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We offer a large selection of watches from digital to dial, helix faces, rectangular faces, square faces and more. Our watches are also available in a variety of finishes including custom two-tone wristwatches, gold, black, silver & beyond. We have unique options, such as our promotional clipper watches. On the more luxurious end, there are personalized premium business gift watches and branded crocodile leather watches. Those are just a few of our many style categories. Scroll down and read on to meet them all!

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Promotion products are ideal for increasing brand recognition. People use these products at home, in the office, or while out in the world, making your company more visible. Each item that you give away can be an advertisement for your company, resulting in ongoing impressions and an increase in customers.

There are many categories of products that can work, but the goal is to combine quality with quantity so that the item results in more exposure to enhance brand recognition. Some categories include wellness, clothing, tech accessories, gadgets, drinkware, office supplies, and lifestyle.

These items can be given as awards to loyal customers, corporate gifts in recognition of hard work from your team, or to the public.

Are you looking for the best corporate awards? Consider giving your customers or employees a new watch from 4AllPromos so they can keep track of time in style! Watches are versatile accessories that can be worn for all occasions, from days at the office to working out at the gym to attending a fancy event. Our company watches are great for both professional and casual environments with multiple categories of styles. These can range from working in the office to relaxing at home with the family to a fun night out with friends and beyond. Their flexibility is a big part of what makes them such perfect corporate awards for office employees, valuable customers, or even your own family members!

If you're looking for a promo product that is sophisticated, stylish, high in quality, and great for all occasions, consider a watch from 4AllPromos. Browse our selection of watches and personalize them with logos, customized imprints, engraved messages, and more. Use them as awards to get people excited about either working for or buying from your brand.

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Different Types of Promotional Watches

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Branded Watches - FAQ


Different Types of Promotional Watches


With so many different types of watches in our inventory, finding the right one for your promotional needs is easy. We have personalized corporate watches for men and women, as well as multiple unisex styles. Some categories of design provide the option to add a special message to the back of the watch, while others offer full customization for the face. We'll explain some of our most prominent styles in a bit more detail as this section progresses.

Promotional Watches for Men

If your organization is looking for a wonderful way to impress its star employees or event attendees, our collection branded men’s watches is where to turn. These items have a wider band and bigger face as compared to ladies' models, creating a timepiece that is masculine in style.

Company Logo Watches for Women

In contrast to our men's styles, promotional ladies' watches have a much thinner band and a smaller face. This fashion is designed to fit better on a smaller, petite wrist. Our collection of women’s watches includes numerous sizes, colors, and material choices.

Branded Unisex Watches

When it comes to choosing the ideal watch style, promotional unisex watches are a flexible choice. This is because they are designed for wear by anyone. They're often are a bit on the sporty side and have a neutral style that’s ideal for men and women alike.

Custom Printed Mood Watches

Anyone who thinks that watches are boring needs to think again. Our Mood bulk color changing watches are a fun way to get people of all ages to show off your branding. With a simple bracelet design, the band magically changes color with heat or cold. To get one to activate, it is important to get the blood pumping. This gives users incentive to be physically active. Consequently, they're great giveaway items for gyms, health clubs, schools, and more.

Personalized Medallion Watches & Business Logo Pocket Watches

There’s just something classic and timeless about a pocket watch. When looking for a truly memorable gift for a star employee, award recipient, or retiree, our engraved custom medallion watches and promotional pocket watches are both excellent choices. 4AllPromos has several designs to choose from, including those with boxes for gifts or awards.

Promotional Sport Watches & Imprinted Activity Tracker Wristbands

If your business is related to fitness or wellness, your staff and customers would likely love to receive a corporate gift that's designed for an active lifestyle. Our wholesale sport watches and promotional fitness trackers fit this bill. They're an excellent option for those who want to keep track of steps for office competitions or anyone hoping to stay motivated while on the path to wellness.

