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When you want to magnify brand awareness and customer loyalty, our magnifying glasses are a natural choice. We offer several styles, including custom detective style magnifying glasses, flat custom sheet magnifiers, handy promotional magnifier cards and much more. We also carry an assortment of personalized reading glasses. Among these, you'll find soft frame reading glasses, custom eyeglass repair kits, wholesale compact reading glasses, and many other options.

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When you want to help your target audience see small text and most anything else with greater detail and clarity, we're here to help. Read through the following guide to learn more about our custom magnifying glasses for trade show giveaways, reading glasses with company logos, and assorted promotional magnifier items. Every time users employ such products to help with their daily activities, they'll get a good, long look at your customized logo design in the process. There are several styles to choose from, many of which will be explained on this page.

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Personalized Magnifying Glasses Custom Magnifiers & Logo Imprinted Reading Glasses - FAQ

Different Types of Custom Magnifying Glasses

We have several different kinds of promotional magnifying glasses, each with its own set of qualities. The type that's right for your business will depend on several factors. Size, shape, magnifying strength, frames, lights, and operating styles are just a few of the different attributes that set our various models apart. The next seven paragraphs will explain these differences in a little more detail.

Promotional Lighted Magnifying Glasses

When looking at small text or items in dark conditions, our custom magnifying glasses with lights are an ideal tool. Even in a well-lit room, these items can help to make small objects and writing much easier to examine with accuracy and without straining one's eyes. They have an enlarging and illuminating effect that can be helpful when searching for lost items or even when attending to personal injuries.

Custom Dual Lens Magnifying Glasses

It's not entirely uncommon for a situation to arise in which two objects need to be magnified, but to different degrees. You can help your customers, employees, and target market members be prepared for such situations by providing them with our wholesale magnifying glasses with dual lenses. These provide multiple lenses of different strengths within one item, eliminating the need to constantly switch between different tools. It also gives your business a chance to offer users two magnifying glass promotional items for the price of one.

Bulk Folding Magnifying Glasses

When space is at a premium, our promotional folding magnifying glasses are here to help. They have hinges which allow them to fold inward on themselves, saving space when they're not in use.

Wholesale Mini Magnifying Glasses

Our custom pocket magnifying glasses have a similar purpose to our folding models in that they're all about saving space. However, they differ in that they don't need to contort to do so, keeping the full item visible in all scenarios. They make excellent trade show giveaway items as they're fun to use without being impractical.

Branded Handheld Magnifying Glasses & Company Logo Hands-Free Magnifying Glasses

We offer many styles of promotional handheld magnifying glasses which are operated in the traditional manner. However, we also carry models that can be converted to custom free-standing magnifying glasses when users need to keep their hands free while conducting their work. These items can be folded to expose a base while the lens stands out above. They're a great option when it comes to reading maps or working on fine details of an art project.

Personalized Novelty Magnifying Glasses

It never hurts to have a little bit of fun when promoting your brand. After all, a giveaway item that's a conversation starter as well as a source of many smiles is sure to go a long way in building goodwill. Our fun yet functional novelty magnifying glasses with logos are a shining example. The sleek and modern UFO shaped model, linked to in the previous sentence, provides a perfect illustration of this point.

Promotional Frameless Magnifying Glasses

If you're looking for a lightweight and aesthetically appealing style, our personalized frameless magnifying glasses will not disappoint. Offering a modern, professional, and scientific look, our frameless magnifiers have dual lenses, with one offering an impressive 20x magnification strength.

Other Styles of Promotional Magnifiers

Not all of our magnifiers come in the traditional magnifying glass shape. In fact, many take the form of items with multiple purposes. They have the shape and functionality to be used as tools, office supplies, and reading aids, but also contain magnifying glasses to help with reading small print. In this section, we'll shed some light on three of the main styles.

Wholesale Credit Card Magnifiers

Our promotional wallet magnifiers are handy items for those who travel and need to frequently view corporate documents and receipts. Shaped like credit cards, these items fit easily into wallet pockets and can be taken out and placed over small print for instant easy reading.

