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Our personalized earbuds are great for when users are studying, working out, traveling, trying to nap, listening to music, or watching movies in public places. Each is imprinted with your logo, making these custom branded tech accessories perfect for promoting your brand anywhere and everywhere. We have many different varieties, including wholesale travel earbuds, multi-functional imprinted wireless headsets, handy promotional earphone cord organizers, high-tech custom branded earbuds with microphones, and much more.

Company Logo Earbuds in Bulk

Our wide selection of promotional earbud products is sure to have just the right custom audio items to fit your promotional needs and users' listening pleasure. Our vast array of items will be easier to understand with a bit of explanation, which we're going to offer throughout the course of the informational guide beginning below this paragraph. It'll break our inventory or custom branded earbuds down into specific categories and functionalities. After reading, shop our extensive assortment of personalized earbuds to find the products that best fit your needs.

Wholesale Cheap Earbuds

If you're looking for a low-cost and effective way to promote your business via tech accessories, we suggest buying our affordable earbuds in bulk. We have many discount promotional earbuds that still do an excellent job of promoting your brand while providing a first-class listening experience for users. These customized earbuds make great low price corporate gifts and go great with our custom headphones.

Custom In-Ear Earbuds

Our promotional in-ear earphones are designed to fit comfortably and snugly in the ear canal. Typically outfitted with silicone buds, these devices are convenient in that they stay in place and feel & sound good while doing it. Each pair features an awesome ergonomic design at an affordable price. Add your custom logo to create promotional items that will go far in your next marketing campaign. 

Promotional Stereo Earbuds

If you're curious about the meaning of the term "stereo earphones", we'll clear it up. When sound is delivered in stereo, a blend of auditory stimulation is collected and split up in a way that allows users to hear everything without it all being jumbled into one blurry noise. It also takes measures to break sound up into channels flowing to the left and right. 

Our company logo imprinted stereo earbuds fit the bill we've just described. These branded earbuds offer top-notch, clear, and balanced volume & sound quality that makes for an excellent listening experience in both ears. For each, the listed price includes customization.

Imprinted Tangle-Free Earbuds

Who out there likes dealing with tangled cords and charging cables? Nobody? Hmm, that's about the response we expected. Un-kinking knotted, tangled cable cords is a tedious and annoying chore that has few, if any, positive qualities. We help users to avoid the irritation of pesky wires by providing custom tangle-free earbuds

They come in your choice of assorted colors to best match your needs. Shop the collection of promotional earbuds on this page for both high volume items to use for bulk orders as well as lower minimums for smaller business giveaways. They're great for customers to use at the gym, around the office, at home, and beyond.

Branded Wireless Earbuds

If wireless tangle-free earphones aren't enough to sway you, how about a style that leaves the wires out of the picture entirely? Our promotional Bluetooth earbuds do just that. With the help of Bluetooth technology, these earbuds can connect to the audio feed from mobile devices without the need for a wired connection. 

Our true wireless earbuds are something that many customers prefer, as their batteries, volume control, and microphone are self-contained. This allows users to listen and speak with a maximum degree of convenience. They're compatible with a phone, computer, and more. Many come in their own carrying case that doubles as a charger. Several are also auto pairing, adding to the convenience.

In addition to leaving tangles behind, this bluetooth technology also allows users to experience great freedom of movement when enjoying their audio experience. If you'd like to order something in between a typical earbud and headphone setup, we also carry custom wireless headsets.

Custom Retractable Earbuds

Another great way to promote your brand while allowing users to listen to music & videos in a way that's clean and tangle-free comes in the form of our personalized retractable earbuds with logo imprints. When not in use, the wires on these custom earbuds wind back into a spool housing unit to reduce messes and avoid knots. 

When they are in use, the wires and the earbuds connected to them can be pulled out to the desired length to fit the current needs of the individual user. With every purchase order, your branded artwork will be added to these customized earbuds for a powerful advertising tool.

Custom Earbud Kits

We offer many types of promotional earbud accessory kits with a variety of helpful items to enable users to get the most out of their audio devices. Just a couple examples include our custom travel earbuds and our custom branded earbuds with chargers. Unique personalized rechargeable wireless earbuds are handy while at home, in the office, or on the road. Other accessories such as cases, winding spools, pouches, and USB cables are available in different models and make great trade show giveaway ideas. Many of our custom interchangeable ear buds and phone stand earbud sets come in cases as well.

Logo Imprinted Earbud Cord Organizers

The wholesale earbud cord organizers you'll find at 4AllPromos are aimed at eliminating kinks, knots, and tangles in earphone wires. Some come in basic spool form for wrapping cords neatly, while others have a more unique shape or even double as phone stands. They let users turn up the volume and hear their favorite music without having to worry about the annoyance of twisted wires. There are several varieties to choose from, so check our site often. 

They pair up well for giveaways with our custom earbuds as well as with items such as our promotional headphones. Your custom logo is added to each to create a giveaway that will advertise your brand in countless settings.