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Company logo twist-action pens are excellent both as promotional products and as trade show giveaway items. We stock many styles and varieties for you to choose from. Whether you're interested in custom ballpoint twist pens, high-end premium personalized twist pens, health-friendly promotional hand sanitizer ink pens, sturdy branded aluminum twist pens, handy personalized twist pens with highlighters, or any other style, you'll find what you need at 4AllPromos.

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When stocking up on the best promotional writing giveaways and promotional stationery items, you don't want to overlook our custom twist pens. A turn of the top extends and retracts the tip, allowing users to write in style while showing off your brand name wherever they go. Since everyone needs pens, these are items that aren't limited to any specific demographic group. They're ideal for promoting to any and all audiences!

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Promotional Twist Pens

At 4AllPromos, you'll find a wide variety of branded twist pens to choose from. Since there are so many different kinds, the search for the perfect specimen can be a bit challenging. That's why we're going to explain some of our most prominent and popular styles in the section below. Read on through the next eight paragraphs to learn more about some of the most commonly featured types of custom twist pens.

Wholesale Cheap Twist Pens

If you're promoting on a budget but still want items that will be useful and make a good impression, consider buying cheap promotional twist pens in bulk. Ideal for trade shows and any other situation where you're providing giveaways to a large crowd, these items will get the job done without breaking the bank or skimping on quality.

Branded Slim Twist Pens

Our custom slim twist pens are just what you'd assume them to be - twist pens with slim bodies. The advantages of slim pens, whether twist, click-action, or any other variety are many. Some appreciate the sleek style, while writers with smaller hands will find them more comfortable to grip. They're also a good choice when accuracy and detail are of the essence, as they offer excellent control and fine points.

Custom Triangular Twist Pens

If you're looking for a unique and memorable pen style that offers the chance to include more than one imprint, promotional triangular twist pens are a perfect fit. These pens have three sides and often come with the option of having a different message or logo design on each panel. They also come in handy when in resting mode, as their flat bottoms prevent them from rolling off of tables and desks.

Promotional Executive Twist Pens

When aiming to reward a top performer, welcome a new employee to the team, or just impress your target market with something special, personalized executive twist pens are the way to go. Their formal and professional air make a great impression on all who see them, giving your company a reputation of high class and quality. These items are perfect as custom writing gifts and are very popular with legal, medical, government, and academic professionals.

Personalized Stylus Twist Pens

In this age of advanced technology and all things mobile, it's only natural that any business will want to promote with a pen that keeps up with the times. This is exactly what you get with our wholesale stylus twist pens. They function as pens for both writing and for typing on devices such as smartphones, tablets, touch screen check-in keyboards, and much more.

Custom Twist Pen and Highlighter Combos

Getting two items for the price of one is always appealing to consumers. That's one of the many reasons why our promotional twist pens with highlighters are so popular. They offer a high degree of convenience, as users can simply flip their pen around rather than search for a different writing implement when they want to switch from writing to highlighting. They're perfect promotional items for office supply stores, college bookstores, academic institutions, and more.

Also known as swivel pens, the custom phone stand twist pens you'll find at 4AllPromos are yet another example of two-in-one promotional products. When they're not being used to write, their barrels bend and swivel outward to create a small and convenient stand for mobile phones. They can come in handy when shooting an impromptu video, taking pictures, or just saving space by carrying one less item around.

Promotional Hand Sanitizer Twist Pens

Your company can help users maintain good habits and to stay healthy when you arm them with branded twist pens with hand sanitizer from 4AllPromos. These pens can help users to jot down notes in busy, high-traffic environments while also providing a way to safeguard against the germs that could be brewing around them.

Promotional Novelty Twist Pens & Unique Personalized Twist Pens

Office supplies don't have to be boring. With our unique novelty twist pens, you can provide your employees, customers, and target audience with a few laughs and a little bit of fun each day. Ranging from comical to multi-functional, there's a lot to love in this collection.

Custom Goofy Twist Pens

Users will get a little bit of levity in their lives every time they get ready to write when your company provides them with our promotional goofy twist pens. Boasting fun, unique shapes or lovably amusing characters, these pens help to lighten the mood around the office or classroom while still offering peak performance.

