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If you're looking for the best promotional bandanas to display your company logo, you've come to the right place. 4AllPromos offers a wide variety of personalized bandanas, including custom bandana cooling scarves, safe wholesale bandana PPE items, attractive branded bandana neck tubes, several types of wholesale bandanas with free shipping, stylish custom printed headbands, classic traditional bandanas, and much more.

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Looking to buy the best promotional bandanas to promote your brand? You'll find them all at 4AllPromos! We have a wide variety of promotional bandana products to fit your business, charity, and organizational branding needs. Take a look at the informational guide below to learn more about our custom imprinted bandanas and what they can do for your business.

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Bandana FAQ

Different Styles of Promotional Bandanas

We offer many different types of custom made bandanas for promoting businesses, charities, schools, and any other organization you can name. There are many different kinds to choose from, so we'll spend this section explaining a bit about the various styles we offer. The goal is to help you develop a better understanding & empower you to make the best choice to meet your promotional needs.

What is a Fandana?

A Fandana is a stylish, flexible, and highly useful face covering and headwear accessory. Made from a microfiber polyester material, Fandanas have moisture wicking abilities, making them a great apparel accessory for working or cooling off on a hot day. They can be worn in many different ways, thanks to their soft and flexible fabric composition. Arriving in tube form, they can be worn as bandanas, do-rags, wristbands, tube tops, face masks, head coverings, belts, and more. If you'd like to see them in more detail, you can click on the following link to examine our custom Fandanas with logos.

Custom Triangle Bandanas

Those who like a traditional look will find our promotional triangle bandanas to be a great fit. Made from 100% cotton, this style also works very well when creating custom bandanas for dogs.

Wholesale Bandana Face Masks

During times of pandemic and peace, it never hurts to stay on the safe side. Whether it's for health concerns, blocking out extra sunlight, or just as a fashion accessory, you can't go wrong with any of our logo branded bandana masks. If being used as a custom corporate gift, we also have models in this category that can be personalized with a recipient's name.

Promotional Novelty Bandanas

If you're looking to have a little bit of fun while promoting your company and/or treating your employees, we have a large selection of custom novelty bandanas to choose from. The preceding link goes to a personalized bandana with a Joker pattern, but we several others. A few examples include dog face bandanas, cat face bandanas, shark mouth bandanas, funny social distancing themed models, and more.

Custom Printed Multi-Use Bandanas

Everyone loves getting a promotional product that offers two items in one. Three is even better, four better still, and so on. How would you like to offer your target audience bandana promotional products that can serve a dozen of different functions? Our personalized multi-function bandanas can be worn in 12+ different ways, with users being able to don them on most any part of the body. In the process, your company logo will get exposure everywhere users travel.

Personalized Bandana Tubes

If you're looking for a bandana that offers a bit more coverage and doesn't need to be tied to operate, our wholesale bandana neck tubes will be a perfect fit. Users can simply slip them over their faces and down into place, providing coverage for the nose, mouth, and neck. Many of them can also be manipulated to be worn in different ways, if desired.

Custom Cooling Bandanas

A great buy for gyms, health clubs, amusement parks, and more, our promotional cooling bandanas and custom cooling Fandanas help users beat the heat while your brand beats the competition. Once they're covered in water, these items just need a firm snap, twist, shake, or wave and then they're ready to go to work. Their moisture-wicking properties keep users cool and dry for up to 2 hours at a time. After this period, the process can be repeated to start the relief anew.

Wholesale Bandanas Made in the USA

Your company can engage in some good old-fashioned American pride when you buy custom bandanas made in the USA from 4AllPromos. Made, designed, and shipped right here in the states, these bandanas are a great way to invest in the national economy while showing your patriotism.

Promotional Headbands

Although they don't have a category page all to themselves (yet), our wholesale headbands are popular items that have many uses. Buy our company logo headbands in bulk, and you'll have a great advertising tool that users can employ as sweatbands, ear warmers, cooling devices, fashion accessories, and more.

Custom Bandanas - Materials

Our customizable bandana promotional items are made from a variety of different materials. Choosing the one that best fits your company will largely be a factor how you intend for them to be used and the various needs of the demographics comprising your target market. We'll tell you a bit about four of the most common materials used in our bandanas over the course of the next four paragraphs.

Wholesale Cotton Bandanas

To lead things off, let's focus on our custom cotton bandanas for a moment. Cotton is one of the most eco-friendly options when it comes to bandana materials. Made from natural elements, these bandanas also are able to rid themselves of germs more quickly than their synthetic counterparts. This makes cotton a natural choice when searching for custom wholesale bandana PPE items.

