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Looking for promotional bartender tools that will grow brand awareness without putting a hurt on your bottom line? Our customized beverage wrenches are waiting to grant your company branding wishes. Our custom beer bottle openers, stainless steel personalized engraved bottle openers, fun custom shaped novelty bottle openers & all of our other promotional beverage wrenches with logo designs have what it takes to "raise the bar" for brand awareness.

Best Unique Bottle Opener Giveaways

Our collection of promotional bottle opener items is sure to hold the perfect high quality yet cheap bulk giveaway items for bars, restaurants, and other businesses. After a long day, nobody wants to struggle to open a bottle before taking a refreshing drink. Whether it's our personalized bottle opener keychains, multi purpose bottle opener pocket knives, stainless steel bottle openers, personalized metal bottle openers engraved with your logo, we have the bar tools to pop the top of promotional prowess. Any of the above as well as our additional styles make a perfect gift at a low price.

If you're curious about the personalized bottle opener styles we carry or just need some guidance in deciding which variety is right for you, we've provided an extensive guide below to lay it all out.

Wholesale Multi Purpose Bottle Openers for Wedding Gifts & More

Design Your Own Bottle Openers with Logos Different Styles of Promotional Bottle Openers Custom Beverage Wrench & Bottle Opener Materials Unique Personalized Novelty Bottle Openers

Custom Shaped Bottle Openers Personalized Bottle Opener Multi Tools

Design Your Own Bottle Openers with Logos

Customize your own bottle openers for any occasion with help from the talented team of artists at 4AllPromos! We can provide you with customized bulk bottle openers at wholesale prices. Exactly how you want to personalize our bottle opener is up to you - we'll share two of the chief methods below.

Custom Engraved Bottle Openers

When you want truly special personalized engraved bottle openers for wedding favors or any other noteworthy occasion or party, you can turn to 4AllPromos. Our custom engraved beverage bottle openers are decorated with your unique logo design via laser engraving for a commemorative gift that will last a lifetime. Our promotional engraved bottle openers with low minimum order requirements allow you to really tailor each one to its personal recipient. Search our collection today to find excellent engraved beer bottle opener gifts for groomsmen & more at the guaranteed lowest price.

Custom Printed Bottle Openers

When buying custom business logo imprinted bottle openers in bulk, lower-priced, higher-quantity items are the natural choice. Our bulk company logo printed bottle openers at wholesale prices create colorful & memorable designs to do your brand proud. They're a top-level promotional product for bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, resorts & more.

Different Styles of Promotional Bottle Openers

Regardless of what corporate logo design method you choose for your custom bottle opener, the choice of available styles is enormous. In this section, we'll talk a little bit about the different types of wholesale beverage bottle openers that can be purchased on our site. All are certain to impress any customer with their unparalleled quality.

Personalized Credit Card Bottle Openers

One highly popular style of bottle openers would be our customized credit card bottle openers. Their name is derived from their shape, which is highly similar to that of a credit card. They fit easily into wallets to provide a helpful tool for users on the go. When you buy our wholesale credit card bottle openers in bulk, you'll supply your company with a promotional giveaway that will travel anywhere & everywhere, creating constant advertising impressions along the way.

Customized Business Card Bottle Openers

If wallet size bottle openers with logo imprints are what your bar, restaurant, or business needs to reach its promotional goals, we suggest you consider our company logo business card bottle openers. They're similar in shape, style, and concept to our credit card bottle openers, but are specifically designed to house contact information & business address information so that those who receive & bottle openers can be more easily converted from passive viewers to active customers. They'll do a great job of promoting brands at breweries, trade shows, or any other large gathering.

Wholesale Bottle Opener Coasters

Nobody likes dealing with soggy tables or countertops, or the ensuing damage that wet glasses can cause to wooden surfaces. That's why our promotional coasters with bottle openers are such big hits as promotional products for bars and restaurants. These two-in-one customized bar tools help to open bottles and protect your furniture at the same time. They also add a little bit of fun to the customer experience, helping users to remember your brand.

