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Our wholesale custom flags are great advertising tools for your business. The right business advertising flags will grab attention for your business at trade shows, in shop windows, or in the case of our promotional teardrop feather flags, when motorists are driving by. We also carry custom imprinted car flags. These are excellent promotional products for schools & sports teams and the fans who support them. To learn more about our personalized advertising flags, scroll down to the informational section located below our product images.

Custom Flags for Businesses & Promotional Car Flags

Our custom flags for businesses & promotional car flags are exciting promotional items in that they not only can build brand awareness, but also give you a great opportunity to express yourself and your message. One of the great things about our custom imprinted flags is that their uses are nearly infinite. They’re perfect for grabbing attention at trade shows, letting customers know when your business is open and their patronage is welcome. Having a big sale? Put up one of our promotional outdoor feather flags! Root, root, rooting for the home team? Drive to the game in style with a custom imprinted car window flag! With our custom flags & custom auto flags, you can support your favorite team while tailgating, make a big splash with your grand opening, get streetside advertising for your car dealership, or send out goodwill to the world during the holiday season.

The above paragraph only represents the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of business advertising banner flags. While we hope we’ve made you sufficiently excited to look at all of our offerings, we feel it might be a good idea to read our miniature promotional flag encyclopedia, located just below this paragraph. It’ll clear up any terms that might be unfamiliar to you and will also give you a better overall idea of what kind of custom business logo flags we offer and what goes into making each one the best of its kind.

Promotional Business Banner Flags & Custom Imprinted Car Flags - All You Need to Know

Our custom flags go by many different names. Business banner flags, advertising flags, business flag banners, flutter flags, teardrop flags, blade flags, full sleeve flags, windless flags, outdoor flags, feather flags, porch flags, and event flags are just a few of the names that all fall within the custom flag family. Confused? We’ll clear it all up for you in the following section.

  • Different Types of Promotional Advertising Flags

  • Promotional Flag Materials

  • Custom Flag & Custom Flag Kit Components and Features

  • Imprinting Options for Our Promotional Business Flags & Car Flags

  • Different Types of Promotional Advertising Flags

    Our custom business flag banners come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and fashions. Each one has its time and place, and several of them have more than one. At this point, we’ll break them down into five main groups, which include car flags, polyester flags, feather flags, indoor flags, and outdoor flags.

    Promotional Car Flags

    Our promotional car flags are great promotional items for colleges & schools of all levels. Our custom car flags are available dye sublimated or with full-color imprints. These personalized car window flags will wave proudly in the air as you drive down the highway and to the stadium to cheer for your favorite team. Buy our wholesale flags in numbers large enough to sell to the whole fan base and watch the visiting team’s intimidation as a convoy of vehicles come rolling in with the home team’s flags flying high.

    Custom Imprinted Polyester Flags

    Our custom imprinted polyester flags create the perfect large advertising banners for businesses. Their uses are countless and can serve to announce anything from a grand opening, to a huge sale, an open house, a special event, festive holiday greeting, and beyond.

    Customized Feather Flags

    Customized feather advertising flags for businesses are also known as full sleeve flags. There are several sub-categories of feather flags, based on their particular shape. Blade flags, razor flags, teardrop flags, sail flags, kite flags, and rectangular flags are just some of the common varieties you’ll see. What is important to remember is that feather flags aren’t swooper flags; swooper flags need some measure of wind to stay upright and not fold into themselves. Feather flags, because of their full sleeve design, always stand at full attention. However, a good gust of wind will send them rippling and make them even more prominent. These are great promotional flags for any business that is on a main road and wants to create an advertising audience out of the hundreds of people who drive by each and every day.

    Custom Printed Indoor Advertising Flags

    Many of the polyester flags we can work just as well indoors as they do outdoors. Our custom printed indoor flags are perfect for dorm rooms, car dealership showrooms, museums, sports arenas, and schools. We carry double-sided promotional flags, single-sided flags, and double-sided promotional flags with a different custom imprint on each side. They’re also among the best products for catching eyes at trade shows fairs. The trade show booth/table with the best promotional flag will catch the most eyes and generate large volumes of traffic.

    Custom Outdoor Advertising Flags

    A custom printed outdoor flag, such as our 5’ x 8’ double sided polyester outdoor flag, can be hung almost anywhere. Whether it serves as a custom porch flag, religious flag for a church, custom business banner flag, open sign, national flag, sports team flag, or parade flag, it will do your organization proud and make thousands of lasting impressions while doing so. Additionally, they work very well as promotional trade show signage items for outdoor flea-market style trade shows and fairs.

    Promotional Flag Materials

    Our advertising flags for schools and businesses are primarily made of polyester, though there are other materials involved. However, there are different types of polyester that we use and we’ll explain them here. Some components of our flags (we’ll get into a much more detailed discussion about that a little bit later) are made from materials such as canvas and carbon composites, the virtues of which will be extolled in the following paragraphs.

    2-Ply Polyester

    You’ll see many of our custom flags being described as consisting of 2-ply polyester. 2-ply polyester describes two layers of polyester being knit together to form one surface. The reason this is done is that a double layer creates a stronger overall fabric, able to withstand the wind, sun, and rain better than its single-layer competition.

    Superknit Polyester

    Superknit polyester certainly lives up to its name. It’s one of the most durable forms of polyester a flag can be made of. It’s also super in that it’s much more affordable than nylon, which is a material frequently used in its stead, though without increased longevity and toughness.


    While canvas doesn’t make up the main surface of any of our custom flags for businesses and schools, it still plays an important role in many of them. Canvas strips help to protect and reinforce the areas from which the flags hang and where the poles go through. A tough and weatherproof material, canvas is sturdy enough to protect boats throughout the winter, so it’ll have no problem protecting your custom flags year-round.

