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4AllPromos has the best promotional ice scrapers to fit your company branding needs. Browse our promotional credit card ice scrapers, small custom visor clip ice scrapers, useful personalized business logo imprinted snow brushes, fun promotional novelty ice scrapers, dynamic color changing ice scrapers, sturdy promotional power scrapers, and all of our other varieties as well. 

Custom Logo Imprinted Promotional Ice Scrapers

Scrape away the competition with a promotional ice scraper! Unique and useful, personalized ice scrapers show your customers, clients, and employees that you care about their safety in wintry conditions.Our company branded ice scrapers and snow brooms are promotional gifts your clients will actually use. They turn any parking lot into a mobile advertising forum for your company logo!

Promotional ice scrapers make great company branding products for businesses within the automotive industry but it doesn’t stop there. Ski resorts, hotels, hardware stores, and nearly any business that has a presence in cold climates will reap the promotional benefits that a logo imprinted ice scraper can bring. Ice scrapers can be both fun and functional. In addition to increasing brand awareness and consumer safety, they can also serve as trade show giveaway items, parting gifts to commemorate events, or even collectors’ items. If you’d like to learn more about our ice scrapers and snow brooms, there’s a wealth of information below.

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Custom Business Logo Imprinted Ice Scrapers

Promotional Ice Scraper Materials

Our business logo imprinted ice scrapers and snow brushes are made of several different materials. Every material has its own unique set of properties that make them useful and ideal for certain situations. In the section below, we’ll detail each of these materials a bit.

Promotional Polycarbonate Ice Scrapers

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic. Essentially, this is another way of saying that it is extremely malleable when melted down and can always be melted once again and reformed into another item. Therefore, it’s a highly recyclable material. Polycarbonate plastic is designated as #7 plastic, which you’ll see included on most items constructed of it. It is extremely impact resistant, and the means that promotional windshield ice scrapers made of polycarbonate plastic can stand up to a lot of use and will survive most any accident that befall them.

Promotional Polystyrene Ice Scrapers

Polystyrene is a versatile material that can exist in both soft foam and rigid plastic forms. It’s naturally transparent, though color can be added to it if desired. In addition to ice scrapers made of polystyrene, this material is also seen in disposable razors, laboratory supplies, packing peanuts, and several other products. While it has somewhat of a bad reputation when it comes to recycling, this is mostly unearned. There are several recycling plants that will accept it. On that note, we suggest taking a look at this article about how to find recycling plants for specific materials (opens in a new window) from Harmony Enterprises, one of the nation’s leading authorities on recycling and waste management.

Polystyrene is very frequently found in the actual scraper portion of ice scrapers and snow brooms.

Promotional Polypropylene Ice Scrapers

Promotional ice scrapers made of polypropylene are extremely sturdy, waterproof, and resistant to warping and tears. Polypropylene is one of the most frequently recycled plastics in the world, and products made of it are fully recyclable. They’re a great idea if you want to go with promotional eco-friendly ice scrapers.

Promotional PETE Ice Scrapers

PETE is sometimes referred to more briefly as PET. In either case, it’s an abbreviation of Polyethylene Terephthalate. Plastics within this family are usually clear and are often seen in soda bottles, seltzer bottles, and soap containers. It is also known as Type #1 plastic and is fully recyclable. In fact, it’s one of the most frequently recycled substances in the world, let alone plastics. It’s non-toxic and food safe, though we can’t imagine that your ice scrapers will have much contact with your food.

Promotional Low-Density Polyethylene Ice Scrapers

Low-density polyethylene is coded as #4 plastic and is frequently abbreviated as LDPE. It’s a material that finds itself often employed in the construction of playground slides, plastic grocery bags, and six pack holders. By the way, please cut up six pack holders and submit them to recycling materials whenever you can. When this isn’t done, animals can be trapped inside of them.

