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Buy custom cigarette Lighters at 4AllPromos for the highest in quality and the lowest in price. Choose among our collection of cost effective personalized BIC Maxi lighters, handy wholesale lighters with bottle openers, high quality promotional windproof lighters, attractive wholesale solid color lighters and transparent lighters, bulk order 100 custom lighters, and more. They're great marketing tools to customize with your logo for most any event or customer base. Browse & shop our full custom lighter collection today!

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Trying to come up with the best giveaway ideas for corporate events, company parties or trade shows? We're here to help. 4AllPromos has you covered with a wide assortment of personalized lighters. Order custom lighters, imprinted with your logo, for a memorable & valuable giveaway item. You can have a message, name, or monogram laser engraved on a Zippo lighter for a long-lasting gift to your employees.

Great for smokers and non-smokers alike (they can also light candles and grills), our various lighter categories offer tools to promote your brand in all kinds of settings. Search our collection of custom lighter items and get details on all of the different custom lighter styles we sell.

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Best Promotional Lighter Brands

At 4AllPromos, you'll find all of the best custom lighters in all of the best brands to promote your business. We offer models from some of the best names in the business, including BIC, Zippo, Clipper, and more. The three aforementioned brands will be discussed in a bit more detail in the following trio of paragraphs.

Wholesale BIC Lighters

The brand name BIC is almost synonymous with standard lighters. In addition to their top-notch custom pens, BIC produces some of the finest lighters out there. They're high in quality yet affordable enough to fit most budgets. When your business decides to buy promotional BIC lighters in bulk from 4AllPromos, you can be certain you'll create plenty of impressions anywhere your users travel.

Custom Clipper Lighters

Clipper is another big name in the world of lighters. The logo branded Clipper lighters offered on our site are sure to be a hit when promoting to your target audience. Excellent as trade show giveaway items, Clipper lighters are refillable, feature replaceable flints, and come with handy packing tools for user who like to smoke pipes and/or roll their own cigarettes.

Personalized Zippo Lighters

Last but not least, we'll introduce our assortment of personalized Zippo lighters. These premium promotional cigar and cigarette lighters are of the high-end variety and make excellent corporate gifts. Made from durable metal that can be imprinted or engraved, the Zippo custom lighter products on our site are of the flip-top variety and offer a reliable, windproof flame.

Different Types of Custom Lighters

There are many different kinds of lighters out there, many of which are available every day at 4AllPromos. We carry lighters in many different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. In addition to lighting smokables, they can light candles, grills, and more. You'll also find custom lighters on our site with different purposes and operating mechanisms. We'll explain some of this diversity in the following section.

Promotional Cigarette Lighters

When most people think of lighters, their minds tend to go to cigarettes and cigars. We offer a wide variety of convenient, hand-held custom cigarette lighters that make great promotional items for existing, potential, and new customers at convenience stores, supermarkets, liquor stores, tobacco shops, and more.

Custom BBQ Lighters

Our wholesale lighters aren't just for tobacco users. Grilling enthusiasts can find great utility in our collection as well. We have promotional BBQ lighters that make great giveaway items for barbecue supply stores, camping supply retailers, supermarkets, pharmacies, candle shops, and more. These feature long handles, often with a trigger-like mechanism for getting the flame going.

Cheap Promotional Lighters

Operating on a tight promotional budget? No problem! At 4AllPromos, you can buy cheap lighters in bulk as well as wholesale disposable lighters. These are giveaway items that will make bank without having to break the bank. They're especially useful for large events where the goal is to promote your brand to as many potential customers as possible.

Custom Printed Transparent Lighters

While some users prefer solid color lighters, many opt for promotional transparent cigarette lighters. This type is beneficial in that it allows users to see how much butane is left at any given time, allowing them to know when a refill or replacement is needed.

Branded Novelty Lighters

Have some fun with your next promotion by investing in some of our custom novelty cigarette lighters! Taking an everyday item and adding an interesting twist will inspire increased usage and therefore more advertising impressions. The example we've linked to is one of our custom printed cigarette case wallets. In addition to holding and organizing cigarettes, it doubles as a fun device for lighting them.

Custom Lighters with Bottle Openers

A company branded giveaway item that offers two services in one package is always well-received. One such example comes in the form of our promotional bottle opener lighters. Great as promotional items for bars, liquor stores, tobacco shops, and more, these personalized lighters have built-in bottle openers for easy beverage access.

