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Welcome to our unbeatable collection of custom neck gaiters & promotional scarves! We offer a broad selection of custom neckwear items within this category, such as imprinted patriotic gaiters with logos, soft promotional microfiber neck gaiters, fully-loaded custom winter wear gift sets, classic promotional scarves with tassels, and much more. Want to try something a bit different? How about a versatile custom tube scarf?

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Help your customers, employees, and target market members stay warm, safe from germs, and at the peak of style with our collection of promotional gaiters and company logo scarves! We have many styles to choose from, including fully customizable neck gaiters, full color printed scarves, custom embroidered scarves, animal themed neck gaiters, and much more.

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Custom Promotional Scarves with Your Logo

Promotional Neck Gaiters

At 4AllPromos, you'll find a diverse and stylish collection of many different personalized scarves. They work great as winter fashion accessories and are a great way for ski resorts, apparel companies, travel agencies, hotels, sports shops & more to promote their brands. These are items that will be worn for years, due to their high quality & supreme longevity. With each order, you're guaranteeing that your business will create advertising in a countless variety of settings for many years to come.

Custom Embroidered Scarves

Our personalized embroidered scarves are wonderful promotional winter apparel items that offer a method of logo decoration with some serious longevity. When embroidered into the surface of an item, your logo design, slogan, or personalized message won't chip, fade, or degrade with time. It'll proudly advertise your brand for the entire lifespan of the scarf that it's sewn on. We have several different promotional embroidered scarves for you to choose from, with the link at the beginning of this paragraph serving as your bridge to view them all.

Promotional Cooling Scarves

A convenient, fashionable, and cutting-edge way to stay cool and dry during hot days or after intense exercise sessions, our custom cooling scarves are a big hit with every audience. They can be worn around the neck or wrapped around different parts of the body to offer some comforting coolness without making users' skin become excessively damp.

Personalized Scarves with Pockets

Since a scarf is often one of the most exterior items a person will wear, it makes sense for one to have the ability to store items someone may need on a frequent basis. Our promotional scarves with pockets come with sewn-in compartments in which essential items can be stored. This ensures that they are always available and standing at the ready for when users need to quickly grab them and put them into service.

Custom Fleece Scarves

Fluffy, breathable, and more lightweight when compared to our knit acrylic models, personalized fleece scarves with your logo always make great branding items. Our fleece scarves provide plenty of warmth and have a soft, wool-like feel. Each is embroidered you’re your company logo imprint in your choice of several different colors.

Wholesale Knit Scarves

Made from a warm, comfortable acrylic material that won't let users down when enjoying the wonderful world of winter, our company logo knit scarves are a hit with users of all ages. They come in several different styles, including striped rugby scarves, custom knit scarves with tassels, extra long models, and more.

When you can't decide between supplying your loyal customers and desired target audience with winter hats, gloves, or scarves, why not go for all three? The promotional cold weather apparel sets you'll find at 4AllPromos allow you to do just that. They make great corporate gift ideas for the holiday season and are a great buy for any company involved in the ski industry or with a client base that lives in areas that experience significant winter weather.

Promotional Neck Gaiters

While they take on a form different than that of a traditional scarf, our customizable neck gaiters are items that are quickly rising in popularity. Think of them as something in between a scarf and a tubular bandana; they cover much of the face and all of the neck, offering lots of protection from the sun, allergens, germs, and other dangerous air particles. They also look quite sleek & chic, which is certain to make your brand logo well-known among the fashion-forward population.

Promotional Neck Tubes

Our personalized protective neck tubes & custom tubular bandanas offer some extra coverage as well as style points in the war against COVID-19 and other pandemics. In addition to helping users stay warm and safe from germs in public, these items can be worn in many different positions. They can serve as scarves, head bands, doo-rags, and much, much more.

Personalized Photo Neck Gaiters

Special memories and favorite friends, family members, and pets can go wherever users do when you order our customized photo gaiter scarves. These make great corporate gift items, as your company can order as few as 1 unit at a time, allowing for one special photo to be used to create one special gaiter.

Custom Dye Sublimation Gaiters

Design your own sublimation neck gaiters by decorating each with your logo, message, or name imprint. These promotional neck gaiters feature brilliantly colored, intricate designs and patters that are sure to catch eyes while helping users to avoid catching illnesses. Providing coverage from the nose to the bottom of the neck/upper chest, these items are a sure-fire way to get instant attention for your brand.

Promotional Cooling Neck Gaiters

Do you remember the imprinted cooling scarves we mentioned a bit earlier? Well here's the same idea again, only in the form of branded cooling gaiters. These specific neck gaiter scarves are designed to provide cooling relief to users, with many models being able to assume different forms and be worn on different parts of the body.

Custom Bandana Neck Gaiters

Like the idea of promotional PPE products that can serve two (or more) functions for the price of one? Yes? Then you'll surely love our promotional bandana neck gaiters. They can be worn as traditional bandanas, in gaiter scarf form, as headbands, head wraps, and nearly anything in between. Some models have cooling properties, while all are adorned with attractive colors and attention-grabbing designs.

Promotional Neck Gaiters for Gamers

Are you in the tech industry or serve a crowd that is up on all the latest games and gadgets? If this sounds like your business, you'll want to take the time to look at our custom gamer neck gaiters. Adorned with retro video game design themes and imprinted with business or user names, these are highly popular fashion accessories among the gaming community.

Custom Gaiter Face Covers with Animal Prints

Vet clinics, animal shelters, pet supply stores, and all kinds of animal lovers will love our promotional animal theme neck gaiters. The link in the previous sentence shows our dog-based models, but we also have gaiters with snakes, sharks, gorillas, and more.

Personalized Floral Neck Gaiters

Nurseries, farms, roadside stands, and other agricultural organizations will find our customizable floral imprint neck gaiters to be quite the useful promotional products. With no minimum order quantity to worry about, as few as one single unit can be ordered at a time. They're great PPE items for workers in fields or those serving customers at stands, in greenhouses, or at registers.

Branded Gaiters with Stock Designs

We have many different types of promotional stock art neck gaiters which come with several fun and stylish designs built right in. All you need to do is add your personalized name, logo imprint, or message to make these items complete. Below is a list covering some of the many different styles we offer.

Blank Neck Gaiters Wholesale

Do you for any reason not want to include a logo design, name, or message on your gaiters? No problem! You can buy blank neck gaiters wholesale or just one at a time (no minimum order quantity) for your business at 4AllPromos.