    Carbon Composite Flagpoles

    While many flagpoles are made from aluminum, the poles that go with our custom outdoor advertising flag kits and promotional teardrop flags are constructed from carbon composite materials. This produces a strong and flexible flagpole that is lighter than one made of aluminum as well as more limber, without losing anything in regard to strength.

    Custom Flag & Custom Flag Kit Components and Features

    Our business advertising feather flag kits feature a few different components and require self-assembly. Not to worry though, as the assembly is quick and easy and can be completed by most anyone in 4 minutes or less. We’ll introduce you to the different odds & ends you’ll be putting together so you can familiarize yourself with them ahead of time.

    Car Flag Masts

    Our custom printed sports team car flags are even easier to assemble than our flag kits are. All you need to do is to insert the mast into the base mount, clip the base to the bottom of your car’s window, and roll the window up. Then your custom auto flag is ready to fly and show everyone your status as a hardcore fan. Our football shaped car flags show the different components quite well and give an easy to understand visual depiction of how they’re attached.

    When you hear or see the term graphic banner, at least within the promotional products industry, the item being referred to is the main portion of the flag itself. In other words, is the actual “flag” part of the flag - you know, the part that runs up the pole and waves in the wind. Therefore, to avoid confusion, when you see the term custom graphic banner, just think “flag” and you’ll be all set.


    As we referred to earlier in this guide, many of our flags are reinforced by canvas. The canvas portion is what comprises a flag’s header, which is a strip of material used to reinforce and strengthen a flag, usually located at the area from which it is suspended/where the pole is inserted. Our custom flags with canvas headings are built to last, survive, and thrive.

    Spike Base

    Many of the outdoor flag signs for businesses that are available at 4AllPromos come with spike bases standard. These operate rather intuitively. Once assembled, all you need to do is firmly pierce the spike into an area of firm ground and your promotional full sleeve razor flag will be up and running. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to scout out areas that do not have rocks near the surface of the soil, as this will help to prevent damage to the spike.

    Scissor Base

    Most of our custom business logo flutter flags and other personalized outdoor flags come with an upgrading option to include a scissor base and weighted water ballast. A scissor base is a folding metal base that typically features 3 to 4 metal prongs extending outward from a center cylinder. Their folding ability makes them easy to store and not having to pierce through the ground makes the flags that they support good for both indoor and outdoor usage.

    Weighted Water Ballast

    Weighted water ballasts go hand-in-hand with flag scissor stands. Constructed of vinyl and coated with a protective layer of PVC, each weighted water ballast features a central ring and a flip top. The flip top opens for water to be poured in until the pouch is full. Once the water ballast is sufficiently full and heavy to suit your purposes, you can just slide the central ring down over the cylinder that makes up the central portion of the scissor base. All that’s left to do after that is to insert the flagpole into the same cylinder and you’ll have a custom indoor event banner that refuses to fall or be pushed around. When it comes to not being pushed around, we’re of course speaking in the figurative sense; despite their stability, these bases are still quite easy to move when desired.

    Pole Pocket

    The pole pockets do just what their name makes you think they would. These are hollow fabric shafts that are attached to the inner side of our wholesale business banner flags that are designed to slip over the poles for easy attachment. They’re also useful in helping to know when you have a feather flag vs a swooper flag. A full-sleeve feather flag will feature a pole that extends all the way to the end of the pocket, whereas a swooper flag’s pole will end before the pocket does.


    If you’re a veteran visitor to 4AllPromos, then you already know what grommets are and what they do. If you’re not, we’re happy to fill you in. Essentially, grommets are small rings that are attached over holes in a given surface in order to reinforce said holes and prevent tearing. They’re also useful in keeping materials that run through holes in line and preventing unwanted movement. Many of our custom imprinted flags feature metal grommets near the top and bottom of their heading areas. This is where the strings run through that attach the flags to the poles and allow them to be lowered and raised.

    Double Stitching

    Our wholesale double stitched flags feature two sets of stitching along their seams. The purpose of double stitching is to keep two-ply fabrics together and to prevent tearing/fraying along the edges.

    Quad Stitching

    Quadruple stitching, often referred to as quad stitching, as a sewing method that employs a double set of crossed stitches over the double stitches already present at the seam of a piece of fabric. The goal is here is maximum reinforcement and strength, and it gets the job done every time. In the case of flags, quad stitching is most often spotted in the corners. Our promotional quad stitched flags for schools & businesses will stand the tests of time and style and never let you down.

    Imprinting Options for Our Promotional Business Flags & Car Flags

    Our promotional vehicle window flags, custom polyester flags, and custom business logo flutter flags are all custom imprinted by way of full-color imprinting or dye sublimation.

    Dye Sublimated Flags

    Our promotional dye sublimated flags are fully customizable, with your personalized imprint taking up nearly the entire surface of the banner. In some models, full bleeds are available. In this case, there’s literally not a single square millimeter of your flag that isn’t decorated with your personalized business logo or design.

    If you’re curious to see how the dye sublimation process works, here’s a video that provides a visual demonstration:

    Full-Color Imprinted Flags

    Full-color imprinted car flags are some of our most popular sports team flags & wholesale promotional items for schools. Through mixing transparent ink tones of black, magenta, yellow, and cyan, most any color you can think of can be easily replicated. This is why full-color imprinting is frequently referred to as 4-color process printing. This process allows for multiple colors to be added to an item’s surface simultaneously, allowing for both a beautifully bold appearance and speedy production times.