Personalized Polyester Bandanas

While cotton is a great material, that doesn't mean that our bulk polyester bandanas are without their respective benefits. These bandanas are lightweight, often have excellent moisture wicking qualities, are easy to wash and maintain, and are more resistant to fading and wrinkles when compared to cotton.

Bulk Poly Cotton Bandanas

Poly cotton (often seen with the alternate spelling "polycotton") is a material that features a blend of cotton and polyester. You might say that our wholesale cheap polycotton bandanas offer some of the best of both worlds. They're affordable, resistant to shrinking, and excel at keeping their shape and bold colors. They're also a bit more speedy at releasing ambient germs than pure polyester versions.

Promotional Microfiber Bandanas

If you're looking for bandanas that have an extra soft, flexible, yielding material that takes color well, our custom made microfiber bandanas are an ideal match. These bandanas are able to be worn in a variety of ways and have a smooth, lightweight feel. Many of our previously mentioned cooling bandanas feature microfiber material in their design.

Wholesale Cheap Bandanas - Ordering Specials

4AllPromos is your top source when it comes to buying the best custom made bandanas at the best prices. We make our already great offerings even better by adding extra discounts and ordering flexibility on many items. Read on to learn of two prime examples in the twain of following paragraphs.

Buy Bulk Bandanas with Free Shipping

Interested in the idea of buying promotional bandanas with free shipping? If so, then we have many products that will be right up your alley. The link found earlier in this paragraph will open up a new window, containing several bandana items (and cute plush animals equipped with their own little bandanas) that will ship to your business 100% free of charge.

If your goal isn't to purchase bandanas in bulk, but rather a limited number for a smaller crowd, we have you covered. At 4AllPromos, you can buy custom made bandanas with no minimum order requirement in several colors, styles, and fashions. These make for great corporate gift ideas, as we enable you to purchase as few as one unit at a time.

Customized Bandanas - Patterns

Different people have different tastes, and that's why we offer our custom bandana promotional items in a wide variety of decorative patterns. Some may prefer a floral look, while others may want a border to better define their imprints. Other users may find a blank bandana more suitable. We offer all of these options and more, which will be covered throughout the next five paragraphs.

Custom Paisley Bandanas

Garden shops, florists, gift shops, fashion boutiques, and more will all benefit from the ability to buy promotional paisley bandanas wholesale from 4AllPromos. Featuring a classic floral design, our paisley bandanas are one of our most popular styles. They're made from 100% cotton and offer a classic style that will appeal to most any user base.

Travel agencies, tourism-heavy gift shops, parks, and local landmark establishments are sure to find our custom imprinted map bandanas to be a great buy. They can be created to help users navigate geographic areas or even find their way around parks, trail routes, and race paths.

Personalized Tie Dye Bandanas

Adding some color and extra creative design to the mix are our bulk tie dye bandanas. Made from 100% cotton, these customizable bandanas offer swirls of bright, bold colors to draw attention to your company logo. They're perfect for sports teams, schools, charity events, and nearly any business catering to a "free-spirit" kind of crowd.

Promotional Bandanas with Borders

Some designs are aided in their effectiveness when they have an extra level of definition. This is one of the many benefits that the wholesale bandanas with borders available at 4AllPromos bring to the table. Made in the USA, these promotional bandana giveaway items feature designs that are clearly bound by four distinct straight lines, forming a square frame.

Wholesale Blank Bandanas

When ordering bandanas for staff to wear on the job or at large company events, a logo imprint isn't quite as important of a feature. When your business opts to buy blank bandanas in bulk from 4AllPromos, you'll be able to purchase a large amount of stylish, colorful, and comfortable bandanas for your employees & their families at a very affordable price.

Promotional Bandanas in Different Colors

If there's a certain color of bandana that you have in mind, we have you covered. Whether you're looking for the best shade to match a business logo, school mascot design, or any other purpose, your choices are many at 4AllPromos. We offer red bandanas, white bandanas, purple bandanas, black bandanas, blue bandanas, and a great number of other color selections.

Design Your Own Custom Bandanas

A company logo imprint, name imprint, or other form of personalization can often be the element that packs the most punch in a promotional product. We provide many ways for you to design your own bandanas to get the most mileage out of them when it comes to brand promotion, event promotion, and corporate gifting.

