to Cart/Upload Artwork" button. You’ll be redirected to your cart where you’ll see the option at the top to Upload Your Artwork.
  4. Choose to upload your artwork, include text for printing in the comments box, or email us your artwork separately. Artwork Upload Instructions
  5. Click save and continue with your checkout!


FAQ About Custom Matches With A Logo

What are the components of a matchbook?
The key components of a matchbook are the saddle, front flap, comb, and striker. The saddle is the top panel, which connects the front and back panels. The front flap is the lower area, under which the front panel tucks when the book is closed. The comb is the interior area where the match sticks are connected.
Where on the matchbook can I print my logo?
Most matchbooks will offer imprint areas to print your logo on the front panel, back panel, saddle, and front flap. The model you choose will determine exactly where you can print your logo, but standard and specialty matchboxes can be imprinted nearly anywhere on their exterior surfaces.
Is it better to use matches or lighters?
Matches and lighters are both handy tools, but matches are an eco-friendly choice since they are biodegradable. Lighters are better for smoking pipes though, as matches can leave a bit of a sulfur flavor behind in the bowl.
Do people still use matchbooks?
Absolutely! People still use matchbooks every day, and most cigar shops and smoke stores will offer to throw in a matchbook for free.
How long does it take to make custom matches?
Most of our custom matches have a 20-day production period. There are some exceptions to this though. Our tent matchbooks and matches in drum boxes have a 50-day production period. Do you need a quick ship matchbox option or match items? Rush delivery may be available. Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team or sales representatives if you have any questions.

Spark Brand Recall With Personalized Matches

Adding your custom logo personalized matchboxes is a budget-friendly way to build brand recognition. Start boosting your recall with custom matches today!

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