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We offer the best promotional cotton tote bags and best custom canvas tote bags to fit your promotional needs. We offer custom lightweight cotton canvas tote bags as well as mid-weight and heavyweight personalized canvas tote bags & cotton tote bags. Our customized promotional jute bags, imprinted with your business logo, are also among the business promotional products you'll find on this page. 

Promotional Cotton & Canvas Bags

The traditional shopper bags are made from non-woven polypropylene and offer the most economical option when it comes to reusable tote bags. Another option for creating a promotional shopping bag is to select one made from cotton or polyester canvas. This material offers a different feel, and has a more wholesome appearance. Not just for shopper bags, canvas has a more rigid aspect that makes it suitable for more premium offerings in promotional bags.

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  • Promotional Cotton Bag & Promotional Canvas Bag Materials

    The 4AllPromos cotton and canvas bag category includes a selection of fabrics with varying thicknesses and thread-types. Choosing which bag suits your needs is partly a question of balancing price and fabric quality.

    Thickness Ratings

    Cotton fabric thicknesses are typically described in terms of weight in ounces, and this refers to the weight of a square yard. Polyester canvas fabrics are often described as denier, which indicates the fiber thickness of the individual threads. For each of these, the higher the number, the thicker and stiffer the fabric. It is recommended to order a sample of the bags being considered to get the best sense of how the material looks and behaves.

    Lightweight Cotton Bags

    The most economical choice for custom cotton tote bags is found with the 4 to 6 ounce weights. Typically the fabric is similar to what we all know as sheet material. It is thin and highly flexible and works best for flat, convention style bags. If price is of the highest importance and the preference is to choose a more natural material than non-woven polypropylene, choices such as this top selling economy promotional cotton tote bag will hit the target.

    Mid-Weight Cotton Canvas Bags

    Cotton canvas is usually in a weight of 6 ounces or higher. It differs from the cotton sheeting in that the weave of the individual threads is done in a different method. The individual fibers are more noticeable and the feel is more stiff. Some products are made with “duck canvas”, and this refers to a weave that is more tightly woven than plain canvas. Many customers prefer cotton canvas because of the increased strength compared to the cotton sheeting. The added rigidity works better for bags with gussets since it can hold open more easily. This material is in the mid-range price, but some items with lighter weight canvas, such as these 6 ounce custom cotton canvas bags, are still highly affordable.

    Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Bags

    When the weight of the cotton gets near the 12 ounce range, it becomes more heavy duty. A duffel bag is a familiar product which commonly uses this type of material. The extra stiffness makes heavy cotton canvas preferable for fashion bags and boat totes, which look and function at their best when they can hold their shape. Weights as high as 24 ounces, such as with the Admiral large custom cotton canvas tote, result in a premium quality bag that will become a customer favorite. Although this material is more expensive, the length of time promotional heavy canvas cotton bags are in use promoting logos balances out the extra cost.

    Promotional Recycled Cotton Bags

    If non-woven recycled tote bags just don’t have the look and feel that appeal to eco-conscious customers, opting for recycled cotton will still retain the environmentally-friendly quality. Reducing waste and recycling materials is of high importance when it comes to sustainability. Recycled cotton can be made both from post-industrial (threads left over in textile manufacturing) or post-consumer (recycled clothing) processing. Nearly all custom recycled cotton tote bags are made with post-industrial cotton, often blended with a small amount of non-recycled cotton. Earth-conscious organizations, natural foods stores, and any ecology focused business will find that their customers are pleased to know the lower impact their bag has made on the environment.

    Promotional Jute Bags

    Jute is another material that is made from a natural fiber. Anyone who has seen a ball of twine or burlap will know what jute looks and feels like. Jute is a soft plant fiber that is spun into strong, coarse threads, resulting in another prime candidate for use in eco-friendly custom tote bags. Some jute has been coated with a polyurethane to add a water repelling quality and to create a more rigid bag. Raw jute leaves the fiber in its natural state, and is therefore more eco-friendly without the addition of a synthetic coating. Without the coating, the raw jute is softer and completely relaxed. One of the most popular raw jute bags is this custom jute tote bag with cotton handles. The wholesome appearance and soft feel fits beautifully with any promotion of an eco-conscious nature.

    Promotional Blended Cotton & Jute Bags

    One of the more interesting offering is a custom tote bag that combines both jute and cotton in separate panels of the bag. This creates a varied look that allows for blocks of contrasting colors and textures to be combined into one bag. The Santorini custom natural cotton and jute tote bag is one of the best sellers that combines natural cotton and jute with wide rope handles for a luxurious look.

    Promotional PolyCanvas Bags

    Canvas can also be made from polyester, referred to as polycanvas. The thickness of polyester fabric is stated in terms of its denier. Denier refers to the width of the individual fibers used. Fabrics with a high denier tend to be more durable and sturdy. 600D (denier) is the most common thickness when it comes promotional canvas bags made of polyester. This material tends to be more water and stain resistant than cotton canvas since it has more repelling properties.

    Custom Cotton & Canvas Bag Styles

    Scrolling through the cotton and canvas bag category reveals a wide range of styles available. As compared to non-woven bags, the offerings span much further to more premium offerings. From the least expensive flat convention totes to heavyweight canvas bags, a style to fit any occasion is simple to find.

    Bags without gussets are terrific for as a goodie bag or for tradeshows. Bags with gussets may be preferred for use as a custom shopper bag. Zippered bags work well at the beach. Drawstring bags and duffel bags are great for laundry or sports equipment. Messenger bags are popular as a seminar or conference giveaways. Boat totes will be a favorite with resorts and the summer crowd, and fashion totes work well as a gift or a souvenir. Heavy cotton and polycanvas are even durable enough to be used for overnight bags for air travel.

    Are Promotional Cotton & Canvas Tote Bags Offered in Colors?

    The majority of our promotional cotton bags are offered in a natural color, many with an accent color added. A classic look for custom cotton bags is the addition of a contrasting handle color. Handles often run down the sides which allows for framing logos with a colorful border. One of the most popular bags in that style is this large cotton canvas boat tote.

    Solid color convention tote bags are offered in a huge range of colors at an unbeatable price. Adding a splash of excitement to a special event or trade show can be more easily accomplished by customizing one of these flat cotton bags.

    For an even better eye-catching promotional cotton bag, prints of varying patterns are also an option. Patterned borders, chevron patterns, and custom printed bags with decorative gussets are just some of the choices.

    Promotional Cotton & Canvas Bag Handle Styles

    Most canvas and cotton tote bags come with flat handles with the fabric doubled and stitched. Other styles available add fashion or function that elevate the appeal of the bag.

    Web Handles

    Flat canvas handles maintain a stiffness that can sometimes be uncomfortable when carrying heavy loads. Web handles reduce that problem with a softer feel and a relaxed shape. Made of more loosely woven knit with wider threads, web handles add a touch of comfort throughout the length of the handles. Some web handles are rolled and stitched to create a rounded shape.

    Rope Handles

    Rope is created by twisting together or braiding threads of cotton or other fibers. Many of the more stylish promotional cotton bags use rope for their handles. Some rope handles are created from thinner fibers for a smaller diameter, and some from large threads to create a rope reminiscent of a tie line for boats. This nautical styling is popular with summer-like fashions, and is featured in quite a few of the styles, including this large, wide striped, custom heavy canvas tote bag.