Promotional Magnetic Beer Bottle Openers

A bottle opener doesn't have to be just a bottle opener. Many of our personalized beverage wrenches have multiple applications, and our bottle openers with magnets are a prime example. When your business invests in custom magnetic bottle opener giveaways, it puts your logo & information in constant view when users are entertaining or bartending and use the magnetic properties to collect discarded bottle caps. They're also handy when it comes to ease of storage, as they can be applied to plenty of magnetic surfaces for quick access.

Bulk Speed Bottle Openers

Did you ever wonder where the name "speed bottle opener" comes from? It's a pretty simple story. This is a name conferred upon a (usually) flat hand-held bottle opener that allows users to quickly and speedily pop the caps off of beverage bottles. We offer many different models of promotional speed bottle openers & custom logo imprinted flat bottle openers that will bring users a level of convenience that is sure to result in sustained brand loyalty that will continue for the long haul.

Customized Pilsner Beverage Wrench Giveaways

Ourunique pilsner bottle openers for businesses are inventive and fun giveaway items that preserve treasured memories of a joyful experience. Every time a user opens up a cold one and sees your customized logo on their bottle opener, they'll fondly recall your business & rekindle emotional bonds. Shop our collection to find the best model to promote your brand.

Wholesale Stout Beverage Wrenches

Downing a tasty stout ale (hopefully served at room temperature) is always a good time, but without the proper tools, opening the bottles that hold them can be quite a chore. That's why we highly recommend our customizable stout bottle openers for your next promotional giveaway or event. Made from sturdy aluminum, they're small yet handy tools, always ready to provide expert opening services when needed.

For company picnics, outdoor music festivals, or any other large scale events where users don't want to get their hands cold or their drinks warm, few promo giveaways work better than our personalized bottle opener koozies.Each branded bottle opener imprinted with your logo and features a convenient bottle opener attached to the side of the exterior of the insulated material. They'll also make great party gifts for your favorite bartender.

Custom Beverage Wrench & Bottle Opener Materials

Our wholesale bottle openers for businesses exhibit further variety when it comes to their composition. We carry promotional bottle opener options made from metal, wood, and various plastics, all of which offer a strong set of benefits. Read on to learn about each kind in the following three paragraphs.

Personalized Engraved Metal Bottle Openers

When it comes to company logo metal bottle openers, some of our best offerings include our custom engraved aluminum beer bottle openers and our promotional stainless steel bottle openers. Their engraved designs are built to last, making them items that can often become family heirlooms, creating generations of loyal customers for your bar, hotel, or restaurant.

Cheap Promotional Plastic Bottle Openers in Bulk

When you want to buy large amounts of bottle openers for big event giveaways, it's hard to beat ourbulk plastic bottle openers at wholesale prices. These represent many of our most inexpensive bottle openers, but don't mistake low prices for low quality. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with our plastic bottle openers. The persistent positive feedback from our customers strongly speaks to the quality of these products.

Unique Customized Wooden Bottle Openers

For that old-time, rustic saloon style appeal, no promotional product beats a genuine wooden bottle opener. We offer many styles of custom logo imprinted wooden bottle openers, even including personalized bottle openers with wooden handles.

Unique Personalized Novelty Bottle Openers

When customers come to your watering hole, restaurant, casino, hotel, or resort, they're looking to have a good time. Likewise, when entertaining in their own homes or simply enjoying a cold drink after a long day's work, bulk novelty bottle openers can add a little more levity to the situation. They're a perfect reminder of good times your business has provided in the past and of happy days yet to come. The following list includes some, but not all of our high quality unique novelty beverage openers.

Custom Shaped Bottle Openers

Depending on the nature of your business and the purpose of your promotional giveaway investments, a certain shape may be desired when it comes to your personalized bottle opener. You'll soon realize that this isn't a problem while shopping with us, as there are several uniquely shaped bottle opener styles to choose from. We'll highlight just a few of them now.

