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Personalized Molded Chocolates | Custom Chocolates in Molds

If you're looking to make a lasting impression on potential and existing customers at your next big event, we suggest handing out delicious custom molded chocolates and chocolate bars! Every item within our wide selection will be a huge hit with your target audience. They make great holiday gifts & appreciation gifts, but will also work well at a trade show or other business event. Read on to get more info and further details about our wholesale custom logo molded chocolates. 

Buy the Best Molded Chocolate with Logo Designs at 4AllPromos!

Sometimes, thinking of a good idea for a promotional giveaway product can be difficult.  What can you give away that isn't very costly to you, but will satisfy the recipients and make a lasting impression?  Too often, useless trinkets are used as giveaways and forgotten soon after.  But don't worry! Mouths will water and eyes will light up when they see your new promotional items; everybody loves molded chocolate!

Our molded chocolate creations come in just about every shape you could possibly dream of, and your customized logo can appear on any of them!  From shovels to tv remotes, to chess pieces and drama masks, any organization can find a shape that's right for them.  We even have generic shapes for those who want basic logos, and gift boxed chocolate assortments for that executive style.

Your loyal clients will be unable to resist these delicious confections, and it will keep them coming back for more. Better yet, any potential customers that decide to give your company a try are sure to leave with a good taste in their mouths!

Custom Chocolates & Chocolate Bars Molded into Shapes

When you're looking for a promotional product that will be both memorable and friendly to your budget, we suggest making an investment in our custom shaped molded chocolates. You can go with our stock designs or get creative and design your own custom molded chocolate bars and candies. We have custom molded items in the shape of cowboy hats, planes, boots, stars, badges, trucks, globes, slot machines, and much more. 

Branded Molded Chocolate Boxes

Our custom printed box of chocolates gifts will always exceed your expectations when it comes to impressing your customers and team of employees. Filled with an assortment of premium Swiss chocolates crafted into custom shapes via molds, these memorable corporate gifts offer something truly unique at an affordable price. Since cost is always a concern, we guarantee the lowest pricing on all items on every order, helping to relieve your business of some worry.  

Custom Logo Chocolate Covered Cookies for Corporate Gifts

If our more traditional chocolates and bars aren't quite what you're looking for, we have additional custom molded items for you to consider. One of the most prominent would be our promotional molded chocolate covered cookies. These molded items will be great for your next event or giveaway, as they provide a delicious treat that is formed into the shape of your custom logo or other chosen artwork design.

Create Your Own Customized Molded Chocolate Candy

If you want to create custom chocolates, chocolate bars, or other molded items for gifts, promos, and giveaways, you've come to the right place. Our wide selection of personalized molded chocolates are easy to design when you upload & submit your artwork. Our team of talented artists will get to work on creating unique, amazing & beautiful designs in perfect detail to best represent your brand. The packaging and wrapper surfaces can also be personalized with your logo imprint ideas, with any optional upgrades being available for you to choose from. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions if you have concerns about file size requirements.  

Personalized Molded Chocolate - FAQ

What flavor options do your custom chocolates and chocolate bars come in?
We offer our company logo molded chocolates in both milk and dark chocolate varieties.
How can I build my brand with molded chocolates?
Personalized molded chocolate bar items and other chocolate gifts are a great way to share your branding with clients and the general public. We offer a wide selection of chocolate gifts at affordable pricing. Customize any of these to help everyone view your logo and branding as part of a memorable gift or a giveaway at a trade show or company function. As already stated, they're a great idea as a corporate appreciation gift for any business to give to its clients and employees, helping them to know that their loyal business and hard work haven't been forgotten.
Do you have any low minimum quantity chocolate mold items?
Yes - some of our items, such as our custom boxes of molded chocolates, have minimum quantities as low as 12.
What if I don't see the shape I have in mind on your site?
If you don't see the particular unique shape you're looking for, reach out to us to request some help. Give us a call, email, or live chat message and we'll get to work on finding the perfect custom molded items to meet your needs!