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4AllPromos is where to get the best dog tag promotional products! We have custom colored dog tags, high quality yet cheap wholesale dog tags, pet-friendly promotional bone shaped dog tags, several custom logo dog tag pendants, and many other branded dog tag keepsakes. Whether imprinted, engraved, or even etched with a custom photo, we have the best personalized dog tag items for meeting your promotional needs!

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Make your next trade show giveaway or event a smashing success with engraved promotional dog tags! At 4AllPromos, we have dog tags in numerous styles, sizes, and colors. All of them are perfect for adding a special engraved logo or saying. There are many different ways in which they can be used. They can be used as pendant style necklaces for military gifts, reflective pet collar tags, keyring attachments, and much more.

If your company is looking to promote with wearable marketing products, our dog tag with bead chain will be a perfect fit. It's an excellent example of a simple design that staff members can use to signify they’re working on behalf of your organization. They also make a fun giveaway item. Low minimum order quantities make this and many of our other styles easy and affordable alternatives to basic employee name tags.

Branded Dog Tags | Custom Photo Dog Tags | Promotional Military Keepsakes

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Custom Dog Tag Uses

Dog tags are more versatile items than one might initially be inclined to think. In addition to their traditional military roles, they can also find their way into memorial jewelry keepsakes, keychains, pet collar tags, and more. We're going to cover just a few of the many uses over the course of the four following paragraphs.

Promotional Dog Collar Tags

Sometimes a dog tag is designed specifically for use by the canine crowd. This is the case with our custom reflective dog collar tags. Items such as these are ideal for customizing with a veterinary clinic or kennel name. Their reflective surfaces make it easy for someone to spot a lost pet in the dark. With your company name imprinted on the surface, anyone finding a lost pet will be able to contact you for help finding the owners. Furry friends aren’t the only ones these tags are designated for. The reflective coating is also great for family-friendly giveaway items. Many companies hand them out to little ones at fall events and trick-or-treating safety courses.

Custom Military Dog Tag Necklaces

Most of the items in our collection consist of promotional dog tags for humans. Among these are our bulk dog tag necklaces. These are made in the traditional military dog tag style and come with beaded chains for safe and secure wearing around the neck. We also have low minimum order dog tag necklaces for gifting small groups and for small businesses to use in their promotions.

Company Logo Medical ID Dog Tags

It's never a good idea to leave any safety stone unturned when it comes to one's health. That's why our promotional medical alert dog tags are so popular. They're engraved with your company logo on one side, with a medical symbol and specific allergy or condition being engraved on the other. They're handy for helping first responders to know what extra steps to take when attending to a patient who is unresponsive or unable to clearly communicate in the moment.

Wholesale Dog Tag Keychains

Dog tags also find their way into keytags, keyrings, and keychains for fun and affordable giveaway items. We have several models of promotional dog tag key tags that are sure to generate a landslide of advertising impressions. People have to take their keys with them whenever they leave home, so items such as these will be seen just about everywhere. They'll also lead to users seeing your logo and thinking about your brand multiple times on a daily basis.

Promotional Dog Tag Styles

At 4AllPromos, you'll find different styles of dog tag giveaways to fit different tastes, purposes, events, and needs. Though there are many popular styles to choose from, we're going to outline 3 of the most in-demand varieties as this section unfolds.

Branded 3D Dog Tags

Engraved 3D dog tags offer an excellent upscale look. This can be observed in our wholesale 3D tog tags with bead chains. With a unique raised style, they make a fun fashion accessory that's great for everyday wear or showing off school spirit. One popular customization method is to add a team member’s jersey number and name to the blank side. It's a great way to bring a team together or to celebrate a championship victory. Our 3D dog tags are available in both athletic and religious themes.

Personalized Religious Dog Tags

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, we also offer custom made religious dog tags. These are available in multiple styles, including custom Serenity Prayer dog tags. They can be used as corporate gift items to celebrate religious milestones or to provide comfort to those who are grieving or going through difficult times. Churches, Catholic schools, religious gift shops, and faith-based therapists will all find these to be ideal promotional items. Available with low minimums, they're accessible to organizations of any size.

Customized Sports Dog Tags

Great for school spirit, celebrating big wins, or congratulating those who have made a team, our personalized sports award dog tags are a big hit with kids and adults alike. They can even be used as a special keepsake to be handed out at the end of a summer sports camp or charity athletic event. Hockey, baseball, football, and basketball designs are all available.

Personalized Dog Tags - Materials

Not all dog tags are made from the same components. From basic aluminum designs to gold plated, stainless steel, or even bronze, there are many different options to choose from. 4AllPromos can help your organization to customize any style with a logo, message, special saying, and more.

Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Tags

Does your organization want an engraved dog tag that's as durable as it is stylish? Custom logo engraved stainless steel dog tags offer a shiny finish and are available for photo etching and other engravings. They are ideal for medical alert necklaces and hold up well to repeated wear over time.

Customizable Aluminum Dog Tags

Is your company is searching for a basic dog tag? Our wholesale promotional aluminum dog tags will never fail to please. Whether looking to engrave a company logo or just a few words, aluminum is often the most economical option when purchasing in bulk. When people think about wearable dog tags, this is the style that usually comes to mind.

Promotional Bronze Dog Tags

Those looking for fashionable dog tag necklaces will really love our collection of customized bronze dog tags. In fact, all of our three-dimensional dog tags use this material for added durability. It’s a great look for a keychain or wearable sports keepsake. Each has your company logo engraved on the reverse side.

Custom Gold Plated Dog Tags

For a more upscale design, consider our selection of personalized gold plated dog tags. This style is ideal for more luxe items such as photo printing, dog tag keychains, and more. There’s plenty of room to add a company logo or brand name. Many big brands opt for this type of design as a unique and eye-catching giveaway item. However, they can also make terrific promo and corporate gift items for smaller companies as well.

Create Your Own Custom Dog Tags

Do you wish to design your own custom dog tags? If so, 4AllPromos is the place to be. There are numerous ways to personalize a dog tag, and we're happy to guide you through some of the most prominent methods.

Custom Printed Dog Tags

Logo imprinted dog tags represent some of our more affordable options that are great for buying in bulk. Your logo, contact information, message, or other desired content can be printed on one or both sides of a custom dog tag for a branded mark that will create strong advertising impressions wherever users travel. They're great for trade show giveaways, grand opening ceremonies, military events, and much more.

Promotional Full Color Dog Tags

If bold, vibrant colors are what's needed to create the branded dog tag your company has in mind, we have you covered. Our custom full color dog tags have photographic quality imprints to capture all the style and power of your logo or other image of choice. They can be purchased in bulk for large scale giveaways or in smaller quantities for more intimate events.

Custom Photo Etched Dog Tags

When a special and extra customized item is apropos, consider personalized dog tags with pictures. Nearly any type of image can be etched into these items. A beloved family member can work just as well as a noted religious or historical figure. This is a unique way to create meaningful giveaway items for your customers, visitors, guests, and more. Full-color printing is also available in some styles.

Custom Logo Engraved Dog Tags

If you’re looking for promotional dog tag products that are unique and effective, look no further than our engraved dog tags with company logo. Add your unique logo or design to the front, and you’re ready to go. You can even inscribe wording, such as a poem or memorial information. If you need a basic style with a low minimum order quantity, this is an excellent choice.