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Our custom promotional LED flashlights are great promotional products for nearly any industry. Select from our promotional squeeze lights, sturdy promotional water-resistant flashlights, manual custom Dyanmo hand cranked flashlights, cheap personalized logo keychain flashlights, fun business logo imprinted LED wrist bands, promotional Maglite flashlights, multi-use personalized High Sierra Carabiner Flashlights, and custom imprinted Workmate Flashlights. To learn more, scroll to the info section at the bottom of this page.

Additional Information About Our Custom Promotional Flashlights

The utility of the promotional product you choose might be the most important quality for maximizing the exposure of your company logo. Promotional flashlights have the usefulness required to assure that whoever receives them will make plans to use them. Our flashlights and flashlight gift sets come in a variety of sizes, styles, and brands, from the high-end fan favorite flashlights to the low cost keyring styles. Whether the focus of your campaign is to show your dedication to safety or simply to provide a universal tool, 4AllPromos will have a style to fit.

Realistically, any business could use a custom flashlight as a promotional tool. Everyone can use one. Some businesses may have their own uses for flashlights, and so imprinting them with their corporate logo for their staff makes sense. Plumbers, surveyors, constructions workers, security guards, groundskeepers, event staff, and emergency responders all could use a branded flashlight to have on the job. Retailers, clubs, and non-profits, may wish to use flashlights imprinted with their logo as incentives, raffles, or to sell for fundraisers.

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  • Promotional Flashlight Sizes

    Ranging in size from less than three inches long to over a foot in length, clearly the size is important to consider. This large custom utility flashlight is more than 14 inches long. The length is due to the use of four D cell batteries, which requires a longer case. Clearly this model is not a backpack or travel flashlight. Look for models under six inches if storage space is limited, such as this rubberized promotional LED flashlight. Need something even smaller that can be kept on hand all the time? We have a wide variety of sizes under three inches long, including this top selling flashlight keychain with a company logo.

    Promotional Flashlight Materials

    Metal is the most durable material when it comes to flashlight housing. Typically the metal used is aluminum, which is lightweight and resists corrosion. The metal is often anodized, which is a process that integrates color into the metal so that it does not chip or flake. This also creates an even stronger barrier to protect the flashlight from corrosive materials. Anodized aluminum can be beautifully engraved, and so models such as this custom mini flashlight will display logos brilliantly. Metal flashlights can also be more reliably assembled with seals and other protective parts to create a longer lasting, water resistant characteristic.

    Rubberized exteriors are designed for a softer, non-slip grip, with the added benefit of protecting the casing and electronics if dropped. Many people prefer holding a flashlight with this type of coating for its warmer feel in cold weather, and for a more comfortable grip. These personalized flashlights may be better for longer term use, such as for a long hike.

    The least expensive option is plastic, and as you would expect these are not as resistant to breakage. With normal use, however, this type of flashlight can still last for many years and can lend a high promotional return for a smaller investment. One of the best advantages of plastic is that it can come in many different solid and translucent colors and so corporate themes and logos can be well paired with a suitable design. One of our best selling and least expensive plastic models, this custom mini flashlight is offered in range of colors that will complement logos.

    Promotional Flashlight Styles

    We have listed a variety of styles in our promotional flashlight section because we want to offer flexibility for a wide range of uses. Lanterns, wristbands, squeeze lights, hand powered custom flashlights, keyrings, and glow sticks are among the styles in addition to the traditional styles.

    Custom Traditional Flashlights

    Traditional cylindrical shapes are of course the most common type of flashlight. 4AllPromos offers the whole range of prices and styles, from miniature brand name aluminum flashlights to rubberized exteriors to camouflage. Many are presented in gift boxes with the batteries included.

    Custom Squeeze Lights and Keyrings

    If economy is the number one criteria, squeeze lights and keyrings are offered in a lower price range. Many of this type of flashlight have built in batteries that are long lasting, and nearly all of them have batteries included. These are popular as giveaways at community events and as party favors. Top sellers such as this custom rectangular squeeze light are offered in a range of colors, and have a flat surface that displays logos prominently.

    Custom Hand Powered Flashlights

    Home show vendors may want to feature custom hand powered flashlights, which are helpful to have on hand when the power goes out for extended periods of time. These are also popular as an auto related promotional item since they can be left for extended periods without a concern that the batteries will be drained or corroded. The lights are powered by a manual charge of the internal battery with a squeeze or crank action. Campers and travelers who may not want to be carrying batteries are other fitting recipients of a manual custom flashlight. Many of the styles, such as this dynamo custom hand cranked flashlight, will stay charged for several hours of continuous light with just a few cranks. Dynamo generators for powering flashlights have been in existence for over 100 years and are one of the most reliable hand powered flashlight technologies.

    Custom Rechargeable Flashlights

    A rechargeable flashlight refers to a model with an internal battery that can be plugged into an outlet in order to restore the battery power. Either a built-in plug or an adapter are included with this style of flashlight for use in the recharging process. This is of course desirable for environmentally conscious consumers and also those who want a greater cost efficiency since the batteries do not need replacing.

    Custom Lanterns

    Lanterns are other possible promotional giveaways for home and outdoor related businesses. Small flashlight lanterns with built in carabiners are a good low cost option. Other styles offer handles for hanging or carrying, pop-up features, and even a bluetooth speaker/lantern combination. Batteries are typically included for promotional lanterns.

