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Custom Lighters are handy promotional products that have many uses, from lighting candles to lighting cigarettes to lighting grills and beyond. With our personalized lighters, users will literally have your brand name in their pocket, creating advertising impressions everywhere they go.

Fire Up Your Brand With Custom and Personalized Lighters

Our custom printed lighters are great tools for spreading brand awareness. Their versatility will land them in pockets and purses far and wide. Your customers will use them when lighting candles, starting up grills in backyard or tailgate BBQ feasts, enjoying a fine cigar, or getting a bonfire going around the campsite. 

How To Choose the Right Type of Lighter

At 4AllPromos, we offer customized lighters in a variety of brands and styles. Whether you need a standard lighter,  electronic lighter, Zippo lighter, BIC lighter, refillable butane lighter, or most any other variety, we have you covered. All of our styles pair quite nicely with related products, such as promotional matches and other branded tools.

Custom BIC Lighters

BIC lighters are an excellent promotional product choice. They're affordable, yet don't sacrifice anything when it comes to quality. Add your custom logo to them and you'll have a great multi-purpose tool for reaching a broad audience.

Zippo Lighters

Personalized Zippo lighters are another gem in our collection. These upscale items are highly durable and can be decorated via laser engraving for a corporate gift that lasts for years. These flip-top lighters offer wind resistance and protection from the elements, creating a more steady flame. We offer them in both satin chrome and matte versions.

Other Types of Wholesale Lighters

Promotional Clipper Lighters

Our custom clipper lighters are another style that's a guaranteed hit. They come with handy packing tools. Your customer will love this feature if they smoke pipes or roll their own cigarettes. They're also refillable and have replaceable flints, ensuring that your logo imprint sticks around for a long time.

Personalized Oil Wick Lighters

Rather than butane, an oil flip top wick style lighter uses a lighter fluid called naphtha. Their wicks extend through the chimney to burn consistently and strongly, even when the temperature is low and the winds are high.

Electric Lighters

These utility lighters are powered by electricity and are longer than most other lighter types. Their length makes them a natural choice for lighting candles, grills, and campfires. Our electric lighters are rechargeable, giving them a long lifespan. They go great with other promo products, such as branded candles and personalized BBQ tools.

Designing Your Custom Lighters

  • Custom Printed Lighters - Many of our offerings in this category are company logo imprinted lighters (opens in a new window).This is a low price option which allows you to design your own lighter in a noticeable and memorable fashion. This can be done in one color or in multiple colors. When going with an imprint that has more than one color, our promotional lighters with full color imprints (opens in a new window) are generally the most efficient items to choose.
  • Personalized Logo Engraved Lighters - When you want to provide a high-class, long-lasting, and sophisticated logo design, you can turn to our promotional laser engraved cigarette lighters (opens in a new window).These premium personalized lighters with logo feature designs that are cut into their surfaces with precision laser beams. The result is a textured logo that won't fade, chip, or discolor with the passage of time. Engraving custom lighters make great corporate promotional gifts for weddings, retirement parties, holiday occasions, and more for a great price.

Try Custom Lighters Bulk Buying for Better Prices

Buying bulk lighters for resale or to giveaway at trade shows will get you the inventory you need to spread your brand to a broader audience. 4AllPromos will add your logo to an order of wholesale lighters in no time. 

Which option is best for bulk lighters? Your audience and your budget will determine the best bulk lighters for you to buy. You can browse our selection to choose any of our models, from custom BIC lighters to clipper lighters and even our luxury Satin Chrome Zippo lighters, and place your order for lighters in bulk.


What is the best lighter for cigars?
Torch lighters, aka chimney lighters, are the preferred style among most cigar smokers. This is because their flames won't be extinguished by the wind. Their consistent flames make for an easier cigar lighting experience. A great example is our Zippo Windproof Lighter.
What is the difference between a torch lighter and a lighter?
The key difference between torch lighters and typical butane lighters is that torch lighters provide a solid flame that is consistent and direct. Their chimneys prevent the flame from going out or dancing about erratically when there's wind.
How much does it cost to make custom lighters?
The expense will vary based on the model you choose as well as your preferred decoration method. A custom logo lighter featuring an engraved design will typically cost more to personalize than lighters that are screen printed.
What are the key features of a lighter?
The key features of a lighter include:
  • Fuel source
  • Material
  • Personalization options
  • Windproof properties
  • Safety components
  • Accessories, such as packing tools and bottle openers
Do custom lighters come filled with butane?
Our custom BIC lighter models and other pocket lighters that employ butane do come with the fuel included. Many are also refillable.
Do custom lighters expire?
While the fuels they contain do not expire, lighters can have their lifespans shortened if they're exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. If you avoid doing this, your lighter can last for many years.

Ready to Light Up Your Brand?

Large and small businesses alike will benefit greatly when you promote them with customized lighters. Get ready to set your brand awareness on fire - order personalized lighters from us today!

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