Promotional Flashlights

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Logo-printed and laser-engraved LED flashlights provide a bright feature for your brand when given as corporate gifts or used as giveaways for trade shows and promotions. Use them to flash your logo on their own or as part of a branded tool kit!

Put the Light on Your Logo with Custom Flashlights

A custom flashlight is a terrific promotional product because everyone needs one in their toolkit. Every time the recipient is having trouble seeing in the dark, your logo comes to the rescue. Hardware stores, camping supply retailers, car dealerships, auto body shops, and tech companies all have audiences that make use of flashlight promotional items often, turning a one-time expense into years of brand awareness. 

Get creative and pair our COB and LED flashlights with items such as promotional night lights, which will also help people find their way and complete tasks in the dark. Add a small flashlight giveaway to camping and outdoor swag so the custom bulk lighters and custom matchbooks can be saved for starting the campfire.

What are the benefits of custom flashlights? Promo flashlights are sturdy products that offer longevity and convenience. They’re handy to keep at the workplace, on camping trips, in cars for emergencies, and backpacks on adventures.

A high-quality company logo flashlight provides brand exposure year after year and builds a positive reputation every time this promo item is needed. Much like our personalized pocket knives, they are tools that will save the day on more than one occasion.

What are some features of a custom flashlight? Our flashlight promotional products come with easy-to-operate power switches, bright, clear lights, and personalization to show off your logo. Some come with bonus tools, such as carabiners, bottle openers, keychains, lanyards, and screwdrivers.

Types of Promotional Flashlights

Whether you're looking for a high-power LED light, a headlamp, a mini flashlight, a COB flashlight, a multi-tool, or something else, you're sure to find it at 4AllPromos. We carry everything from work lights to rechargeable flashlights to meet the needs of your business and its audience. We have something to suit any user, job, or occasion.

Custom Traditional Flashlights

The most common type of flashlight is the traditional, handheld cylindrical shape, made to be easy to carry and direct the light source. 4AllPromos offers a full range of styles and prices, from miniature brand-name aluminum flashlights to flashlights with rubberized exteriors and camouflage colors. You can choose options with gift boxes that come with the batteries required to power them. We have cheap flashlights for those on a budget, and premium flashlights to give as corporate gifts.

Mini Flashlights

Affordable, popular, and versatile, our custom mini flashlights can be ordered on their own or as a component in gift sets. Whether it's a mini Maglite flashlight or another brand, buying mini flashlights in bulk is perfect for trade shows, gifts, retail sales, and much more. Many are powered by AAA batteries, such as our Maglite Solitaire Flashlight. The majority of our mini Maglites are made right here in the USA.

Some come with carrying cases, while others will fit perfectly inside of a trunk organizer, backpack, glove compartment, or toolbox next to your tape measure.  Get mini flashlight bulk orders to have these handy little tools ready to travel anywhere. They help to light the way in dark conditions or locate items that have been dropped in hard-to-see locations.

Tactical Flashlights

Popular with outdoor enthusiasts, tactical flashlights can come in handy when camping or on a hunting trip. They can often be mounted on firearms to help zero in on targets in low-light environments. Their use isn't limited to hunting. The bright light output and excellent beam distance make them useful for all sorts of outdoor activities at night.

Squeeze Lights and Keyrings

If affordability is the number one on your list, squeeze lights and keyrings are available in a lower price range. Many have long-lasting built-in batteries, and nearly all of them have batteries included. These are popular as giveaways at community events and as party favors.

Our keychain flashlights are offered in a range of colors and have a flat surface that displays logos prominently.  A "bright" idea for a giveaway at your next event. We also have promotional magnetic flashlights and key lights, which are great to have around when working near a metal surface. For a fun office light, consider light-up pens, to write and light at the same time. 

Hand-Powered Flashlights

Home show vendors may want to feature hand-powered flashlights, which are helpful to have on hand when the power goes out for extended periods. These are also popular as an auto-related promotional item since they can be left for extended periods without a concern that the batteries will be drained or corroded. The lights are powered by a manual charge of the internal battery with a squeeze or crank action.

