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If it’s promotional baby giveaways & newborn promotional products you want, you’ve come to the right place! We carry personalized baby keepsake items such as custom engraved baby spoons & classic customized wooden baby toys. We also provide important custom imprinted informational brochures for new mothers and a wide range of bibs, including customized silicone baby bibs.

Best Promotional Baby Items, Custom Maternity Giveaways & Promotional Products for Infants

At 4AllPromos, we offer only the best promotional products for babies, corporate gifts for new mothers, personalized maternity giveaway items, and a wide variety of durable baby keepsake items which can go on to become family heirlooms. If you're looking for the best promotional baby products for your daycare center, pediatrician practice, baby boutique, birthing center, or upcoming baby shower, we have everything you could ever need. Read on and learn more about our promotional items for babies & new mothers.

Promotional Items for Babies & Promotional Maternity Products Available at 4AllPromos

Promotional Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups in Bulk Corporate Newborn Gifts - Money Banks for Infants
Custom Embroidered Baby Blankets & Personalized Baby Towels Promotional Bibs & Custom Baby Burping Cloths Promotional Infant Hygiene Supplies & Promotional Baby Safety Items
  • Custom Engraved Hairbrush Sets for Newborns
  • Custom Business Logo Imprinted Diaper Disposal Bags
  • Wholesale Safety Plug Covers with Logo Imprints
  • Custom Engraved Baby Silverware Corporate Infant Toy Gifts & Promotional Sibling Gifts Personalized Pamphlets & Brochures for New Mothers Unique Customized Newborn Keepsake Items Promotional Baby Gear & Custom Infant Accessories

    Promotional Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups in Bulk

    Some of our most popular personalized baby giveaway items are our cheap bulk baby bottles and promotional sippy cups. These are high quality yet cheap promotional baby giveaways that are always a hit at trade shows, corporate baby showers, and in all stores where they are sold. There's not a mother out there who can't use these items, so they have a very large built-in target market.

    Wholesale Baby Bottles

    Our promotional business logo imprinted baby bottles are a long-standing favorite among our collection of promotional maternity items. We offer multiple sizes and styles, so finding the best personalized baby bottles to fit your company branding needs is always quick and easy.

    Mothers, fathers, grandparents, and anyone else who has spent a lot of time with babies & toddlers are all sure to be familiar with sippy cups. Our customized sippy cups are a great transitional product for when customers are preparing to let their babies & toddlers try their hands at independent drinking. The sip-top creates a feeling of familiarity, as it is reminiscent of the nipple portion of a classic baby bottle.

    All customers with little ones in their lives will love our promotional spill proof baby cups. These cups are made of sturdy plastic material and have strongly sealed lids that won't pop off when junior fumbles his juice. They're a great way of encouraging independent drinking, building early motor skills, and keeping everything in the surrounding area clean.

    Corporate Newborn Gifts - Money Banks for Infants

    What are the best corporate gifts for new babies? Where can I buy corporate gifts for newborns? The answer to the first question would be our promotional piggy banks for babies. These elegant, durable, and highly personalized metal money banks are available at low minimum order requirements and will last for generations. The answer to the second question, of course, is 4AllPromos, where you can find all of the best promotional maternity giveaways around on the market.

    Custom Embroidered Baby Blankets & Personalized Baby Towels

    Babies are rather delicate in nature, and therefore we have a natural instinct to provide them with the safest, softest, and warmest surroundings we can. Our personalized embroidered baby blankets and promotional baby towels are excellent promotional products for infants when it comes to keeping them warm & clean.

    Wholesale Embroidered Fleece Baby Blankets

    As we mentioned in the paragraph above, our nurturing instincts lead us to want only the softest and warmest custom baby swaddling blankets. That's why our custom embroidered fleece baby blankets and promotional embroidered microfleece blankets for babies are so popular with new mothers, daycare centers, birthing clinics, hospitals, and any other person or industry caring for newborns.

    Have your corporate logo design embroidered onto these fleece blankets and you'll create valuable bonds with doting parents who will see it every day when they take care of their newborn offspring.

    Personalized Hooded Baby Towels

    If you're not familiar with hooded towels, they're pretty much just what you'd assume they are. They're towels that are designed for wrapping around the body as well as covering the back and sides of the head. Our promotional hooded infant towels make great swaddling blankets and are also among the best personalized baby towels for drying off after bath time.

    Promotional Bibs & Custom Baby Burping Cloths

    Few promotional products say "corporate baby gift" better than a customized bib or baby burping cloth. Keeping babies, their clothing, and their environments as clean as possible are all crucially important things to do, and your business logo will be there for all to see when these goals are achieved. In the next few paragraphs, we'll tell you a little bit about our logo personalized bibs & burping towels.

