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4AllPromos is where to buy branded matches and custom matchbooks in bulk. We have several types of matches & matchbooks for businesses, restaurants and bars. Browse our collection, consisting of custom 4" matches, giveaway-friendly cheap promotional matches wholesale, larger personalized cigar matches, colorful customized matchboxes, attractive personalized matchbooks for businesses, and more.

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4AllPromos is your top source for promotional matches for restaurants, custom matches for bars, and personalized matches for businesses. We offer our promotional matches in several different types of containers, sizes, and quantities. The following section provides some additional information on our custom matches for giveaways, helping guide you to the best styles and features to meet your company's needs. Interested in novelty personalized matchbook items as party favors or wedding favors? How about matchbook golf sets? We have those too! By the way, if you ended up on this page as a result of searching for promotional diecast cars, the preceding link will take you to our collection.

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Different Types of Promotional Matches

Before we start talking about the containers that our personalized matches come in, we should explain a bit about the different match varieties that fill them. At 4AllPromos, you'll find matches in different sizes and styles to fit specific needs, all of which make excellent promotional products. The next three paragraphs will detail some of the most prominent types of custom matches and custom printed matchbooks we carry.

Standard Matches in Bulk

If you're looking to buy cheap custom matches wholesale, we have several options to choose from. Our standard matches are the type you'd expect to find in a typical matchbook. They're made from wood and offer a striker on the back panel for quick and easy lighting. Affordable and effective, they're terrific as giveaway items and are great tools to promote an event. Search our assortment & pick a style to customize today!

Custom Cigar Matches aka Custom Candle Matches

Our custom long matches are a bit more sturdy and sizable than the standard models. These are often 4 inch long matches, whose additional length makes them safer for longer periods of use. They can reach down into jars to light candles, stay lit long enough to properly light a cigar without customers & clients burning their fingers, and be used to light multiple items before the flame goes out or has a chance to reach fingers.

Promotional Strike Matches

You'll also find custom strike matches in bulk on our site while browsing our collection. Strike matches are different from other styles in that their heads don't have to be dragged across a matchbook/matchbox striker in order to be lit. Brushing these custom matches firmly over nearly any surface that is flat, dry, and firm will produce a flame. Invest in them today and personalize as new products to "light a fire" under customer loyalty!

Customized Matchbooks with Logos

Custom matchbooks make great giveaway items for restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, resorts, smoke shops, and more. They’re also terrific wedding favors and party favors or for celebrating any other special day. They're affordable fast shipping products, perfect for ordering in bulk for passing out to large audiences. These items are also a hit at trade shows and events, as well as grand opening ceremonies. A few terms may need some explaining when it comes to matchbooks. Please refer to the guide below for help. Contact us if your question isn't featured in the section below and our customer service team will help you right away.

Matchbook Components - FAQ

  • What is the saddle of matchbook?
  • The saddle is the top panel, which connects the front and back panels of the custom matchbook.

  • What is the front flap on a matchbook?
  • The front flap refers to the lower area of the front of a matchbook. It's the piece under which the front panel tucks when the book is closed.

  • Where in a matchbook is the comb?
  • The comb refers to the area within a matchbook where the match sticks are connected to each other. Generally, the matches are connected up to a space just below the head.

Wholesale Matchbooks - Quantities

Some of the matchbooks on our site come with different quantities of matches inside. Most fall into the category of either custom printed 20 count matchbooks or personalized 30 count matchbooks. These personalized matchbooks give the option to offer smaller or larger quantities to users. Tobacco shops and bars will often prefer styles with higher match counts. A smaller quantity can be a great idea when going for wedding favors or other more intimate events.

Personalized Colored Matchbooks

Color is key in catching eyes and getting attention for your logo imprint. That's why we offer our branded matchbooks in lots of different colorful package designs. Just a few options are our promotional assorted color matchbooks, attractive wholesale color-on-color matchbooks, and custom color-on-white matchbooks in bulk.

Promotional Matchboxes

Matchboxes differ from matchbooks in that rather than having a folding, tuck-in front, they feature trays that slide into solid boxes. They tend to be a bit more solid and hold individual matches in large groups. In other words, the matches aren't fused together and need not be peeled apart such as the comb style matches you'd find in a matchbook.

Custom Made Cigar Matchboxes

If your business needs larger match containers for heavier jobs, we suggest looking at our promotional cigar matchboxes. These branded matchboxes house longer matches which can be used for lighting cigars, candles, gas stove burners, and much more. These custom matchboxes are great for one time and ongoing promotions alike.

Wholesale Small Matchboxes

Like the look of a classic matchbox but aren't in need of particularly long matches? If so, our custom made mini matchboxes are a perfect fit. With a smaller number of matches measuring 2 inches in length, these make ideal promotional products for bars, restaurants, gift shops, and more.

Custom Printed Novelty Matchboxes

Have some fun and let the creative ideas flow with unique branded matchboxes from 4AllPromos! These personalized matchboxes come in fun shapes, designs, and colors to create a branding item that refuses to be ignored. The example linked to is a house shaped matchbox, which makes a great giveaway item for realtors, mortgage companies, contractors, and more. They add a fun, personalized touch at a great price that can’t be beat!

Branded Matches in Drum Boxes

A more unique container style, our promotional match drums are custom match holders that are growing in popularity. These items consist of cylindrical tubes which sit upright and hold varying quantities of matches. Access is easy, with the top portion being removable when matches are needed, and replaceable when it's time to close the container. Many of our match drums come with free shipping.

Design Your Own Custom Made Matchbooks & Personalized Matchboxes

Adding your logo to any of our custom promotional products is a great way to build brand awareness. Get creative with color and design to truly make our matchbooks with logos and custom printed matchboxes for businesses your own.