Campers and travelers are fitting recipients of a manual custom flashlight. They don’t have to worry about packing batteries in their gear. Many will stay charged for several hours of continuous light with just a few cranks. This style has been around for more than 100 years, helping to illuminate dark areas both indoors and outdoors for generations.

Rechargeable Flashlights

A rechargeable flashlight refers to a model with an internal battery that can be plugged into an outlet to restore the battery power. Either a built-in plug or an adapter is included with this style of custom-engraved flashlight for use in the recharging process. 

Pick this option for an environmentally friendly audience. They can be recharged with power banks or an even more useful promo gift package.


Lanterns are another way to light up promotional giveaways for home and outdoor-related businesses. Our customizable lanterns feature handles for hanging or carrying, some models have pop-up features, and we even have a model with a Bluetooth speaker/lantern combination. 

Batteries are typically included for promotional lanterns. Some models come with free shipping, so be sure to look out for that feature as you filter through the models on our site.

Safety Flashlights

Although not technically flashlights, we carry light-up wristbands, shoe lights, and glow sticks that are helpful for visibility and fun, crowd-pleasing promotional giveaways at nighttime events.

Walkers, joggers, and bikers can be noticed by motorists with these light-up items. A branded flashlight keeps your audience safe and builds trust in your brand. These are also popular at concerts, amusement parks, and sports venues. 

Combination Flashlights

For an attention-grabbing giveaway, check out our promotional flashlight combo tools. These flashlights combine the utility of a hand light with tool kits, umbrellas, stylus pens, book lights, and even dog bag dispensers. Some even come equipped with chargers to power mobile devices when power outlets are not available. 

Add your logo to have the most unique branded flashlights at the street festival or tradeshow. All the attendees will be coming to your booth.  

Adding Your Logo to Personalized Flashlights

There are two main ways to personalize custom flashlights with logo designs. 

  • Imprinting - A flashlight with a logo imprint can bear your branded design in one or multiple colors. Some models offer full-color imprints for extra vivid artwork.
  • Engraving - Custom engraved flashlights feature your logo carved into the surface of the tool. It gives a premium branding look that lasts for years. Custom engraved flashlights are an upscale option and can be more expensive than their imprinted counterparts, but they're a great corporate gift to show appreciation to customers and employees.

Get Bulk Flashlights For Your Next Giveaway

To get cheap flashlights without sacrificing quality, we recommend buying in bulk. Personalized flashlights in bulk are always a great idea when you need handy promotional products to reach out to a large audience. Custom logo flashlights make excellent trade show giveaways, but they can also be used for retail purposes. 

Bulk ordering leads to better prices. When you order in large quantities, the unit price is lower. 

FAQ About Custom Flashlights

What is the difference between a flashlight and a torch?
In English-speaking countries, the terms flashlight and torch are used interchangeably. In the United States, "flashlight" refers to a portable light that is carried by hand, but a torch mainly refers to a light held above the head that provides 360 degrees of light. At 4AllPromos we use a flashlight and torch to describe the same tool.
What brands of flashlights do you carry?
We carry promo flashlights from brands such as MagLite, Coleman, CREE, Diehard, High Sierra, Epex, and more.
What is the difference between a red and green LED?
Red LEDs have the lowest voltage of any color, while green LEDs have a higher voltage. The highest voltage levels are found in blue and white LEDs.
How many lumens do the flashlights have?
Our flashlights have between 2 and 4,600 lumens, depending on the model chosen.
What is the minimum order quantity for custom flashlights?
Our custom logo flashlights start with minimum order quantities as low as 3. Several models have a minimum order requirement of 12 branded flashlights or fewer, making them a great option for corporate gifts or personalized for family members.

Use Promotional Flashlights to Light Your Brand’s Path

Shine a light on your brand with custom flashlights. They are the perfect item to choose when you're looking for practical company swag items, an effective trade show giveaway, or the perfect corporate gift. We have something to fit nearly any budget, so buy your custom flashlights today and brighten the prospects of your brand's reach and recognition.

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