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Your company logo will be seen everywhere from the office, to the ballpark, to trains & buses and everywhere in between when you invest in our promotional hand held misting fans imprinted with your logo. Choose from customized personal USB fans, wholesale cheap hand held fans for giveaways, custom logo imprinted hand held mist spray bottles & more.

Personalized Misting Spray Bottles, Wholesale Mini Hand Held Fans & Personal Misting Fans in Bulk

Our personalized hand held fans, promotional spray misters, and combined personal hand held misting fans with logo imprints are great summertime promotional products for nearly any business. They can be used for cooling off at desks, while at ball games, riding on public transportation, or while in the classroom or working outdoors. The following section goes into a bit more detail regarding our promotional mister & wholesale fan giveaways, so if you'd like to know more about what we have to offer, read on and get your "Mister's Degree" in promotional hand held fans & customized misting spray bottles.

  • Different Types of Wholesale Hand Held Fans for Giveaways

  • Personalized Misting Spray Bottles

  • Personalized Misting Spray Fans

  • Different Types of Wholesale Hand Held Fans for Giveaways

    Company logo printed hand held fans are excellent promotional giveaway items during spring & summer. However, they're also useful year-round, coming quite in handy when temperatures rise a bit too high indoors and one needs a refreshing way to cool off. We offer many different types of personalized hand held fans, several of which we'll introduce to you in the following paragraphs.

    Custom Personal Hand Held Fans with Flashlights

    Our wholesale personal flashlight fans are great for after-dark projects. Not only will they help to keep users cool, but they'll also come in handy when small items such as screws are dropped and need to be recovered quickly. They're also useful for overheated car passengers, who can use them to cool off or to locate items dropped between or under seats.

    Custom LED Message Fans

    Looking for a unique promotional hand held fans? We suggest our wholesale programmable LED fans. They're the epitome of modern-meets-classic, providing a way for users to stay cool while showing off up to 6 different programmed messages, displayed via LED lights, for all to see.

    Promotional USB Fans

    If you're looking for the best promotional products for computer stores, colleges, or tech firms, our customized personal USB fans will meet your promotional needs and then some. When students and/or employees are hard at work on their laptops, they can plug these fans in for some much-deserved relief, all the while seeing your personalized company logo design. We also carry promotional USB hub fans, providing both a source of cooling along with multiple USB charging ports. These make for perfect promotional iPhone fans.

    Wholesale Light Up Hand Fans

    For a great promotional product for company picnics or other outdoor promotional events, buy our personalized battery operated light up fans in bulk. They can truly put on a show. Rainbow strips of bright colors occupy the fan blades, which twirl around for a mesmerizing effect once the sun goes down. A brightly colored company logo imprint on the handle of these fans ensures that your brand will be just as unforgettable as the light shows its products provide.

    Customized Mini Fans with Lanyards

    Looking for the best cheap promotional hand held fans for weddings or other lengthy events? Our promotional mini fans with lanyards are here to answer the call. These can be worn around the neck or held as wrist straps for a conveniently portable promo product that's perfect for nearly any warm weather event, or even just taking along on a hike or trip to the beach.

    Personalized Misting Spray Bottles

    A quick spray of water to the face is a great way to revitalize & re-energize during a hot day or extended work session. That's just what our wholesale spray bottles provide. Our custom imprinted spray bottles offer a cooling rush of hydrating mist to all who use them, both at home and away. They're ideal promotional products for nearly any business, including department stores, discount stores, amusement parks, state/national parks, beaches, and construction companies.

    Everyone loves to get two great promotional gifts for the price of one. Few products make this more evident than our personalized water bottles with misters. Bulk handheld spray misters offer a custom logo imprinted squeezable water bottle that also has a misting spray button at the top. Whether your customers are looking for a thirst-quenching drink or a refreshing mist to the face, this product easily allows for both options.

    Promotional Fine Mist Spray Bottles

    "Easy does it," is a phrase that can carry great meaning. It's certainly applicable to our fine mist wholesale face spray bottles. When catering to a crowd that just wants a light little spray here and there, buying our fine mist mini spray bottles in bulk is a can't-fail advertising strategy.

    Personalized Misting Spray Fans

    At this point, are you trying to decide between our wholesale hand held fans or our business logo imprinted spray bottles for your next promotion? Who says you have to choose just one? Certainly not us; that's why we provide several different types of bulk hand held misting fans. These combine the cooling powers of wind and water to alternate between refreshing sensations whenever desired. Our custom printed wholesale fan misters make great promotional products for sporting events, concert venues, hardware stores, pool supply stores, beachwear outlets, convenience stores, and nearly any other business imaginable.