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Our custom engraved promotional drinking flasks make for the perfect promotional wedding gifts. Choose from promotional hip flasks, chic custom engraved round flasks, unique personalized window flasks, boot flasks, belt flasks, promotional leather flasks, stylish animal-friendly custom leatherette flasks, gloss drinking flasks & many other alcohol flasks & promotional flask gift sets. To learn more about our wholesale promotional drinking flasks, you may visit the informational section below the product images on this page.

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The custom promotional drinking flasks on our site are among our best corporate gift items. Perfect as promotional event giveaways or corporate wedding gifts, our custom engraved flasks are company branding items whose advertising utilities can last a lifetime. Whether you go with a promotional hip flask, custom engraved men’s flasks, personalized drinking flasks for women, or any of our premium high end promotional flasks, your brand name will be lifting spirits every time your customers lift theirs. Search our site for the best high quality marketing flasks to meet your promotional goals.

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Promotional Drinking Flask Styles

Our promotional flasks are available in a wide variety of styles. Each style has its own unique features that make it ideal for specific people and situations. Read on to learn more about the different types of flasks as you click through and shop the collection on our site.

Promotional Hip Flasks

Hip flasks are the most common style of drinking flask. They’re so popular that many people use the term “hip flask” to refer to all drinking flasks, not knowing that it is actually a specific style. What this term actually refers to is a flask that is curved in such a way that it can comfortably conform to the shape of one’s hip or thighs, particularly when stored in a pocket. They’re also sometimes referred to as “kidney flasks” or “captive flasks”. We have the best promotional hip flasks at the best prices to help your business meet its promotional goals. These items are great as custom gifts.

Promotional Boot Flasks

Our custom engraved boot flasks, as their name would imply, are shaped such that they can fit inside of a pair of large boots, fitting comfortably behind the wearer’s ankle/heel. These days, they’re more commonly stored in pockets. Back in the old Wild West, many cowboys stored their flasks in their boots. In deference to those iconic times, the name persists.

Promotional Belt Flasks

At 4AllPromos, we offer the best promotional belt flasks for businesses. As one would expect, they are constructed such that they can easily be attached to belts. Also known as “belt buckle flasks”, they typically feature clips or loops that are either built in or exist as part of their sleeves. These clips and loops attach to a user’s belt for easy access at any time.

Promotional Round Flasks

Some of our more unique promotional flasks are our round stainless steel drinking flasks. Their corner-free construction makes them sleek, smooth, and comfortable in pockets.

Promotional Engraved Tartan Flasks

If your target audience happens to be Scottish or just appreciates the classic look of plaid, we suggest you create some promotional engraved tartan flasks. They’re made of stainless steel and custom engraved with your business logo, surrounded by an intricate tartan pattern.

Promotional Mirror Flasks

A promotional mirror flask makes for an excellent corporate wedding gift that never fails to please. These particular flasks are treated with a chemical solution that forms a mirror-like coating on their surfaces. The result is a snappy and shiny flask that refuses to be ignored.

Promotional Window Flasks

Our personalized window flasks are made of stainless steel and are typically round in shape. They feature a transparent window near their centers which allows one to see the inner contents of their flask. They also add a bit of decorative flair when kept empty for uses as decorations or souvenirs.

Promotional Key Chain Flasks

While one should absolutely never drink and drive, our promotional keychain flasks make for very fun promotional alcohol accessories that create an opportunity to take a sip of your favorite sauce once you’re safely arrived at your destination. These are among our smallest promotional drinking flasks and they easily attach to most any keychain.

Custom Drinking Flask Materials

Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Flasks

Most of the flasks we carry are made of stainless steel. Custom business logo engraved stainless steel flasks are durable, stylish, and versatile. It’s by far the most common material used in flasks worldwide. They’re built to last and can stand up to whatever treatment life dishes out. Their faithful nature makes them a great option as promotional best man gifts or personalized maid of honor gifts.

Custom Plastic Flasks

While they're a distinct minority, our custom company logo imprinted plastic flasks are useful in many situations. They are TSA friendly promotional products, as their metal-free nature allows them to effortlessly pass through metal detectors. They also tend to be on the flat side, which makes them easy to store.

Custom Leather Flasks

Promotional leather flasks make for high-end and undeniably sophisticated pieces of promotional drinkware. Their tough, rustic appearance gives them some old-school charm and swagger. They also do an excellent job of displaying your personalized business logo. The flasks themselves are not actually made of leather. Rather, they’re surrounded by a leather sleeve, with stainless steel construction lying beneath.

Custom Leatherette Flasks

If you’re looking for animal-free promotional products that sacrifice nothing in good looks and style, then our custom debossed leatherette drinking flasks are just what you need. Leatherette is an imitation leather that is far less expensive, more UV-resistant than the genuine article. However, it is not quite as soft and durable as genuine leather.

Drinking Flask Accessories

Pouring Funnels

Many of our promotional pocket flasks come with pouring funnels. These handy little pieces of metal make it much easier to pour the liquor of one’s choice into a flask without having to worry about annoying and wasteful spills.

Collapsible Stainless Steel Cups

Some of our promotional drinking flask gift sets come with collapsible stainless steel cups. These cups compress and expand in an accordion style to allow for easy storage as well as the ability to easily share some shots with your friends.

Rosewood Boxes

Few things say class quite like a rosewood gift box. Rosewood is a high-end, dark-toned wood that is strong, heavy, and durable. It takes polish exceptionally well and presents any promotional gift set in exemplary style. Our promotional flask gift sets in rosewood boxes are a testament to that fact.

Custom Flask Sleeves

Many of our custom metal flasks come protected by and adorned with sleeves. Usually these promotional flask sleeves are made of leather or leatherette, as described earlier.

Screw Tops

The vast majority of drinking flasks that users order are closed with screw tops. Also referred to as screw-down tops, screw-down caps, screw-on caps, and screw-on lids, these often-overlooked features help to guard against spills and the damage they can cause. They’re also a stylish finishing touch on any sort of drinking vessel.

Flasks with Hinged Caps

We offer the best promotional flasks with hinged caps for corporate wedding gifts, men’s gift sets, women’s gift sets, and most any other promotional need or event a company might have. These hinged caps make it so that you never have to worry about dropping or losing the lid of a flask, as they make them literally inseparable.

Create Your Own Flask Designs

The best promotional flasks in the world won’t bring the maximum brand awareness yield unless you remember the importance of adding your logo. This will ensure that everyone will stop and see your logo, making the item a hit for growing your brand. There are multiple ways of doing this. We’ll tell you a bit about them now.

Custom Engraved Flasks

Custom laser engraving allows your personalized business logo to be permanently entered into your promotional pocket flasks. Engraving creates a textured and three-dimensional design that won’t fade or chip away with time. Companies committed to a durable sort of logo that will last a lifetime often choose this option.

Flasks with Engraved Plates

Many of our flasks come with metal plates affixed front and center, and this is where their engraved logos are presented. This feature allows your custom design to stand out even more, which is an undeniably valuable asset.

Flasks with Debossed Leather & Leatherette Sleeves

The process of debossing involves creating a design that is set back within a piece of material, usually leather, leatherette, or vinyl. This method basically does for leather and leatherette what engraving does for metal.