Custom Bottle Openers

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Get Imprinted and engraved bottle openers to easily crack open a bottle of your favorite beverages at company barbecues and picnics. These practical promo products are great additions to bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and supermarkets. They also make terrific party favors and groomsmen gifts.

Pop Open Branding with Custom Bottle Openers

Custom bottle opener giveaways provide your audience with a useful tool they’re sure to keep around. Your business can take advantage of these relatively inexpensive promotional products, while still offering utility and durability. When you have a street festival or trade show coming up, ordering bottle openers in bulk will make sure you have enough promo items for large audiences. 

In addition to being useful as a branded giveaway, you also have the option of adding a custom design for personalized bottle openers at weddings or family reunions.

Custom bottle openers and bottle opener keychains are practical accessories to add alongside custom drinkware items for your bar or restaurant. The broad appeal and practicality of a branded bottle opener give your business great exposure while your customers and target audience members carry them around to pop a bottle.

Types of Promotional Bottle Openers

When selecting custom bottle openers, you must choose a style that will be useful for your target audience. From small custom beverage wrenches to lighters with bottle openers, 4AllPromos offers a variety of styles and different types of branded bottle openers. What are the different types of bottle openers? The different types of bottle openers we offer include:

Bottle Opener Keychains

Keychain bottle openers offer portability. Your brand will be carried around daily when attached to a set of keys. A custom bottle opener keyring can be added to your booth or table alongside other easy-to-grab promo items like koozies and flasks.

Credit Card Bottle Openers

Credit card bottle openers feature a slim design to easily fit into wallets. This helpful tool is an alternative to keeping a bottle opener keychain. When you buy our wholesale credit card bottle openers in bulk, you’re getting a promotional giveaway that will travel anywhere and be kept in a wallet to be seen anytime an ID or credit card is needed.

Business Card Bottle Openers

Business card bottle openers are similar in shape, style, and concept to our credit card bottle openers, but can be designed with company information like business address and phone numbers. These promotional bottle openers convert passive viewers into active customers. They'll do a great job of promoting brands at breweries, trade shows, and industry events. 

Bottle Opener Coasters

Get two useful functions in one when you add your logo to a coaster that doubles as a bottle opener! These products make great gifts for employees and clients. Promotional coasters with bottle openers can protect tables at home from condensation, and they’re also promotional products for bars and restaurants.

Magnetic Beer Bottle Openers

Give a promotional item that with stick around with our magnetic bottle openers. When your logo is sitting at eye level on your target audience’s refrigerator, your logo & information are in constant view. Magnetic bottle openers also help to collect discarded bottle caps, making cleanup efforts easier. It’s also worth mentioning that these personalized bottle openers are easy to store, just stick to refrigerators, magnetic walls, or metal poles.

Speed Openers

Speed bottle openers are handheld and flat. They allow bartenders to quickly and speedily pop the caps off of beverage bottles. We offer many different models of promotional speed bottle openers & custom flat bottle openers that will allow your staff to get orders to customers as fast as possible.

Can Cooler Bottle Openers

For company picnics, outdoor music festivals, weddings, or any other large-scale event, our personalized bottle opener Koozies are always a hit. These items feature a convenient bottle opener attached to the side of the exterior of the insulated material. They help to open bottles and keep drinks cold. These logo bottle openers make great party favors or drinkware gifts for anyone.

Ways to Customize Your Branded Bottle Openers

Custom bottle openers with logo designs are efficient tools, both for serving customers and for spreading brand awareness. There are multiple ways to create promotional bottle openers, each with its own set of advantages. 

How can I customize my bottle openers? You can customize your bottle openers in a couple of ways. 

  • Screen printing is an affordable option that is great for plastic bottle openers. We can create single or multiple-color designs.
  • Full-color logo imprinting creates intricate and detailed graphics. It has a faster production process than screen printing but does cost a bit more.
  • Etching and laser engraving involve carving designs directly into the surface of a custom bottle opener. The result is a solid, sturdy, and upscale mark that will not degrade with time. 

Is etching cheaper than engraving? Etching is a faster process that requires less power making it cheaper than engraving bottle opener promotional items. This holds true for etching and engraving other promotional items as well, such as our carabinersbeer glasses, and wine glasses.

Get Bulk Bottle Openers For Greater Reach

When it comes to affordable promotional products and event giveaways, an order of custom bottle openers bulk makes sure you have enough inventory for a broad audience. When you buy custom bottle openers wholesale, you're able to access lower per-unit prices. 

In the long run, our branded bottle openers in bulk mean you spend less per advertising impression than you would if buying them in low quantities. If you’re not quite ready to buy in bulk, we do offer personalized bottle openers with minimum quantities as low as 6 items per order.

FAQ About Custom Bottle Openers

How can I get cheap bottle openers?
We sell many cheap promotional bottle openers. To find the models with the lowest prices, you can use the "Sort by" dropdown menu. Select "Sell Price" for your sorting option, and "Ascending" in the “Direction” drop-down. Click the Apply button to see our most affordable options.
You can also check the box for the price range you're looking for in the Price Range filter on the left-hand side of this page.
How much is a custom bottle opener?
Our company logo bottle openers can be purchased for as low as 44 cents per unit.
How many different colors are available?
We offer wholesale bottle openers in 12 different colors. To sort by color, check off the boxes of the colors you're looking for on the filter menu on the left-hand side of this page. The available colors include silver, black, white, blue, red, green, brown, yellow, orange, pink, gold, and purple. Glossy and matte finishes are also available.
What is the difference between a beer bottle opener and a wine opener?
Beer bottle openers are designed to pry off metal bottle caps, like a wrench, while wine bottle openers are typically designed to include corkscrews or a manner to remove corks. Both are popular barware accessories that are among our best-sellers.
What are the most popular materials for custom bottle openers?
Popular promo bottle opener materials include plastic, wood (including bamboo), and metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. Wood bottle openers and stainless steel bottle openers are especially durable choices that enjoy high popularity in the USA and abroad.

Crack Open Marketing Opportunities with Custom Promotional Bottle Openers

Make your brand the hero at parties, picnics, and gatherings with promotional bottle openers. These giveaway items can be tiny brand ambassadors for small businesses, bartenders, restaurants, pubs, and breweries.  They’re even useful for event planners who wish to use them as wedding favors.

Don't keep your brand awareness bottled up - get your custom logo bottle openers today and associate your brand with the good times!

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