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Buy the best promotional stuffed animals wholesale from 4AllPromos. We offer promotional plush stuffed animals, cute custom imprinted beanie stuffed animals, plush custom teddy bears, mini promo keychain stuffed animals & stuffed animals from GUND, Steven Smith, Aurora World, Artistic Toy & Chelsea Teddy Bear Company. If you'd like to learn more about our promotional stuffed animals, check out the informational section located near the bottom of this page.

Promotional Stuffed Animals

It is often tedious to find the perfect promotion, especially for children. From frisbees to t-shirts, there are many common ways to get your brand the exposure it needs. But what do you do to stand out? Children can be picky, but there is one way to put a smile on their face, and it would work with many adults, too! When you want to cross the borders of creativity and the ability to elicit nostalgic memories of a simpler time, it doesn’t get much easier than offering custom stuffed animals!

Promotional stuffed animals are a wonderful way to get your brand name out there for all to see. Your customers will snuggle up with them every night and even travel with them, be it to their grandparents house or even college! Novelty plush toys are soft and cuddly, while coming in many shapes and sizes. Small key chains and large bed buddies are all available to aid you in your marketing. From plushies to beanies, t-shirt and bandanas, there are many options for you to imprint your brand name or business logo for all to see! Continue reading for more information on our wonderful selection of custom stuffed animals!

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Novelty Stuffed Animal Styles & Materials

Name Brand Plush Animals

Stuffed Animal Sizes

Accessories for Stuffed Animals

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Novelty Stuffed Animal Styles & Materials

Plush Stuffed Animals

Plush stuffed animals have one big thing in common; they are all extremely soft. Many dolls and stuffed animals are described as plush. This can mean a number of things, Firstly, the item has to be very soft to the touch, no matter the material. Secondly, it refers to a sewn toy that is stuffed with soft, forgiving material that tends to maintain its shape. Finally, plush can often refer to fur-like fabric made from silk, rayon, cotton polyester, or a mixture of the preceding. A traditional stuffed animal style, these are the most well-known and adored version of novelty stuffed toys. You’re sure to love these custom logo imprinted stuffed animals!

Beanie Stuffed Animals

Though many dolls may be covered in plush fabric, some are also filled with beans or beads. These are often called beanies. Often providing weight to impact design, these beanies can sometimes stand on their own! Some beanies are even similar classic styles that are full of beads. They are certainly nostalgic, and provide a heavier animal that, while still soft, is not as cuddly as our plushie models. Beanie stuffed animals are a cool take on the classic stuffed animal.

Puppet Stuffed Animals

For a multi-functional stuffed animal, you could go with a key chain. However, even more fun is a puppet! Our selection of novelty plush toys includes a small selection of cute puppets. When you need to put a smile on a child’s face or cheer up someone who is rather grumpy, why not try one of these cute reversible puppets? Each of our puppets is also easily changed from one animal to another, whether it’s a teddy bear or bull (as linked to above) or even a custom stuffed donkey or elephant. You’re sure to see a smile every time these stuffed animals comes out!

Holiday Stuffed Animals

When December comes around, you can’t go wrong with a classic! A traditional use for custom stuffed animals, the Winter holidays are a fantastic time to offer an adorable way to promote your brand or service. From bulldogs to lambs, and frogs to monkeys, 4AllPromos has some great holiday options if you’re interested in a novelty plush toy. You can even celebrate Christmas “down under” with this promotional plush Christmas koala bear!

Name Brand Plush Animals

We carry several promotional stuffed animals from famous brand name manufacturers. Read on to learn a little about the custom brand name stuffed animals available from 4AllPromos.

Steven Smith Stuffed Animals

Some of the promotional cute stuffed animals we offer come from Steven Smith Stuffed Animals. They are a company that is well-known for their award-winning original designs and produce a wide variety of promotional stuffed animals, finger puppets, hand puppets, keychains, and several other promotional products for kids and adults.

GUND Plush Animals

Also offered are a selection of dolls from a well-known stuffed animal creator! A trusted manufacturer of promotional stuffed animals and custom plush dolls, GUND is a brand name you can trust! We offer a good selection of GUND plushies, from teddy bears in many shapes and colors, to some adorable puppies. Each animal has a name already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it one of our own too!