Wholesale Dye Sublimation Bandanas

One of the most striking design options we offer can be found in the form of our custom sublimation bandanas. Printed in bold colors and fully customizable from end to end, these bandanas are great for displaying intricate designs that are especially pleasing to the eye. Their photographic quality makes them a favorite among many of our customers.

Cheap Screen Printed Bandanas in Bulk

If your business is looking to promote in an affordable way that is still effective and stylish, our wholesale inexpensive bandanas with screen printing are the way to go. This style goes best with single color logo imprints, but multiple colors are possible too. However, they often come at a small added cost and with longer production times.

Would you'd like to include multiple colors in your logo design but still wish for the fastest possible production times? If so, our promotional bandanas with full color logo imprints are an excellent choice. Full color imprinting, also known as 4-color process printing, uses specialized printers to convey multiple color graphics onto all manner of items in a speedy and visually appealing manner.

Bandanas Personalized with Names

Of all of our bandana promotional items, our customized bandanas with names are perhaps the best as corporate gift ideas. This is because each comes with a text box that is designed to accommodate a recipient's name. These models have no minimum order requirement, so a small business could easily buy one for each and every employee as a special token of appreciation. However, they can also be used to bear company names as well.

Custom Message Printed Bandanas

Does your business have something to say to the world? If so, it can relay its specific ideas to the masses by way of our bandanas with personalized messages. These bandanas also have no minimum order quantity, while featuring a speech bubble that is imprinted with whatever words you want to get out to the public.

Bandana Promotional Items - Uses

Custom bandanas are wonderful as promotional giveaway items, in part due to their extreme versatility. These fashion apparel accessories can be worn in many ways and can serve a wide variety of purposes. We'll wrap up this little bandana information session by touching upon just a few of the ways in which these items can be put to use.

Custom Bandana Face Coverings

One way in which our bandanas can be employed is as stylish and comfortable coverings for the face. This can be done as part of a costume, a way to block out the sun, or even as PPE items in lieu of traditional masks. They can be worn over the mouth and neck, or pulled up higher to cover the nose as well.

Promotional Bandana Head Covers

The personalized bandanas you'll find at 4AllPromos can also function well as head coverings. Bikers, athletes, outdoor workers, and those seeking refuge from the heat will find these items to be ideal when worn over the head kerchief style.

Personalized Do-Rag Bandanas

Another way users can flash your logo with our bandanas is by using them as promotional do-rags. This is a popular style among young people, but can be enjoyed by people of all ages. While this is possible with most any style, some of our bandanas are especially designed to function as wholesale do-rags.

Wholesale Dog Bandanas

Some pets love to step out in style just as much as their human friends do. For those who like to keep their pups at the height of fashion, we offer a wide range of custom bandanas for dogs. These personalized pet bandanas are a great buy for pet shops, pet supply stores, animal shelters, and animal related charities. They also provide an extra measure of security to help identify pets in a crowd to prevent separation and loss.

Other Ways to Use Our Bandanas as Apparel Accessories

In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are many other ways in which users may choose to sport our bandanas. A great number of them are designed to function in ways that are a little out-of-the-box, but still highly effective for promoting your brand. Several of our custom bandana styles can also function as wristbands, headbands, beanies, scrunchies, legbands, skull caps, tube tops, belts, and even more.

Bandana FAQ

Can custom bandanas be used as PPE?
Bandanas can be a great alternative to traditional face masks. However, they must be worn properly for effective use. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all masks completely cover the mouth and nose and fit securely against the sides of the face and under the chin. Additionally, it’s best to fold your bandana to ensure you have two layers of protection. Disclaimer: Bandanas are not as effective as other mask types, such as N-95 respirators or KN95s.
What are the best promotional bandanas?
The best promotional bandanas depend on your specific application and business goals. If you’re looking for an affordable option, it’s best to choose a product that can be bought in bulk at a low cost, such as our blank bulk bandanas.
What size bandana do I need to use as a personal face covering?
4AllPromos offers bandanas in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that best fits your needs. We have several options designed to be used as face coverings, which are sized to fit most adults. Bandanas can also be folded easily to fit children.

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If you are having some kind of event, and you need a way to promote it, our custom logo bandanas can do just that. All of them were made the in the USA, and have special colors and designs. Put your own design on any type of bandana, and let everyone know about your event or your business. A cool and unique way to market your organization, and something that people will remember. Whenever someone sees one of your bandanas, they will remember which organization started this unique trend. Here at 4AllPromos we strive to satisfy all of our customers, if you aren't happy, we aren't happy. So purchase some of our wholesale bandanas at a great price, and be prepared to unmask the wild side of your organization or business!