    Custom Safety Flashlights

    Although not really flashlights, wristbands, shoe lights, and glow sticks are crowd-pleasing promotional giveaways at safety-related events. Walkers, joggers, and bikers always run the risk of not being visible in low light, and so giving away one of these promotional products, such as this wrist band imprinted with a company logo, both promotes being safe and your business name. These are also popular in concert, amusement park, and sports venues for the a fun look or for assisting with locating people in a crowd. They also do very well as holiday safety gifts.

    Custom Combination Flashlights

    Other miscellaneous styles offered are models combined with tool kits, umbrellas, pen flashlights, book lights, and even dog bag dispenser flashlights. Unique promotional giveaways such as these are inexpensive, and can create more interest in their respective target markets.

    Water and Shock Resistance

    Higher quality flashlights may feature shock and water resistance. Water resistance is a broad term, and can refer to anything from the ability to withstand exposure to rain for a few minutes to holding up to being submerged in water indefinitely, which is essentially waterproof. For normal use, water resistance even at the lowest level will be sufficient. In cases where repeated water exposure is likely, a higher water resistant rating will be an advantage. In particular, our Mag-Lite brand uses the IPX rating to indicate the level of water resistance. The higher the number, the better the water resistance. Emergency responders, plumbers, divers, crossing guards, and the average homeowner will all have different levels needed for their use. Here are examples of the water exposure flashlights can withstand at the different ratings:

    • IPX-1 - Light rain for a few minutes with flashlight in horizontal or vertical position
    • IPX-2 - Light rain for a few minutes at no more than a 15 degree angle
    • IPX-3 - Torrential downpour up to a 60 degree angle
    • IPX-4 - Splashes of water from any angle (such as white water rafting)
    • IPX-5 - Completely dowsed in water with a garden for three minutes
    • IPX-6 - Completely dowsed in water with a fire hose for three minutes
    • IPX-7 - Immersed in water at 1 meter for 30 minutes
    • IPX-8 - Immersed in water indefinitely, even at 3 meter depths

    Most of the Mag-Lite promotional flashlights at 4AllPromos have an IPX-4 rating, which is a sufficient rating for activities such as white water rafting or a quick pass under a kitchen faucet.

    Shock resistance refers to the ability to withstand mechanical force, such as when dropped. All of the Mag-Lite flashlights have shock resistance, which adds to their premium quality.

    Promotional Flashlight Bulb Types

    Traditional bulbs that have been in existence for many years are the incandescent type. They work with a wire filament inside a glass bulb that glows to emit the light. They have lower efficiency, which means they drain batteries more quickly, but they have the advantage of being less expensive. They tend to have a shorter life and are breakable, and so if reusability is an important feature, look for a model with replaceable bulbs. Krypton bulbs are a form of incandescent bulb which emit a brighter light than others, but they still tend to have a shorter life and are less energy efficient. Incandescent light is a warmer yellow tone as compare to a bluer tone with LEDs.

    LEDs (light-emitting diode) have become more popular due to their longer life and higher efficiency. They are not really a “bulb” but instead are a semiconductors that convert electricity to light inside a transparent block. Essentially they are nearly unbreakable and never need replacing. Cree is one of the well-known manufacturers of LEDs, and their brand is featured in this unique promotional mini flashlight. Batteries will last longer with an LED. due to the lower energy use. Their beams can also shine more brightly than incandescents for a bulb of the same size. This makes them especially well suited for use in flashlights. A small LED flashlight with a logo will likely be more useful as a promotional giveaway since it will be the flashlight of choice among the others due to its many advantages.

    Promotional Flashlight Batteries

    Most promotional flashlights either use internal batteries that cannot be replaced, small batteries that are replaceable, or large batteries that are not included. Just because a flashlight uses a small battery, it doesn’t necessarily mean the energy will drain faster. The amount of battery time depends on the bulbs used. A higher number of bulbs, a stronger beam, or an incandescent bulb will all require more energy. For the most energy efficient models, look for flashlights that use LEDs.

    Promotional Flashlight Brands

    Mag-Lite is the high quality brand most widely featured at 4AllPromos. Their reputation as a premium flashlight manufacturer is well known, and they have the added selling point of being a USA manufacturer. Utilizing precision parts and design and high quality optics, an industrial grade flashlight is the result. Their policy is to follow the standards of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) to rate their flashlights. This covers things such as beam distances, beam intensity, water and shock resistance, and run time.

    High Sierra is a brand that targets the outdoorsman. Their products, from tote bags to hydration gear, have an appeal to adventurers and so have durability as selling point. Their flashlights are unique to the promotional products industry, but still carry the branding to accompany your logo.

    Workmate brand is most known for workbenches and tools, and thus choosing one of their promotional flashlights for tradesman will carry a familiarity the brand’s quality. Similar to High Sierra, the Workmate brand flashlights are mostly targeting the promotional products market.

    Promotional Flashlights - Low Minimum Order Sizes

    4AllPromos has a unique offering of extremely low minimum order sizes for some of the metal flashlights. Many other Mag-Lite flashlights are also offered in quantities as low as 24. With a laser engraved logo included in the price, useful tools such this low minimum promotional flashlight set make an affordable gift that will see years of use advertising your brand.