Standard Personalized Wristwatches with Logos

While the art of wearing a watch has been largely replaced by smart technology, traditional timepieces aren't going to disappear any time soon. There are still many people out there who enjoy the distinguished style, feel, and low-maintenance ease of a standard watch. Our inventory features a plethora of company logo wristwatches with basic designs, low minimums, and high style.

Custom Business Watches - Strap & Band Materials

One element to keep in mind when selecting promotional watches for your business is the material that comprises the band/strap. Watch strap materials such as leather, bamboo, rubber, and stainless steel each offer a unique look and set of physical properties. In addition, a watch's band style can often dictate where it is worn. For example, a rubber watch is a bit on the sporty side, while a leather or metal watchband is considered more formal for wearing to the office or high-end events.

Promotional Leather Wristwatches

Leather watch bands are a classic timepiece element. They offer a simple and elegant appeal that many people enjoy, as they're both fashionable and durable. Whether your company is looking for a style that is ideal for everyday wear or one more acceptable for a special occasion, you'll find the right personalized leather business watches to fit your needs at 4AllPromos.

Custom Bamboo Watches & Other Branded Wooden Watches

Promotional bamboo watches and other styles of custom logo wooden watches are trending in popularity due to their sustainable nature. These models are beloved by many due to their eco-friendly materials and construction. In some cases, they are paired with a leather band to create a handsome outdoorsy aesthetic. One example is our Zebrawood and Bamboo Watch, which offers personalized engraving on the back side of the face.

Branded Rubber Watches

Is your business searching for a watch style that easily holds up to daily wear in an active environment? If so, buying our athletic style promotional rubber wristwatches in bulk will prove a sound strategy. These watches are easy to clean and are highly flexible. As a result, they’re comfortable to wear in all sorts of conditions. Some also offer additional features, such fitness trackers for wellness and/or stopwatch timers.

Personalized Stainless Steel Business Watches

There’s no doubt that our custom stainless steel watches make for memorable corporate awards. This designation typically refers to a watch that has a stainless-steel band. Extremely durable, this type of band can hold up to lots of wear while still looking radiant.

Bulk Fabric Watches

If your company is looking for a simple watch style, then our selection of fabric bands will be sure to impress. These promotional watches with fabric wrist straps have a casual style, making them ideal for everyday wear at the office, at home, or out in public. With low minimums and many different color options, finding the right one for promoting your business is an exercise in simplicity.

Design Your Own Personalized Company Logo Watches

Your promotional watches will achieve the most in terms of creating advertising impressions and building brand awareness when they are customized with your branding. We have both custom logo printed wristwatches and premium personalized logo engraved watches to help create positive brand impressions for your organization wherever users travel.

Branded Watches - FAQ

We'll round this guide out with some answers to some of our most frequently asked watch-related questions.

What is a chronograph watch?
Our promotional chronograph watches have three smaller dials in addition to the main one that occupies the bulk of the face. These additional faces measure hours, minutes, and seconds in a stopwatch style. Extra buttons are located on the side of the watch case to start and reset the chronograph dials. They can be used to time events and performances, measure distances, calculate speed, and more.
Do you have promotional watches with no minimum order?
While we do not have any custom watches with no minimum, we do have several models with very low minimum order requirements. Some of our custom low minimum order watches have requirements as low as 3 units. This makes them a great pick for gifting a special and select few.
Do you have custom luminous watches?
Yes! We have multiple varieties of company logo luminous watches. Some of these models have luminous hands, while others feature a fully luminous dial.
How do wholesale solar charge wristwatches work?
Our branded solar charging wristwatches are a unique and eco-friendly option. They feature lithium batteries that can be powered by way of soaking in sunlight, whether indoors or outdoors, which can help promote wellness for the recipients of these awards. Non-solar indoor lighting can help them to charge up as well. Once they're at full capacity, their batteries can run 30-45 days without needing any additional light. These are perfect awards for eco-conscious recipients.