Custom Ruler Magnifiers

Everyone likes to get two promotional products for the price of one. This can be achieved when you present your target audience with our promotional rulers with magnifiers. These fully functional rulers come in 6, 8, and 12 inch sizes. Each one is equipped with a rectangular magnifying glass, which can be placed atop papers and book pages to enlarge text for easier reading.

Promotional Magnifier Bookmarks

Bulk sheet magnifiers for reading make excellent giveaway items at trade shows for organizations involved in literacy, eye care, academia, and much more. They can function as bookmarks (and sometimes rulers too) while also containing magnifiers to lessen the eyestrain that can result when reading books and documents with especially small print.

Company Logo Printed Reading Glasses

In addition to our magnifying glasses and multi-purpose magnifiers, 4AllPromos also offers assorted promotional reading glasses. Our customized reading glasses, as well as the accessory items that go along with them, make terrific promotional products for optometrists, pharmacies, bookstores, schools, office supply companies, and more.

Custom Soft Frame Reading Glasses

Our promotional soft feel reading glasses have frames that are extra soft and comfortable. They feel almost like velvet as they sit on the ears and noses of those who wear them. Despite their soft feel, they have sturdy hinges to keep them in operation for a long time. Coming complete with color matching cases, these unique reading glasses are a guaranteed hit at trade shows, events, and beyond.

Promotional Folding Reading Glasses

If you're looking to promote to an audience that loves to read, buying our custom folding reading glasses in bulk is a solid move. These branded compact reading glasses are designed to take up as little space as possible. They fold down conveniently for easy storage as well as quick retrieval when needed. They come in assorted colors and each has its own protective case.

Wholesale Reading Glasses with Logo Printed Cases

Our branded reading glasses with cases have imprints on their frames, but also offer the possibility to include your logo on the cases that hold and protect them. This ensures that your business's name and contact information receive exposure, even when reading glasses are not in use.

Design Your Own Personalized Magnifying Glasses & Promotional Reading Glasses

Adding your logo is crucial to the success of the vast majority of promotional products. That's why we have a broad assortment of company logo printed magnifying glasses and custom printed reading glasses for you to choose from. Whether imprinted directly on an item or on a case that holds it, your company logo and contact information are key to staying on users' minds and ensuring that you're the ones they reach to when in need of products & services.

Promotional Magnifying Glass Kits & Branded Eyeglass Kits

Promotional item sets and kits are always a great way to build brand awareness. By providing a group of useful and complementary items, your business can ensure that its logo will be in the sight of users on a very frequent basis. Such is the case with products such as our promotional eyeglass repair kits and wholesale eyeglass cleaning kits. In addition to these, we also offer custom magnifying glass kits.

Personalized Magnifying Glasses, Custom Magnifiers & Logo Imprinted Reading Glasses - FAQ

We'll wrap things up by providing some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our custom magnifying glasses, magnifiers, and reading glasses. If you have any questions we didn't address, feel free to contact us and ask away!

What reading glass strengths do you offer and how strong are your magnifying glasses?
We carry reading glasses at the strengths of +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50. These all mark different levels of far sightedness, with lower numbers corresponding to lower levels. As for our magnifying glasses, we offer models with magnification powers of 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, and 20x. Some even have more than one lens, offering two magnification levels in one unit!
What materials are your magnifying glasses made from?
Most of our models fall into the category of wholesale plastic magnifying glasses with logos. However, we also have some made of metal as well as personalized crystal magnifying glasses.
What items are included with magnifiers?
We have several dual purpose magnifying glass promotional items. Among these are bookmark magnifiers, rulers with magnifiers, promotional letter openers with magnifiers, business card magnifiers, and more.
How are magnifying glasses and magnifiers used?
Magnifying glasses and other magnifier products are used to visually enlarge text, images, and other items that may be hard to see without assistance. We have detective style magnifying glasses that can be held in the hand to look down at an object, flat magnifiers which can be placed on a page and moved to read through text, and lighted magnifying glasses to see small items better in dark environments. That's just to name a few. If you have any doubts as to how any of our items are operated, the individual item descriptions will clear them up. If not, as always, we're ready and willing to help however we can.