Plush Animals from Chelsea Teddy Bear Company

The Chelsea Teddy Bear Company is the originator of the Wild Bunch promotional stuffed animal product line. Every product from this company is guaranteed to meet with user satisfaction. They achieve this through using high quality materials and good-old-fashioned craftsmanship to create promotional plush animals unlike any others.

Artistic Toy Plush Animals

Yet another manufacturer of promotional stuffed animals whose products we are proud to carry is Artistic Toy. They are well-known for creating stuffed animals (such as their Kirby promotional teddy bears) that are of impeccable quality and cover both traditional and unique plush toys. They are equally famous for their commitment to fair labor standards and product safety.

Aurora World Plush Animals

Aurora World is based in Pico Rivera, California, and was established in 1981. Ever since, they’ve been supplying top quality custom plush animals and high-end gifts for children and adults. Their custom creations have received a plethora of awards throughout the years.

Stuffed Animal Sizes

Our wide selection of novelty stuffed animals comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a little puppy to carry at all times, or a generous teddy bear to cuddle with nightly, we’ve got you covered. Our smallest options are attached to a keychain. Keychain buddies, such as these Wild Bunch promotional stuffed animal keychains, come around with you daily. Perfect for identifying a child’s bag or simply brightening, you can’t go wrong with these affordable mini stuffed animals!

Our other stuffed animals come in your basic small, medium, and large sizes. There are desktop stuffed animals, and those that will rest comfortably on any bed. You’ll find custom stuffed animals anywhere from 4” to 12” tall! There are plenty choices within each for you to choose from, so you are sure to find the right one.

Accessories for Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals with T-Shirts & Hoodies

For a fun way to make your custom stuffed animal a little more appealing, look no further! T-shirts are an adorable way to personalize any stuffed animal. The small, cute tees draw attention directly to your imprinted logo while humanizing miniature stuffed animals. There is no way a child or even loving adult can say no to a promotional teddy bear with a custom logo imprinted shirt! T-shirts come in many colors and are sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

For those in colder regions or to help market during the colder months of the year, t-shirts are sometimes exchangeable with hoodie sweatshirts! Most often for a slightly higher price, hoodies provide cool opportunities to further make your brand stand out. Children can learn to bundle up when they need to as they help their best buddies do the same! Hoodies are a wonderful addition to any stuffed animal, and your imprinted logo makes it even better.

We even offer a custom teddy bear fun holiday ugly sweater!

Stuffed Animals with Ribbons, Scarves, and Bandanas

Another accessory option in neckwear. Many stuffed animals feature a scarf or ribbon around the neck. Coming in many colors, this is a wonderful way to add your logo to an amusing promotion. WIthout the option of a t-shirt, in most cases, ribbons and scarves take the place of your imprint location. Choose a contrasting color to your logo, one that matches your chosen promo stuffed animal, or a color that matches a particular cause you support. There are plenty of options! In many cases, bandanas are available as a replacement for ribbons or scarves. This option allows you to change things up and provide a series of unique promotional stuffed animals! Neckwear tends to have fewer color options than t-shirts do, but also provide a more individual opportunity.

If none of these pique your interest, there are even a couple with capes!

Custom Stuffed Animal Eyes

Eyes can be unique among novelty plush toys. There are beaded and molded plastic eyes that really pop out. There are also sewn-on and embroidered eyes that provide a truly long-lasting option. A special feature, each eye type has a distinct look that enhances appearances.

Custom Imprinting Options for Personalized Stuffed Animals

Available for every custom stuffed animal is custom imprinting. Included in pricing is a one-color imprint set on the included shirt, cape, scarf, bandana, or hoodie that each of the promotional plush animals may have. Simplicity is effective and affordable, so imprint your logo in a starkly contrasting color to make you logo pop! To set your marketing at a level above the rest, many promotional company logo imprinted stuffed animals feature the option for multi-color imprinting to really make your design stand out.

Give 4AllPromos a call today, our promotional product experts are happy to help!