    Wholesale Imprinted Baby Bibs

    One of the things almost everyone immediately pictures when they think of babies and their traditional garb is the classic bib. We offer several promotional baby bibs that will keep babies clean and preserve beloved infant clothing. Many of our high quality yet cheap infant bibs offer crumb pockets and other features to go beyond the offerings of a basic bib.

    Customized Silicone Baby Bibs

    Looking to buy baby bibs in bulk? Then you'll want to consider our wholesale silicone baby bibs. They offer many benefits over traditional bibs, and we'll explain those benefits in the brief yet informative list that follows: What are the benefits of silicone bibs?

    • Large pockets to prevent messes
    • Soft texture that still retains its shape while resisting bacteria
    • Easy to clean - Most spills easily wipe off and they're also dishwasher safe
    • Durable material, allowing bibs to be used for years & for younger siblings to follow

    Design Your Own Burping Cloths in Bulk

    Burping a baby and dealing with spit-up is not most people's idea of a good time. However, it's a task that still needs to be done, so it might as well be done in the best way possible. Our personalized baby burping cloths are absorbent and easy to clean. They also are comfortable against little ones' faces and do a remarkable job at keeping parents' clothes clean.

    Promotional Infant Hygiene Supplies & Promotional Baby Safety Items

    As we've already stated numerous times, it's vitally important to keep infants clean at all times. Many parents also enjoy the bonding experiences provided by brushing their babies' hair, clipping their nails, and getting them nice and clean for safety or to look their best in the endless stream of baby pictures that often become a staple their daily existence. This is why our wholesale baby hygiene accessories are consistently popular promotional products for new mothers, pediatricians, hospitals, birthing centers, and more.

    While we're at it, we'll also stress the importance of keeping an eye on babies once they get old enough to reach, crawl, and explore a bit on their own. We offer cheap infant safety products in bulk that prevent injuries and accidents in a variety of settings.

    Custom Engraved Hairbrush Sets for Newborns

    To keep babies' hair looking its best, we supply promotional engraved infant hairbrushes wholesale to our customers every day. These are promotional baby giveaways that see use far past infancy. As babies mature into children, they'll continue to use these custom engraved hairbrush & comb sets featuring your business logo. They're customized baby keepsake items that will last for generations, and may even see use on the eventual offspring the babies they're purchased for.

    Nobody likes to have to carry dirty diapers around. With this in mind, we help new mothers to make disposal a bit easier, more discreet, and less malodorous with our promotional diaper disposal bags. Coming complete with a plastic dispensing unit, these personalized diaper disposal bags are also handy for removing pet waste.

    Once babies begin to grow into toddlers, they become increasingly curious about their surrounding environment. Their ability to move about and sate this curiosity in a hands (or mouth)- on sort of way grows in tandem. This can become a rather dangerous situation, and that's why your business will want to provide new mothers with as much peace of mind in this area as possible. Enter our custom business logo printed electrical outlet covers. These plug covers ensure that babies can't stick their fingers or other items into the sockets, adding an additional bastion of safety to their lives.

    Custom Engraved Baby Silverware

    There are so many parents who lament that they wish they could keep their babies forever. Though their little ones may grow up all too fast, parents can still treasure personalized infant keepsake items, such as our custom engraved newborn silverware, for a lifetime.

    Personalized Engraved Baby Spoons

    Our business logo engraved baby spoons are a custom engraved keepsake baby giveaway item that make an excellent corporate gift for new mothers. With your company name or logo engraved into the handles of these spoons, your company will become a cherished part of parents' emotional lives, and a source of warm-hearted nostalgia for years to come.

    When you want to include more than just a spoon, you can opt for our personalized engraved baby silverware sets. These engraved infant feeding sets come complete with two differently sized spoons and a fork. If you're looking for a different style of customized infant feeding sets, we also have infant feeding kits that come with suction cup bowls, covers, a knife, and fork.

    Corporate Infant Toy Gifts & Promotional Sibling Gifts

    What child doesn't love to receive a toy? Our corporate toy gifts for babies provide them with a fun and durable item for amusement that will always remind them of their parents' love. Also, these promotional toys are a great gift for first-time older siblings, who may feel a little left out of the spotlight when their new brother or sister arrives.

