Custom Ice Scrapers

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Add your logo to a promotional ice scraper for a practical giveaway item that your customers rely on to battle ice & snow on cold winter days. Ice scrapers & snow brushes provide a clear view for driving safety and keep your brand hot when the weather is cold.

Custom Promotional Ice Scrapers Give Clients a Clear View

Branded ice scrapers are handy tools for promoting your business. Ice scrapers and snow brushes remove snow from vehicle roofs and thick ice from windshields and windows to get you on the road with an unobstructed view faster. Your brand can help people safely get where they're going on time. 

Personalized ice scrapers are an obvious fit for advertising in the automotive industry, but they’re also great promo items for customers of ski resorts, convenience stores, winter apparel retailers, and other outdoor or winter weather-related organizations. 

What are the benefits of having a custom ice scraper? Custom ice scrapers are beneficial for several reasons. They provide

  • Visibility — Ice scrapers allow you to clear your windshield when you’re in a rush and can’t wait for the defroster. 
  • Convenient — Many of our small ice scrapers can easily fit inside glove compartments and backpacks for easy storage and quick access. Some can be connected to keychains and we also have an ice scraper with visor clips.
  • Eco-Friendly — Our promotional ice scrapers are reusable items made from recyclable plastics.
  • Safety — Along with allowing for safe driving, some of our custom ice scrapers have mitten handles to minimize the exposure of their skin to ice and snow. 

Custom ice scrapers can be offered on their own as a convenient freebie, or as part of gift sets. Match up promotional ice scrapers and snow brushes with other tools such as flashlights and portable chargers for a thoughtful car kit. Save the umbrellas, coolers, and bottle openers for summertime, and pair custom ice scrapers with thermal drinkware items such as insulated water bottles and tumblers instead. Put it all together in a tote bag to hold the kit together, and don’t forget the hand sanitizer and lip balm for the dry winter air!

Choosing a Style for Personalized Ice Scrapers and Custom Snow Brushes

Offering promotional ice scrapers as branded giveaways is a great tactic for any winter trade show. 4AllPromos offers a variety of styles, like foam handle ice scrapers for comfort grips, to suit the needs of multiple customers. What are some types of custom ice scrapers? We'll share some prominent styles below:

Credit Card Ice Scrapers

Business card and credit card ice scrapers are very popular because they’re small and lightweight, and they go wherever a wallet can go. They can attach lanyards and fit in badge holders. 

Visor Clip Ice Scrapers

Ice scrapers with visor clip attachments are cheap promotional products that provide a good bang for your buck. They have a handy clip that stores the custom ice scraper on the car’s sun visor. The big bonus with these models is that your business logo is displayed by anyone who walks by that car and is right there every time the customer gets ready to go somewhere.

Power Scrapers

Our logo-imprinted power grip ice scrapers prove that good things come in small packages. These heavy-duty ice scrapers feature short handles with wide scraping surfaces, as well as features that provide a superior grip. The short handles allow users to put a bit of extra muscle and control into each swipe and the wide scraper surfaces lead to a maximum amount of ice being removed in a minimum amount of time. This is especially true when it comes to dual-blade ice scrapers.

Ice Scraper Hand Mittens

One of the many unpleasant aspects of dealing with inclement cold weather is the freezing, numb hands. Our promotional ice scraper mitts take this out of the equation, giving your hands a nice and toasty mitten to hide in. The handle of the ice scraper extends to the inside of the mitten for easy gripping, while the scraper itself is on the outside.

Color-Changing Ice Scrapers

Our color-changing windshield ice scrapers are a surefire way to draw eyes to your company logo. Their handles undergo color changes in cold weather, which, in addition to generating brand awareness, adds a little bit of fun to an otherwise mundane task.

Light-Up Ice Scrapers

Having to clean off a windshield in the dark, when you can’t see what you’re doing, makes the job even more unpleasant. The business promotional item experts at 4AllPromos have experienced this (we’re from New England, USA!), and we’re proud to offer car ice scrapers with LED lights to solve this problem. 

Deluxe Ice Scrapers with Snow Brushes

An ice scraper snow brush is a highly useful tool when you’re dealing with both ice and snow. Users can brush the snow off with the broom bristles and tackle the ice with the attached scrapers. Everyone else in the parking lot will see your company logo in action. 


FAQ About Custom Ice Scrapers

What is the average price for a custom ice scraper?
The average price will depend on the type of ice scraper chosen. However, the majority of models you'll find will cost between 50 cents and $2 per unit. Ice scrapers with deluxe snowbrushes are usually priced in the $3-4 range. Our foam handle snow brush is our most expensive brush with a cost of $6.52 per item.
What is the most popular type of ice scraper?
Among the most popular styles of branded ice scrapers are Polar Ice Scrapers, particularly 7" models which can easily fit inside a glove compartment.
What materials are used to make custom ice scrapers?
Our custom ice scrapers are made from durable plastics, such as high-impact polystyrene, polycarbonate, polypropylene, ABS plastic, and polyethylene. Many of these materials are recyclable and provide strength for performance and longevity.
How can I put my company logo on promotional ice scrapers?
Ice scrapers make great promotional products when printed with your logo. You can upload artwork when placing an order or ask our team of artists to help you create a logo design. Our ice scrapers can be personalized with single-color, multicolor, and full-color logo designs. Adding a decal is an available option on some models.
Can an ice scraper scratch your car?
An ice scraper can scratch your car if it is not used correctly. Be sure to not use it on painted areas or to apply too much force when scraping the windshield or windows. Doing this, especially if the ice is thin, can cause scratches to the glass.
How long do ice scrapers last?
Ice scrapers can last for several years if they are handled with care and stored in a safe place when not in use.

Break the Ice With Promotional Ice Scrapers

When winter approaches, break the ice with new customers by giving them custom ice scrapers and branded snow brushes. These swag items will allow your audience to effortlessly clean their windows as they conveniently rely on your brand. Create a positive brand association by showing that you understand and care about the needs and challenges of your customers. Pick the style that best fits your branding goals and add your custom logo design today!

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