Promotional Light-Up Twist Pens

Our custom light-up twist pens are a great way to get attention at trade shows. However, they're also highly useful once they've been distributed. Users can employ them to get a little bit of extra light when putting in work on dimly lit train or airplane rides. They're also handy when it comes to helping to find small items that have been dropped behind desks, under chairs, or inside of cars.

Branded Laser Pointer Twist Pens

Handy for use in classrooms, dark environments, or when playing with one's favorite pet, our promotional twist pens with laser pointers are novel yet practical items that appeal to nearly any audience. Engraved with your custom business logo, these personalized pens offer both fun and style in every unit.

Personalized Multi-Tool Twist Pens

Sometimes a pen is more than just a pen. If you want to supply your target market with custom pens that can do more than just write, our promotional multi-tool pens will prove a perfect fit. Great for handling paperwork, they can also get jobs done around the house. Just one example would be our custom twist pens with screwdrivers.

Custom Personalized Twist Pen Brands

While all of our twist pens are branded with your logo design, sometimes the brand of the actual pens can make a difference. If you want to go with a well-known brand name that you already know and trust, we have a few suggestions for you. Take a look through this section to learn about some of our offerings from the most respected pen manufacturers in the business.

Promotional Hub® Twist Pens

Our personalized Hub® twist pens are another variety that carry a brand name that commands respect. Hub produces many pens under its own name in addition to some famous sub-brands such as Legend, Javalina, Guillox, and Knight pens. Running the gamut from affordable to premium and casual to formal, Hub produces promotional twist pens that are perfect for any setting or occasion.

Customized Cross® Twist Pens

Representing some of our most premium, high-class offerings are our promotional Cross® twist pens. These personalized executive pens work very well as corporate gift ideas and are popular with some of the most respected and elite institutions in the world. Cross pens have been the official pens of the White House for generations, earning them recognition and respect throughout the world. If you truly want to impress even the most discerning of demographics, a Cross twist pen will guarantee success.

Branded Twist Pens - Materials

Our twist pens are made from a variety of different materials. The best material choice for your business may be a matter of affordability, style, functionality, or environmental concerns. We'll talk a bit about our metal, plastic, and bamboo pens over the course of the next three paragraphs to fill you in on your options.

Promotional Plastic Twist Pens

Representing some of our more affordable offerings (though not exclusively), our custom plastic twist pens offer a variety of colors, shapes, styles, and functions. Some consist of more basic styles, while others extend into the areas of novelty, premium, and multi-function pens. There's a wide variety to choose from, enabling you to find just the right fit for your business and its promotional needs.

Custom Metal Twist Pens

If your business wants to put its logo on a pen that is sturdy, attractive, and offers excellent longevity, our promotional metal twist pens will meet & exceed your goals. We offer pens made from an assortment of metals, many of which offer laser engraved logo designs. Some are even filled or contain plating made from authentic gold!

Custom Imprinted Bamboo Twist Pens

If environmentally-conscious pens will help to curate the image your business is hoping to establish, our eco-friendly personalized bamboo twist pens are sure to please. Featuring barrels made from sustainably harvested and Earth-friendly bamboo, these pens are a great buy for nature museums, conservation organizations, recycling centers, and more.

Design Your Own Custom Twist Pens

When you leave the whole "promotional" aspect out of a promotional product, the whole idea kind of loses its punch. That's why you'll want to be sure to include your company logo on all of the customized twist pens you buy from 4AllPromos. There are different ways to add your logo to these pen giveaways. Please take a quick look at the following paragraphs to learn more about our decoration methods and which will be the best fit for meeting your branding needs.

Many of the items you'll find on this page fall under the umbrella of custom imprinted twist pens. These are pens that are decorated with your logo along the surface, creating a giveaway that will spread brand awareness in any location they travel to. Generally more affordable than engraved models, these pens are ideal for bulk purchasing.

Personalized Engraved Twist Pens

We also offer several types of promotional laser engraved twist pens. While they often cost a bit more than the imprinted models, these pens feature elegant logo designs that won't fade, chip, peel, or otherwise lose their branding prowess with the passage of time. These are the kind of promotional pens that are often kept for years, sometimes even becoming family heirlooms.

Our branded logo top twist pens represent another way for getting your company logo out there. In addition to bearing your company logo along their barrels, these pens also have circular space at the top that provides prime real estate for decoration. The great thing about this is that even when these pens are stored in cups or organizers, your logo will still be visible to all who pass by.