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Looking for promotional tools and personalized tool gift sets? Look no further than 4AllPromos. We have several custom branded hardware items to serve a variety of purposes, users, and businesses. Boost brand awareness & customer loyalty by putting your brand name on our custom flashlights, sturdy promotional screwdrivers, branded promotional tape measures, durable customized tool kits, and more.

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Promotional Flashlights

Get a bright idea for your next trade show or event by stocking up on custom personalized flashlights from 4AllPromos! These are items that will see use on a daily basis in a countless variety of settings. Naturally, it follows that they're an ideal tool for garnering advertising impressions for your brand. Whether it's our mini flashlights in bulk, premium custom engraved flashlights, durable branded aluminum LED flashlights, or any other variety, we have what it takes to meet your promotional needs.

Custom Tape Measures

Nobody can "measure up" to use when it comes to the prices and selection available in our assortment of promotional tape measures! Show off your branding with our custom logo imprinted tape measures and custom engraved tape measures. Another top seller comes in the form of our personalized pocket size tape measures, which can be taken anywhere to provide needed services & spread brand awareness.

Personalized Maglite® Flashlights

The promotional Maglites you'll find at 4AllPromos are of the highest quality and will do your business proud. This is true of our custom Maglite gift sets, large wholesale Maglite 3D Cell Torches, convenient custom mini Maglite Flashlights, and all of our other offerings as well.

Promotional Screwdrivers

Custom logo printed screwdrivers are a handy and efficient way to market your brand to a variety of different audiences. Custom pocket screwdrivers are easily portable and can answer the call in many situations at work, at home, and on the road. The same can be said of our promotional screwdrivers with magnets, which are highly useful when dealing with many small tools or working on items with small metal components. Additionally, our wholesale screwdrivers in buckets make great promotional giveaways for hardware stores, garages, home improvement stores, contractors, plumbing companies, and more.

Custom Pocket Knives

Some of our more tried and true giveaway items, our promotional pocket knives only grow more popular with time. These can be distributed in many ways, be it as a corporate gift or as a trade show giveaway. Browse our collection of personalized logo engraved pocket knives, handy promotional utility knives with logo imprints, multi-functional company branded Swiss army knives, and all of our other offerings to find the right pocket knife to represent your business.

Promotional Box Cutters

Our custom box cutters are kind of unsung heroes. They don't get quite the fanfare of some other promotional products, yet they're highly useful in a myriad of situations. Their portable nature and wallet-friendly size makes them great candidates for displaying your logo while users are on the go. Speaking of displaying your logo, we have both company logo imprinted box cutters and custom engraved box cutters. Deciding which style is right for your brand will be a matter of many factors, so we encourage you to take a good look at both. We also have several wholesale mini box cutters, an affordable and effective way of spreading brand awareness and building a positive reputation among the public.

Wholesale Paint Sticks

Your business can stir up brand awareness as well as jars of paint when it decides to buy custom imprinted paint sticks in bulk. There are many options to choose from, including promotional paint paddles, long custom 21 inch paint stir sticks, cheap bulk 12 inch pain stirrers with logos, and many more.

Custom Magnetic Pickup Tools

4AllPromos has all of the most durable and useful promotional magnetic pickup tools for taking on any job. Many are highly functional multi-tools that are a study in versatility. They're also handy for retrieving keys, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, and other metal items dropped in small and/or dark areas. Some of the stars of our collection include our wholesale magnetic pickup tools with lights, larger personalized magnetic tool flashlights, and promotional fixed blade magnetic screwdrivers.

Promotional Tool Kits & Custom Multi-Tools

We'll round out the descriptions of our tool categories by having a quick word about our custom tool gift sets. Perfect as a gift for any handyman or as a holiday gift for hardware stores, our wholesale mini tool kits and personalized tool roll bags are sure to put a smile on the face of any lucky mechanic, as well as earning some much-deserved admiration for your company.