Custom Magnifying Glasses

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Make sure you can read the fine print at the office with custom magnifying glasses, branding reading glasses, and magnifier bookmarks. Magnify your brand awareness when you give these custom logo promotional items to your customers, employees, and prospects.

Custom Magnifying Glasses

Make sure you can read the fine print at the office with custom magnifying glasses, branding reading glasses, and magnifier bookmarks. Magnify your brand awareness when you give these custom logo promotional items to your customers, employees, and prospects. 

Enhance Your Brand's Impact With Promotional Magnifying Glasses

Help your audience see clearly with promotional magnifiers, magnifying glasses, or logo reading glasses.  A magnifying glass for reading can assist employees who spend hours reviewing contracts. 

Our customized magnifying glasses come in traditional styles, flat sheets, and even convenient magnifier cards that can all be customized with a company logo or promotional message.

What are the benefits of custom magnifying glasses? Custom magnifying glasses make reading easier and more convenient. Your employees will make fewer mistakes. Your customers will love the ease of reviewing essential details. Eye doctors and senior centers can use branded reading glasses to build relationships and help customers in their daily lives.

Types of Custom Magnifying Glasses

From reading glasses to rulers and even eyeglass repair kits, we carry a wide variety of products that can bring the focus to your brand. 

Promotional Lighted Magnifying Glass

Great for reading in the dark, a custom magnifying glass with light is perfect for night owls. Universities can give students these items in a swag bag for late-night study sessions without keeping others up in their dorms.

Custom Magnifying Glass With a Stand

Consider a customized magnifying glass with an included stand for hands-free use. Your customers will love the ability to stand their magnifying glasses up on the desk, freeing their hands up to shift through documents, fix small parts of a pen, or even their glasses.

Branded Wallet Sized Credit Card Magnifiers

With a wallet magnifying glass, your audience can take your logo on the go. This convenient promotional magnifier fits in the card slot of a wallet, making it easy to pull out when it's time to review the bill at a restaurant or before paying for a big ticket item. Buy these magnifying glasses in bulk for giveaways.

Custom Rulers and Bookmarks With Magnifying Glass

With a custom ruler or bookmark that doubles as a magnifying glass, you get two tools in one. These magnifying glasses feature either a 12-inch ruler or bookmark and a built-in magnifying glass.

Branded Reading Glasses

Let your patients and prospects see clearly with promotional reading glasses. We offer a handful of styles including soft frame reading glasses and folding reading glasses. You can have your logo printed on the reading glasses to remind customers you care and build better relationships. 

Buy Branded Magnifying Glasses in Bulk

Schools, bookstores, libraries, kindergartens, retirement homes, and eye doctors can all provide value to their audiences with company logo-printed magnifying glasses. Buy branded magnifying glasses in bulk to give out at reading events, tradeshows, and corporate events.

Promotional magnifying glasses and readers are always helpful to have on hand. You can take advantage of wholesale magnifying glasses when you buy in large quantities. They’re a cost-effective item that makes sense to stock up on.

FAQs About Custom Magnifying Glasses

What is the magnification strength of custom magnifying glasses?
Our custom magnifying glasses are available in a wide range of strength magnifications. Choose a magnifying strength between 1X and 6X to accommodate everyone.
What is the size of custom magnifying glasses?
The size of custom magnifying glasses depends on the style you choose. Some people prefer a smaller, more compact magnifying glass they can carry with them at all times in their wallets or purses. Others may want something more durable and sturdy, like a desktop glass with a stand.
Do I get a discount for bulk purchase of custom magnifying glasses?
Yes, 4AllPromos offers discounts on bulk purchases of magnifying glasses. You can receive discounts in different order increments based on the style you order.
What colors are there for custom magnifying glasses?
4AllPromos has a lot of great colors to choose from, including white, black, blue, silver, off-white, red, and green. Personalize your promotional magnifying glasses by choosing the styles and colors that best complement your brand. 

Zoom In on Success with a Promotional Magnifying Glass

Enlarge your brand awareness with custom magnifying glasses. Show your employees and customers you care with a promotional item that helps them see clearer. They'll think of you whenever they pull out their handy magnifying glass. 

Magnify your message and let them focus on your brand. Visit 4AllPromos today to create your custom-branded magnifying glass.


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