Custom Scratch-Off Tickets

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Custom scratch-off tickets provide a novel way to engage with your audience at trade shows and community events. They allow you to capture attention and build excitement as newcomers are introduced to your brand.

Your Brand’s Jackpot on Custom Scratch Cards

Unlike most other promotional products and giveaway items, custom scratch cards involve an element of surprise and require active participation. Businesses can use scratch-offs to generate enthusiasm and interest. 

Promotional scratch cards can be used to entice a purchase or as a lottery thank-you prize for a customer’s business. They’re a fun way to get customers to interact during promotional events, like sports games, holidays, or a slow season, to generate more sales.

Scratch cards leave a lasting impression on the customer, increasing brand awareness and repeat business. Full-color designs and custom artwork also boost your brand’ recognition while the bonuses on the cards help earn more sales.

Promotional scratch-off tickets often include a brand’s logo plus variable data printing, which allows for complete customization. Create a design in the shape, colors, and themes that best represent your brand. Continue the theme of lottery and casino games with promotional playing cards and poker chips

Types of Promotional Scratch Cards

Scratch-off cards are an excellent way to capture a customer’s attention and begin to nurture loyalty. 4AllPromos offers a wide range of custom scratch-off cards to fit your marketing strategy.

Gambling-themed Scratch-Offs

Gambling-themed scratch-offs allow customers to enjoy their favorite casino games, like blackjack, with similar artwork and contest rules. Different gambling themes can make the process fun for your customers, and have them coming back for more.

Food-themed Scratch-Offs

Food-themed scratch-off promotional tickets are an excellent marketing strategy for restaurants and cafes. These personalized scratch-off tickets build customer loyalty and return visits by offering free food and beverage items. Your restaurant business can work with our design team to create a full-color scratch-off ticket that features the food items or themes that best complement your brand.

American-themed Scratch-Offs

We offer scratch-offs that feature the American flag, great for Fourth of July or Veteran’s Day promotions. Let customers know your products are made in the United States with your American-themed printed scratch cards. This is a favorite of 4AllPromos, a US-based company, that is proud to offer products made in the USA.

Sports-themed Scratch-Offs

Sports-themed custom scratch-offs celebrate special sporting events or kick off a promo campaign around the big game. Custom card designs can help you support a local high school basketball, football, or golf team. 

Buy Personalized Scratch-Off Tickets in Bulk

Personalized scratch-off cards are cost-effective and great to hand out in large quantities. Get custom scratch-off tickets in bulk to create a sale like a lottery game for customers. You can include them with every order during a certain week and incorporate scratch-off cards into fundraising and corporate events.

Bulk orders are recommended with scratch-off tickets since most customers will want to test their luck with multiple tickets. Scratch-off tickets generate a lot of interest, they’re affordable and easy to keep on hand when you get them in bulk.

FAQs About Custom Scratch-Off Tickets

Can custom graphics be printed on top of the scratch-offs?
Your custom graphics can be printed on top of the scratch-off at 4AllPromos. we make it easy for your company to customize your promotional items. Submit your custom artwork, and our design team will get to work creating your fun and professional scratch-off cards.
Do scratch-off tickets work like lottery tickets?
Scratch-off tickets work like lottery tickets within your company, but our tickets cannot be used for money or cash prizes. Similar to a lottery ticket, a recipient can scratch off the scratch area using a coin or key and reveal their prize. Your business can print scratch-off cards to award discounts, services, or prizes that further promote your brand.
What color is the scratch-off?
The color of your scratch-off tickets depends on your project. Our team makes it easy to design a high-quality, unique scratch-off card that perfectly fits your brand. We have full-color front and back options or options for customized artwork. All scratch-off cards have a high-quality scratch layer that is easy to scratch.
Can I add a logo on scratch-offs?
You can add your business logo to your scratch-off cards to create returning customers and strengthen brand recall. Our scratch-off tickets can include logos, brand colors, or any other variable details and data important to your promotion.
Are there discounts for bulk purchases?
The higher the quantity of scratch-off tickets your business orders, the more you’ll save. 4AllPromos makes ordering your printed tickets more budget-friendly with bulk discounts. Qualify for additional printing discounts at 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, and 10,000 scratch-offs. Need to request even more than that? Contact us for a custom print job.

You Win With Every Custom Scratch-Off Ticket

The interactive experience of custom scratch-off tickets brings a blend of excitement and brand awareness to your promotional campaign. Customized scratch-off tickets come in fun shapes, sizes, and designs, ready for your creative marketing projects and ideas. Companies can focus on fun and success with promotional scratch-off tickets.

Ready to scratch the surface of the audiences your brand can reach? Order custom scratch cards for your next event and you’re sure to be a winner.

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