Imprinted Windproof Lighters

Trying to operate a lighter in a very windy environment can sometimes be an exercise in annoyance and futility. Fortunately, we have special lighters prepared to take on this kind of situation. Our custom flip-top lighters have built-in chimneys that house the flame and keep it protected from harsh winds and other outside elements that could extinguish a typical lighter flame.

Bulk Standard Flint Lighters

Most lighters come in the typical open-top flick action form. Hence the popular phrase, "Flick my BIC™." Our promotional flint lighters feature a hard, textured metal wheel which is pressed down by users, striking the flint which lies inside of the lighter. 

Personalized Lighters - Fuel Sources

Different lighters are powered in different ways. Some provide their flames by way of gas, while others use specific oils, commonly referred to as "lighter fluid". These aren't the only two ways to go. There are also lighters that operate electronically. We'll touch upon all three styles in this section. Many representatives that we sell from these categories present the option to refill when empty, adding to their longevity.

Bulk Butane Lighters

By far the most common style, these lighters are typically affordable, sometimes disposable, and make a great giveaway item for nearly any adult demographic. Our wholesale promotional butane lighters operate by using the same wheel and flint mechanism described in the flint lighters section. When the hardened steel wire wheel makes contact with the flint, a flame is produced. What aids this is a user immediately moving their thumb down to press the small plastic lever behind the wheel. This releases butane, which creates a flame when coming into contact with the sparks from the flint. 

Personalized Oil Wick Lighters

Our promotional wick style oil lighters operate in a slightly different fashion. The basic flicking action is the same. However, the fuel involved is different and is exposed in a unique way. Also known as lighter fluid or lighter oil, naphtha is the actual name of the fuel that powers this style of lighter.

Inside of these lighters lie five rayon balls, which are similar to cotton. The oil is absorbed by them and sparked into flame when the flint is struck. This causes the wick, which travels up through an external chimney, to burn, allowing smokers to fire up, even in windy conditions.

While this is one of our more expensive categories, it is sometimes preferred as it is more reliable in very cold weather.

Company Logo Electric Lighters

The third source of fuel for our customizable lighters is electric. Our promotional electric lighters contain inner nodes through which electricity can pass in order to produce a flame. This is a popular option for BBQ grill lighters, though electric cigarette lighters exist as well.

Buy Bulk Lighters - Safety Features

"Safety first" is an excellent model to live by. The promotional cigarette lighters you'll find at 4AllPromos are designed with safety in mind, both for children and adults. Many of our lighters have accessories to help control flame levels, prevent accidental ignition, and guard against unsupervised use by children.

Wholesale CPSC Approved Lighters

CPSC stands for Consumer Product Safety Commission, a government organization which exists to ensure that items sold to the public meet stringent safety requirements. We have several promotional CPSC lighters which allow your business to promote in a more worry-free fashion. It's always a good idea to read any included warning label as an additional measure to boost safety. It's better to take such measures into account, rather than paying the cost of complacency.

Custom Child Resistant Lighters

Of course, custom lighters are products that not everyone can use. It's important to keep them out of little hands. Many of our models have special mechanisms in place to make them more child-resistant. Our wholesale child safety lighters are designed to prevent little ones from causing ignition accidentally or trying to play with fire while parents' backs are turned. While no lighter should ever be in the hands of a young child, these models offer additional safety features to make it more difficult for little hands to operate them.

Design Your Own Custom Lighters

The most important part of any promotional product is quite obviously the promotion. How can you spread awareness for your brand using items that don't make any reference to it? This is why having your company logo imprinted or engraved on our personalized lighter giveaways is so important. We'll now discuss both decoration methods to empower your company to choose the logo design style that best fits its branding needs.

Custom Printed Lighters

Many of our offerings in this category are company logo imprinted lighters. This is an affordable option which allows your custom lighter to display your logo in a noticeable and memorable fashion. This can be done in one color or in multiple colors. When going with an imprint that has more than one color, our promotional lighters with full color imprints are generally the most efficient items to choose.

Personalized Logo Engraved Lighters

When you want to provide a high-class, long-lasting, and sophisticated logo design, you can turn to our promotional laser engraved cigarette lighters. These premium personalized lighters feature logo designs that are cut into their surfaces with precision laser beams. The result is a textured logo that won't fade, chip, or discolor with the passage of time. Engraved custom lighters make great corporate promotional gifts for weddings, retirement parties, holiday occasions, and more.