    Personalized Gifts for Big Brothers & Big Sisters

    Making the switch from being an only child to being an older sibling (or going from youngest to middle) can be a bit of a jarring experience when you're barely out of infancy yourself. That's why our promotional sibling gifts are a product your company won't want to be without. Issuing a toy or coloring book to a new mother to provide to her older child will help the new big brother or sister to remember that they're still important too. Providing these as a corporate gift for moms will help them to assuage their children's fears and build an even stronger emotional bond with your brand.

    Unique Wooden Baby Toys

    We offer an assortment of beautifully crafted personalized wooden toys for infants and toddlers to enjoy once they get a little bit older. They'll love playing with these unique personalized toys, as well as hearing the stories behind their acquisition. Alternately, they're another item that can be sold as a promotional older sibling gift.

    Promotional Rattles for Infants

    Rattles are one of those simple sensory stimulation toys that are still as popular now as they were nearly a century ago. Babies can't seem to get enough of the fun shaking sensation and satisfying sounds that come from shaking our wholesale rattles with logo imprints from your business.

    Wholesale Rubber Ducks

    When bath time rolls around, you'll want yours to be the logo displayed on our promotional company branded rubber ducks. They make baths fun for infants and toddlers, and also make the chore of giving a bath a bit easier for parents, as a happy bather is much easier to handle than a cranky one.

    Our large personalized rubber ducks and bulk small rubber ducks both make for some of the best promotional gifts for babies & toddlers.

    Personalized Pamphlets & Brochures for New Mothers

    Becoming a parent is always an exciting and life-changing experience. Whether a mother is expecting baby #1 or baby #5, there is still a constantly changing glut of information out there about infant care and they'll want to know all that they can. Our handy set of newborn baby care pamphlets and brochures are promotional items for new mothers that will ease their minds and build their confidence in your brand.

    Promotional Breastfeeding Brochures

    When it comes to feeding babies, many mothers choose to take the traditional breastfeeding approach. Many find that it's something that isn't quite as simple as it would seem, so it is very helpful for any new mother to be as armed with as much information as possible while entering into this activity. Buy promotional breastfeeding pamphlets in bulk from 4AllPromos and mothers everywhere will have your company to thank when things go smoothly and their babies are well-fed and content.

    Custom Imprinted Baby Health Pamphlets

    Company logo printed infant health care guides are a great way to prepare parents for the unexpected and to know what to do in routine healthcare situations as well as during emergencies. These are must-have promotional products for birthing clinics, hospitals, pediatricians, baby supply stores, and gynecologists.

    Unique Customized Newborn Keepsake Items

    Personalized baby keepsake items are a way for parents to hold on to the memories of when their children first entered their lives as well as memories of their early childhood days. Whether it's a first Christmas, first vacation, first day of school, or first lost tooth, these sentimental promotional products for parents never go out of style.

    Promotional Baby Ornaments

    Is it baby's first Christmas? If so, parents will want to trim their trees to reflect that fact. What better way could there be to do this than through personalized commemorative baby ornaments? Gift shops, baby clothing stores, pediatrician offices, and holiday boutiques will all find these to be some of the best promotional items for newborns and their parents.

    While they won't be needed for a few years, there's still no time like the present to invest in some promotional baby tooth containers when considering promotional gifts for new mothers. These company logo imprinted plastic baby tooth holders open up for parents to deposit their child's baby teeth, once they've removed them from under the pillow and slipped them a quarter from the Tooth Fairy. They're among the best promotional products for dentists & pediatricians.

    Promotional Baby Gear & Custom Infant Accessories

    Some of our promotional products for babies don't really fit into any one category, so we'll show them to you here in under the umbrella of personalized baby gear and wholesale baby accessories.

    Personalized Pacifiers

    Babies cry. A lot. No matter how well-meaning a parent may be, it's inevitable that this will at some point become a tad grating. Fortunately, we've known for generations that a pacifier (hence its name) can be a great source of comfort to an infant and help to encourage proper sleep and reduce extended crying episodes. Our promotional pacifiers for newborns are popular promotional products for any businesses or physicians catering to a infantile clientele or toward the mothers and fathers who care for them.

    Customized Immunization Trackers

    A child's health is one thing a parent never wants to lose track of. This is especially true when it comes to babies, as they are especially vulnerable and need solid protection against potential illnesses. Your business can help parents to keep their children's immunizations and inoculations in order with our wholesale infant immunization trackers.

    Wholesale Slide Charts

    Our custom business logo slide charts for mothers help to provide guidance, organization, and reminders for new mothers to stay on top of all needed activities. These are excellent promotional pamphlets for pediatricians, gynecologists, hospitals, pharmacies, baby clothing stores, and baby gift boutiques.