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Personalized dog tags are traditionally reserved for military personnel, but as a promotional item dog ID tags are an eye-catching giveaway. Customers, patients, and those with canine friends can use dog tags to remember your brand.

Promotional Dog Tags for Customers, Patients, and Pets

The iconic look of military-style dog tags offers a blend of style and appeal for your promotional giveaways. They can be used as a collectible for a special event or as a tribute item.

What are custom dog tags? They are small tags made from durable materials that typically hang from a beaded necklace. Custom dog tags feature engraving or imprint used for identification and branding purposes.

What are the benefits of using custom dog tags? Dog ID tags are perfect for promotional campaigns because they are wearable and, though small in size, they make people curious to see what they are. Whenever a dog tag is worn, people become curious and notice your logo. 

Custom dog tags are a cost-effective way to increase awareness of your business. Personalized dog ID tags pair well with promotional hats and caps. For military audiences, they can also complement custom pocket knife giveaways. 

Types of Custom Dog Tags

From classic metal dog tags to custom dog tags in an assortment of colors, our collection offers a style to fit your branding. We’ve got styles to match the audiences of your industry or special event.

Medical Dog Tags

Medical dog ID tags are a great giveaway for older audiences. These ID tags can reveal certain medical conditions of the person who wears them, helping in the event of an emergency. Custom medical dog ID tags pair well with a custom awareness bracelet campaign to engage with the public about causes your organization cares about. 

3D Dog Tags

Some of our dog tag products come with 3D engravings for high-quality and attention-grabbing promotion. Many of these dog tags are sports-themed, including one with a baseball glove and one with a football helmet. 

Photo Dog Tags

If you want to personalized dog tags, photo tags are the way to go. You can have a photo of your choice etched on one side of the tag with your logo or name on the other. A photo on a stainless steel custom dog tag can be used for wedding favors or to mark a special event.

Engraved Dog Tags

Made from various materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, these promotional dog tags can feature a laser engraving of your personalized message. They're also available in multiple colors, so if the classic silver look doesn't do it for you, there are other options to choose from.

Pet Tag

A custom dog tag can also be a pet tag. Dog owners typically attach one to their dog's collar, making it easier for others to identify them if they get lost. Animal shelters can make custom dog tags bulk order to get low prices and have tags for the animals in their care. That way if a foster dog is wearing personalized pet ID tags with the rescue’s contact information, they can easily be reunited. Plus, reflective pet ID tags can help animals be more visible in the dark.

Dog Tag Materials

At 4AllPromos, we offer multiple dog ID tag styles to choose from, and that includes different materials. Some materials are made to be more durable, while others provide a cost-effective option if you want to buy in bulk. 

Stainless steel offers a shiny finish that is more likely to catch the eye. Some models come with a rubber rim to soften the edges.

Bronze is another popular choice because of its rustic look, especially for our sports-themed products. Bronze is a heavier material than aluminum and steel. 

Gold-plated tags have our most refined finishes. The gold ion plating over stainless steel is sure to last for a long time, and it is hard to miss a gold-plated dog tag. Every time one of these tags is worn, potential customers will notice your brand. 

Anodized aluminum is a lighter-weight metal that weighs less than our stainless steel and brass dog tags. This type of aluminum is typically more resistant to nicks and scratches than regular aluminum

Get Custom Dog Tags in Bulk

Branded dog tags are a great lightweight product you can order in bulk quantities. Promotional campaigns are often about getting your name out there, and with a large supply of giveaways, you can create more impressions for the brand.

When you purchase our custom logo tag products in bulk, you’ll get wholesale, lower cost-per-unit pricing. Typically, the more you buy, the lower the price per unit will drop. If you order a small quantity now, find that they are a successful promotional campaign, and decide to buy more later, you would have saved money if you had bought them in bulk right off the bat. 

For smaller events and personalized custom dog tags, most of our customizable dog tag products have a minimum quantity of 6 to purchase. There are a handful that must be ordered in quantities of 200 or 250. 

Personalized Dog Tags for Your Clients

When you combine high-quality materials, personalized engravings, and a unique product like a custom dog tag, you have the perfect item to give away for promotional purposes. Promotional dog tags are practical and fun. They can be especially popular at outdoor events or as novelty gifts. Each type offers a unique way to convey a message or brand identity, making a connection with your audience.

Browse our collection of dog tags today to find a product that provides value to your customers and increases your company's brand awareness.

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