Personalized Sports Bottle Openers

Are you expecting a big crowd at your bar for the next big game or title fight? If so, our sports bottle shaped beverage wrenches make for great & convenient giveaways that customers will use again and again. They're the kind of advertising gift that just keeps on giving. Here are some of the varieties of sports-themed bottle opener styles we carry:

Wholesale Animal Shaped Beverage Wrenches

Our custom animal shaped beverage bottle openers are a go-to giveaway item for many different businesses. Taverns, restaurants, hotels, aquariums, zoos, museums, and many other organizations will find our uniquely shaped wholesale animal themed bottle openers to provide a great return on investment. Ourcustomized shark bottle openers and truly uniquehorse head shaped bottle openers with logo designs are just two top examples that will speak to the high quality of your brand.

Custom High Tech Bottle Openers

When your business really wants to stand out from the crowd, offering a rare promotional gift item is always a solid strategy. It's even better when said giveaway has more than one use. Our wholesale high tech USB bottle openers fit this bill perfectly. Impossible to open bottles & drained mobile devices will be things of the past for their lucky recipients.

Personalized Bottle Opener Multi Tools

Customizable multi purpose bottle opener tools never fail to please the masses. Their multiple usages provide convenience & security to users, while their many applications lead to perpetual advertising exposure for your brand. These promotional products go beyond just removing bottle caps and come in many different varieties, several of which we'll discuss in this section.

Custom Bottle Openers with Keyrings

Looking for cheap promotional products from which your brand can expect repeated daily advertising impressions? If so, our advice is to buy ourwholesale keyring bottle openers in bulk and reap the resulting rewards. Anyone who owns a car or a set of house keys will use such an item several times per day, ensuring that they don't forget about your business any time soon.

Promotional Keychain Bottle Openers

A similar style of bulk bottle openers for businesses as the style detailed is found in our collection of personalized bottle opener keychains. A common misconception is that keychains and keyrings are the same. However, this is not the case. A keyring is typically one solid unit to which keys may be attached, whereas a keychain usually offers a loose, dangling type of ring for holding keys.

Personalized Corkscrews in Bulk

With all of the focus on beer, we want to take the time to give our customized wine accessories a little shout-out as well. Among our best items in this area are our promotional corkscrews for bars and restaurants. In many cases, these custom designed corkscrews are part of larger multi tool units, engraved or imprinted with your personalized logo design.

Wholesale Bartender Tools

Bartending is a profession which keeps one constantly on the move, even if it's within a relatively small and/or confined space. While engaging in the crafts of their trade, many different tools are needed. Having a whole bunch of assorted tools hanging around can be more of an obstacle than an aid. With this in mind, we submit for your approval our assortment of personalized bar tool giveaways. They make for excellent personalized gifts for bartenders as well as loyal bar & restaurant patrons & employees. A bar blade, corkscrew, cap remover, and the many other available tools are a perfect way to promote your brand at any party or event.

Promotional Bottle Openers with Carabiners

When it comes to keeping it all together, few promotional drinkware accessories do it better than our custom carabiner clip bottle openers. Offered in many different styles and with several complementary tools, these promotional bar products are perfect for staying organized when working on a busy schedule with limited space.

Custom Multi Purpose Bottle Opener Pocket Knives

When you want to go all-out and give a promotional gift that truly goes above and beyond, we suggest our unique personalized pocket knives with bottle openers. Offering 15 tools in one, these provide maximum utility & security at home, at work, and at play.

Custom Printed Bottle Opener Flashlights

Our promotional bottle opener keylights are unique & useful promotional gifts that are handy while at the bar or in the car. They're perfect for quickly finding fumbled items which might otherwise lead to futility and a few bumps and bruises to go along with it. Bottle opener keychains with flashlights are one of those versatile promotional giveaway items that works in nearly any situation for nearly any user.