Getting back to promotional LDPE ice scrapers, we feel we should mention some of their physical properties. This style of plastic has a low tensile strength (Due to the low density, it doesn’t handle stretching well) and high resilience and compression strength. This is a good combination, as you’ll never need to yank on an ice scraper to stretch it, but you do want it to be able to bear some weight and force while tackling stubborn ice on a windshield.

Promotional ABS Plastic Ice Scrapers

Custom logo imprinted ABS plastic ice scrapers are inexpensive, durable, impact resistant, and react to very few chemicals. This all adds up to a cheap promotional product for businesses that loses nothing in quality and integrity. It’s generally a lightweight plastic and is seen in many other items, including electrical outlet face plates, computer keys, and electronic device housings.

EVA Foam

EVA is an acronym that stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. It is present in many of the foam handles which surround the gripping surfaces of some of our ice scrapers and snow brushes. This material has a lot going for it - it’s UV resistant, extremely resilient, pliable, durable, and comfortable to touch. It is used for padding in many items and makes for some of the best ice scrapers for people with arthritis.

Custom Ice Scraper Styles

If you’re looking for promotional ice scrapers for your business and are also looking for variety, you’ve come to the right place. We offer several different styles, shapes, sizes, and features in our customizable ice scrapers. Take a spin through the following section and see which features best fit your promotional needs.

Custom Visor Clip Ice Scrapers

Our custom business logo imprinted visor clip ice scrapers are cheap promotional products that provide a lot of bang for the buck. They can travel anywhere that users do, without cluttering up their cars. As their name would imply, all you have to do is clip them to your car’s sun visor and you don’t have to think about it again until you need it. Meanwhile, your business logo is displayed by anyone who walks by users’ cars.

Custom Credit Card Ice Scrapers

Credit card shaped promotional products are very popular, and for good reason. They’re small, they’re lightweight, they’re convenient, and they can go wherever their users go. Our promotional credit card ice scrapers are no exception. Just pack them away in your wallet and you don’t even have to think about them until it’s time to use them. When that time comes, users will see your business logo and be thankful that you helped them to drive home safely. It’s not a bad form of relationship marketing.

Custom Novelty Ice Scrapers

Fun and function are not mutually exclusive. Our custom business logo imprinted novelty ice scrapers are a testament to this fact. Fun shapes and graphics can help to ease the pain of having to chip through the ice and snow that stands between you and a safe drive home. They’re also fun promotional products for kids and the young-at-heart.

Custom Snow Brushes

Sometimes a car’s windshield will be coated in ice and sometimes it will be coated in snow. Other times, motorists will have contend with both. In these situations, our promotional snow brooms with attached ice scrapers are a highly useful tool. Users can brush the snow off with the broom bristles and then tackle the ice with the attached scrapers. All the while, everyone else in the parking lot will see your company logo in action. They’ll also likely ask to borrow these customized snow brushes, providing them with an up close and personal look at your logo.

Custom Hand Mitten Ice Scrapers

One of the many unpleasant aspects of dealing with inclement weather is the pain one can get in their hands when scraping away at the ice on their windshield. Our promotional hand mitten ice scrapers take this out of the equation, as your hands will be nice and toasty, surrounded by a gentle and soft fabric. The handle of the ice scraper extends to the inside of the mitten for easy gripping, while the scraper itself is on the outside.

Custom Power Scrapers

Our custom business logo imprinted power scrapers prove that good things do indeed come in small packages. They feature short handles with wide scraping surfaces, as well as features that provide for a superior grip. The short handles allow users to put a bit of extra muscle and control into each swipe and the wide scraper surfaces lead to maximum amount of ice being removed in a minimum amount of time.

Ice Scraper and Snowbrush Features

Our promotional snow brooms and ice scrapers come in many different versions to suit a variety of different needs. At this point, we’d like to discuss some of the special features you’ll find in our personalized ice scrapers and snow brushes.

Ice Scrapers with Foam Handles

We carry multiple promotional ice scrapers with foam handles. The foam handles allow for an easier grip, as well as one that results in less strain and pain. They are particularly helpful for people with arthritis, making these great promotional items for senior centers, healthcare facilities, and pharmacies.

