Economy Stick Pens

Businesses that are just starting out need a cheap and effective way of getting their name out there. What better way to accomplish this than with economy stick pens? These pens certainly won't burn a hole in you wallet, and they'll promote your business just as much as any other pen.  Over the years, companies and organizations have found that this type of pen is a money saver that gets the job done. Pens can be easily distributed almost anywhere, and everyone could use a new pen once in a while! Handing these out at company meetings and at public events will efficiently spread the word while providing everyone with worthy replacements for the pens that they keep on losing.

Our stick pens offer a vast rainbow of psychedellic color options, including an entertaining pen that changes color when it comes in contact with the heat of your hand.  If you're looking for a more elegant and professional design, colored and colorless translucent pens with basic imprints are also available. Everyone knows the pen is mightier than the sword, so see its power in action by distributing your own customized pens!