Ice Scrapers with Squeegees

A squeegee is a small tool, usually featuring a rubber or PVC blade. Squeegees were invented in 1918 (happy 100th anniversary next year!) and are used to remove liquid from a surface or to control its flow. When connected to our promotional windshield ice scrapers, they are useful in removing snow and stray patches of softened ice from windshields. As an interesting side fact, squeegees also see frequent use in screen printing, the process by which many of the custom logos we imprint are created.

Ice Scrapers with LED Lights

One thing that can make windshield ice removal all the more tedious and unpleasant is having to do it in the dark. When you can’t see what you’re doing, it obviously makes the job much harder. Fortunately, the business promotional item wizards at 4AllPromos can help to make this issue a thing of the past. We offer promotional car ice scrapers with LED lights to improve vision and therefore expediting the ice removal process.

Color Changing Ice Scrapers

Our promotional color changing windshield ice scrapers are a sure-fire way to draw eyes to your company logo. Their handles undergo color changes in cold weather, which, in addition to generating brand awareness, adds a little bit of fun to an otherwise mundane and laborious task.

Promotional Auto Ice Scraper Sizes

No matter what your preference, we have the right promotional auto window ice scrapers to suit any and all consumer and promotional needs.

Extra Small Ice Scrapers

If it’s an extra small custom ice scraper that you’re after, you’ll find them in our credit card ice scrapers. These are small enough to conveniently fit in most any wallet.

Small Ice Scrapers

Small promotional windshield ice scrapers, such as our power scrapers, have small handles that allow for a bit of extra mustard to be put into each and every swipe.

Medium Ice Scrapers

If an medium custom ice scraper is the most appealing vessel to carry your business logo, we have several for you to choose from. These combine the benefits of small and large ice scrapers to make great general purpose tool.

Large Ice Scrapers

Our large ice scrapers are great promotional products for carrying larger business logos. They also work well for people who might not have the wingspan to easily reach across their windshields to efficiently and expeditiously remove ice and snow.

Extra Large Ice Scrapers

Finally, we also make extra large ice scrapers available to anyone who can use them. These come in handy when you need to scrape snow off the roof of your car (in many states, if you don’t do this, you can end up with a traffic ticket) or if there are stubborn clumps of ice/snow/slush stuck in the wheel wells of your car.

Custom business logo imprinted ice scrapers are company branded promotional products that provide mobile advertising as well as safety and peace of mind. You have many choices when it comes to how you want your logo to be printed on our ice scrapers and snow brushes, so we’ll detail each of those now.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most affordable way of imprinting your business logo onto a promotional product. The screen printing process involves a custom-cut stencil (more than one if you want additional colors) being coated with ink, that then flows through to the item to be decorated. It’s a great option for one color logos.

Full-color logo imprinting is a bit more expensive than screen printing, but it’s well worth the extra cost if it fits your needs. It allows for faster printing cycles, as well as multiple colors to be added simultaneously and with unmistakable boldness.

Pad Printing

The pad printing process involves an engraved metal plate being coated in ink. This plate is then pressed by a soft silicone pad, which then impresses the logo upon the product that will bear your company logo. This is a method that is most frequently used on products that have highly textured surfaces, irregular shapes, or are for any other reason difficult to print through other methods.

Hot Stamp Printing

In hot stamp printing, a die (metal tools shaped for a special purpose and often used to cut sheet metal) is engraved with your business logo and heated to a high temperature. It is suspended above a sheet, often made of metal (particularly tin foil) that is coated in dry paint or ink. The die then comes down and presses the sheet into the product lying below, which will then permanently bear your business logo. This kind of printing allows for logos with a textured effect which are especially clear and durable.

PMS Color Matching

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. It is a patented printing process which allows for extremely specific color matches to be made, based on code numbers. It is a method that is able to work with nearly all printing machines, but it is a premium feature that often comes at an additional charge. We offer many promotional ice scrapers with PMS color matched logos.